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Pastor - Jerome Kennedy

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Prayer List 


Sandy Shaffer

Pat & Pete Kniseley

Dale Gilhousen


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, Chamberlin, & Scarlet Cord

Service men & women

Alice Smith

Lois Leksell

Annie Ceconi

Sylvia Chamberlin

Pray for each other


"Ladies Night Out"

Saturday, May 10 at the Roseville Grange...

open to all the ladies on the charge plus family / friends.

Choice of Roast Beef or Stuffed Chicken Breast, Fruit Cup, Salad, Green Beans, Bread, Drinks & Pie.

Cost is $12. Ladies.  $6. for girls (5-12)  and Free for under 5.

Make your reservation by April 27

(Port - give to Gale, Meade- give to Thyra, KD - give to Nan)

Praising God for empowering doctors / medical engineers / people who come up with the many innovative ideas that make life easier for people with disabilities!! Scott got a new apparatus on his leg last week to help him walk better. He says it adds a stimulation device to my upper leg to run the  hamstring muscle. So far I am walking a lot more normal than the old device did. Now it is just a matter of wearing it and building the muscle back up and getting the “muscle memory” to get back into a more normal routine. All I can do now is just keep using it and seeing where it goes from here. It is still a long way off, but with work and time I’m excited about where it is going right now!

Let's pray for/with Scott that this new apparatus works well for him (and for anyone dealing with MS).


Pray for the SonBeams...and especially one very unhappy little boy that is very disruptive to the group. God knows his name (He's heard us leaders say it hundreds of times ). I worry, that (even tho he's only 9) he's heading down the wrong road in life. It's not just us he gives problems...his parents, his teachers, his bus drivers all have the same issues with him. Pray that he can find peace...before he does something that will get his name in the paper. 

Pray that we can be patient with him & that he'll see the love of Jesus in us.

I was reminded this morning of John Wesley's covenant prayer and wanted to share it. As you journey thru Holy Week, will you allow God to shape you into the person He wants you to be?

Read through this prayer slowly and savor each line. This is a tremendous prayer of trust. 


I am no longer my own but yours,
Put me to what you will
Put me to doing, put me to suffering.
Let me be employed for you or laid aside for you.
Let me be full, let me be empty....

Let me have all things, let me have nothing.
I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things to Your pleasure and disposal
And now glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
You are mine and I am yours. So be it.
And this covenant now made on earth, let it be satisfied in heaven.


(John Wesley)

Tom Townley is home and doing well is still on dialysis. Thanks for your prayers.

Karen Wolfe (MC).

As you're planning your week...don't forget to set aside time for Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Sunrise Services! Pray for your Pastor as he prepares for them & plan now to attend all three!

Please continue to pray for Terry Kuntz's sister, Linda Maxim. She's doing therapy & having a lot of pain in her muscles. She's able to get around with a walker. Pray for continued successful therapy, healing & relief from pain.

Please keep the family of Patricia Roy in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their loved one.

 Pray too, for your Pastor, your Church/Charge as we prepare to enter Holy Week. Invite a friend to join us for Palm Sunday (in each church), Holy Thursday (Port Barnett 7 PM) ,  Good Friday (Meade Chapel 7 PM)  and Sunrise (KnoxDale 6:30 AM).  Also, the Youth will be presenting "A Word on the Resurrection" at KnoxDale on Sunday morning during the 9 AM service.

Pray for those involved in the stabbings at Franklin Regional High School (Murraysville). Twenty people were stabbed this morning, and authorities say the 16-year-old suspect is in custody. So sad! We hear of way too much violence in our schools today!

Perhaps they should have left PRAYER in school !?!

Praising God for all who supported the SonBeams & Youth Marianna Sale to benefit the kids church camp fund!! Whether you bought or sold or tallied up the numbers...we thank God for you!

I just totaled the list that the Gilhousen's so carefully counted last night...and our total is 1,000 even! Thanks everyone!

If there is anyone who didn't get the chance to order and wants to, let me know today. Order will be submitted in the morning.

Please pray for a friend of ours, Tom Townley, from Oil City, he is having surgery tomorrow in Erie to remove a lump from his intestine on his left side, he has other complications going on too.



Prayers for the family of Iva Belle Slagle from Port Barnett Church.

She will be at McKinney Funeral home today MON. from 2-4 PM  & 6 - 8PM. and the funeral will be tomorrow TUES at 1PM.

Please lift the family of Penny Shannon in prayer as they grieve her lose.

Pray for families in turmoil. Pray for those battling addictions; whether it be drugs or alcohol or porn or tobacco or gambling or whatever is controlling their lives and the problems that those addictions cause their families. We know that Jesus came to set the captives free. Free from addictions - Free from the compulsive behavior that keeps them from being all that God intended for them to be.  Pray that they'll be restored to health. Pray that God will give them the strength to work toward recovery & to resist temptation. Pray that God will grant their families patience and understanding and a Love that perseveres.

Pray too, for travel mercies for Jaime as she travels back from Porta Rico today & then back to Cincinnati tomorrow with the grandkids. 

I Praise God for just enough energy to get thru the past 12 days! And for our little witness at Pizza Hut yesterday. Altho we remind them when we're eating out that they have to use their restaurant voices...I had to smile as she sang "Up, Up, Up He Arose" (over & over again) and that everyone around us knew that the rooster crowd THREE TIMES when Peter denied Jesus. Praise God for Sunday School teachers who put time into lessons! 

And another Praise...15 kids in church yesterday! Just a few weeks ago there were none. To see them all pop up when the children's message was announced was WONDERFUL! Praise God for parents who care enough bring their kids to church!

Renewal services starting Tonight @ Stanton UMC with Rev. Lance Tucker,

Monday @ Mount Pleasant UMC with Rev. Ed Saxman,

Tuesday @ Cliff UMC with Rev. Dawn Krishart,

and Wednesday @ Ohl UMC with Rev, Brett Dinger.

Service start @ 7pm each night.

Pastor Roger Howards invites all to come & be blessed!

There is a deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa. As of Friday morning there were over 130 reported cases in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, and at least 84 deaths. Officials fear the horrific virus could spread throughout the region. Pray for the people in that area!

Please keep Patty & the whole Roy family in your prayers, as they face the difficult days ahead.

My great aunt Patty Roy has been battling cancer for sometime now. She thought she had it beat, but recently found out that it has spread to her lung. She was life flighted to Pittsburgh earlier this week and was told there was nothing else they could do. She is now home and on hospice. If you could please pray for peace for her and her family through this difficult time.

Thank you-
Kelly Lindermuth

Jeanna's friends brother, Dan Smith from Washington State is having surgery at 11 this morning to remove a cyst fro his pancreas. Please lift Dan in prayer for successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Please continue to lift Terry Kuntz's sister Linda Maxim in prayer. Her surgery went well. She was discharged today...but had to have a blood transfusion before coming home. Pray that therapy will go well & she'll come along quickly.

 Pray too, for Phillip's 89 year old uncle Paul Keller. He was admitted to the hospital today with shortness of breath. Running tests but thinks it's congestive heart failure.

 Pray for your Pastor, your church and your charge. Invite someone to come & worship this Sunday.

This sounds like it would be good. If anyone is available to go, you could bring the info back to share with the church/charge.

Subject: Evangelism Seminars - still time

Wanted to let you all know there is still time to sign up for the Evangelism Seminars this weekend, we have already had a good response. We need a count by tomorrow. There are explanations of the seminars in the brochure. Let us know at

Thanks! Many blessings!



What: Proactive Ministries Evangelism Seminar

When: Friday, April 4th or Saturday, April 5th

Time: 8:30am - 3pm

Place: Good Shepherd UMC, 9870 Route 36, Tionesta (1/2 mi east of North Clarion schools)

Cost: None (lunch provided)


Register:, place in Subject line: Proactive Seminar, then please include this info: day attending, # attending, any special needs

or leave message at Good Shepherd Office 814.744.8142


Questions? contact Seth,

I just have to say our GOD IS an AWESOME God!  Sandy Shaffer's cancer numbers dropped from 1079 to 519 (normal is below 463). Keep the prayers going...she's in God's hands...and what a great place to be! Normal is coming!

Terry Kuntz would like prayers for her sister, Linda Maxim who is having hip surgery today.

There will be a "Ladies Night Out" on Saturday, May 10 at the Roseville to the whole charge plus family / friends.

Choice of Roast Beef or Stuffed Chicken Breast, Fruit Cup, Salad, Green Beans, Bread, Drinks & Pie.

Cost is $12. Ladies.  $6. for girls (5-12)  and Free for under 5.


Make your reservation by April 27

Jerry Troup is having back surgery in Pittsburgh today. Please lift him, the doctors & his family in prayer.

Praising God that Pat Kniseley is back home from the hospital!

 Ladies of the charge (Mothers, Daughters, Lady Friends) - There will be a "Ladies Night Out" on Saturday, May 10 at 5 PM at the Roseville Grange. Save the date & plan now to attend! More information will be posted in each church next Sunday. Reservations will be due by April 27.

Praise God for a good message this morning! If you missed it, be sure to check it out on the website in the next day or so.

 Please lift Ed Reitz in prayer. He's had sores on his legs that won't heal due to M.S. & lack of circulation. They may have to amputate the legs. Pray for the doctors as they make decisions about the course of action to take & for his family as they care for him during this difficult days ahead.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me.

- Psalm 51:10

Praise God for a great Children's Ministry conference today & for the ladies that went along! My prayer is that next time something like this is offered so close to home, that more people will take advantage of the opportunity. Not only were we blessed by the speaker & the workshops...but it was a blessing just to spend the day with the ladies from the church!

 Pray for your Pastor (who may be a little tired after entertaining Eric all day), your Church & your Charge! Come tomorrow to have the thirsting of your soul quenched!

Please lift Pat Kniseley in prayer. She was admitted to Punxsutawney hospital yesterday.

 Pray too, Ken Lindermuth. He smashed/broke a couple fingers this week and they did surgery yesterday. Pray for a speedy recovery/healing.

And for travel mercies for Gabe as he travels up from VA today.  Pray too, that he & Pat make lots of progress on my kitchen this week-end. The grandchildren are coming next week and we need to get it to a point where we can at least get stuff back into cupboards and out of the guest rooms.

God is good.  Charla received only minor injuries even though both cars were totaled.   The police told her that someone was looking out for her and we know who that was.   The people in the car she hit were not seriously injured either.

Thanks so much for your prayers.

Aunt Betty would like prayer for her daughter-in-law...Charla Brosius. She was in an automobile accident (in Texas). They don't know yet...the extent of her injuries. Please lift her in prayer.

Peg has asked for prayer for her friend, Shirley Myers. She has a stone in her bowel duct and will have surgery tomorrow to remove it.

Pray too, for the Pastor as he goes in for his root canal this morning at 11. The worst part is usually the time leading up to it.

Please pray for Pat Kniseley. She has a doctor appointment on Wednesday.

Pray too, for Bill Wolfe who also has an upcoming appointment.

And for Pastor Jerome, as he goes in for a Root Canal tomorrow (Tuesday).

Pray for our children & youth as they meet tomorrow. And for all who help with those groups.

Remember too, all those who are grieving the lose of loved ones. Those battling cancer. Those recovering from surgery & sickness. Those battling addictions. The unemployed & underemployed.  Our homebound. And those in our area who are in need of a Savior. Invite someone to church this Sunday!

And remember too, all those families affected by the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian plane...and the 239 people who were aboard it.  And for the search crews who are looking for them/it.

 If you missed church on Sunday,  you can check out the message on the website.

Please lift Jan Johnson in prayer. He had back surgery this morning in Pittsburgh. It was more involved than they had anticipated.  Pray too, for Kris as she travels back/forth.

Please lift Betty Miller...and the rest of the Family of Glen Yates in your prayers. Glen passed away this evening in N.C. after having open heart surgery earlier this week.

Prayers for a friend's friend, Jefferson Thomas, 22, of Curwensville. He was in a car accident over the week-end and his fiancé was killed. Jefferson lost his leg and went into emergency surgery last evening and they removed his spleen.  He's continued to lose blood and is in much need of prayer. 

Pray too, for the family of his girl friend, Adrienne Stucke from Clearfield. She was the driver & was only 19 years old.

Please keep Jeanna's friend Julie's brother, Dan Smith (Takoma Washington) in prayers. He's still having MANY medical issues and is on a vent now.

Also pray for Shirley Walter. She's having some issues with her heart.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church / Charge as we journey thru Lent together. Come prepared to receive Communion. The Bishop has asked the pastors to serve Communion every Sunday during Lent. 

Communion is a time to put aside our busy lives for a moment and focus on Christ and His sacrifice for us.

Brockport United Methodist Church is sponsoring Safe Sanctuaries Training

Sunday, March 23, 2013 at 3:30pm

 Rev. Chris Kindle will be facilitating and the invitation is open to anyone

in the Kane or Indiana Districts who work with or have contact with children and

youth in their churches. 

Please RSVP to Rev. Karen Trask at


5543 Rte. 219

Brockport, Pa 15823

Continue to lift the Wonderling family in your prayers. Below is the obituary for Chip.

 Remember to keep Steve Silvis (Chris & Rayna too) in your prayers as he goes into surgery today to have his shoulder repaired.

Remember the Spaghetti Dinner if this Saturday from 5 - 7 at EUM.

If you're willing and able to help out with it...let the Pastor or I know & we'll add you to the list. Men are allowed to help too!

Please keep the family of Dave "Chip" Wonderling in your prayers. Chip passed away Monday morning. Arrangements are incomplete at this time.

There are three of us going to this so far. If you are considering going, let me know A.S.A.P. I'm going to register us this week.  If you work in or plan to work in any area of Children's ministry...this is for you! If you don't work in Children's ministry...but know someone who does...that can't attend...Go & Bring back the information for them!


to attend 


Children’s Ministry Workshop


Saturday, March 22, 2013

10 AM – 3 PM


Lakeside UMC

DuBois, PA

Kelly Carpino writes...

 My Uncle Dave (Chip Wonderling) was taken by ambulance this morning to the hospital.  They are admitting him and making him comfortable as it will just be a matter of time now.  Asking for prayers for our family as we enter this dark time.

Thank you!


Pray too, for the family of William "Gabby" Schuckers as they mourn their lose.

Betty Miller has asked for prayer for her brother, Glenn Yates. He had open heart surgery today in North Carolina.

Praise God! Looks like the pastor had a good amount of stuff collected for the people of Liberia! Pray now that God will open hearts (& wallets) to help him cover the cost of shipping them.

 Message from Pastor Jerome:

A total of twenty two barrels were shipped today. An advance payment of one thousand dollars was made. We are left with a balance of three thousand dollars to come up with. He will go ahead with the shipment and we can paid him anytime we are able to come up with the full amount.

Ed Dickey was admitted to DRMC yesterday, and is scheduled for Debridement Surgery on Saturday. Please keep him & Val in your prayers. Life with diabetes is difficult.

 Pray for safe travels for your Pastor...and all the Pastors returning from the retreat later today.

Pray for your church & the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to worship with you during Lent.

Just got back from delivering the Pastor to his retreat! Praise God for safe travels!

Thankful too, for Luella's life & how she touched our Pastor's life. He talked much about her & her family in route to his retreat. Continue to pray for the Caylor family in the days & months ahead.

My niece Jenelle, has asked for prayers for her friend Kristal Renert's (another Coast Guard wife) baby, Clay. Clay was born on Monday...much earlier than expected...weighing 1 lb. 6 oz. and 11.5 inches long.

 Continue to lift the Caylor family in your prayers in the days ahead.

 Pray for travel mercies for Jeanna Reinard & her sister Ruth, as they're enroute to N.C. today. I know they're going to have to deal with some bad weather on the way. Relatives in VA are off school again today, for the third day this week.

Viewing for Luella will be at McKinney Funeral Home on Thursday (March 6)
Visitation 2:00-4:00
Service at 4:00 at funeral home.

Continue to lift the family of Luella Caylor in prayers. Luella passed away peacefully last night.

She fought the good fight, she stayed on course and finished the race, and through it all, she kept believing.

I'll pass on the arrangements when I get them. 

Praise God for Karen Wolfe's good report about her brother!

 I want to thank everyone for the prayers for my brother, Dick McCanna, he went back to the doctor and was given a good report, just has to take it easy and no lifting for another month. You can remove his name from the prayer list now and thanks.


 Praising Him too, for a chance to gather together as a Charge / Cmmunity to begin our Journey thru Lent, Wednesday evening at 7 for the ASH WEDNESDAY SERVICE at KnoxDale.  Invite a friend or neighbor to come with you!

Please continue to lift Luella Caylor and her family in prayer as they journey thru this dark valley.

Pray too, for your Pastor, your Church & Charge. There's more to being a Church than going to church on Sunday morning (that's just a filling station). We've got work to do during the week too folks! Share to love of Jesus with someone today!

And if you missed the message yesterday, you can check it out on the website at

While you're there...go down thru the list of prayer requests & lift each one up to God. (and if you see any that need updating or removed...let me know!)

The Brookville Area United Methodist Cluster Churches / Pastors, are having a Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, March 15 from 5 - 7 PM at the EUM Church to Benefit Well Digging Project in Liberia and they need help.

Tickets  Adults - $7.   Children - $5.    3 & under - Free

 Can you make yourself available that night?

If so, what area & what time are you willing to help with?

 Floor Servers (Bus Tables, Reset Tables or Serve)

Salad Maker

Sell Tickets

Dessert Cart (Cutter, Server)

Serve Drinks

Clean Up Crew

Take Out



Or Help Where Needed

Or can you keep Eric so the Kennedy's can help!?

Water - We simply turn on the faucet and we have all the fresh water we can use. Hard to believe there are places in the world that don't have this luxury. Without clean water, people suffer from disease and malnutrition. Often times the people in Liberia have to walk miles to collect water for their families.

It's hard to believe that more often than not, the water these people need is right under their feet. And it's amazing how a relatively small investment to get to it can make such a dramatic difference in so many lives.

The Brookville United Methodist Cluster Pastors hopes to reduce this problem by financing and digging clean water wells in Liberia...and they need your help to do it.

Can you give up one evening to help out with the dinner?

Will you buy a ticket & attend?

Will you invite family & friends to join you there?

All of us working together can help provide clean water for people in Liberia. And in so doing, reduce the number of deaths due to disease & malnutrition.  Will you help?

Continue to pray for Julie Mays. She was moved to a hospital in Natronia Heights that specializes in weaning vents and rehab. She is no longer in an induced coma and is improving slowly. Still has the vent so unable to talk or eat/drink.

If you'd like to send a card, to let her know you're thinking of & praying for her...her address is

Julie Mays

c/o Life Care Hospital

Room # 115

1301 Carlile Street

Natrona Heights PA 15065

To ALL of you, Faithful Followers, who help or would like to help with Children / Youth Ministry...this looks like it will be good! And Sunday School will pay your way! If we can get more than four people we get a group price...let's do it!

Please prayerfully consider & let me know if you are interested in going along! We can register together.

Check it out below....

We are hoping you could help us spread the word about our up and coming, "Children's Ministry Workshop - c2c"  at Lakeside UMC.  The workshop is open to any  worker or volunteer in the church who is already working with children's ministries or plans to do so.  This is an amazing opportunity to come and hear Nationally know Children's Ministry Evangelist, "Ricardo Miller" speak on topics like, how to get volunteers, making your children's ministry stand out above the rest and more!!  There will be a snack and lunch provided, workshops on different ministries you may already be doing or wanting to start in your church, time for sharing of idea's and much more!!  I have attached 3 documents to this form;

The advertising brochure, a poster that could be hung on your church bulletin board and the registration form.  Feel free to copy them for your friends!!  If you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call, 814-371-3615.  I pray that this event can touch the lives of many and begin to grow children's ministries everywhere!!!

 In Christ's Service, 

Michelle M. Polohonki

District Children's Ministries Coordinator.

Lakeside UMC

Patty Zimmerman will be having surgery on March 11th in Presby.
She has a cyst on her pancreas that keeps filling with fluid.
They are removing her pancreas, spleen, part of her stomach & part of her small intestine.

Dan & Genie are leaving for Florida today. Pray for safe travels.

Pray.  Just pray...that's all I have for you this morning. Spend some quiet time with God. "Be still and know that I am God."   Psalm 46: 10

It's with a heavy heart that I pass this one on. Please continue to pray for her & her family. We have no doubt where she is headed...but still not easy for those who will be left behind. We know that God is the ultimate Healer & he could choose to heal her here on earth or in just pray for HIS WILL to be done. And if that means she spends her birthday with happy for her. 

Please pray for her & family here, time is near they can't do any more for her. We will be there with her tonight.

Thanks Becky

Remember to lift Kristen & Jason Neff this morning. She goes in for a C-section this morning at 9:30.  If my calculations are right...Peg & Craig will then have been Blessed with 10 Greats! (7 boys & 3 girls)

Please lift Mary McNutt (I know that's not her name now, but can't remember...) in prayer. She was admitted to Brookville Hospital today after having what they think was a mini stroke.

 Pray too, for a safe delivery & healthy baby girl for Kristen & Jason Neff (and big brother Carter) as she arrives tomorrow via scheduled C-section. Jason is the grandson of Peg & Craig Kniseley.

Prayers for Ivy Kiesling. She's at Children's going thru some testing.

Pray too, for Steve Silvis as he awaits shoulder surgery on March 11. Pray that they can keep his blood pressure under control so there are no more delays.

Continue to lift Luella in prayer during these difficult days.

 Pray for the Youth & Son-Beam children as they come this evening, that they'll get to know Jesus in a more personal way. And pray for their families as well. Pray that God would bless each home with peace, give parents wisdom in raising their kids and that they'll take a genuine interest in the spiritual welfare of their children. 

Pray too, for all those in leadership. John Wesley is quoted as saying, “God will do nothing on earth except in answer to believing prayer.”  Your prayers for us are important!

Terry Kuntz called to let us know that her sister's surgery has been postponed because she has the flu.

Update on Luella she is still in Dubois Hospital she has a bad bowel infection. We don't know when she will be getting back to Laurel Brooke.

She is weak and not eating again, keep her uplifted in your prayers

Thanks, Becky

Terry Kuntz has ask for prayers for her sister, Linda Maxim.  She's having a full hip replacement in DuBois tomorrow.

 She's also Praising God for His protection for her mother-in-law, Dorothy Kuntz (age 87). She flipped her car today and walked away with just a hurt hand.  Pray that she doesn't have any other affects from the accident.

 Haven't heard anything from Luella today...but keep praying! Luella's birthday is on Friday. Let's shower her with cards to let her know we're thinking of & praying for her.

I'd say, send them to the house, and they can deliver them to her. (9725 KnoxDale Road)

Luella is in DuBois Hospital &  isn't doing well. Please keep praying!

Jeanna has asked for prayer for her friend Julie's brother. His Blood sugar is 700 & possible Kidney failure.

Please keep Luella in your prayers. She was admitted to DuBois Hospital today for an infection. Pray too, for her family as they journey thru this with her.

Today I'm thankful I don't have to go out!

Pray for those who have to be out in this weather or on the roads today.

Pray for our shut-in's. It's been a long winter! Take some time today to call someone just to check on them and let them know you're thinking of them.

Pray for those battling addictions; whether it be drugs or alcohol or porn or tobacco or gambling or whatever is controlling their lives and the problems that those addictions cause their families. We know that Jesus came to set the captives free. Free from addictions - Free from the compulsive behavior that keeps them from being all that God intended for them to be.  Pray that they'll be restored to health. Pray that God will give them the strength to work toward recovery & to resist temptation. Pray that God will grant their families patience and understanding and Love that perseveres.

Continue to lift those on our prayer list and their Caregivers - Ron Walter, Julie Mays, Sandy Shaffer, Luella Caylor, Wayne Himes,  Ruby Brosius, Steve Silvis (surgery postponed because of high B.P.) Trooper Wilson, Leigh Ann Mumford, Elijah Alderton, April Rizzo, John & Janie Chitester as they prepare for Mission trip, those grieving loss of loved ones, those battling cancer, those recovering from surgery, those awaiting test results and always pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Dear Folks,

We are still rejoicing in God's goodness concerning Mark and his new heart. He is home and doing well. Recovery time is long, so please continue to lift them up. God is good!

We are turning our focus toward the Medical mission to Uganda and Rwanda in the June time frame. We have found some great prices on airfare, praise the Lord!

We did, however get some disappointing news today from a doctor we were hopeful might come with us. He is not able to make the trip this time. We really need a doctor to go with us. We have an anesthesiologist, a P. A., a dentist and some support people but we would love to also have a doctor go this trip. Do any of you have suggestions of Christian doctors we might call that would be open to going on a 2 week trip to do medical missions. You never know how the Lord is going to work in someone's heart to move them to go. Please send any names and numbers you have, if he Lord leads you to do so, and pray with is for a doctor!! :

There is much planning to be done: securing the tickets and the fundraising necessary to buy them, everyone has to secure a passport and get all the shots necessary to enter the countries. Also we are coordinating with our coworkers there to secure places to stay, transport and meal preparations. There is also much paper work to fill out for the government so we can have permission to take in medical supplies, equipment, and to provide medical services in their countries. As you can imagine, we are on the phone, the internet and Skype a lot to try and get all this arranged.

Our coworker, John Mihigo, from Rwanda is asking prayer for his mom. She is in the hospital in Rwanda and they are having trouble figuring out what is exactly wrong with her. She is on oxygen and they think it may be heart issues, but in such places they do not always have the modern technology to know for sure, but the Lord knows, so please be praying for her recovery. She lives in the mountain home near the church that John pastors (they live closer to Gladys work in the city) and she has been caring there for many orphans for years. So I am sure that Mihigos are exceptionally busy trying to be with mom at the hospital and seeing that the mountain children are cared for as well. Please pray for their stamina and the extra resources they may need for transport, etc. during this time.

We continue to covet your prayers for the upcoming trip and also for our own resources. Our support level has been down a good bit lately also. We are trusting God to meet our every need. John and I will be staying after the medical team leaves to have additional time there to do teaching.  We ask you pray with us for receptive hearts to God’s Word.  Please pray with us.  We do rely heavily on your faithfulness in prayer!

Many blessings,

John & Janie

Please add Elijah Alderton and his parents (Dan & Nikki) to your prayer lists.

Elijah (16 months old), has been diagnosed with hemophilia (his blood doesn't clot). On a scale of 0-50 (with 0 being the WORST you could have it) he is a 2. They are home from Children's hospital with him after being there a couple days and having tests done. This is going to be something they (and the whole family) have to cope with as we all take proper precautions. Please keep him and Dan and Nikki and his brother Isaiah in your prayers. This was such a blow for them and they need to adjust to this new normal. 

 Karen Wolfe (Meade Chapel) is Praising God that her brother Dick McCanna is home from the hospital after having hernia surgery (came home the same day). Thanks everyone for your thoughts & prayers!

Please lift our Gabe in prayer this morning too, as he interviews for a new position (with his current company) and schooling. He's very nervous about the interview.

Pray too, for Joe Urchuck as he goes in for tests this morning, that the results will be good.

Continue to lift the family of Dorothy Reinard and Praise God for the assurance that she's in Heaven with her Sweetheart this Valentine's Day! No more tears, no more sickness.  I can only imagine that she's talking Uncle John's ear off as she tells him about everything that's been going on while they were apart!

KnoxDale folks: Remember the Funeral Dinner tomorrow (Friday). We're in need of Salads or Desserts. Have them to the church by 11:00.  Thanks!

EVERYONE: You are invited to the Valentine's Dinner, this Saturday - Feb.15 from 4:00 until they are sold out. Come enjoy Ham, Parsley Potatoes, Corn, Rolls & Cake.  Support the Youth as they raise money for camp!

SPRC Meeting - Monday, February 17 at 7 PM at Meade Chapel. Remember your evaluation forms!

Pray for your Pastor as he prepares for Sunday. Pray for your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge as we move forward in ministry to all the world!

Please keep Ron Walters in prayer, as he had a stroke & is in DuBois Hospital. Pray too, for Shirley and the family during this difficult time.

Pat said this is a "Happy Request".  Pat Kniseley's sisters - Judy Heitzenriter (from DuBois) & Debbie Eggelston (from Irwin) are flying out of JFK tonight, in route to Jerusalem for a 2 week Mission trip. Praise God for such an awesome opportunity for these ladies. Pray for safe travels & a successful mission.

The arrangements for Aunt Dorothy are Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 and funeral Friday at 11 at Shumakers.

Please lift the Family of Dorothy Reinard in prayer. Aunt Dorothy passed away this afternoon.

Many of you have asked about Julie (Snyder) Mays. I talked to Cindy tonight & she said she did show a little improvement this week. She's still in a coma. They've put a trac in & hope to try to start weaning her off of the ventilator. She's got a LONG road ahead of her. Please continue to lift her & her family in prayer.

TERRY KUNTZ was admitted at the Dubois Hospital. Shortness of breath. Right now they are running some tests. Please lift her in prayer.

Pastor Jerome is packing barrels to be shipped to Liberia. Do you have closets that need cleaned out...clothes you no longer wear? Do you have extra towels, sheets, shoes, coats, baby/kids clothes, fabric, school supplies that you don't really need? Religious books or literature that you've already read? Extra Tupperware, or silverware or any household items that you have too much of? Maybe you'd like to purchase some soap or toothpaste/tooth brushes to add??? The needs are endless in Liberia!  Can you share with God's people who are in need?

They are currently packing barrels to be shipped the end of the month. If you have things you'd like to can drop it off at the parsonage. Or you can drop off at my house & I'll see that it gets up there.

They hope to ship barrels several times a year, so keep a collection box and give often!

Grief is an experience common to all of us. We all lose someone we love at sometime. But there’s something terribly wrong with the scene of a parent standing over a child’s grave. It’s supposed to be the other way! . Nobody expects to outlive a child. Pray today, for someone who has lost a child. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."

 Pray too, for your Pastor, your church & the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to church this Sunday.

For those who are wondering if we're still having the Free Family Skate on Saturday (4-6). At this point, it's still on. If the weather takes a turn for the worse on Saturday and we need to cancel...we'll let you know!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you read Kim's FB post 2 days ago. Mark is up walking today, having had a bit of a difficult time with it yesterday. His blood pressure is a bit low still, so he is getting a little bit more blood today. It sounds like he is doing very well. Thank you for your prayers, please continue, he has a long way to recovery.

"Mark made it out of ICU today. So excited. Things are going well. The doctors are all pleased. The ICU nurse said she had never seen one of his "numbers" so good ---ever ---on anyone. I asked another if most people look as well as Mark after transplant and she said "no." So thankful. Pray things continue.
Also, if anyone wants to send an e card, I know he would really love it. Go to e He is at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh and his room number is 946D. Thanks everyone!"

Pic in attachment!!

Many blessings,

John & Janie

Steve Silvis is in need of our prayers. After jumping through all the workmen's comp hoops...tests have revealed that he has a torn rotator cuff.  Surgery is scheduled for February 20th.

Pray too, for the upcoming Olympic  Games...and all involved in them.

Continue to pray for the others on our prayer lists as well. They are listed on the website if you need to refresh your memory. Past sermons are also listed there if you missed one.

Pray for your pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge!

***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can