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Pastor - Jerome Kennedy

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Prayer List 


Pat & Pete Kniseley


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, Chamberlin, & Scarlet Cord

Service men & women

Pray for each other

Craig is getting an Iron infusion today and another next week. Pray that these get his counts back up where they need to be!

 Praise God for the love, prayers and support shown to the Zacherl family during Brodie's stay in the hospital. There was a GOFUNDME account set up to help with medical expenses and in just a few days, over $20,000 was raised for medical expenses! God is good! Praise Him for generous hearts that were there for this family in their time of need!

Please continue to lift Ray in prayer. He/we had hoped the catheter would be removed yesterday, but that didn't happen. 😊 The aging process isn't an easy one.

Continue to pray for Rod Frazer. 

Had the following request from Chris...

Please add Jeff & Bonnie Parrett of Brookville to the prayer list.  Jeff had minor surgery in Pittsburgh on July 20 and came home over the weekend. He was life flighted back to Pittsburgh last night for possible blood clots and his heart beating fast & hard. I work with Bonnie and her family & extended family has been hit hard with cancer and other life threatening problems the past few years. This is just added stress & anxiety that she wasn't prepared for.

Thyra asked for prayer for a cousin, Rod Frazer, who is in Hershey Medical after having had a stroke.  Please keep Rod in your prayers. I'm guessing he is a very special cousin to warrant Thyra & Ed naming their own son after him.

Praising God for another good Bible Study...and some new faces around the table. It's never too late to join in! Hope to see you next week. Or join in at Port on Thursday morning at 10.

And last but not least...pray for Dan's back. One never knows when God might call him to take up his cross and follow...and he needs to have a strong back.

Please pray for Craig as he goes to the cancer doctor tomorrow. Pray that blood counts normalize, pray for wisdom for the doctors. Pray for comfort and peace during the journey ahead...for Craig, Peg and their family.

Continue to pray for the Attinger family as they journey through their grief.

Pray for Ray too. He has two doctors appointments tomorrow.

(We Praise God for Jeanna and her willingness to help out with Ray's care!)
And pray for Bill Wolfe as he has been under the weather.

Continue to pray for Brodie Zacherl, Tom Hopkins, Nancy Fox and Donna Syphrit.

I Praise God for little Dominic and his bright eyes being at the door this morning to help his parents greet!  What a blessing he and the other little ones are in our church!  Happy, crying, noisy...Cheerios on the floor...we love 'em!  They are a sign of Hope and a future for our church! Praise God for little ones!

Pray for the empty pews! Many have been missing and missed this Summer! Make a phone call, pay a visit, send a card or text or email and let them know they are missed!

Remember Bible Study at Meade Chapel tomorrow morning at 10...and Thursday morning at Port Barnett.

Remember your index cards - favorite hymns & today's assignment - who is God to you?


If you'd be willing to make up an UMCOR mission kit...the 'recipes' are available in each church or by contacting Pastor Joni.


Just got home from Zanesville (Praise God for safe travels!) and had two prayer requests on my machine.


Please pray for the family of Dale Attinger (Kristin & Tyler's grandpa) passed away yesterday after a courageous battle with cancer.


Also, Shirley Walter would like prayer for her daughters Mother-in-Law, JoAnn Blake wh has pneumonia.


Don "Pete" Ishman could use our prayers. He spent a couple days in the hospital for swelling on one side of his face/ear/head. They don't know what was causing it.

Also, Bishop Bickerton's Dad is in a FL hospital in ICU. He fell and had to have back surgery. Had a heart attack during the surgery. His name is Jim.

Continue to pray for the others on our list.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Follower's Charge. Invite a friend to church this Sunday.

Remember the Charge Service/Picnic on Sunday, August 21 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Details coming soon.


Praise God! Ray came back home last night. Please keep him in your prayers.


Continued prayers for Craig as well. Tests, blood work, doctors appointments added to healing from surgery can wear a person out!


Continue to lift Tom Hopkins, Brodie Zacherl, DuWayne, Ann Dudek, Nancy Fox, Roy Harriger, Charlie Shreckengost, Donna Syphrit, John Neff, those grieving loses, and our home bound.

Pray for your Pastor, your church and the UM Church as a whole. Pray for our Nation!


Remember Coffee, Snack & Chat this morning at 9 at Port.

Ladies Aide tonight at 7 at KnoxDale.

All are Welcome at both!


2 Chronicles 7:14

Prayer warriors, things have gone downhill and Ray is in route back to DuBois Hospital. Please Pray!

Pray for the UMC

For those who missed Pastor Joni reading the Bishops letter on Sunday and for those who'd like to re-read it for yourself....

here it is.

Here too, is an article about the appointment.

I don't know where you stand on the issue, but if you'd like for your voice to be heard, please consider writing to our new Bishop.

 Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi

United Methodist Center
                                                               1204 Freedom Road                                                                                                                                                      Cranberry Township, PA 16066 

(724) 776-2300 

Because there are right things to say but far too many wrong.  I won't even try, I'll just quietly leave this here.

We live in a messed up world!  We know that we will have persecutions, trials, tribulations, and heartache and pain and suffering as we grow and mature in our walk with God. 
During our times of intense need, times of grief, uncertain times, and in times when things are going increasingly the world and in the Church...we really totally need to depend on GOD and ask HIM for help, and to rely upon Him, because HE is the ONLY ONE that can give us the perfect way out, and perfect answer to all that we are going through. He is the one that can fix broken lives and broken churches! 

Sometimes He sends others to speak a word of truth in our lives, but we dont always receive it. Because we think we know more, or our pain is more intense than anyone else's …but how are we to grow and mature if we get self centered and selfish in our lives? When we cling to our own understanding, and think we know it all, we lose out on some absolutely wonderful inspiration, revelation and deliverance from God!


Franklin Graham has asked believers to pray for our Nation today at noon.

Pray for our nation! Pray for our Church! (Satan would like nothing better than to rip the UMC apart!)

Pray for the world. Pray for our leaders! Pray for the military & those in law enforcement. Pray for each other!


"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

2 Chron. 7:14


Couple of reminders...

Sunday, August 21 there will be a Charge Service & Picnic to Welcome the Williams' at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Service at 10...with picnic to follow at 11:30 ish. 

Invite a friend or someone who hasn't been to church in a while.

More details coming soon!

 On Saturday, September 17 there will be a Ladies Seminar at Warsaw Fire Hall.

"A Wardroabe for All Seasons - How to Dress for Spiritual Success"

Lori Hatcher will be the keynote speaker.

Some of us participated in one of her seminars a couple years ago...and it was time well spent!

Let's take a team!


Coffee, Snack & Chat  9:00 a.m. & also KnoxDale Ladies Aide at 7:00 p.m. this Wednesday.

And a note of Praise to God!

Ray's speech is MUCH better today! There doesn't seem to be any permanent damage from the stroke! God is so good! He was hoping to come home today...but waiting to see what the Dr. says.

I praise God too, for our churches nurses & that they arrive at church early. The events of yesterdays situation could only have been orchestrated by God himself! Ray was able to make it the whole way to the church (about half a mile), the nurses were there early, Pat got him to the hospital quickly and the aspirin did it's work. Thanks all for your prayers!


Also want to welcome Penny & Lewis Saxton of Port Barnett to the "Prayer Chain". (Please let me know if you got this I know I entered your email right!)

Praising God this evening for answered prayers! If all goes well during the night, Ray may come home tomorrow. The clot was in the Carotid artery in the back of his neck. The aspirin given at the ER seems to have broken it up. His speech is still some what slurred, but not as bad as it was. He was able to eat his dinner (didn't care for it but ate it). He will be put back on blood thinners. God is good!

Just a reminder for all.  Port Barnett's Coffee, Snack & Chat is this Wednesday, July 20, at 9:00 AM in our church basement. Everyone is welcome.

Pray too, for Miranda Reitz's grandma and Dale Attinger (Kristin & Tyler's grandpa who was put on Hospice).


Please keep Ray in your prayers. He walked into church this morning...very slowly. When we ask him if he was ok, he was just mumbling. Pat took him to Brookville Hospital. They said he's having or had a stroke. Being transported to DuBois Hospital.

Here is a link to Karen Wolfe's report from Annual Conference

Annual Conference Report for 2016


Hi Deb,

Please add Brodie Zacherl to the prayer list.  He has been in icu in Pittsburgh for a week and still in great need of our prayers. 




Tiffany Straitiff has ask us to...

"Please add Trevors cousin, Tom Hopkins to the prayer list. He wrecked his mountain bike and is really banged up. He's in the Trauma ICU in Pittsburgh with a lot of broken ribs and a broken collarbone. He is in right now for an exploratory surgery he's bleeding somewhere and they can't find it and his stomach is filling up with pus. They left him open yesterday so they could go back in today and try and find it. He's in a medical coma right now and they say a lot of pain. Prayers are greatly appreciated!"


The Straitiff's also have reason to Praise God today too; 4 years ago today, God Blessed them (and us) with two beautiful little girls! Happy 4th Birthday, Ainsley & Addy!!


Please pray for the family of Penny Harriger Geer.  Penny passed away this morning of cardiac just 60 years of age. 😟

Continue to pray for  Roy Harriger, John Neff, Craig Kniseley, Ann Dudek, Nancy Fox, Donna Syphrit and DuWayne. Please add Val Dickey to your prayer lists as she continues to grieve Ed's passing. The Davis/Mays family.

Pray too, for your Pastor and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Stay tuned for details of a charge service & picnic coming up in August.


KnoxDale folks...remember the Adm. Board meeting is tonight at 7.

Exciting things are happening on the Faithful Followers Charge!!

We had a great turn out for Bible Study at Meade Chapel this morning and great conversation too!
Dan is a gifted teacher and we're looking forward to what God has to offer us through him and the book "I Wish Jesus Hadn't Said That" by Steve Timmis.

If you missed it this morning, the same Study is starting Thursday morning at Port Barnett at 10 am.  Dan hopes to keep the two studies running on the same schedule, so if you can't go to one, you can maybe catch it at the other.

All that being said...the Williams' will be out of town next there will be no Bible Study next week. We will resume on Monday, July 25 & Thursday, July 27.

There are still books available, if you didn't get one and plan to attend, let Dan know.

Also: Just a reminder that the SPRC committee meets tonight at 7 at Meade Chapel. Please make sure your SPRC members know

Prayers for my Uncle,  Roy Harriger. He fell in WalMart parking lot and broke his hip. 😟
Surgery tomorrow in Cincinatti. He is 90 and very surgery is risky. But the good news is he is a Christian and ready to die should God choose to call him home!

Continued prayers for Craig Kniseley (and his family) as they have more decisions to make concerning the best path to take thru cancer.This is an anxious time for them and the ability to make wise decisions may be difficult. Prayer is the key here folks! Let's soak them in prayer as decisions are made. Pray for God's guidance. Pray for the doctors. Pray for strength for the journey...whatever direction they take. Pray for that Peace that passeth all understanding.

Praise God for our Knox Twp. Fire Dept and its dedicated group of volunteers! They responded quickly Friday night when Ray's lifeline went off (for no apparent reason) find him sitting on the porch swing unaware that help had been summoned.

Pray for Pastor Joni & tomorrow's services.  Invite a friend to join us at the Lord's Table!

Praise God!  Emmett got his little brother and Gary/Barb got grandson #4 this morning!

Congratulations, Rachel & Josh on the birth of Elliot Cole Kriner (6 lbs. 4 oz and 18-1/2 inches long). 

All are doing well.

Continued prayer for Sara & Julie as they await their little ones.

Prayers Please! (From Peg)

Subject: pray

please pray for our son-in-law John Neff as he is having surgery tomorrow to replace a knee that he had put in about 4 yrs ago.  Pray there is no infection.

Pray too, for Craig and his consult with the cancer Doctor.


Praising God for a new little great niece. Lillian Grace Ferraro was born today weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz. Mom (Meghan) & baby are doing well.

Continued prayers for Rachel, Sara and Julie as the await the arrival of their family additions.


Praising Him too for safe travels to/from to return Morgan & Quinn. Quiet here after 6 weeks of 1 or more grandkids!


Tim Lindemuth could use our prayers as he recovers from foot surgery. They'll be doing tests this week to try and figure out why the surgery left him with no feeling in his toes.


Continued Prayers for those grieving loses and for those recovering from surgery..


Pray too for the Shaffer / Park & Shannon / Slater families as they head to the beach this week for the wedding of DuWayne's niece and Sandy's nephew.

Sandy wanted so badly to be able to go to the wedding. She talked about it often during her final weeks. I don't doubt that she'll be there is spirit.  She held a special place in their lives and will live on in the hearts of the bride/groom and so many others!


Please pray for the  Mays/Davis Family. Cindy's mom, Sara Mays passed away today (yesterday)


Pray too, for Ruby Thomas who is not doing well.


Praise God for a great week at VBS, for beautiful weather, for dedicated teachers & volunteers, for the children, for parents who brought their kids, for a nice program and for a church full of people tonight! God is so good!


Praising Him too that Ann Dudek is back home and doing well. She hopes to be in Church on Sunday!


Let's soak Pastor Joni in prayer this week-end!  A funeral, a wedding rehearsal, a wedding, company and the first Sunday on her new appointment! Her plate is full!


I'd appreciate prayers for travel mercies as I return Sydney tomorrow...and return with Morgan & Quinn. I Praise HIM that I could have Sydney for VBS! She absolutely loved it!


And lastly...Gerry B. Has a couch in decent condition that she would like to give to someone who could use it. She said it's a tanish color and would make someone a good couch for s family room or someone just starting out.

 If you want it or know someone who could use it, give Gerry a call!

She works call early in the day.  849-8402



Hey Y'all!

Barnyard Roundup VBS wraps up tonight with the children's closing program at 7:00.

All are invited!

Hope Y'all will Come & hear what the kids have learned! 😊 Invite a friend to come with you!

(Children should gather at 5:45 as usual)



Becky Caylor has been having some trouble with my sciatica. She is taking time off work resting...and would appreciate our prayers.



Ann Dudek is out of surgery and the doctors said it went well. She may get to come home tomorrow.


Please keep Gavin Thompson in your prayers for good test results. They've been doing a series of tests on his heart. Gavin was a regular at SonBeams and then Youth...before he moved.



Please keep Ann Dudek (Mary Barber's mom) in your prayers as she has surgery today.


Praising God that Craig is doing much better! Continue to keep him in your prayers. He sees the cancer doctor on the 9th to come up with a battle plan.


Praise God, DuWayne is doing well. He is in a boot now.  Continued prayers for healing of the foot and the knee surgery that is coming.


Praising God for another good night at VBS! Just two nights to go. Program is Thursday at 7.   All are welcome!


Prayers for those grieving loses. Services are tomorrow for Ned McMillen, Friday for Pastor Joni's aunt and Saturday for Dave Buffone.


Pray for Pastor Joni as she prepares to begin her ministry here on the Faithful Followers Charge. Be open to all that God is going to do through her!



Prayers for Pastor Joni's family in the passing of her Aunt.

Also keep her daughter & family in prayer for travel mercies as they fly in on Thursday for a family wedding this weekend.


Pray too, for my great nephew Carson who suffered a broken arm after being hit by a ball in last night's All Star game.



To God be the Glory for the Great things HE is doing at VBS this week!!


On Sunday night there were 32 kids and they learned about the Good Shepherd (Chris did a great job with the lesson) and their Bible verse was Psalm 23:1. We had a great time singing and crafting...then enjoyed a picnic with families and our soon to be Pastor and her husband. The kids LOVED the petting zoo!


Last night the kids came in reciting their memory verse and getting a sticker. One little guy, 3 years old and all smiles, spouted it off like a pro...and then gave me a high five! (These are the moments that make it all worth while!) 41 kids last night!  The learned about Jesus feeding the 5,000. (Kelly used a cute little counting/clapping trick to keep their attention) Even in the heat...we had a good time! Gaye does a wonderful job with the music and the kids are picking up on the songs quickly!  The snack ladies are so creative too! We enjoyed some yummy dirt last night! When we were leaving one of the craft ladies warned me that the basement was "a mess". I went  down expecting to see a mess...but what I saw was cuteness!! Adorable stick horses and farm hats! (We are blessed to have some really crafty ladies!) The preSchool class continues to grow! I think they had 14 last night! It looked pretty scary to me! But Stacy, Stephanie, Michaela and Cassidy...exhibit the fruit of PATIENCE! How they keep it together for 2.5 hours is beyond me!! Again...we are truly blessed to have them taking part! Not many would be up for that challenge! And I read on FB late last night how some of the little ones are going home so excited, singing their songs and reciting their verses! That what it's all about!


God is sooooo good! He must love children...cause he made them soooo special!

Looking forward to night three...and seeing where HE will show up! So much fun & so many God moments! Remember to wear something Green! The color of growth and our story is about growing good things! 🌿


Don't miss the program Thursday night at 7:00!

It's going to be fun! 😊


Praise God for a great first night at VBS! God is our Good Shepherd!

Praise God for willing volunteers that do their part to pull it all together!

Praise Him too, for Children! Without them there would be no VBS!


Secondly, Praise God for the life of Ned McMillen. A life well lived!  Ned went to be with Jesus today.  Please keep Anna Mae and the boys (and Bill and Karen too) in your prayers during this difficult time....and in the days and weeks ahead. The Wolfe's July 4th picnic certainly won't be the same this year without he and Hope.


Continued prayers for Ann Dudek as she goes for surgery on Wednesday.

For Craig and DuWayne as they continue on the road to recovery.

And for Miranda's Grandma and Pastor Joni's aunt...both had strokes and not doing well.

Keep the Buffone & Jones families in your prayers as well as the grieve such sudden loses.


Begin now to pray for Pastor Joni's first service on the Faithful Followers Charge!  Receive her well! Be a Blessing to her and her ministry here! Reach out in Christian Love and make her feel welcome here! Plan now to make name tags available for the first couple weeks until she gets to know our people.



Two unexpected loses yesterday.


Please pray for the Jones' (Richard & Ursula) as they grieve the lose of their son.


Pray too, for the Buffone Family. Dave (a good friend of Denny & Jeanna) was struck by a car and killed last night.



Praising God that Craig is home! (No place like home!) Pray for his return to good health!



Prayer warriors...(Elizabeth) Ann Dudek...Mary Barber's mom is in need of our prayers.

She will be having her 2nd breast removed next week in test have revealed cancer.  Ann is new to the area (Witch Hollow Road) and to our church. Let's soak her in prayer!


Betty Miller has ask for prayers for Jim Yates who is not doing well.


Prayers too for Pastor Joni & Dan as they transition from there to here and begin their ministry on the Faithful Followers Charge, July 1.

They're scheduled to move in on Friday. Praise God the painting is done...but there are still lots of little repairs and cleaning to be done. Plus, the man that is to lay the carpet on Thursday has had some medical issues, so pray for him that his BP will come down and that he is able to get it laid.


Pastor Joni's first service will be July 3. 

She would like to delay Communion until July all three churches.


Ned McMillen (Karen Wolfe's brother-in-law) who lives in NY,  had two major heart attacks yesterday. He is in ICU. Prayers for Ned and for Anna Mae and the boys as well.

Their son Ivan is with Anna Mae...who has dementia.



Praise be to God...Craig will come home Wednesday if all goes well tomorrow!


Prayers for a friend (who would rather remain nameless) having surgery on his arm tomorrow. God know who he is. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for a successful surgery.


Continued prayers for those recovering from surgery - Betty P., Charlie S., DiWayne.

Continued prayers for those within our church family who are expecting little ones in the very near future.


Praise God the parsonage is coming along. Still lots to be done...but what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make! Praising Him to for all who helped remove the furniture on Saturday...and for those who helped to load it up today.


Please pray for VBS. It begins this Sunday and runs thru the 30 th. Pray for all involved: teachers, children, musicians, craft ladies, helpers, the snack people and those who work behind the scenes.


Prayers for Joni as she prepares to begin her ministry here.



Craig Kniseley is back in Pittsburgh Hospital and in great need of our prayers!


Praising God for those who showed up today to scrub carpets and wash walls!!


And for safe travels to and from Zanesville today...I give thanks!



Prayers for Betty Painter as she goes to Pittsburgh on Friday for surgery.


And prayers for strength for another friend named Betty.


Continued prayers for Craig. He returns for a follow up appointment on June 23...I think Peg said.

And for DuWayne as he recovers from his foot surgery and anticipates knee surgery when the foot is healed.

Chris Dush said

"Tomorrow morning at 9:00 the Senate Education Committee is taking up my bill to allow the schools to display the National Motto:  "In God We Trust" and the Bill of Rights.  Prayers would be appreciated."

Pray too, for couples in turmoil. Over and over again we here of couples splitting up...and not all are young couples. Pray for healing & restoration if it be God's will.

The devil is busy...he is trying to destroy marriages everyday because he knows they are ordained by God...we've got to stand fast...the gates of hell shall not prevail.

No one will ever convince me that families don't need to be in church! 

That's not to say that Christians don't have marital problems. Many do! 

But what would we do without the help and hope that come from the Lord?

Remember Coffee, Snack & Chat tomorrow morning at 9 at Port


Please keep Charlie Shreckengost in your prayers...that eye surgery yesterday was successful.


Prayers for all our girls having babies in the next month or so. Sara L., Julie D., Rachel K. and Meghan F.  All but Sara are dealing with gestational diabetes.



Coffee, Snack & Chat--Third Wednesday of the month at Port Barnett Church in the basement.

Next one is Wednesday, June 15th at 9 AM.. ..EVERYONE WELCOME

KnoxDale UM Ladies Aide is also this Wednesday at 7 PM

IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LIKE LIKE VBS at KnoxDale! There are cows 🐮 and sheep 🐑 and pigs 🐷 and chickens too 🐔 in the sanctuary!!

 Remember it is June 26 - 30. It's not too late to register your child! 

Let me know if you need registration forms!

 Also a reminder to SPRC, that the next meeting is July 11 at 7 PM at Meade Chapel.

 This Sunday...Father's Day...Pastor Don Henderson will be our guest speaker. Pray for him as he prepares to come & plan to bring your dad's!


Please pray for travel mercies for Jeanna's sister Ruth as she travels home from Texas.


Continued prayers for Craig that he'll feel better soon.


Praising God that Ray is feeling much better, Jaime & Luke are back home and Quinn's fever seems to have subsided.


Pray for tomorrow's service, for Ron Shick as he comes to speak and for all who come to hear the message. May eyes be open.



Please add Wanda Lindemuth to your prayer lists.


Continue to pray for Craig, DuWayne, Stan, the Syphrits, Nancy Fox and the charge.


Continued prayers for those grieving loses. Carol & Lon Aharrah buried her mom on Friday and his yesterday. 


Please add Ray to your prayer lists as well. He's been under the weather for a while. Yesterday he said he was "feeling pretty rough" and he sounds terrible. At 99.5 yrs old that's not good.


Prayers for KAREN as she prepares to go to Annual Conference as our delegate and for Genie and the Kennedy's too.  May all that is said and done there be pleasing to God.


Pray for the upcoming VBS at KnoxDale...June 26-30. If you have children or grandchildren or neighbor kids who have not registered...and need registration forms, let me know!


Pray for Sunday's service and for Pastor Don as he comes to minister to us. Why not ask someone to join us this Sunday?



Please keep the family of Pauline Kniseley in your prayers.


Praising God that Stan made it home today.


And KnoxDale folks, Morgan did survive the day, and I haven't pulled my hair out yet! She was much better after a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon!



Craig's sister-in-law,Pauline, has been battling non Hodgkin's Lymphoma for over 20 years and now has aggressive lung and possibly bone cancer. They have called in Hospice. Please pray for Pauline, Lyle and their boys and grandchildren as they walk thru this dark valley with her.


Keep the families of Ida Uplinger and Connie Piekielek in your prayers as they grieve.



Please keep the family of Ida Uplinger in your prayers as they grieve her passing.


Continued prayers for Craig too. If he can keep his breakfast down this morning, he will get to come home.



Please pray for Craig, that he gets feeling better soon. And for wisdom for his doctors.


Ursula Jones is in the hospital and could use our prayers.


Prayers too, for Howard McGranor who has infection in his jaw.


Continued prayers for Stan Wolfe as he recovers from triple bypass,  would be appreciated too.


Keep the Faithful Followers Charge in prayer during this time of transition.

Remember your new / gently used shoes are due this Sunday.

Port & Meade...please send yours over to KnoxDale with the pastor. Karen will be taking them to conference next week.



Stan's heart cath did not go as we had hoped...but Praise God they did it when they did!

Don't know all the details (answering phone in middle of Giant Eagle with four kids in tow is not good) but I got this part..."He had 99% blockage in one valve."  They took him straight to surgery for a double bypass. Still in surgery. Please keep him in your prayers



Praising God for Craig's good reports and praying for he and Peg as he goes thru the treatments and the healing process.


Praise God for a beautiful weekend...and an especially nice day for the Community Yard Sale and food/bake sale! Thank you to all who donated baked goods!


Praising him too for safe travels to Paris for Jaime & Luke and that all four of the grandchildren are napping this afternoon! 😊


Prayers please for Sara (Dave & Nan's) as she will be traveling home this week from Indonesia, to await the arrival of Baby Loving.


Continued prayers for DuWayne and his family as well.


Prayers too for Stan & Mike Wolfe who will both be having surgery tomorrow. (Heart cath for Stan and eye for Mike)


This coming Sunday will be Pastor Jerome's last Sunday on the Faithful Followers Charge. Let's fill our churches for the sending off as he moves on to where God has called him to go.



Keep the Wood family from Russell in prayer, Gail Wood is Karen Wolfe's cousin, her husband died Wednesday night.



Craig returns to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a follow up appointment; please pray for good reports & safe travels.


Pray too for Don Wright (who is not doing well), Nancy Fox, Roger Skala, the Syphrit three and for the Faithful Followers Charge.


Bible Study at Meade Chapel is done until Pastor Joni comes and sets up a new one...but there will still be a Prayer meeting on Monday mornings at 10 to pray for our charge during this time of transition.


It looks like it's going to be a nice weekend! Come on out and support the KnoxDale Community Yard Sale on Saturday! Sales all around town and hot dogs, drinks and baked goods at the playground.


Pat Forrest would like prayers for her brother, John. He is having a defibulator put in yesterday. She said he is 72 and in great need of prayer.

Message from Dan...

 Sorry we forgot to get this out earlier. Today is the time for Coffee, Snack & Chat at 9:00. Thanks

Is this a weekly...monthly event???


Continued prayers for Craig as he awaits test results. And for Peg too, as this is an anxious time, no doubt.


Keep the prayers going for others on our prayer list as well. Donna, Scott & John S. DuWayne, Nancy Fox, Ursula Jones, Roger Skala, those grieving loses, those battling addictions, families in turmoil. The needs all around us are great...but God is greater.


Stacy Barber would appreciate prayers as she heads back to work next week.  She's not looking forward to leaving lil' Dominic with sitters.


Pray for VBS as plans are being finalized and preparations are being made.


Keep the Faithful Followers Charge in your prayers during this time of transition.


Yesterday as we continued on at Bible Study with the book, "Autopsy of a Deceased Church"...we had many light 💡 bulb moments, literally. 😊 We can see many of the problems in our own churches...but we're not sure what the answers are. We will be finishing up the study the next couple weeks. If you can join us on Monday mornings at 10...maybe you can offer a new perspective!


"The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16).


Yesterday when I arrived at Bible Study a guy from the community that is battling cancer,  stopped to thank me for the gas card Missions had given him.  He said they are doing ok financially...but it meant the world to him that we thought of him and that so many people prayed for him, sent cards and offered words of encouragement.  He said they lived in Ohio for 50 years...moved back there to undergo surgery & treatments...and nobody from there reached out to him. He said the kindness shown to him here is why they moved back.

We, Faithful Followers, need to continue to be Caring churches!




Please continue to pray for Craig & Peg as Craig recovers from his surgery. And as they await results of the biopsies.


Continued prayers for DuWayne too & Praise God he was able to get out to church yesterday!


I Praise God too, for all who took part in yesterday's service! We WERE the Church together!



Praise God! Craig is coming home today! 🙏🏼  Keep praying for a speedy recovery and pray for Peg as she cares for him.




Chicken & Biscuit Benefit Dinner

Today from 5 - ?

Pinecreek Fire Hall

To Benefit Lisa Plotner Durand

$8 Adults & $4 Kids



The Knox Twp. Fire Company would like to expand their playground area at the ball park. If you know of any good used playground equipment, or if you'd like to donate a new piece of Equipment, or help with a fundraiser to buy something or help to build something for the kids...please let Pam or Bob Barber know.


The firemen do MUCH for this community. What can we as a community do for them and the kids?  Please feel free to share any and all ideas!




Please lift Terry Kuntz's brother-in-law, Brian Maxim's brother prayer. Greg and his wife lost a son a few years ago and last night they lost their second son. He drowned while checking his traps. Please keep the Maxim family in your prayers.


And Terry is also Praising God that they'll be celebrating Phil's mom's 90th birthday this Sunday.


Continued prayers for Craig...and good test results and a speedy recovery!And for DuWayne as he recovers. Keep Bill Shick, Nancy Fox and the Syphrits lifted in prayer as well.


Pray for General Conference of the UMC going on now in Portland Oregon. May all that is decided there be pleasing to God and good for the UMC as a whole.


And pray for your pastor as he finishes up his time here. He will be away this Sunday and then back in the pulpit May 22 and 29. His final services on the Faithful Followers Charge will be Sunday, June 5...with Communion in each church.

 (Charge Service & Picnic for June 26 is cancelled)


Pray too, for Joni as she prepares to begin her ministry here on July 1.



Darlene called at 5:30. Craig went thru the surgery ok. Results of biopsy's won't be back for a week. Keep praying!



DuWayne is home and glad to be there! After three days...the tests showed it was not infected. They think maybe his body just reacts to the new metal they put in. His hope is the straightened foot and hip will straighten out the knee and he won't need knee surgery.  Is anything impossible for God? Shannon & I are praying for that miracle!



It's 9:30 & Craig is in surgery.  They say it will be 6-8 hours.Please keep lifting him in prayer throughout the day.


Praise God...DuWayne is to be released about noon today!



Let's get the prayers going up for Craig (Peg too). While most of us are still sleeping...they will be heading for Pittsburgh. Surgery in the morning. Please keep them and the doctors in your prayers over the next few days.


Continue to lift DuWayne as well. At last report...he hopes to get out tomorrow.



Please keep DuWayne in your prayers as he is back in Pittsburgh with infection in his foot. 😟 Pray that the antibiotics will zap it quickly and he can get back home soon.


Continued prayers for Bill Shick. He has been moved out of ICU but he has 8 broken ribs and is in lots of pain.


Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge.



Praising God tonight that Kelly B.'s surgery went well & she is home, resting. Pray for her speedy recovery!



This came thru last night, but went to my junk folder for some reason (sorry Thyra). Please keep Bill and his family in your prayers!


Deb, Please put my niece's husband Bill Shick on the prayer chain as he is being life flighted to Presby. He was trampled by his cattle while feeding tonight. thanks, Thyra


Don Ciambotti in currently in the hospital undergoing tests. It is uncertain at this time what is wrong with his body.

It may be several days to learn what the test results tell us.

He is Ron Miller's son-in-law and lives in Knoxdale.

Hold him and his wife Linda up in prayer today.

Thank you.



Praise God! DuWayne came home yesterday. He will have a knee walker for a while, as he's not aloud to put any weight on that foot. Pray that it heals swiftly & well.


Prayers for travel mercies would be appreciated as we head for Cincy this morning.


Mother's Day Chicken BBQ

Sunday, May 8


Dinner $9.50

Half Chicken $7.50

Alderton's Meat Market

To benefit Roseville Independent Chapel building fund.



I have a friend whose college age son is dealing with depression. God knows his name, please keep him in prayer.


Praise God! We have 46 ladies and 10 little girls going to the "Ladies Night Out".  Looking forward to a nice evening!


Please keep Trista Zickefoose in your prayers. She accepted Jesus as her Lord & Savior while in Jefferson County jail...and led two of her fellow inmates to the Lord! Praise God!  Pray that God will sustain her and her family over the next few years.

Thank God for prison ministries and pray for all those in prison, that the light of Christ will penetrate the darkness and despair behind those bars.


I haven't had any updates on DuWayne but keep praying!

Continued prayers for Craig as he prepares for surgery on the 9th.

And for Nancy Fox as she goes through chemo.


Pray for the sick and the aging...and their care givers.



I hope everyone went to vote today!


Praising God tonight that DuWayne's surgery went well today! He is in his room resting now, according to Shannon. Pray for his full recovery and that he will have full function in that foot.


Continued prayers for Craig, Nancy, John (Liz too), Sara, Ursula, Donna and Scott too!

Pray for families in turmoil and those grieving loses as well.


Our guest speaker didn't show up at Youth/SonBeams tonight...but as we waited...we had a little sing along! Praise God...the kids sounded great and it was great to hear that many singing "Hail Jesus, your my King" and "God's Not Dead".




Calling in the orders for the Ladies Night Out, tomorrow! Anyone else interested in going? This is not limited to the charge! We invite any ladies who wants to go!

Saturday, May 7 at 5:00 pm.

Roseville Grange

Choice of Roast Beef or Stuffed Pork Chop Ladies. $13.

Girls $6.

Under 5 are free

Let me!



Please keep Sara in your prayers as she travels to the states. She is at the airport and will leave in about an hour.  It is a long journey; 28 hours or so. She will be arriving in Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon. Since Matt can't leave right now, Sara is making the trip alone.

Remember too....DuWayne has surgery today. Keep him in your prayers as well.


Mrs. Jones came home this evening. They decided against surgery. She has a vest with wires and monitors. Please keep she and Richard in your prayers.


DuWayne has foot surgery tomorrow. Prayers please!



I visited Ursula Jones at DRMC Saturday afternoon. She was out of ICU and they were removing wires/tubes when I was there. No open heart surgery tomorrow! Possibly coming home today! God is good!! Thanks for the prayers!


Remember to pray for DuWayne as he goes for surgery Tuesday and Craig as he prepares for surgery May 9.


Remember reservations for the Ladies Dinner today. (Thyra, I can get your churches tomorrow.)


Remember to save Sunday morning, June 26 for the charge service / picnic. More details coming soon!



Mr. Jones stopped this evening and said they removed some of Ursula's tubes, but she isn't out of the woods yet. She will be having open heart surgery on Monday. Please keep Ursula and Richard both in your prayers.


Pray too for DuWayne. Praise God there was a cancelation and so He is now scheduled for foot surgery on Tuesday at West Penn.


And finally...keep Sara & Matt Loving in your prayers. They are being moved from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia as of June 1. This means adjusting to a new culture/customs, a new place and finding a new baby Doctor.  Pray for a smooth transition.


If you're going to the Ladies Dinner...remember to turn your reservations in by this Sunday.



A new ministry begins this morning at Port at 9. "Coffee, Snack & Chat". Check it out!



Update on my niece Amanda she got home will be on IV therapy for 2 weeks pray for continued healing Thanks church family 👍👍👍



Hi Deb--we all had a great time dismantling the fence.  With Pat's help, we were able to get it all done in a matter of 20 minutes or so!  Also, we had a great time at Pastor Les and Delores' church on Sunday.  God was good to give us travel safety.  The service was awesome and it was good to visit and relax...Gaye


The SonBeams also had a crew out working last night, planting grass at the parsonage.


Ecclesiastes 3 says there is "a time to heal...a time to plant...a time to tear down...and a time to chat (speak)".

  We PRAISE God for all four!

There will be a new program starting at the Port Barnett Um Church at 65 Evans Street on Wednesday, April 20th at 9:00 AM.  It is call "COFFEE, SNACK & CHAT". Everyone is welcome. Not a Bible Study, just a time of fellowship for friends & neighbors to meet & greet.  Please come & share with us some morning coffee & snacks & chat with us about anything on your mind. BRING A FRIEND!!

Our neighbor, Ursula Jones is in need of our prayers. She was taken to DuBois Hospital on Sunday night. Not sure what the problem is but God knows. Just lift her in prayer please.

Our Youth have a work night planned for tonight at the Jones' home to reach out in Christian love and finish tearing down a fence that has seen better days. Pray for them as they GO...that they might go in love. And as Mr.Jones and the world sees them, they might see Jesus!


Also, remember the deadline for reservations for the Ladies Night out is Monday. Please get yours in as soon as possible!


Ed R. had tests this morning. Prayers for good results would be appreciated!


My cousin's husband, Mike Wasilko was honored yesterday at a retirement party after 29 years with the PA State Police. We praise God for his protection over the years! Pray for all those who serve in law enforcement. It's a messed up world we live in! They put their lives on the line daily to protect us.


Prayers for Nancy Fox as she begins treatments this week.

Continue to lift Craig as he prepares for surgery.

And for Donna & Scott and John & Liz Syphrit. John is struggling with some issues that going along with the aging process.


Remember Snack-N-Chat at Port Barnett begins this Wednesday.


Remember too, your Pastor has a Birthday this week! 🎈


And another Praise. Yesterday we attended a service of music at Mt.Pleasant UMC "Helen Heckman & Friends"  the church was parked clear down the road! Really nice service! Chris Dush was there and lead in prayer and the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag. We need more Chris's in Harrisburg!

I'd like to see the Faithful Follower's charge plan something like they did! I suspect we have some musical talents that aren't being used for God's Glory...if I'm wrong...then we could just make a joyful noise!?


Arrangements for DON GILLUNG are as follows.


A committal service will be on Saturday April 23 at 2:00. This is for family only.


Following this service there will be a gathering of family and friends at the Richardsville Community Center in Richardsville. The time will be 3:00 or 3:30 until ?



You folks, ARE the BODY OF CHRIST! Are you doing your part...or are you sitting on your gifts? When we don't do our part the BODY suffers. Think about it!



Prayers are needed for the family of Bill Gould.  He passed away over the weekend.  Bill grew up here in  Knox Dale and he and Sue lived here for years when they were first married.



This morning, Jeanna and I had the pleasure of taking our 5th & 6th graders to breakfast before school. Although our meeting wasn't real productive...we did have a good time of fellowship and had prayer that their tests would go well today.

We have some pretty amazing kids in our group! Good hearted, well mannered & behaved. A real testament to some good parenting going on!

I was shocked to hear that one of our boys would be spending the day in detention. This is a kid that is pretty easy going at SonBeams. We talked about the situation that landed him there and the bullying that had led up to him pushing another boy to the ground. We talked about the Fruit of the Spirit - Self-Control. He said he knew he needed a little more of that; don't we all? Justified or not...what Impressed me was when I asked him what he would do in detention...he said he had a book & his BIBLE to read! How many of us couldn't use a little 'time out' to focus on God's Word!?


Pray for our children/youth today. Pray that God will strengthen them & that they can remain grounded in their faith in light of all the evil that's going on in the world around them.  And pray for our Nation as well. I worry that we are leaving a real mess for our children/grandchildren! 


Prayers for the family of Don Gillung as they grieve their loss.


And for all those grieving losses. There are many!



Continued prayers for Craig (and Peg too). His surgery is scheduled for May 9 at Shadyside. Pray for a successful surgery and an easy recovery.


Chicken Biscuit Dinner

To Benefit Lisa (Plotner) Durand

Saturday, May 14

5:00 PM - ?

Pinecreek FireHall

Adults $8.00. Kids $4.00

DJ - Mescall

Chinese Auction


 Lisa had a 2 inch capillary tumor removed from her brain. She is doing well.  Except  for the fact that she hasn't worked since the end of Feb. and can't return til some time in June.  She had not worked long enough for sick pay. The benefit is to help her pay bills.


Prayers for Craig and Peg as they go to Pittsburgh today for a consult. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and that when presented with their options they might be able to make an informed choice concerning their course of action. Pray that whatever decisions they make, they can be at peace with them. And Praise God that we have such skilled care within driving distance.


Prayers for the family of Marco Antonio. Marco was a close friend of Brennan McMillen in Guatemala...

who died in a motorcycle accident today.


Praise God for good neighbors who have returned...and that God has been so good to Roger as he has battled his cancer and is doing so well! They've decided that KnoxDale is where they want to be and have put their house in OH up for sale.


Continued prayers for Nancy Fox, who will start her chemo next week. For Harvey W. who probably isn't listening to the doctors as well as he should...for continued healing.  And for his dad too as he recovers. Continued prayers for the Shaffer's and also the Syphrits; John, Donna & Scott too!


Pray for your pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge during this time of transition.

Mark Sunday, June 26 on your calendars. We will have a charge service at the Jefferson County Fair grounds at 10:30 followed by a picnic lunch at noon. All are welcome and encouraged to attend! More details to come!


Remember the "Estate Sale" at Flo's is this Saturday at 9:00 am.

Chicken BBQ
This Saturday, April 16 10:30 AM - ?
Mikes Super Market
$8.00/half   $10.00/meal
Meal includes potato salad, bake beans and a dinner roll

All proceeds benefit the family of Sandy Shaffer


I'm not sure who is sponsoring this, but I know the Smith's that are cooking and it will be a good dinner for a good cause!

We will be going in to pick up for us. If anyone wants us to pick up a dinner or two for you, let me know and we will! 

New ministry beginning next week! Please announce in your churches and spread the word to other's you think might be interested!


Subject: annoucement

HI Deb,

Would you please pass this on to your Faithful Followers email people: THANK YOU!!

There will be a new program starting at the Port Barnett Um Church at 65 Evans Street on Wednesday, April 20th at 9:00 AM.  It is call "COFFEE, SNACK & CHAT". Everyone is welcome. Not a Bible Study, just a time of fellowship for friends & neighbors to meet & greet.  Please come & share with us some morning coffee & snacks & chat with us about anything on your mind. BRING A FRIEND!!!


Matt is doing better today. His platelets had dropped to 88 yesterday and that's really low. But they are now back up to 122. His blood pressure had dropped to 90/60 but is back up to near normal too. He is still tired but apparently the fatigue lasts a couple weeks after the worst of the dengue fever. He's feeling better but still has to take it easy while his body continues to recover.

Thank you so much for your prayers.



And Becky's niece, Amanda is still in Shadyside... she is doing better and they will decide today if she will need surgery or not. Praying no surgery is needed and she can come home sooner. Keep praying!


Continue to lift John, Craig and Nancy as well.


Remember Open House at the Fire Hall today! Stop up between noon and 4 and check them out.

Also Free Family Skate is today from 4-6. Hope to see lots of you there!




Praise God for a great service and a fond farewell to our Bishop last night. If you missed it, you missed a Blessing!


Continued prayers for Craig, Bill John, Donna those battling cancer, families in turmoil and those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.


Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge.


Open house at the Knox Twp. Fire Hall tomorrow from noon to 4.

Remember too, the free family skate is at Reynoldsville from 4-6


Estate Sale at Flo Clarks will be next Saturday, April 16


I'm guessing it is pranksters...not enemies; but good call! Pray for them!

Matthew 5:43-44

 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your friends, hate your enemies.’ But now I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may become the children of your Father in heaven.

Subject: Vandals

Good morning,
I'm requesting prayer for the person/people who have smashed our mailbox twice yesterday. We didnt think we had enemies but now we have surveillance. we called the state police and filed a report. I pray that they stop and realize what poor judgement they have before a smashed mailbox escalates into something more.
Thank you,


From: Pastor Don

Good Shepherd is taking a bus to see Samson at Sight and Sounds. The cost is 90.60 which includes bus and show ticket. The bus will stop at Cracker Barrel for lunch. The date for the show is Friday, May 20th. Please contact pastor Don at 328 5179. Thanks!


Continued prayers for Craig, Bill, Harvey, Nancy, Don & John.

Scott says...

Dad coming along, just want to get the pneumonia cleared up and he can come home, just not sure how long that will take.


Becky C. would like prayer for her niece,  Amanda Rhed. She is at Shadyside with complications of pneumonia and kidney issues.



Peg & Craig's friend, Jerry, went to heaven yesterday afternoon. Please keep the Myers family in your prayers.


Continued prayers for the Shaffer family as well, as they adjust to their new normal.


Have you prayed for your Pastor (current & incoming), your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge today?


SPRC Meeting Monday at 7 at Meade Chapel.  Please be sure to remind your committee members.



They have determined that John did not have mini strokes. The problem was with the blood vessels & blood flow. Praise God for that! Continue to pray for him as he does have pneumonia in his right lung, so they are going to get that straightened out before he can come home.


Praise God too, Bill's surgery went well and he is back home. Pray for his speedy recovery!

Please pray for travel mercies and good test results as Craig goes to Pittsburgh today.

 Remember Bill WOLFE as he prepares for surgery and his son Harvey as he recovers from his.

 Continue to lift Nancy Fox, Don Gillung, Shaffer's, Pat & Grant, John Syphrit...Donna & Scott too.

Pray for the SonBeam's & Youth and all involved in those ministries as they meet tonight.

Give thanks for those who trust in Christ. Pray for their continuing spiritual growth (kids & leaders). Give thanks for the fellowship experienced and pray for unity, harmony and lasting friendships. And pray for their witness to friends and family. A large number of our kids come from unchurched families. Pray that they will be "lights" that shine brightly in their homes!


Don Gillung is in great need of our prayers as he battles pancreatic cancer. Please keep Don and his entire family in your prayers as they go thru this dark valley.



Continue to pray for both John & Matt.


The Doctors think John had another mini stroke. They are doing more testing today.


Matt is going into day 4 of his 'virus' and this is what they call the most critical part of it. Please soak him in prayer today.



If anyone likes Pizza Hut and wants to help the Growing in Grace PreSchool (where Eric & Emmett go)... Let me know and I will get you a coupon. They are doing a benefit all day on Thursday. If you present a coupon, 20% of you bill goes to Growing in Grace.


Prayers for John Syphrit. He lost feeling in arms/legs last evening and was taken to the hospital. Doctors think that he had another "mini stroke" and will be running more tests today.



Praise God...

We had special music in church this morning when Flo's daughter LINDA visited. It was nice to have her stay for Sunday School too!

For the new little blessing in church this morning! Little Dominic Barber. So tiny!

And finally, We had safe travels to Ohio & back to return the grandkids.


Please lift the following in prayer...

Matt Loving - Nan & Dave's son-in-law (in Indonesia) is battling some kind of virus.

Harvey Wolfe had emergency surgery this past week for a ruptured appendix. Pray for a speedy recovery.

Pray too, for his dad, Bill, who will have gall bladder surgery this week.

The Shaffer family.

Sandy Hidinger.

Nancy Fox is beginning treatments for breast cancer.

Craig and Peg as Craig goes thru testing. (we've missed them in church!) The empty pews...and those who were absent from worship.

Our new Pastor Joni she prepares to come.

For the Kennedy's as they prepare for their new assignment.

And lastly, when we were coming home from OH the fire truck was pulling in at Syphrits. Not sure what the emergency was...but God knows! Just pray.


Pray for & attend Bible Study at Meade Chapel Monday's at 10 am.


Bishop Bickerton at Marion Center this Thursday at 6:00 pm


Knox Twp. Vol. Fire Department Open House next Saturday, April 9 from noon to 4:00. Hot Dogs, Pop Corn, blood pressure screening, check out what's going on in our Fire Co.


And Free Family Skate is also Saturday from 4-6. Bring a snack to share. Drinks & Sloppy Joes provided.




Pat Kniseley would like prayer for her sister,  Sandy Hidinger (Sigel) who will be having exploratory surgery, on her back (close to the spine). Pray that God will give the doctor a steady hand for a safe and successful surgery!


Pray too for Pat & Grant who have been under the weather for some time...and for all who have been battling colds/coughs/flu.  Pat would like for nothing more than to get out to church again soon!


Continue to pray for Grant's brother and Peg too!


Pray for the Shaffer family in the days and weeks ahead.


For those who ordered Pizzas for the fundraiser for Shaffer's...remember they will be delivered tomorrow.


More prayers for Peg's friend, Jerry, please. He is on a ventilator and they've put him into an induced coma for 4 days.


Craig goes to Presbyterian on Tuesday for more tests. Pray that test results are good.


Praise God, Dale Gilhousen is getting stronger everyday! He still has no feeling in his jaw and ear. And they are weaning him off the meds. Pray that the feeling comes back, but not the pain he had pre-surgery.

Dale thanks everyone for the prayers and cards.


Praising God too, for the good number of people in church on Easter and the special music too!  Christ arose and lives in the hearts of His people! May they live in that awareness every day...not just on Easter Sunday! Come, remember His sacrifice at the Table of the Lord, this Sunday!


Ruby Thomas isn't doing well. Please keep her in your prayers.


Pray for families in turmoil and those battling addictions of any kind.


The Bishop is at Marion Center next Thursday, April 7 at 6.  Mark your calendars and plan now to attend!


Following prayer request from Peg...


Continued prayers for Craig as well.

Keep praying for the Shaffer's during this difficult time.

 Prayers for our new pastor and family as they prepare for the transition to the Faithful Followers Charge. And for the Kennedy's as they prepare to lead in ministry at the Russell Church.

Pray for this Sunday's service and invite someone to join us at the Lord's Table!

Above is the obituary for Sandy.

Viewing is tomorrow 2-9 at Deeley's in Punxsutawney. Funeral is Wednesday at 11. 

The church of God will be having a funeral dinner for the family after the service.


Please keep the family in your prayers.

Please Pray for the Shaffer family as they grieve Sandy's passing. They cared for her well and hearts are no doubt breaking but we know when she took her last breath on earth, she took her first breath in heaven!  No more chemo or  cancer or pain!

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;  and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”   John 11: 25-26                       



Praise God for the beautiful day for an Easter Egg Hunt! And that so many people took part...not only in hunting...but in donating filling, filling the eggs and hiding them! It was truly a community event!


Please continue to pray Craig. He's coming home today...but further testing  testing will have to be done. Pray for the doctors and Pray for Peg too as this is an anxious time for her too.


Continued prayers for the Shaffer's.


Remember Sunrise Service is at 7 AM at Meade Chapel. Light breakfast to follow.



The good news is that KAREN Wolfe is out of the hospital! Praise God! (Didn't know she was in.)  The bad news is she's still not feeling tip-top and won't be in church tonight! Pray that she can lick this bronchitis quickly!  Maybe too much Texas sun for that lil' ole PA girl???


Continue to pray for Sandy and family!




Peg's husband (who would rather remain nameless 😊) has been admitted to the hospital with Pancreatitis. Lots of prayers needed!




Pray for travel mercies for all traveling over the holy-day weekend.


Pray for the pastor that God is preparing for us...and us for him!


Oops! Forgot to forward this one.


Rayleigh's second lyme test came back negative. She is going to a joint specialist at Children's on the 18th. 

Please continue to pray. It's tough to be a 7 year old and have to hold back on activities because your joints hurt.

Thank You,


 Keep praying for the Shaffer's too!

Also, Remember tonight is the Maundy Thursday Service at KD at 7...

What is Maundy Thursday?

Maundy Thursday, also known as “Holy Thursday,” is the Thursday of Passion Week. The word Maundy is derived from the Latin word for “command.” The “Maundy” in “Maundy Thursday” refers to the command Jesus gave to the disciples at the Last Supper, that they should love and serve one another.

Two important events are the focus of Maundy Thursday. First, Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and thereby instituted the Lord’s Supper, also called Communion (Luke 22:19-20).  Second, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as an act of humility and service, thereby setting an example that we should love and serve one another in humility (John 13:3-17). 

May the Lord teach us humility, love and service to others today and always.


One of our guys (who would rather remain nameless) is having surgery in the morning. God know who he is, just lift him and the doctors in prayer.


Pray for the Shaffer's.



The SUNRISE Service is at 7:00 am. Not at 6:30 am as previously announced.

 Prayers for a special little girl whose life has once again been turned upside down. They say kids are resilient, but I have to wonder how much one little girl can take without changing who she is.

 As I deposited Mission money at the bank this morning, I couldn't help but PRAISE GOD for our Church Family who once again shared the love! God is so good! He cares for others through each of you!

 Those of you who would like to receive the sermon via email, please let me know and we will see that that happens. Or if you are on can read it there, by "friending" the pastor. It will no longer be printed for the Sunday morning services, only for our homebound.



Continue to lift Sandy (DuWayne, Shannon, Brady and Marilyn) in your prayers.


Peg & Craig's friend Glenn Baker, that was on our prayer list, passed away last week. Keep Leona and family in your prayers.


Donna & Scott can always use our prayers as the face health challenges.


Dustin Songer is still in need of prayer.


Unspoken requests for two of our guys that have been sick and for wisdom for the doctors that are treating them.


Pray for the pastor that God is preparing for us.

And for Pastor Jerome as he finishes up his final three months here and prepares to transition to Russell.


Remember Holy Week Services!

Maundy Thursday at KnoxDale at 7 pm

Good Friday at Port Barnett at 7 pm

Sunrise at Meade Chapel at 6:30 am (light breakfast to follow) Easter Services in all three churches!

Invite a friend to join you at any or all of the services!


Have kids / grandkids? Remember Egg Hunt Saturday at 1:00.




To all friends: We appreciate all of your kindness and concern, but at this time we need to keep Sandy peaceful and comfortable and in a calm environment. 

Please continue to keep her and our family in your prayers.  Thank you.


Please continue to PRAY for the Shaffer's. Sandy has fought a long, hard battle with her cancer.  Selfishly, probably...we had hoped her healing would come here on earth. Although we know that healing still could come (anything is possible with God)...we just need to lift her to God and trust that His Will be done in her life.  If her mansion is ready and He calls her home...then our job is to LOVE her family through the dark valley.  We need to CARE FOR them well. The scene there today was (again) heartbreaking. 😥

KnoxDale folks, remember the Mission baskets will be out again this Sunday.


I praise God for another great Marianna Fundraiser and for all who helped! I hate fundraising! But it's worth it knowing that Kids will again get to go to camp, because everyone worked together to raise the funds!

And I was blessed to chat...just for a few minutes with each of my customers as I delivered them! Some that I don't get to see very I praise God for that!


Men! Getting them to the doctor is nearly impossible! Praise of our guys (who would rather remain anonymous) who has been under the weather for weeks now, finally agreed to go to the Dr. this morning! Pray for upcoming tests & that they can find the problem.


Sunday is Palm Sunday. Begin Holy Week in a good way! Go to church!

Pray for families in turmoil. Whether it be from substance abuse, divorce, child custody battles, unemployment, or a whole host of other things! So many families lack love (both for each other & for God). Pray for love, forgiveness and unity. Last night I heard of another family and two little girls being used as pawns. Just so many heartbreaking situations that need our prayers.

Pray for a cure for cancer. Daily we hear of someone who is battling it and the devastation it causes.

Pray for the Faithful Followers Charge as we transition from one pastor to another. May God use this time of transition for our good and His glory!

We've begun a new Bible Study at Meade Chapel on the book "Autopsy of a Deceased Church". We're still on the first chapter, won't you join us? We have lots of books! Come on out at 10 this morning for some good discussion and a time of talking about how we might help to make our churches more healthy. All are welcome! You don't have to be a part of the Faithful Followers Charge. Any church would benefit from this study!

Praise God for a good VBS meeting at KnoxDale yesterday!  We're looking forward to a blessed time June 26 - 30. Mark your calendars and plan now to invite/bring your children.

 Praise God the standoff at Sigel ended without anyone being seriously hurt. And that it was not the John MacBeth that teaches in Brookville schools...another John MacBeth!   He too needs our prayers. Not sure what was going on in his life and it's not for us to judge. Just pray for him and his family during this difficult time.


I hit send before I was finished!


Debbie said Dale is doing fantastic!


Continue to pray for Sandy and her family.  God is good. His plan is perfect...even when we don't understand it. His plan is always better than ours.


Remember to "Spring Forward"tonight or you'll miss church!


KnoxDale folks, we are still in need of filling for the Easter Eggs. Please do what you can.



Praise God Dale & Bill's surgeries both went well!

Dale was moved to the ICU.

Bill is hoping to come home tomorrow.

Continue to pray for both of them.


Keep praying for the Shaffer's.


Continued prayer for Donna Syphrit & Paul Himes too. Donna will be having some tests soon. Haven't heard if Paul had surgery or not.



Please keep Dale (& Debbie) Gilhousen in prayer as he goes in for brain surgery today.



Please continue to pray for Paul Himes. Infected tomorrow.



Prayers for Bill Wolfe. Bill was taken to Brookville this morning by ambulance after his porch swing fell with him in it. And is now being transferred to Dubois. He has a gall stone that needs to be taken care of. Keep him in your prayers.

Isn't it funny how God works? Bill hasn't been feeling good for a while now, but they didn't know why. Snap! Swing chain breaks and off to the ER he goes. Gall Stone discovered and action will be taken. Praise God! 


Praise Him too, for a nice lunch today and just a time to build new relationships and renew old ones!


Please keep the prayers going up for the Shaffer's.

Got the following request from Joy. 

Dear Deb please put Barbara McCoy  on the prayer list. she is a friend of Coleen Hopkins of Florida-- she just had knee surgery and getting the staples out tomorrow -- but her Mother  in Kentucky passed away today. Coleen Hopkins is Shirley Walters sister.and she wanted her sisters friend Barbara McCoy put on the prayer list. Thank  you from Joy

Also praising God that little Abby Jacobson did well with her surgery yesterday! Let the healing begin!

Continued prayer for the Shaffer's.


Tammy Himes is requesting prayers for Paul. He is in Brookville hospital, pretty sick the past couple of days with diverticulitis. Will most likely be in for a couple more days. Let's lift him in prayer.


Also got an update from Taylor Songer,  Dustin's brother.

"I just wanted to update everyone on Dustin. He is half way through his chemo and radiation treatments. He is handling the treatments really well, and is actually gaining weight. The weight gain is due to the steroids he is on for swelling caused by the radiation treatments. He has three more weeks of treatments to go, and then he will be going back down to Pittsburgh for an evaluation. He is in great spirits and seems to be doing really well with the treatments!"

Continue to pray.


Still asking that you pray for Sandy, on days that end in Y. And her family too!


Today we began a new Bible Study / Discussion group at Meade Chapel on the book "Autopsy of a Deceased Church - 12 Ways to keep yours Alive"


We just got started, but we had some very good discussions!

Are we sick or dying? Do we need to make some changes?

I think we can all agree we are in a predicament...we are not healthy. Neither in our own churches or the UMC as a whole. Some may think it's just the hiccups or a belly ache, while others think we're on our deathbed. Do we need to change the way we do worship or our music or Sunday School or out reaches? Or does change need to begin in the hearts of our own people? You tell me?!


Won't you join us on Monday mornings at 10 am and be a part of turning things around for the Faithful Followers Charge?  Come, take the steps necessary to keep our churches alive to the glory of God and advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. Will you commit to praying for your Church? Will you invite someone to worship? Will you step out of your comfort zone and do something you've never done before? We folks, are the Church.  We are a team! We are in this together!


I have more books! If you plan to join us, let me know and I will get you a copy.


Can't come...but you have ideas on life saving measures? Respond to this email! I promise I will take each idea with me to Bible Study.  (Names will be withheld upon request.)


Should we call in the EMT's and take life saving measures or do you think we should sign a DNR, close our doors and let the Autopsy take place? Your presence on Sunday mornings is a sign of hope; a sign that we should continue. Your absence is a vote to close the doors.




Got the following prayer request from Gerry B. Alice is Marsha Northey's mom.

Alice Smith died Saturday night with her 3 daughters with her. Gerry


Continue to lift the Shaffer's, Dustin Songer, Dale Gilhousen (surgery on Thursday) and little Abby Jacobson (surgery tomorrow).

Hope to see you at the Lord's Table this morning!

Prayers please for the Chuck Potts family. Chuck was admitted to the hospital February 21 for pneumonia then transferred to Pittsburgh on the 24th. Severe pneumonia, a blood clot on his lung and leg. His wife, Dawn is with him in Pittsburgh and their 2 daughters are be cared for by family. 

Thank You,



Praising God for Shannon's safe trip home! Continued prayers for her family.

Praise God! Don Sampson is out of surgery & all went well. Pray for his speedy recovery!

Yep! Asking again for prayers for Sandy!  Her appointment in Pittsburgh was today. Haven't heard how she made out, but pray for strength for the journey & wisdom for the doctors.

 Remember Abby Jacobson & Dale Gilhousen will both be having surgery next week. Keep them in your prayers.

 Invite someone to church this Sunday!


I know I keep asking...but please keep praying for comfort and strength for Sandy and her whole family. My heart breaks for them. She was very weak yesterday, but is trying hard to hang on until Shannon gets home on Friday. The plan is to go to Pittsburgh tomorrow for another opinion. Pray for strength for the journey. And pray for that peace that passeth all understanding.


Pray too, for a friend's college age son who is battling depression. Will is a Christian, but he feels like God is pulling him one way and the devil is pulling the other way. They have been unsuccessful in finding a Christian counselor and are very worried about him.


Little Abby Jacobson will be going in on Monday to have her tonsils out. Pray for her and her parents and for a speedy recovery.


Thanks to all who supported the SonBeam/Youth Marianna Fundraiser! They sold over 900! Once again we will be able to help kids go to camps!

Have you prayed for the Shaffer's today? If not, please do!

Prayers for a friend whose father "fell off the wagon" after a 3 month period of sobriety. She is heartbroken. Pray for Dave and for all those who battle addictions...whether it be alcohol or drugs or gambling or porn or a whole host of other things. The battle is real. Pray that they can resist the temptations and overcome the sinful enticements that have become snares! Pray that their families will seek God's help in dealing with their loved ones.

If you are not a part of a Bible Study or Sunday School class small are missing out.  Really! You are missing a blessing!
Yesterday we remembered the Feast of the Tabernacle. Today we finished up a Study on the Commandments. Both studies and discussions were enriching and refreshing and reminded us of God's faithfulness. And I know there is also Bible Study on Thursday mornings at PB...that I'm sure is also worthwhile.
It's good to get together and its a healthy spiritual discipline. It's good to take a break from the daily grind and do a spiritual sanity check. It's good to remember; remember God's faithfulness & remember how far he has brought you.  It's also good for the Church and  for the Faithful Followers Charge for us to grow stronger in our faith.
Please consider becoming a part of a small group.
Next Monday, at the 10 am gathering at MC, we will be starting a new study based on the book "Autopsy of a Deceased Church". All are Welcome and encouraged to attend!
Come! Be a part of what God is doing in the life of our charge!

And speaking of the charge...continue to pray for who God is preparing to come to the Faithful Followers Charge! Pastor Jerome has been reappointed to the Russell/Akeley Charge in the Warren District. He says the area is even more rural than this area! He is excited for the new venture and the new possibilities for ministry. We know, like it or not,  this is how the UM system works and we need to be in prayer during this time of transition; both for the Kennedy's and for our churches!


Keep lifting Sandy! Pray for Shannon too, as she will be traveling home for Spring Break at the end of the week.


Don Sampson is having triple bi-pass surgery this week. Please keep him in you prayers.


Praise God for a new family at KnoxDale this morning...guests...and for birthdays celebrated!


Pray for the Kennedy's as they prepare for their new appointment.


Youth/SonBeams are reminded that Marianna orders are due on Tuesday.

Praise God, Sandy has returned home. Please continue to lift her and her family in prayer in the days and weeks ahead!

Just a reminder that the Youth/SonBeam's Marianna fundraiser ends on Tuesday, March 1.

If nobody has asked you & you'd like to order hoagies or pizzas...let me know and I'll be glad to take your order!

 Have you invited anyone to church lately? Why not invite someone this Sunday!?

Debbie Gilhousen called this morning and ask us to pray for Dale. He is scheduled to have brain surgery on March10th...sooner if there is an opening. Dale has suffered for years with pain in his jaw from Neuralgia.  This surgery is a last resort, as it is very risky surgery, but the pain has become unbearable. They'll go in a try to remove pressure on the affected nerve. 

Please keep Dale in prayer as he prepares for this surgery. It is a very anxious time for both he and Debbie.

If you know Dale...send him a card and let him know you are thinking about him.

PO Box 235, Carthage NC 28327


Keep praying for Sandy Shaffer and Dustin Songer and their families as well.

Pray for Patti and the whole family of George Gardner.  There will be a memorial service tomorrow at 1 at Meade Chapel.

Praising God that Betty Miller has returned home safely! She's all suntanned and looking good!


Please pray for Peg & Craig's friends Glenn & Leona Baker. Glenn has cancer and is not doing well. Peg & Craig will be traveling to Maryland tomorrow to visit with them.


Praise God for safe travels to and from Ashland. What a difference a week can make! Last week when we picked the girls up it was 3 today when we returned them, it was 70! 


KnoxDale folks who keep the books, and those who serve on the audit committee, remember the books will be audited tomorrow at 2.


Tomorrow is the LORD'S day & We have much to be thankful for! Come and worship!

Praising God this morning that little Audrie's doing much better. Will most likely be discharged today! They feel sure that her seizure was caused by high fever. The antibiotics have kicked in and the fever has come down. Praise be to God for answered prayer!

Thank Him too, for this beautiful day!

We'll be traveling to Ashland to return Morgan & Quinn today. Please pray for travel mercies.

Hope to see you in Church tomorrow! God is already there!

Please lift little Audrie Lindemuth in prayer (Kirsti & Dan's little one). She's been sick and this evening she had a seizure. Taken to DuBois by ambulance.


Please pray for the family of George Gardner (Patty Kniseley's husband). George passed away Thursday afternoon.

 Continued prayer for Sandy, DuWayne & also Dustin Songer.

 Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Plan now to attend worship services this Sunday!  It's supposed to be much warmer than last Sunday!


Just a reminder:  When school is canceled...SonBeams & Youth is also canceled.

The SonBeam Valentine Party will be next Tuesday.



Prayers for KAREN Wolfe's sister, Loretta who is in the hospital.


And for Paul Lindermuth who has pneumonia.


Continued prayers for Sandy and Dustin Songer.


Praise God for a very successful wrestling season for the Raiders and for safe travels for many of our church family who traveled over the weekend to cheer them on. And for the younger boys too, who also did well over the weekend.

If you think about it, wrestling offers lots of life lessons that apply to our Christian walk as well. Teamwork, discipline, perseverance thru the  ups and downs, wins and losses, growth and toughness, triumphs and setbacks, and even temptation.


I'm praising God too,  for safe travels as we went to Ashland OH to pick up the two youngest granddaughters on Saturday. High winds, snow squalls and detours made travel a bit unnerving for me! But God provided travel mercies and we now get to enjoy a week with the girls.


I'm assuming the Bible Studies are back on regular schedule. Attend if you can!



Keep praying, prayer warriors! Sandy was admitted to the hospital again today, in a lot of pain.



Remember the Benefit Spaghetti Dinner for Dustin Songer at the First Church of God, tomorrow evening from 4 - ?  Let's go out and support this young family, during this difficult time!

Continue to lift Dustin and Sandy as well, in your prayers!


I had the opportunity to visit with Ruby Brosius this afternoon and take her a Valentine from the SonBeams. She was so tickled. Remember the sick & elderly during this cold snap! Winter, when they can't get out is a lonely time for them. Pay a visit, make a phone call or simply send a card! You never know what little act of kindness will brighten their day!


Invite a friend or family member or even someone you have a hard time getting along with... to join you at church this Sunday!  It's the first Sunday of Lent & It's also Valentine's Day!

Remember...All LOVE originates from the heart of GOD!


It looks like the snow is beginning to fall again! Be careful if you have to be out on the roads!



Keep the Family of Tia Dobson in your prayers thru this difficult time. 



Please keep Marsha (Miller) Dunham in your prayers. She was admitted to the hospital with chest pains last night.


Pray too, for Tia Dobson...and her family...her Grandma Chrissy Jeffries Mullens lives here in town. Her car was found over around the Steffy church. Search continues for her.


I praise God for safe travels to DuBois and back!! I don't normally go out on days like this (ever since the day I spun around and hit Ed Rhodes' parked truck)...but I was on an important mission! God is good!!


Keep praying for Sandy, DuWayne, Donna and Dustin.



Prayers for good reports & travel mercies for a friend as he goes to Pittsburgh for a neurology appointment.


Remember Ash Wednesday Services today at Noon at the Baptist Church and this evening at Meade Chapel at 7.


Praising God for the generosity of his people! The SonBeams were able to fill 42 "Socks of Love" bags last night for those receiving services at Hahne Cancer Center. THANKS, to all who gave! Lip balm, hand sanitizers, lotions, candy, gum, stamps, pens, tablets...such a great variety of stuff! Thanks for sharing God's love!


SonBeams and Youth selling Marianna hoagies/pizzas for Friday, March 18 to raise funds for church camps. If nobody asks you, and you want to order, let me know. $7. Subs and $8. Pizzas



Please add Gene Chitester to your prayer lists. He is in the hospital. I'm not sure what the problem is...but God knows! Let's just lift Gene to Him!


Sandy Shaffer and Dustin Songer are both still in need of God's healing touch as well.


Praise God for a nice service this morning and for the celebration of memory and hope at the Lord's table...where we remember Christ and His spiritual presence with us.  Forgiveness.   Spiritual nourishment.   Unity.   Isn't that what it's all about????

You were invited to follow Jesus. As a result of what God has done for you through Christ, you should naturally desire and long to share that message of God’s crazy love forgiveness and hope for mankind. Let's get out this week and do that! 😊


Remember -- Ash Wednesday Service this Wednesday (of course) at Meade Chapel  at 7 pm. Invite a friend to begin the Lenten journey with you!



***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can