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Pastor - Jerome Kennedy

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Prayer List 


Sandy Shaffer

Pat & Pete Kniseley


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, Chamberlin, & Scarlet Cord

Service men & women

Alice Smith

Lois Leksell

Pray for each other

There will be a Lay Servant Ministry School at Dayton UMC July 9 - August 6 (Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 8:30) Cost is $25 (but if that's a problem...we can see what the church can do!)

 I am planning on taking a class and would love it if someone else wanted to go along!

Lay Servant Ministry School is NOT just for Lay Speakers anymore! All who want to serve in the church, community and the world would benefit from taking a class. Let me know if you want an application and I'll forward one to you.

Classes offered at Dayton are:

Leading in Public Prayer

Leading in Worship

Living Out United Methodist Beliefs


CenterHill Community Church is offering two classes on the new Child Clearance laws.

Pastor Guy & Jeff Burkett attended these classes in DuBois and are now offering them at their church.

Sunday, May 31 from  1-4 or

Sunday, June 28 from 1-4

These classes are open to anyone who would like to learn more about the new laws (which seem to be very confusing).

If you work with children/youth or are just concerned about the safety of your churches children...take advantage of this free training! If you have friends outside our charge, that work with kids, share this information with them. All are welcome!

If you plan to attend please let me know which date you are planning on. They want to make sure they have enough handouts & snacks.

Remember...anyone 18 and over, volunteering with your children has to have clearances (and renew them every three years) And all paid employees have to have both clearances and FBI fingerprinting...whether involved in children's ministry or not.


Got the following update fro Kelly Lindermuth on her mom, Deb Roy. Thank God & keep praying!

 My mom is out of the hospital and feeling a little better.  They think that they may have found a reason as to why my mom hasn't been getting better.  She is to see a couple other specialists and is to hopefully be starting treatment soon.  Let's hope and pray that they FINALLY have found the answer!  Thank you everyone for the continued prayers that things are moving in the right direction and she can get back to her normal life!


I've had some people say they aren't getting the prayer chain emails. (And they are on my list) if you know of somebody who isn't...please let me know. I'm wondering if I have too many in a group. And also, some peoples are going in to their junk mail. Not sure what causes that either.


Talked with a 'Faithful Follower' this morning who again reminded me of the great need for prayer for a friend on the verge of divorce. I can't mention names...but God knows...and it's never too late for HIM to turn things around! And if for some reason HE doesn't turn it around...we just need to TRUST HIM and continue to pray for our friends. Be there for them.  Love them thru it!


"How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great."


As I came out of Aldi's today, there was an older gentleman walking back & forth on the sidewalk with a little girl...presumably a grand or great grandchild...singing (very beautifully, I might add) "How Long Has It Been". I knew at that moment, it hasn't been very long for him! 


How long has it been since you talked with the Lord And told him your heart`s hid in secrets?

How long since you prayed?

How long since you stayed on your knees till the light shone through?


How long has it been since your mind felt at ease?

How long since your heart knew no burden?

Can you call him your friend?

How long has it been since you knew that he cared for you?


How long has it been since you knelt by your bed And prayed to the Lord up in heaven?

How long since you knew that he`d asnewer you And would keep you the long night through?


How long has it been since you woke with the dawn And felt this day is worth living?

Can you call him your friend?

How long has it been since you knew that he cared for you?



Have a great day & remember to go vote!


Pray for Mike & Tracy Crissman and family...on this, the one year anniversary, of Brian's death.

Please add Pam McIntosh's Son, Jon Reymann to our Prayer List. He is in Cleveland Clinic with serious Heart issues.  They are going to make a second attempt to put a pace maker in.  Last week his heart quit while they made an attempt to put a pace maker in.  He was taken out of Intensive Care today but is need of prayer as is Pam.



Please pray for Deb Roy. (See request below)

Subject: Prayers

My mom is back in the hospital, she has been in since Thursday. She is hoping to go home soon, but they are running more tests and won't know anything until they have the results. If everyone could please keep her in your prayers. My family and I would greatly appreciate it.


It seems like life is full of decisions. I heard from a friend this evening who has some big decisions to make. Decisions that nobody but her can make. 

Please pray that God will guide her decision making process and that she'll be at peace. 

Ask Him to make His will clear to her...and give her an inner conviction of what is best for her.

Some scripture I like to use when I have a decision to make:

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all. James 1:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Prov. 3:5-6

 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts. Col. 3:15

 God knows the number of hairs on our heads and determines our days. He hangs the stars in the sky and feeds the sparrows. He opens doors no one can shut and shut doors no one can open. Surely, we can trust Him when the time comes for making big decisions, or for that matter, any decisions. Please pray with and for this friend.


Terry K.  would like prayer for her son-in-laws' grand-dad, Peter Kennis, age 95,whose health is failing. Pray too, for his family and his caregivers during this difficult time.


Continue to lift those with cancer (there are many) and other health issues.


Pray for our home bound. Make a phone call or stop in and visit.


Pray for your pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge.  Invite a friend to join you in church this Sunday!


Remember the Community Yard Sale is next Saturday, May 23. Have a sale, or just come out and shop and stop by the park for lunch and some baked goods!


VBS at KnoxDale is June 21-25 fro 6 -8:30 each evening. Register your child/grandchildren soon!


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

At the end of our meeting in Berlin last week, the Council of Bishops issued a pastoral letter on racism to the 12.8 million people of The United Methodist Church affirming the sacredness of all lives and renewing our commitment to work for an anti-racist, pro-humanity church. The action came after prayerful reflection and discussion about the topic. Earlier in the week, the President of the Council, Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr., issued a call for prayer and healing.

Please share the following letter with your congregation. Some resources for study and discussion are listed at the end of the letter. 

Grace and peace in the name of Jesus Christ!

We the bishops of The United Methodist Church are meeting in Berlin, Germany, 70 years after the end of World War II.  As we gather, we renew our commitment to lead, as together we seek to become the beloved community of Christ. 

We are a church that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.  On every continent, people called United Methodist are boldly living the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Yet, the people of our world are hurting, as injustice, violence and racism abound.  Our witness to the dignity of all human life and the reign of God is needed now more than ever.

Our hearts break and our spirits cry out, as we see reports of migrant people being attacked and burned in the streets of South Africa, note the flight of Jews from Europe, watch the plight of Mediterranean refugees and see racially charged protests and riots in cities across the United States that remind us that systems are broken and racism continues.  The evidence is overwhelming that race still matters, that racism is woven into institutional life and is problematic to communal health.  This reality impacts every area of life – in the church and in the world.

Racism is prejudice plus intent to do harm or discriminate based on a belief that one is superior or has freedom to use power over another based on race. Xenophobia is an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.  Racism and xenophobia, like other sins, keep us from being whole persons capable of living up to our full potential. They deny the profound theological truth that we are made in the image of God with the handprint of love and equality divinely implanted in every soul.

As bishops of the Church, we cast a vision for a world community where human worth and dignity defeat acts of xenophobia and racism. We acknowledge that silence in the face of systemic racism and community fears serves only to make matters worse.

We commit to lead, model and engage in honest dialogue and respectful conversation and invite people of faith everywhere to join us.  Let us repent of our own racial bias and abuse of privilege.

May we love God more deeply and, through that love, build relationships that honor the desire of people everywhere to be seen, valued, heard and safe. As we proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, may we lead the way in seeking justice for all, investing in and trusting God’s transforming power to create a world without hatred and racism. 

As United Methodists, we affirm that all lives are sacred and that a world free of racism and xenophobia is not only conceivable, but worthy of our pursuit.  We renew our commitment to work for a Church that is anti-racist and pro-humanity, believing that beloved community cannot be achieved by ignoring cultural, racial and ethnic differences, but by celebrating diversity and valuing all people.

“This commandment we have from him: Those who claim to love God ought to love their brother and sister also.” 1 John 4:21 (CEB)

Resources for Study

A New Dawn in Beloved Community:  Stories with the Power to Transform Us, Linda Lee, ed., Abingdon Press, 2012

Pan-Methodist Statement on Racism from the 72nd Consultation of Methodist Bishops

Understanding and Dismantling Racism: the Twenty-First Century Challenge to White America,
Joseph Barndt,  Fortress Press, 2007"

Privilege, Power and Difference by Allan Johnson, the book United Methodists in Western Pennsylvania are reading as part of the One Conference, One Book effort to spark discussion in our churches and groups. 

The Journey Continues....

Please continue to lift Arlene in prayer.  Scans show her chemo isn't working. She goes to Pittsburgh tomorrow to consult with a lung cancer specialist, to explore what her other options are.

Did you ever have a day when you just needed some good news?! Today was one of those days...and PRAISE GOD...the good news just arrived! And it made me cry, as I was overwhelmed with joy!

Finally, some good news to report on Sandy! Cancer #'s are good! She goes Friday to Pittsburgh to follow up with the see if he will put her on maintenance chemo...or nothing!  

Sandy is doing the Happy Dance...lets dance and Praise God with her! God is so good! 

Romans 12:15 says "Rejoice with those who rejoice..." Let's do it!

Brennan McMillen is on her way back to Guatemala.

Please keep her in prayer in the days & weeks ahead as she goes to share the love of Jesus.

Brennan is an amazing young women...still a teenager...who is seriously set upon changing the world! She is sooo brave and strong in her faith...and courageous enough to walk the path that so few people choose to walk!  Pray that God will continue to use her in a mighty way!!

 Yesterday we were talking about Spiritual Gifts in Bible Study...and how the main purpose of our gifts is to point others to Jesus. Brennan certainly uses her gifts!

As I was mowing the playground yesterday, a man stopped and ask how to get to Brookville. I pointed him in the right direction and off he went. I can't count the number of times people have stopped when I was mowing to ask for directions.  As I crawled back onto my mower...I thought "I wish pointing others to Jesus was that easy!" 

Tickets will be available starting Monday (Brookville Flower Shop & Frosty Freeze) for Chicken BBQ Benefit for Arlene Reinard - Sunday, June 7 at the Pinecrest Country Club from 4 - 7.

Adults $12. Children $10.

Please spread the word!

Praise God for Mothers (those still with us and those in Heaven)!

 Thanks to all who took part in the Ladies Night Out, last evening! I think everyone had a good time. And if you came home was your own fault!

Cathy Keefer got home today. Will be following up with her heart Dr. &  consulting with one in Pittsburgh. Continue to lift her and Connie too, in your prayers. 

And Sandy goes back to Pittsburgh this week for a follow up. Pray that her reports are good, and that she won't need another round of chemo. Keep Arlene in prayer she continues her fight!

Still praising God for DuWayne's good reports. We joked this morning about Sandy praying for patience as they awaited his turn for tests at Pittsburgh on Thursday.  I don't know about you all, but I am impatient. I pray, and want God to answer right now! But, Trusting God is the key to success and happiness. God's timing is always perfect!

Praise God that Dana's dad is under his doctors' care and seems to be doing somewhat better in the past couple weeks. Continue to lift him (Dave Hollis) in prayer.

And lastly...I praise God for our Church / Faithful Followers family! We had a good message in Church and a really good lesson in Sunday School. We talked about our Spiritual Gifts (and that's what we're studying in Bible Study as well). You ALL have them folks! Don't sit on them...use them to build up the Church! It's not about You or I...but it's about WE. WE ARE THE CHURCH TOGETHER! If you miss important part of WE is missing! And if you want to learn more about your Gifts, join us in Sunday School and/or Bible Study. (Monday at Meade and Thursday at Port).


Hold the chocolate and flowers. Hold the brunch reservations. What mom may really want for Mother's Day is for the whole gang to go to church first.😌

A new survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors finds Mother's Day ranks right after Easter and Christmas in peak church attendance.😊

Invite your family to attend church with you this Sunday. 


Cathy Keefer is in need of our prayers. 

Thyra said "She went into afib again last night at work and they haven't got her stabilized yet. Im afraid she going to miss her graduation tomorrow. she's worked so hard for her Nurse Practitioner degree and was so looking forward to graduating."




DuWayne's tests went well...Praise be to God!! He does not have a whole in his heart! No surgery needed! God hears and answers prayers!


Continue to pray for Mary she awaits further testing. Pray for her family as well as they care for her.


If you have reservations for the Ladies Night Out...remember it is this Saturday at 5 at Roseville Grange.


DuWayne is at Pittsburgh today for heart tests. Pray that the findings are good, so surgery can be avoided.



Pray for your Nation & it's families!

I know you have already received this information, but I hope it will receive a big push from our churches in the next week.  The 5K Run/Fun Walk and Toddler/Youth Fun Run at Wesley Woods are in their third year.  This year’s event is May 16th with the run beginning at 1:00 followed by the fun walk and youth events at about 2:15.  We have been excited to give full camp scholarships to a camp age participant each of the past two years and will do so again this year.  In addition ALL the monies raised from the event will be used for camperships!  In order to do this we need donors to offset expenses.  We are challenging area churches to partner with us to make a difference in the lives of youth in Western Pennsylvania by helping us meet our goal of $2000 in donors as well as encouraging people to attend. 

Could you please run in the next couple of weeks newsletters that Cherry Run Camp has a new Treasurer.  The funds can be sent to Cherry Run Camp, %Don Shaffer, 4765 Ramsaytown Rd, Brookville, PA  15825.  If you could share this with the district pastors it would be great.  I am trying to get the checks to come to me instead of the old treasurer

National Day of Prayer - Thursday, May 7 - Spend some time in prayer for our nation! 

We need, more than ever!

The 64th annual National Day of Prayer, May 7, 2015, will have profound significance for our country.  It is an unprecedented opportunity to see the Lord’s healing and renewing power made manifest as we call on citizens to humbly come before His throne.

The theme for 2015 is Lord, Hear Our Cry, emphasizing the need for individuals, corporately and individually, to place their faith in the unfailing character of their Creator, who is sovereign over all governments, authorities, and men.   I Kings 8:28 has been chosen as the Scripture for this year:  “Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day.”


The sanctuary of KnoxDale United Methodist Church will be open from 7am to 7pm on Thursday for anyone who wants to stop in for prayer. 

We encourage you to stop in and intercede for America’s leaders and its families. 

For easy access, enter thru the side door.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to stop in to pray as well.

There will also be consecrated Communion elements available for anyone who would like to partake. 

"If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
~2 Chronicles 7:14


Connie is coming home today! Praise the Lord!!



From Genie...


 Dan, Jerome and I went today to visit Connie.  She was thrilled to have us visit.  She seems to be doing well.  Her double vision is worse and they don't know if there is anything they can do to help.  Her mind is as good as ever.  She is being moved to a regular room and will be getting physical therapy before she can leave.


Let's shower her with cards!



Jeanna Would like to add Brian Smith, a friends father who has a blood clot in his head and it must be removed. Please keep Brian and his family  in your prayers.



Arrangements for Sally Schrecengost -- Family will receive friends on Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., at McKinney Funeral Home. A funeral service will be held at the First United Church, Thursday May 7 at 11 a.m.

Please continue to lift her family in prayer.


Mary Lou is home and awaiting further testing. Please continue to lift her in prayer.


A friend of a friend...Dale is in great need of he recovers from surgery & prepares for the battle ahead.  Cancer stinks!


Continue to lift Connie as well. I haven't heard any updates...but trusting God with her healing.


Sandy E., Sandy S. & Arlene R. too!


Tomorrow we graduate 4, sixth graders from the SonBeam group. Although I know "there is a season for everything"'s never easy to see them go! Ari, Abby, Bailey & Steven have been faithful members ever since Kindergarten. I thank God for them...and also for the Youth group that is in place to welcome them in! God is so good!!



Keep the Schrecengost Family in your prayers as Sally, Charlie's sister passed away last night.  Don't know the arrangements yet.


Pray too, for the family of David they are grieving his sudden death.


Continue to lift Connie in your prayers as well, during this time of recovery.


Continue to lift Sandy & Arlene too. And support the Chicken BBQ fund raiser for Arlene on June 7.  Tickets will be available SOON at Brookville Flower Sop & Frosty Freeze. (We tried to get ours today, and they don't have them yet)


Have you thanked God for theses nice days?

Charlie's sister, Sally Schrecengost is in need of our prayers as well. She is in intensive care in Kittanning Hospital & not doing well.



Genie had a call from Connie's cousin. Praise God, Connie came thru the surgery well and seems to be doing very well! Let's continue to lift her in our prayers.


Praise God too, for another successful skating party! Great turnout & good food and fellowship!

Please...continue to pray for Connie McGonagle.  Surgery was supposed to be at 8 this morning and they moved it up to 6:30 because of the seriousness of the situation. Pray that the surgery went well and that the healing can begin quickly. Pray for peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Pray too, for Pastor Jerome as he learns to navigate his way thru the streets of Pittsburgh!

 Remember the Free Roller Skating Party at Reynoldsville Rink this evening from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. All are welcome! Bring a snack to share...if you want to. Hot Dogs & Drinks are provided.

We need prayers for Connie Mcgonagle  who is  to have surgery tommorow  at Shadyside in Pittsburgh.


Praise God, They were able to clean out Craig's knee. Pray that, that solves the problem. He ought to com back home today.


Please continue to pray for Mary Lou Wonderling. She did have a light stroke. They are running tests. Pray that they are able to figure out what is causing her health problems.


Got the following request from Kelly Carpino. Please keep Mary Lou in you prayers!




 Emily has now been fever free for 24 hours and the antibiotics are working.

 I do have a request for my mother, Mary Lou, as she has been taken

 from Brookville Hospital to DuBois by ambulance.  She was showing

 symptoms of a possible stroke but these symptoms can be the same for

 dehydration.  She is still having gastro problems, so maybe now we

 will get some answers.  I will keep you posted when we know more.

Thanks! Kelly



Please lift Craig in prayer. He has to go back in tomorrow for more knee surgery to see why it's not healing right.  Pray for Peg as well...thru this stressful time.


Pray too, for families in turmoil. I can't imagine handling the pressures of life without that inner peace that can only come from a relationship with Jesus.


Chris S. could also use some prayer. She's been battling a sinus infection.



We need to be in prayer for Baltimore! It's  sad how many people are choosing to protest in destructive ways! Pray that they can come together peacefully and express their ideals & stop the violence.


Praising God that Sandy S. got the GREEN LIGHT to go back to work!! How good is our God?!! PRAISE HIM & Keep Praying!!


Let's continue to lift Arlene as well.


Praise God! Emily is getting out of the hospital later today...after her next round of antibiotics.

Pray that she can remain infection free!


Viewing for Louise Miller is Friday from 10-12 at McKinney's with Funeral afterward.


Remember to make your reservations for the LADIES NIGHT OUT this week. I have to turn the numbers in on Monday morning. (Saturday, May 9 at 5:00 PM at Roseville Grange. Stuffed Pork chop or Roast Beef...and all the fixings!)

There is a FREE FAMILY SKATE on Saturday from 4 - 6 at Reynoldsville Rink. ALL ARE WELCOME! Bring your kids, your grandkids or the neighbor kids and come out for a fun evening of skating, eating and just good Christian fellowship!

 Continue to pray for all those on our prayer list.

 Lift the SonBeams & Youth in prayer as they come together this evening.

The last meeting for this year will be next Tuesday, May 5.


Please keep the family of Louise Miller in your prayers. Louise passed into eternity today. Isn't it good to know that with God, life is a mere doorway into unimaginable splendor and a love that surpasses all understanding?


Continue to lift Emily too. She'll be in the hospital for at least another day.


And also continue to pray for Shirley Rhodes as she struggles with heart issues and also adjusts to a new living arrangement.



Couple more prayer requests:

DuWayne S. wasn't able to have his heart procedure this past week. He will consult with a doctor in Pittsburgh this week.


Gary Brosius will be having a heart cath this week.


Louise Miller is in need of prayer. She has been placed on hospice care.


And thanks for all the prayers for my dad. He's looking much better than he did before we left.



Emily Carpino was admitted to DuBois Regional today for another kidney infection.  They are trying to get her fever down and waiting for results of ultrasound and x-ray. Please keep her in prayer.


Also had a request while we were away for Terry Kuntz's aunt, Hazel Charleton who was in ICU when Terry called on Monday.


Praising God for safe travels and a nice week with the kids. Good to be home!



Please keep Mark & Angela Bennett and Family in prayer. Angela's mom passed away, suddenly, yesterday. (Mark is Jeanna's son)


Remember to wish Pastor Jerome a Happy Birthday today!


Please keep Mary McNutt in your prayers. She is back in the hospital.


Pray too, for Shannon Nair.  She has surgery today.


Keep Brennan McMillen in prayer as her trip to Guatemala is less than three weeks away and she has all the last minute stuff to work out to pull it all together.


Continue to pray for The Shaffer's and Arlene.


Sara & Matt too, as the adjust to life in Indonesia.


"If God can turn night into day, He can certainly turn your burden into a blessing."

Have a great day!

From sunny Florida.



Sara and Matt arrived safely in Jakarta today. It was a long trip but everything went smoothly.

 Julie and Dave arrived in Cancun last night, also.

 Please remember them all in your prayers, for continued safety. 





Prayers for DuWayne Shaffer, please. He goes in tomorrow to Brookville hospital for a small procedure on his heart.


Would appreciate prayers for travel mercies for Gabe. He flies in tonight, and has already had a delay and a change in flight plans.



I hear thru the grapevine, that Sandy is back home! Praise God & keep praying!


We made it to Huntsville AL last night.  We had the oldest & youngest in our room and they slept well. The middle two had a rough night with their parents. 😊

Heading to FL this morning. Prayers appreciated.



Continue to lift Sandy & Arlene in prayer.


For those who asked if Mary McNutt's address had changed, the answer is no. Her mail goes to her son's address as before. 2 Short Street. Prayers & cards are appreciated.


Sara (Miller) & Matt Loving will be leaving for Indonesia on Saturday. Please pray for safe travels and a smooth transition into their new home & culture. 


And I have an unspoken request for a family facing many challenges right now.



Sandy Shaffer is in Brookville Hospital unable to keep anything down. Please keep her in your prayers.


Pray too, for Sandy's sister Donna and her family. Their house & car burn last night. They lost everything. 😥


For those who want to make reservations for the "Ladies Night Out" please give them to Nan or Thyra or Gale Wolfe before May 1.


I'd appreciate prayers for travel mercies as we'll be leaving for FL Thursday morning. 

I'll check email as I am able and forward prayer requests when I can. Don't call and leave them on my answering machine as I don't know how to check that when I'm away from home.


I just got the following Prayer Request (below) but read in the obits that he passed away, yesterday. Please keep his family in your prayers.


Could you send out a prayer request for me, please?

Ken Lovelace, my father is in the hospital battling end-stage cirrhosis of the liver and has contracted bacterial peritonitis. Dad is in incredible pain. We are asking for prayers for healing whether it comes from being made whole in this life or through death. If he heals enough to come back to the farm, he will be placed on hospice.

 Grace & Peace,



We don't meet monthly...we me quarterly.



Did you know you're gifted? ALL CHRISTIANS are gifted by the Holy Spirit, with gifts needed to build up the fellowship and ministry of the Church. Do you know what your gifts are? Are you using them to build up your church? Or are you just sitting on your gifts? 😳

We're beginning a new Bible Study at Meade Chapel tomorrow (and I believe PB is doing the same one) called "Spiritual Gifts - Empowered to Live for God". We invite you to join us on Monday or Thursday mornings at 10 to explore what the gifts are, why they are given, and how you can be putting your gifts to use for God's glory.



Please lift the Loving family in prayer. Nan Miller's son-in-laws' grandfather died rather the midst of Sara & Matt's preparing for their move to Indonesia.


Continue to pray for Sandy Shaffer as she's finishing up round two of chemo. Pray that the Chemo treatments have found every last cancer cell and destroyed them! Pray too, that she is able to bounce back quickly from this round with little or no sickness!


Continue to lift Dave Hollis in prayer. His evaluation was changed until tomorrow.


Remember Aubrey in your prayers as well, as she recovers from having her tonsils out yesterday.


Pray for those who were missing from your church this morning. Why is it that seating in stadiums and movie theaters and bars is limited...but we have so many empty pews in the church? What are we teaching our children?


Pray too, for the Faithful Followers SPRC Committee as they meet together tomorrow evening to fill out evaluation papers and have conversation.

The purpose of the SPRC Committee, as defined by the guidelines of the General Board of Discipleship, is to perform some of the functions of a personnel office or Human Resources department in other organizations.  However, we are to focus our attention on God. 


We are to operate under God's leadership in the tensions between staff and congregational interests, which includes dealing with both the celebrations and disappointments inherent in any human family and church.  The primary responsibility of the SPRC is to work with the staff so that the mission of the church is realized.


The committee wants to welcome the church family to utilize us based in the above description to address any issues or concerns you may have regarding our church.  We currently meet monthly and encourage you to speak to your SPRC members at any time with your comments, questions or concerns.


AND anyone who would like to learn more about our UMC SUMMER CAMP PROGRAMS please join us at 7:00 on Tuesday evening. Sam Richardson from Wesley Woods will be joining us that night to do some fun camp activities with the children/youth...before the 7 o'clock meeting that is open to all.



Thanks for your prayers keep them coming as Aubrey heals but everything went great today!



Please lift little Aubrey Belfiore in prayer tomorrow, as she goes to get her tonsils out.


Members of the SPRC are reminded of the meeting at Meade Chapel, Monday evening at 7:00 pm.





***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can