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Pastor - Jerome Kennedy

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 Upcoming Events, and Information of Interest for the whole charge

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Prayer List 


Sandy Shaffer

Pat & Pete Kniseley

Dale Gilhousen


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, Chamberlin, & Scarlet Cord

Service men & women

Alice Smith

Lois Leksell

Annie Ceconi

Sylvia Chamberlin

Pray for each other

Katie & Brian were taken to Pittsburgh to head back home today. Pray for safe travels & Praise God for a nice visit.

Also add the Family of Ginny Kniseley  (Pat Kniseley's daughter-in-law). Ginny's mom passed away and the service is Friday.

Please lift Janet Stormer Schiafone in prayer. She is in Pittsburgh in the hospital in need of a lung transplant and has heart blockage. Janet is Thyra's Grandchildren's Grandmother.

Also, Joy asked us to pray for travel mercies for her daughter, Susan and Grandsons Ken and Wayne, as they travel to Greece for Ken's wedding.

Pastor Jerome has asked for prayer for Rev.Janecek's (spelling?) wife. She's very sick & in the hospital.

Ruth Brosius called to give me an update on Olen.  Praise God he's doing well after his surgery. He's at the Jefferson Manor (Room 314) for Rehab. He goes to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a follow-up appointment. Pray for safe travels, a good report and that his recovery is speedy.

Please lift Phillip & Terry Kuntz's little 6 year old granddaughter, Audrey Kennis in prayer. She had what they thought was a bug bite. She got a bad rash on her back that spread all over her body. Today they discovered it was a tick bite. She was put on an antibiotic for three weeks. Pray that it conquers the infection and she doesn't have any lasting effects.

SonWorld Adventure Park VBS

starts this Sunday, July 27 and runs thru Thursday, July 31

6:00 - 8:30 PM each evening

All are invited to the Program on Thursday at 6:00 PM followed by a family picnic.

Bring a covered dish to share.

If you haven't already...Please begin now to pray for this important ministry! Pray for wisdom & direction for the Directors (who probably have the nervous jitters about now), pray for patience for the Volunteers and pray especially that the children will come with open hearts / minds...ready to soak up the Word of God.

There is no greater outreach ministry to children than VBS. Pray that all that is said / done is pleasing to God.

 Pray too, for your Pastor, Church & the Faithful Followers Charge. In this season when nominating committees will soon be meeting to fill positions of leadership for '15. Pray that they'll be sensitive to the leadership needs of the congregation and know the capabilities, gifts, skills and experience of the persons in the congregation. Pray that people will willingly & confidently agree to serve...and faithfully carry through.

Pray that the people of the Faithful Followers Charge will have a Vision for

"Where there is no vision. the people perish." (Proverbs 29:18)

We talked about the need for this kind of thing, this morning at Bible Study.  Wouldn't it be nice to take a "team" from the Faithful Followers Charge?

Cost is $100.00 per person.

See more details at

Speak Less, Listen More: A mostly Silent Retreat

·        September 21-23, 2014 at Olmsted Manor, 17 E. Main Street, Ludlow, PA 16333.

·        October 12-14, 2014 at Jumonville, 887 Jumonville Rd, Hopwood, PA 15445.

·        November 2-4, 2014 at Camp Allegheny, 100 Camp Allegheny, Stoystown, Pa. 15563.

We've also discussed the possibility of changing the Monday morning Bible Study to Monday evenings at 7:00. (we'll talk more about it more next Monday) to accommodate those who work dayshift and to make it so there is one morning (Port on Thursdays at 10) and possibly one in the evenings (if there is enough interest). If you have an opinion on this, one way or the other, let your voice be heard!

KAIROS, a Christian Lay non-denominational Prison Ministry, has been given the permission to begin ministry at Forest Correctional Institution in Marienville, PA. Forest CI has 2300 inmates with the second average youngest age in the state of Pennsylvania.

God is at work - For this ministry to begin requires that God’s people say yes in answer to the call to share the love and forgiveness of Christ to the incarcerated.

The KAIROS Program trains a team of volunteers which can include both men and women. The men will enter the men’s prison to present a 3½ day weekend program of talks, mediations, music, listening and loving to a group of chosen residents; a Christian community will start to form.  The KAIROS ministry continues to be there to fan that flame.

For more information: Taking Christ to Prison.doc

Are you curious? You are invited to attend a free informational Pasta/Salad Dinner offered at two locations. You will learn about the ministry and hear testimonies of ex-offenders brought to Christ thru KAIROS programs. No reservations necessary for the dinner, family members welcome. You can also visit the website:

Brookville Evangelical Methodist Church

30 White Street
Brookville, PA 15825

Wednesday, July 23rd 5:30-7:30pm

Pray for those traveling this week-end.

Pray too for the situations in Israel / Gaza & Ukraine / Russia. Pray for the families of those who lost their lives on the Malaysian airliner. Pray for world peace! It begins with each one of us.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Pray for Bible School at KnoxDale...the directors, the volunteers, and the children. We're just a week away! If you haven't registered your children / so now!

 "We shape tomorrow's world by what we teach our children today." 

Rev. Dr. Jenick wife is sick and in the hospital. He has asked that we put her on the prayer Chain.



Good morning everyone,

Pastor Bob Zilhaver just called to give an update on the typhoon.  It went right over top of them and they are all safe.  They’ll need to move to another place for lodging, but thank God for all our answered prayers.

God bless,

Sherry Meterko

Please pray for the youth landing in Manila Philippines today just ahead of the typhoon.

Our district youth are: Rebecca Clap, Carleen Long, Laura Grace Orner and Poly Zilhaver.
They are there representing our district at the Global Youth Convocation and we pray that God shelter them from the typhoon. 

There will be youth from all over the globe there shortly.

God bless,

Sherry Meterko

Please lift our Camp Allegheny kids in prayer this week (Ariana, Lauryn, Bailey, Braden, Sydney & Cassidy) as they experience God...may they be open to all that He has for them this week!

 Praising Him, for our UM Camps! It was so nice to hear the praises in church yesterday from the Barber boys (& their mom) who just returned from a week at Wesley Woods. Cory said it was an "Awesome week"!

Pray that the seeds have fallen on fertile ground. And it's up to us, Church, to nurture the seeds that have been planted. We've got work to do!

Prayers too, for Jack Sain who is experiencing some health issues.

Continued prayers for Nancy Yates (she's been moved back to the Manor for rehab), Harold Richards, Patty Zimmerman, little Brinley, and all those recovering from surgery & those grieving the lose of loved ones.

 Pray too for safe travels for all those who are traveling this week.

 Pray for Scott as he prepares for the trip of a lifetime! He leaves on August 4 for South Africa. Pray that God will strengthen him for the journey!

 If you missed the message yesterday...remember you can check them out on the website.

Thank you for all your prayers!!! ~ Little Brinley is doing well they repaired her heart and things looked good ~ Praise God!!! she is in CICU.  Please continue to pray for healing and she has to see a orthopedic surgeon this week for her hip so continued prayers are appreciated.

Betty has asked us to pray for Nancy Yates who is recovering from double bypass surgery.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church & the Faithful Followers Charge.

I've heard of several families that will be away this week-end...attend church...wherever you are!

Patty Zimmerman is in the ICU at DuBois.
She was throwing up blood today,  She had a CT scan
tonight and is to have a scope done tomorrow.
Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Thank You,


As we continue to follow the story of Susan Bachman...let's be in prayer for her & her family during this very difficult time.  And pray for all those suffering (often in silence) with mental illness.

Prayers for Brittney (Smith's) 4 month old baby girl, Brinley...who is having heart surgery today. This is granddaughter of Chris & Sheldon Smith. Great granddaughter of Ruth Ann & Jerry Troup.

Pray too for your Pastor as he has his one-on-one with the DS today.

A good friend of ours, Joyce Adams, passed away in Mesa, AZ tonight, please keep the the family in your prayers at this most difficult time. 

Karen Wolfe

Harold Richards was taken to the hospital this evening. Please keep him in your prayers.

Please lift Becky Shick in prayer. She was taken to DuBois with heart problems.

Please lift Thyra's new granddaughter, Angela (not newborn... just newly married to grandson Rod) in prayer as she had her gall bladder out yesterday morning.

Pray for Cory & Dylan Barber, Ashley & John Davis and Devon Kuntz who are all at church camps this week. Pray that each one will listen and be obedient to the Holy Spirit.

 Pray for the 5-Day Club taking place at Meade Chapel this week. Pray that hearts will be open & receptive.

 Pray for Ezra McNutt as he recovers from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident & Ed Reitz is still in need of our prayers.

 Pray for those battling cancer, traveling, undergoing tests, awaiting test results, recovering from surgery, grieving the lose of a loved one, those battling addictions, the unemployed...this week.

Pray for those in need of a Savior.

Please lift the following families in prayer as they grieve the lose of their loved ones.

Family of 3 month old Ryder Hamman (father Damon used to attend at KnoxDale).

Family of Summer Siar (brother-in-law of Dave Miller).

And the family of Diane DuBois Shreckengost.

Pray too, for safe travels for Karen Wolfe (Riley & Brooke) as they travel back from Camp Allegheny today.

And for all who will be traveling over the 4th of July holiday.

Pray for your Pastor, your church/charge.

Terry Kuntz praises God that no bacteria showed up in her stomach culture but asks for continued prayer as she goes for further testing.

I too am praising God for safe travels to & from Cincy...and for the gift of grandchildren! We brought Morgan home for the week for a little one on one time with her.

Karen Wolfe's report on the Annual Conference

Report on The Annual Conference of the Western PA UMC at Grove City Pa June 2014

Kaleb Gilhousen is looking for Summer work...if anyone is in need of jobs done

you can call him at 849-9617.

Hey Kids! Here are three awesome opportunities for you!

VBS at Roseville Independent Chapel TONIGHT - Thursday night from 6:00 - 8:30 PM

5 Day Club at Meade Chapel UMC July 7 - 11 from 1:00 - 2:45 each day. All are Welcome!

 SonWorld Adventure Park VBS, Sunday, July 27-Thursday, July 31 from 6:00 - 8:30 each night.

Call Chris at 814-715-9113 to register or email her at

You need to pre-register your child to be assured a T-Shirt!

You can rest assured that the children will hear the Gospel message at all three!

Please pray for whatever the situation is in KnoxDale. The fire whistle has blown twice. A helicopter is circling.  Altho I don't know...God knows what's going on...just pray! And Praise God for our volunteer firemen & women!

Pray too, for John "Spike" Miller as he's in critical condition in a Pittsburgh hospital. Pray for his mom as well (Norma Jean) during this difficult time.

 And prayers for Claire Henry & Tanis Pendleton are appreciated as they've been having some medical issues.

Prayers for Chris Syphrit as he goes thru a 'battery of pulmonary' tests today.

Remember his big brother's Safari fund as well. Every little bit helps. If you can help, go to & give.

Pray too, for Betty Miller. She's having some weakness in her legs. At 89, could it be that her legs just aren't strong enough for gardening!?

If your church closed it's doors would your community know the difference?

For those who have been asking about Steve Morres, he's home & doing great! Praise God for answered prayers!

Pray for our camp kids this week: Emily Kramer, Izzy Royer & Ariana Price. They are at Camp Allegheny this week. Pray that their hearts & minds will be open to all God has for them there this week.

 Jim McNutt had back surgery on Thursday & was re-admitted to the hospital on Saturday with some complications. Please lift him in prayer.

Ron Berger is also in need of prayer following open heart surgery (and they're anticipating more surgery).

 Pray for the family of Justin Shreckengost who was killed on I-80 on Friday. Not sure if he's related to any of our church family or not.

Thyra & Ed were blessed with a new granddaughter-in-law over the week-end. Pray for Rodney & his new wife (whose name is eluding me right now) as they begin their married life together.

Pray for the upcoming VBS's at Meade Chapel & KnoxDale. Pray for your Pastor, your Church & Charge.

Dear Praying friends,

It is Monday morning and we have internet at the guest house!! Yeah! It is so nice not to have to walk a mile to “chat” with you.  You may be wondering what we eat when we are here. Usually the guest house  puts out bread, fruits and coffee/tea. At this guest house you can also request eggs. It also has a toaster, which I have never seen at a guest house in Africa, bonus for us this time. So that is usually the makings for breakfast. We brought peanut butter and jelly with us. : ) We have been having local fruits for lunch since we are “on the fly” as they say, from one group to another. Our norm for dinner is cereal. : ) Yes, we brought cereal with us from the US also. A box of corn flakes here costs about $12. Sometimes we go to the little restaurant attached to this place and we order something for dinner, but it usually takes about 1 ½ hours to 2 hours to get it. ??? Have to chop the wood, start the fire, boil the water for rice, etc. After teaching all day and getting here about 7 pm. or later we don’t usually want to eat that late, so cereal is good. We have gone to Bourbon Coffee a few times, but the prices and food are like American, which is high here! There is a little buffet near there we have eaten at a few times over lunch. It is mostly starchy stuff; rice, chips (Fr. Fries), cassava (a type of local root), potatoes, sometimes pasta, beans, cabbage, and a small piece or 2 of beef, (usually undercooked and tough), but it is only $4 for all you want. LOL!! We have splurged a couple of times and went to an Indian restaurant, that was very good, and to “Heaven”. So now you know our eating habits while in Africa. : )

Many are asking about Dixon. I got this message from Peter Kamanzi Saturday:

Peter Kamanzi

1:49pm Jun 21

Thank you for your prayers! doctor told me he (Dixon) has to take a lot of water, fruits and finish medecine he was given! pus still coming but is reducing! hope by next week it would have stoped!i have left them to the hotel for tommorows service! prayers please! love and miss so much! 


Apparently, the keloids are a bit infected and are “pussing”. They are trying to heal that infection before surgery. He had originally said Friday for the procedure, but it has been delayed. I am so glad that the fund went above the bottom limit, as you can now see the expenses will probably be more. Also, in case you don’t know it, in this culture, the family or friends have to care for the patient while in the hospital and they are the ones who have to provide for the food, water and fruits, etc. They also take care of his personal needs, so several folks are there with him, helping and that would be additional costs. The fund is still open if you care to give. ( We will keep you updated. I can’t wait for the day when we get a pic of him without those awful attachments! Thank you for giving and please keep praying.

Americans are so organized and have all things scheduled, Africans, not so much. John Mihigo was to call last night to tell us what time we were to start teaching today and how many groups. It is 8:15 am. and he still has not called. He will probably call as he is leaving his house. That is why we still get up early every morning and are prepared for whatever the day may bring. We only know we will be teaching “many groups”, as John puts it, but they will only organize it this morning. Makes an American “wiggle and squirm” a little at what we perceive as disorganization but it is totally normal for them. Ha, ha!

I have several videos I would like to send you, but will have to wait till we get home. The broadband here is not strong enough to send it, but I know you will enjoy them when they come. One is of the monster bats they have. They sleep in the trees during the day and fly at night, they are huge!! We have to pass them every day we walk to the internet place. It creeps us out, but the Africans just look at us like, “What is wrong with those crazy foreigners, it is just a bat!!”  LOL Their wing span must be about 10-12 inches long. Ouuugggghhhh! (The African Fruit Bat)

Enough for now! Please keep praying for the teaching! We feel your prayers and the power of God’s Word every day, and we so cherish it.   Pics below to enjoy! The last pic of Eric, is one of the orphans that our friends have been supporting for years.

Many blessings,

John & Janie

Dear Friends,

Sam is doing great! His surgery was successful and he is up and walking already. His wife says he looks better already. We are so thankful and appreciative of your prayers. Please continue to pray for no rejection of the kidney and for their every need to be met.

Yesterday John and I finished up the teaching for the week. The afternoon session was quite heated for a while, but the truth of God's word finally prevailed. We are so thankful for the steadfastness of His Word and it's sure foundation! The people all rejoiced in the end and we had a great time praising Him together. Thank Heaven! Pics below of the groups so far!

Last night we walked to a restaurant called "Heaven". It was so American in nature that we could have been in SC. I feasted on pasta, which is a rare thing here and John had some beef brochettes and chips (french fries) which is a local favorite. What a great relaxing evening. This restaurant was established to help train local youth in the business world. They are trained to be very service oriented, which is not the standard practice here, so we truly enjoyed our "date night" out.

Last night we again were so tired that we slept for 11 hours! Crazy, we usually never need more than 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Thank God that neither of us have any sleeping issues, we slept like babies. : )

Today we met up with Theo, our guard from 2009, and had breakfast at the ABC store. Not a liquor store, but the African Bagel Co-op, a small restaurant started by some missionary friends of ours from '09, who taught the locals how to make bagels. Now they have returned to the US and another American gal manages the store and they have added doughnuts, tortillas, cakes, cookies, and great coffee.

: ) Theo is still the same quiet, sweet guy we always knew. He requested that we help him with English school ($30/month) so he can improve his English language. It is slight and broken to say the least. The last time we sent him, there were Koreans, trying to teach Rwandans (who speak Kinyarwanda), how to speak English. That was not very successful. Now there are Americans teaching so we felt it might be more profitable. So we told him we would pay for 3 months worth to see how it goes. He was very happy! He is still trying to pass his motor cycle vehicle test. He is having trouble starting it on a hill (many, many hills here) and moving forward to a designated spot without stalling or hitting the stop spot. Please pray with us that he will be able to pass. So many times it means paying a bribe, but that is not acceptable, so eventually he should pass. Please pray!

John is out reviewing his notes for tomorrow and we will have an early evening for a busy day tomorrow. Monday we will start with 2 new groups to teach daily. Pray for an effective time in the Word. Thank you for your investment in Africa and the ministry here. Pics below . . . also included is a letter from Pastor Ben from Uganda thanking our team!

Blessings galore,

John & Janie

Praise God, Olen's surgery went well. They had him sitting up yesterday & may move him out of ICU today. Continue to pray for a full recovery

Wow! That was quite a storm last night! One of our trees got hit. Stripped the bark & threw pieces half way across the neighbors yard.

Made me think of people who are going thru storms in their lives. Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Financial, Domestic...and many other storms that can quickly darken our skies.

Life comes with stormy times, those are facts. How do we face those scary times? We can become angry at God for our problems or we can look to Him to see us through the storms.  God does not cause every storm, but He is aware of each and every one that happens in our life. He is never caught off-guard nor surprised when a storm comes; and He is more than able to take control of any situation we face, if we will only allow Him to do so.

Pray for those who are going thru the storms of life.

Pray for safe travels as Lisa & Chris go to Wesley Woods to pick up Izzy & Rayna. Pray that the seeds that were planted will be nurtured and grow.

Olen Brosius has surgery tomorrow for esophageal cancer. Please keep him in your prayers.

Pray too, for Terry Kuntz. Phillip called this evening; he is in the E.R. with her. They haven't seen the doctor yet...but her heart is racing again. Prayers are appreciated.

 Continued prayers for Patty Zimmerman, the Ishman family, our camp kids, Steve Morres, Doris Thrush, Ken & Rylee Lindermuth and all who are recovering from surgery.

 Praise God for Faithful Fathers!

If you're not a part of a Bible Study, why not join us on Monday mornings at 10 am at M.C. What better way to start your week?!

Dear Praying Friends,

I guess you could say we were tired. Last night John and I laid down for an “evening nap” at about 7 pm and never awakened till 7 am this morning! We were even being serenaded by beautiful African singing voices from the church next door as we lay on the bed.  That sleep felt great! Today, Saturday, we are collecting our thoughts and reorganizing for next week. In a few hours our medical team should be home safe and sound. We are extremely grateful for their ministry here to the African people, and are thanking the Lord for each of them.

 We wanted to go to the market place today in a little area called Kimironko, the little village where we lived in ’09, but the little taxi-bikes wanted too much money. That happens sometimes when you have white skin. They take advantage of you, knowing you are from America or Europe and have more money than the local folks. We call it the “white skin tax”.   :  )  We refuse to pay into that system, so we just decided to do it on Monday when we get a little time and Mihigo can take us in his car. We will be out an about that day so hopefully it will work out. We hope to find the baskets that many of you wanted. If you did not have a chance to order one and still want one, let me know what color, soon. We sell them for $20 and use the profits for “Bibles for Africa”.

John is organizing receipts, etc. while I am typing. We will have to walk about a mile to Bourbon Coffee to send this later, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow afternoon. That is why some of the emails are coming after the fact, we do not have internet at this guest house, even though they advertise that they do. “TIA” ~ (This is Africa) It is our favorite saying when things don’t work like they do in the USA.

 Tomorrow we will go to Mihigo’s church and John will be sharing. Pray he ministers to people hearts.  We saw many of his church members this last week, so we will recognize some of them. There was a young girl who came into the clinic that was very sick looking. She had nearly fainted and some of her friends were helping her. After talking to her and taking her stats we realized that she had very low blood pressure and was very anemic. She was very thin. We started her on a saline IV to try and bring up her blood pressure. After a bit Mihigo came in and said, “Oh that is Dorothy!  She lives in the mountain house”. (That is what I like to call the orphan home). He explained that she has had many health issues and has had so many trials and troubles in her short life time. There is seldom extra food to eat there, just the bare necessities. Apparently her folks abandoned her and that is why she is living in that home. These are the types of children for which we are trying to get sponsors. There are too many others, just like Dorothy, some even live in homes with a mom or dad, who are uneducated and trying to keep their children alive by doing a small bit of farming in their own yard space. Many parents also have died of AIDS, due to rape during war and of course the genocide. They live in a remote area in the mountain several miles from the center of town. Few of them have money to save for school fees. The schools are supposed to be free here, but they must pay for uniforms, shoes, books, health requirements, etc. and the total is about $350/year just for the fees. So many mountain and village children never have the opportunity to go to school and without education they are just destined to the same thing as their parents.   If you are interested at all in helping one of these kids, let us know. For about $45/month you can get their education paid for and help to supplement their diet. If you can only help with $22.50/month we will try to get two sponsors for one child. If you can’t give, and I know many cannot, please pray for someone who can. Thank you!

 I am sending some extra pics today, so you can enjoy the people and scenes of Africa.

Many blessings,

John and Janie

Please lift the family of Delores Ishman in prayer. Delores passed away last evening... she is now at peace after suffering a long battle with Huntington's Disease. Pray for God's healing grace as Pete, the kids & grandkids grieve her lose & journey on without her.

The camping season has begun! Tomorrow, Izzy & Rayna will be heading off to Pony Camp at Wesley Woods. This is Izzy's second time, but a first for Rayna.  Pray that God will open their hearts and minds to all He has for them there and that they'll appreciate the wonders of nature God has provided for them to enjoy. Pray God's protection over them, for safe travels to/fro and that it will be a wonderful experience for both of them!

Please continue to lift Patty Zimmerman in prayer.  They took her into surgery today but were not able to do what they had hoped to do. They put a nerve block in to help alleviate the pain & said there is nothing else they can do. Pray for her family as well, as they journey thru this with her.

Mission Trip

Youngsville Evangelical and First UM Churches will be  taking a Summer Volunteer In Mission trip to Upshur County WV and are opening up the trip to others on the district and conference.  Cost is $400.00 per person which covers lodging, meals and transportation.  The trip will take place July 20 – 26. We will be working with Upshur Cooperative Parish located in Buckhannon, WV. We will be staying at West Virginia Wesleyan College and working in rural areas of the county doing home repairs and in various other ministries of the Cooperative Parish. To learn more about their ministry visit them at their website . If you would like to part of the trip contact Pastor Rick Nelson at 814-563-4351 or email or fill out the attached application and email of mal to him at 26 Second Street, Youngsville, PA 16371.  

Upsher Parish VIM Application 2014

Please lift Rylee Lindermuth in prayer as she goes back to Pittsburgh for another procedure on her finger.

Pray too, for her dad, Ken, as he too has another on his hand on Thursday.

 Pray for those undergoing tests & awaiting test results.

Pray for the families of the five American service members who were killed in Afghanistan & for those involved in the Oregon school shooting.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge as we journey forward together.

Often times I pass on prayer requests for "families in turmoil" without disclosing names...but we all know of families that are in turmoil.  God always knows who they are...and He hears and answers prayers!

I had a follow up, yesterday, on a request from last week. She said prayers are still needed but God has blessed us with the opportunity to reconnect. Let's continue to pray for families in turmoil (there are many of them) and for reconciliation. Pray they can stay focused on Christ & not on their difficulties. God hears & answers prayers!

“Keep on asking, and it will be given you; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you. For everyone asking receives, and everyone seeking finds, and to everyone knocking it will be opened.” Luke 11: 9-10

Please keep Steve Morres in prayer as he is in critical condition following surgery in Pittsburgh.

Please keep Doris Thrush (John Syphrit of Meade Chapel's sister) as she goes in for surgery on her shoulder

Also keep the family of Jenny Emery in your prayers as they grieve her lose...and especially her twin sister Lori.

Continue to pray for the Sigel UMC as they move forward. Nothing is official yet...but they may be getting a part time pastor soon.

 Pray too, for the UMC. If you want to check out what happened at conference you can do so at

Remember...Sunday is Pentecost. Wear something RED as we come together to celebrate the Birthday of the Church. May the fire of God's Holy Spirit re-ignite a fire within us...and empower us to be the Church that God intended us to be!

Praise God the barrels have been received in Liberia! Thanks to all who donated stuff to fill them and funds to send them. May those on the receiving end be blessed!


 Michael Airgood, a Kane, PA native, has been serving in Ukraine as a United Methodist missionary sent by the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM). Michael has been in Ukraine for over 3 years and will be returning home to Western PA in May. Michael has set up a time to share his experiences on each district. For the Indiana District, he will be at Brookville First United Methodist Church on Sunday, June 1 at 6:00 pm. Michael will share his experiences in Ukraine as a missionary and his understanding of the unrest that has been escalating there. Everyone is welcome to attend, meet Michael, and hear him share about his adventures as a UM missionary.

My neighbor, Tera Painter, has asked if their niece Ashley Painter could be added to the prayer list.
Ashley is 23 years old, lives in Michigan and has been diagnosed with Cancer. Ashley's Dad is also having a hard time dealing with the diagnosis.
Thank You

And I'd like to request prayer for a friend who has a job interview coming up on Monday. I believe that God cares about the practical elements of our lives...and that HE knows the right job for her. Pray that HE will give her peace as she goes into the interview. If this job is the right one for her...pray that God will make it perfectly clear to those doing the interview & making the hiring decision. And if it's not the right job for her, may God close the door, and lead her quickly to the next right place.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to worship with you on Sunday!

***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can