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Pastor - Jerome Kennedy

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Prayer List 


Sandy Shaffer

Pat & Pete Kniseley


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, Chamberlin, & Scarlet Cord

Service men & women

Alice Smith

Lois Leksell

Pray for each other


Please add Gene Chitester to your prayer lists. He is in the hospital. I'm not sure what the problem is...but God knows! Let's just lift Gene to Him!


Sandy Shaffer and Dustin Songer are both still in need of God's healing touch as well.


Praise God for a nice service this morning and for the celebration of memory and hope at the Lord's table...where we remember Christ and His spiritual presence with us.  Forgiveness.   Spiritual nourishment.   Unity.   Isn't that what it's all about????

You were invited to follow Jesus. As a result of what God has done for you through Christ, you should naturally desire and long to share that message of God’s crazy love forgiveness and hope for mankind. Let's get out this week and do that! 😊


Remember -- Ash Wednesday Service this Wednesday (of course) at Meade Chapel  at 7 pm. Invite a friend to begin the Lenten journey with you!



Reading my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow and am reminded that we need to examine our lives before we come to the Lord's Table. (1 Cor.11:27-29) Maybe consider this prayer from our lesson books before tomorrow's Communion service.


O Lord,

My sin hinders my discernment, but my sin is also the reason Christ instituted the Lord's Supper before he died! As I take the loaf and the cup, I acknowledge the terrible inconsistency of harbor ink unconfessed sin, sins such as these:


May I approach the loaf and the cup, with gratitude of sins forgiven and resolve to live for you. In the name of your Son, who makes both possible. Amen.



Hope to see YOU at the Lord's Table!

And we'd love to see you in Sunday School as we learn about the Passover Meal!





Here is the Community Lenten Services schedule. Thank You Pam!


This year's theme "What they Saw:  Eyewitnesses to the Crucifixion."


All start at noon and an offering will be received to benefit the Ministerial Association's Helping Hands Ministry and the building fund.  A soup luncheon will following the service.


Feb 10 - Ash Wednesday - First Baptist Church - Rev. Dennis Johnson of First Methodist Church


 Feb 17 - First Methodist Church - Rev. Bob Goodnough of Bellview Charge  (What Peter Saw)


 Feb 24 - Immaculate Conception Church - Rev. Jim Fillhart of Roseville Independent Chapel (What Pilate Saw)


 Mar 2 - Brookville Church of God - Rev. Nathan Royster of Presbyterian Church (What Judas Saw)  Soup luncheon

          will come first, followed by the service.   


 Mar 9 - Presbyterian Church - Chaplain Lori Parks, spiritual counselor for WRC (What the Soldiers Saw)


 Mar 16 - Roseville Independent Chapel - Rev. Chuck Jack of Evangelical United Methodist  (What the Bandit Saw)


> Mar 25 - Good Friday - Grace Lutheran Church - Rev. Phillip Moschenrose of Richardsville Baptist Church

(What do We See)  No Lunch.


Shirley Walter called with an update on David Mahle it has been determined that he had a stroke and will be moved to another facility in Pittsburgh.


Prayers for little Addy Straitiff.  They are at er she has a double ear infection!! Also prayers Ainsley doesn't get it!! 😞


Praise God for Tucker Wolfe's good reports in Pittsburgh today.  They said he does have a small hole in his heart but they said that's nothing to be too concerned about. God is good!


Praise Him too, for Scott, and all he does to keep our website up to date! Happy Birthday Scott!


Deb, just got a call from Shirley Walter wanting her sister, Lois McKinley's grandson, David Mahle age 21, put on the prayer chain as he has been taken to Pittsburgh with either a mass or tumor at the base of his brain.

Thanks, Thyra

Sandy has a busy week coming up...she says "This week I have to get more platelets and on Wed if my platelets are 40 then I have to go to DRMC and get a lumbar puncture.  Not really looking forward to that but they are looking at what may be causing the numbness to my lower lip.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Then treatment on Thursday and hopefully nothing on Friday or over the weekend."

Please keep the prayers going up for her...Duane too!


Continued prayer for Dustin Songer too!

 Taylor (Dustin's brother) started a Go Fund Me page for him.

They got news today that the second tumor has grown by 70% and there is now a third tumor. They are doing gamma knife surgery (localized radiation) tomorrow instead of the surgery because the surgery proved to be too risky now that the tumor has grown and another one has formed. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers.


Got a PRAISE today too! Dana's dad is 3 months sober. Pray that he can resist the temptation for the long term.

Pray for others that are battling addictions as well.

Also the husband of a friend (who prefers to remain anonymous) will be going to Pittsburgh on the 24th to have a procedure to close a hole in his heart. Please lift him in prayer.

Gerry B. was under the weather yesterday. Pray that she feels better soon.

Praise God for an informative seminar yesterday. May we be inspired to reach further.

For those who may know Roger Skala (Ray's neighbor) and want to send cards (or even if you don't know him and just want to let him know you're praying for him) his address is 105 Laurel Road, Chagrin Falls OH 44022

Keep lifting Donna S. as well.

Heard thru the grapevine that Rev. Paul Thompson will be bringing his guitar on Sunday to bless us with some special music. Pray for him as he prepares to come and minister in the pastors' absence.

And last but not least the pastor will be in Philly for a couple days of classes/training. Keep him in your prayers.


Please keep Roger Skala in your prayers. He had surgery yesterday to remove a tumor.


The Youth will be traveling to Winter Jam today in Pittsburgh. Pray for travel mercies. Pray that God will use the music and testimonies to touch their hearts.

And pray that the youth of our churches and community will stand strong for Christ in community, in their schools, with their friends and families. Ask God to help each of them to follow His plan for their lives, both now and in the years to come. Sadly, a large percentage of our youth group comes from unchurched families.


Pray too, for the Family of Dorothy Grusky (Joe Urchuck's aunt) and for all those who are grieving loses.


Sandy and DuWayne still need our prayers for healing.


And Delores could also use some prayers as she deals with some medical issues.


Pray for and consider attending the Evangelism Seminar at Lakeside tomorrow from 2 - 5.  There are 4 of us registered...but we'd love to have 40 more of you go! May it better equip us to share the Good News and draw others closer to God.


Pray for the cabinet during this appointment season. May they be able, to find the right pastor/congregation match for our charge. And pray for the person that God is preparing to come to the Faithful Followers Charge...and for our congregations to be open to whomever that might be.


Pray for Ron Shick and tomorrow's services. Invite a neighbor, friend, enemy or family member to join us!  May God be Glorified in all that happens on the Faithful Followers Charge tomorrow!





Thinking about Karen's statement on her prayer request, last evening.  "It has to be a terrible thing to bury your child."

I can't even imagine how hard that would be! But as I think about our church family...there have been too many who have had to. 😟 Some, more than once. Some at birth, some as children and others in adulthood. But the age of the child at death does not lessen the hurt or devastation that must be felt. It's just completely unnatural for a child to die before the parents.
Gone from sight, but never gone from memories or heart.
Pray for the Yard family and pray for those in your church family who have been down that road themselves.

Praise God! Betty Miller has arrived safely in FL. Pray for continued good health as she enjoys time with her son and the sunshine!

Continued prayers for Sandy and DuWayne.
Sandy writes..." I went to Pitt yesterday to see about the numbness across my lower lip.  They have no idea what is causing this.  I have to go back in a month.  They want me to have another MRI of my head and lower spine to see if there are any changes.  they also want to take some fluid from my spine to see if there may be something else going on.  Other than that, I am feeling better every day and my pain seems to be under control.    I sure do appreciate all the prayers.  Keep them coming because they sure are working.  Love you all..Sandy"


We've been asked to pray for a young couple dealing with the frustrations of house hunting.  Buying your first home is a huge decision! James 1 says "If anyone lacks wisdom, let them ask..." Let's pray with them for wisdom to know when the right house, at the right price, comes along.

Pray for your church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Lift Ron Shick in prayer as he prepares to bring the message this week, while the pastor is on vacation. Invite a friend to join you in worship this Sunday!

My dad could also use your prayers. He's running a high fever and has a terrible cough...but of course he's not willing to go to the doctor. Please call on the Great Physician for him.

Knox Dale folks, remember the 5th Sunday Mission Offering is this week. Give as you are able!

Thank you, Prayer Warriors for your heart for God, heart for prayer, heart for people, and a heart for Christ's church. Continue to pray and trust that God answers each prayer according to His perfect will and in His perfect timing.

Prayer request from KAREN WOLFE (KnoxDale)

Subject: Prayer request

Please keep the family of Jeff Yard in your prayers.  His mother was Diana Gaston from Greenvalley.  It has to be a terrible thing to bury your child.

The book by Margaret Reitz, "Jack of all Trades - Master of Some" 

will be available at the Christian Book & Gift Store next week.

 Thanks Nan!

I PRAISE GOD for small churches & communities where love abounds! A couple weeks ago, thanks to the prodding of the Holy Spirit...we announced a special Love Offering for the Shaffer's. Baskets were put out and Praise be to God...people responded. Not just KnoxDale...but from Meade Chapel folks, Ramsaytown UMC, the SonBeams, friends & neighbors as well! God is so good!

We plan to send the collection in the next couple of days.  If anyone else wants to add to it, let me know.

Christ has no hands but ours..."do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly  your God." Micah 6:8

Thanks all!

Keep the prayers going up for them as well!


Anyone who knew Jack & Margaret Reitz...might want to get her book "Jack of All Trades - Master of Some"

Dawn Reitz Williams said at Zion yesterday that you can get it on Amazon (paperback or Kindle). Not sure if Nan might have it or not???




Please lift Doris Thrush in your prayers as she recovers. She spent 10 days in the hospital, following a fall. Praise broken bones! She is dealing with a huge hematoma on her hip.


Continued prayers for Sandy and DuWayne.  Not sure if Du is still having the foot surgery this week or not.


Keep Joe N. In your prayers as well. He's still not feeling tip top.


Pray for those in the areas hip with the snow storm.  Many of our relatives will be digging out for days!


Remember, no Bible Study this week, or next. Pastor is on vacation until Feb.8


Remember, next Sunday is the Evangelism Seminar at Lakeside. Won't you join our 'team' (Gerry B., Barb G., Jeanna R. and myself)? It's not too late!

Joy Himes called (I hope I got this right) Please pray for Janet Bish (from Hawthorn). She was taken to Pittsburgh for testing on her blood after they found her counts to be abnormal. 

Janet is a sister-in-law of Shirley Walters' daughter-in-law.

Pray too, for Betty Miller who is on her way to VA today, where she will spend a couple days with daughter Janet, before heading to FL to spend a month with her son Denny.

Also, Betty thanks everyone for the prayers for John Micheal. She said surgery went well.

Last report was that Sandy came home yesterday...Praise God! Continue to lift her, DuWayne and their families in prayer as the battle has been a difficult one on all of them.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the Spaghetti Dinner Benefit for Dustin Songer at the 1st Church of God on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Ok...4 of us are registered for the Evangelism Seminar. If anyone else decides to go, it's not too late! 

Prayers for Kelly Belfiore and Ken Lindermuth as they travel to Mexico tomorrow.

Prayers too, for a young family in our community that has outgrown their house and is in the process of buying a new one.  May God bless that house and make it a home. May it be for them a haven of safety and peace and happiness...where good memories will be made. We sure do hate to see good neighbors go but are trusting that God is in this move and will bless them.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record...continue to pray for Sandy & DuWayne.

We've been asked to pray for Zach Stiglitz - He's to have spine surgery on Thursday in New York.

Also got this request from Rayna for her friend...

Rayna asked if you could add her friend Aubree to the prayer list please.

Aubree hit a tree while sled riding yesterday. She had emergency trauma surgery at Children's for a broken hip. 

She is screwed back together and is in a cast. 

Praising God that it wasn't her head that hit the tree.

Thank You,

 Rayna & Chris

(Pray for Rayna too, as she isn't feeling well.)


Remember John Dunham as he goes in for eye surgery tomorrow.

I praise God for the SonBeams & their parents who came thru tonight with a Love Offering for the Shaffer's. 

And for all who so generously gave on Sunday and by mail...and for those who will give this Sunday!

God has blessed us to bless others. Thanks for loving them well, church!

Just a reminder that the seminar "Reviving Evangelism for Today" is Sunday, January 31 at Lakeside UMC in DuBois from 2 - 5 PM.  Cost is $10. Pre-registration is encouraged, so they know how many to count on.

 There are a couple of us going from KnoxDale. I plan to register us in the next day or so. If you'd like me to register you as well, let me know.

John & Christine Zimmerman from About Face Church Outreach Consultants will share powerful outreach opportunities that can help our church reach our mission field. Those of us who heard John speak at last years C2C seminar found it intriguing.  Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your church!


Last report on Sandy was that she had a good night and ate a good breakfast. Continue to pray! Pray for DuWayne as well...that his hip heals quickly and that he doesn't overdo it. Shannon is home...I know she will care for them both, well.


Prayers for the family of Harry Emery, as they grieve his passing. Pray especially for Aunt Helen (Reinard) as she has been under the weather for weeks and now needs strength to get her thru this time of her brother's death.

Continue to lift Donna S. I'm sure this cold weather does not help her breathing problems.

Praise God for the nice memorial service for Flo today and time of fellowship afterward. The family was so very appreciative that we opened our hearts to their Mother over the years and that we opened our doors to them today. And WOW, what a musical family!

Sandy needs our prayers folks. The last report I got, she was admitted to Brookville Hospital in a great deal of pain.

DuWayne was released today. Pray for a speedy recovery.
Shannon is coming home. Pray for safe travels.

There was a rollover accident on Main Street KnoxDale tonight. Don't know my details, but pray that the driver & passenger are ok.

Prayers for the family of Doc Snyder. Those of us who grew up skating at Reynoldsville will remember Doc and Grace as owners of the rink.

Dustin Songer is also in need of our prayers.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Come & Worship tomorrow!

KnoxDale folks, remember the Corporation Meeting & Trustee Meeting right after church tomorrow.

And also the "Love Offering" for the Shaffer's is tomorrow and next Sunday.

They are not doing spinal surgery on Sandy. They are going to try zapping the tumor with a high dose of radiation. Pray that this works! I have to believe...with all the prayers that are going up for her...that this is part of God's plan. Keep praying!

DuWayne will have his surgery today. If all goes well, he will come home tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers too!


For the KnoxDale folks (and anyone else that might want to give).  The Mission baskets will be out this Sunday (17th) and next Sunday (24th), to take a "Love Offering" for the Shaffer's. Let's put our prayers into action, and bless, support and encourage them as they journey through this rough patch!

Checks should be made out to KnoxDale UM Missions. Everything collected will go to the Shaffer's.

I just got a call tonight that Sandy had an MRI today which revealed a tumor on her spine. She is being shipped back to Pittsburgh tonight and facing surgery. PLEASE PRAY! God, who loves Sandy even more than we do is in control. He has a plan. We may not understand His plan...but we have to Trust Him. Pray for the doctors and all those who will care for her.

And to make matters even worse, DuWayne has to go back into surgery tomorrow in Altoona to have his hip re-opened to see what's going on with it.  PRAY FOR DuWayne as well! Pray for his doctors. Pray that his recovery is quick.

Pray for Shannon who is back in IL at school and for Brady who is most likely torn about which direction he should go tomorrow.

My heart is breaking for all of them! All we can do is soak them in prayer. And even when we don't know how to pray, (as is me right now) we know the Holy Spirit intercedes for us.


Romans 8: 26 says

"In the same way the Spirit also comes to help us, weak as we are. For we do not know how we ought to pray; the Spirit himself pleads with God for us in groans that words cannot express."

I just got off the phone with DuWayne and had a good cry. I'm pretty sure that didn't do anyone any I'm here to ask you to PLEASE PRAY, right now, for the Shaffer's.

Sandy is in the hospital in a great deal of pain. And to top that off, DuWayne is still draining from his incision. If it doesn't stop before next week, they are going to have to open him back up and see what is going on. Pray that God will take both the pain & the infection.

I know that Psalm 46:1 says "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Pray that they can keep running to Him for strength for the journey.

 AND...I have been unable to reach Kelly L. to let her know that there is no need to cook dinner for the Shaffer's tonight. DuWayne said nobody will be home. Please, someone, pass this message on to her! Thanks!

Continued prayers for Betty Miller too. She is very weak today...and understandably  so after 4 days in the hospital. Pray that she can regain her strength. Pray too for Dee who is a little nervous about being there with her alone.

Prayer Warriors,

Please lift Betty Miller in prayer as she was taken from Marsha's beauty shop today...via ambulance to DuBois hospital. They were admitting her when I left. Pray that they can figure out what caused the bleeding.

And Praise God she wasn't home alone when this happened...and for our firemen who responded so quickly! 

Pray too, for Joe Northey who has pancreatitis

Please lift Stanley Garvey in prayer as he battles lung cancer. They are doing a biopsy today...which is risky. And they don't feel he is strong enough for surgery. Prayers for Stanley and his family would be appreciated .

Dave Buchanan from the Stanton UMC is asking for prayer for their mission team preparing to go to Haiti. Pray that they are presented with an opportunity to share a clear Gospel message with the people there. Just as Paul asked the Churches to pray for him in this regard, remember to pray for all missionaries, that they might have clear words and boldness of speech.

Keep praying for DuWayne, Sandy, Scott & Donna.  All are in need of God's healing touch!

A friend's husband, (who would like to remain anonymous) is still in need of prayer as he goes through heart tests and faces possible surgery. God knows his name and his wife's faithfulness. James 5:16 says "The prayer of a good (wife) person has a powerful effect."

Praise God, Lisa Penman is feeling much better!

Continue to pray for those grieving loses. For many, the new year isn't as happy as it ought to be, because loved ones are missing.

And pray, pray, pray for families in turmoil. There are many...and many of them include kids who are being hurt. One mother told me last night that her boys won't be back to SonBeams, as the family is splitting.  We can't change people, but God can. Pray for your neighbors, your friends and your families! Pray that God will draw them into a relationship with Him!

Pray for the unemployed and the under employed. We just heard this week of the closing of Rosebud mines. This will impact several families in this little community (one of them is family to me and has a new baby) well as the trickle effect it will have on the economy throughout the area.


Pray for our homebound and make sure you check on neighbors and family members, especially during this cold snap.

Pray for those battling addictions...whether it be alcohol or drugs or gambling or porn or food or whatever. Many struggle and families get hurt.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Your absence folks, is seriously, a vote to close the doors. We can't equip, we can't train, we can't send out people who aren't there. If and when it's time to close our doors...let's do it the right way. Even in closing there is much good a church can do.

And finally...pray for OUR NATION. We are in a mess!

Friends and acquaintances of Rev. Flo Clark are reminded of the memorial service for her on Saturday, Jan. 16 at 2 at KnoxDale UMC. Come, celebrate her life with her family. They don't know us & we don't know them...but Flo was a part of this community for a good number of years. Let's reach out to them in Christian love. 

Bible Study did not meet this if you missed it please consider attending this evening at 7.

Just a reminder to the SPRC members; there is a meeting with the DS next Monday, January 11 at 7 at Meade Chapel (if that is going to interfere with Bible Study we may need to meet in the sanctuary???)

Remember to be be asking your folks to give input on the DS's questions before the meeting.

• What characteristics do you want to be sure to keep?
• What new gifts/abilities would you like to add?
• What ministries are growing already ?
• What new ministries might be ready to grow?

Please pray about them and answer them to the best of your ability and give your responses to your SPRC members by Sunday, Jan.10 (or you can respond to me via email & I will print them off and submit them)

There is no need to include names of who submitted the responses.

Just a reminder that YOUTH will NOT meet tomorrow evening. The SonBeams WILL be meeting.

Next Tuesday, January 12...neither group meets because of the board meeting at KnoxDale.  Hope to see them all on Jan. 19!

Here is a thought...something I'm doing this year & you might want to try also. Every year when it's time to fill shoeboxes for OCC there are so many things I have to squeeze into my budget...and the shoe boxes become a burden to fill. This year I decided to begin now to fill boxes. Each time I go shopping, I'll pick up a few little things and stick them in my boxes. Hopefully by Nov. the boxes will be filled and ready to ship! 

Prayers for another family in turmoil. People need God.

 Praise God for quick thinking and fast action on our trustees part. Yesterday we had no hot water & a wet floor at the church. Today we have a new hot water tank! God is good! 

I had Jehovah witnesses at my door this morning. A little girl about 8 yrs. old shared scripture with me. Although I don't agree with their beliefs...I have to admire their dedication to be out witnessing. What if we were so anxious to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others? What if we taught our children to share their faith? What if we took them to church & Sunday School?  I have to believe there would be a lot less families in turmoil.

 Pray for peace in 2016!

Happy New Year!

Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace: 
where there is hatred, let me sow love; 
where there is injury, pardon; 
where there is doubt, faith; 
where there is despair, hope; 
where there is darkness, light; 
where there is sadness, joy. 
O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek 
to be consoled as to console, 
to be understood as to understand, 
to be loved as to love. 
For it is in giving that we receive, 
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, 
it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. 
R. Amen. 

--St. Francis of Assisi

Continued prayers for Sandy are appreciated. She says she's feeling and doing great, but still having to get blood & platelets more often than she'd like to. (Praise God for people who donate!) And another Praise...She is now able to get her treatments at DuBois...which makes it easier than having to travel to Pittsburgh..  She's looking forward to returning to work in February.

Sandy says that DuWayne is doing great, and will have his foot surgery on the 22nd. Pray that it goes as well as the hip surgery did!


Pray too, for Donna S. as she awaits word on whether or not she is a candidate for a lung transplant. I can't imagine the struggles she goes through when it's so difficult to breathe. Pray too, for Scott...(who never complains) he faces many challenges of his own with his M.S. Pray that God will give them both the strength they need in 2016.


Pray for those grieving the lose of loved ones.

Let's resolve in the New Year to do better at living up to the vow we took when we joined the church; to faithfully participate in it's ministries by our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service.

 Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge...during this season of transition. 

In 2016 let's consider Romans 14:19

"So let's try as hard as we can to do what will bring peace. Let's do whatever will help each other grow stronger in faith."

Lisa Penman could use our prayers as she's been down all week with pneumonia. Not a good thing for a busy, working mom/grandma, especially at this time of year. Pray for her speedy recovery!

 Joy was also asking for recommendations for someone to repair or put up a new chimney at Meade Chapel. Any suggestions?


Praising God for His travel mercies & that we got back from Cincinnati before the ice storm.

I didn't have any prayer requests waiting when I got back, but I'm sure Sandy could still use our prayers.

And as always, be in prayer for your Pastor and the Faithful Followers Charge.

The SPRC will meet with the DS on Monday, January 11 at 7 pm at Meade Chapel to begin the journey through the upcoming transition.

Please be thinking/praying about the following questions and jot down your thoughts and give them to your churches SPRC members before the meeting;

• What characteristics do you want to be sure to keep?
• What new gifts/abilities would you like to add?
• What ministries are growing already ?
• What new ministries might be ready to grow?

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Pray for Peace on Earth!

Take a moment right now to pray for those whose Christmas may not be as merry as it ought to be. The sick, those battling cancer, those grieving loses, the lonely, those serving in the military, those living in poverty those battling addictions of any kind and families in turmoil.

Pray for those on the mission field.

Pray for those traveling over the holidays.

Tiffany said there is very little improvement in her Uncle, Jess Guthrie. He is still very much in need of our prayers. They've turned the ventilator down a little, but he's still sedated and on dialysis and he has developed pneumonia now as well. Please continue to pray for him, Mindy and the rest of the family.

 Keep praying for Sandy too! She's really hoping to have her treatment this week.

 And pray for travel mercies for Bob & Karen as they'll be heading south on Sunday and for all those traveling over the holidays.

 And also, Karen's account has been hacked. So if you get anything suspicious from her, don't open it.

I praise God for the Youth who went out last night spreading a little Christmas Joy with our shut-ins! It's been a while since carolers went out from our church, so we praise God that they were able to this year! 

I Praise Him too, for the joy, the fun & the craziness of party nights at SonBeams! I am sooo blessed to have a faithful crew of helpers all year long...but I REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE them on nights such as last night!

I'd like to ask for prayer for all the kids and especially for some situations that go on, even in the midst of the joy and the fun & craziness of the holiday seaon. I overheard one of the boys telling another that his Dad was in the hospital. Not sure what the problem is, but just lift Will in prayer. Also, little Izzy got sick during the party. She tried really hard to have fun, but she just couldn't make it and had to go home. Let's lift Izzy in prayer too. And also talked with several of the SonBeam parents who just aren't feeling well (colds, possible gall bladder problem).  And lastly...we have several families who just seem to be in constant turmoil. Parents making decisions without thinking about the welfare of the kids. Please pray for SonBeam families in turmoil...God knows who they are.

We've also been asked to pray for Tiffany Straitiff's, Uncle, Jess Guthrie, who is in the ICU in Pittsburgh, on a ventilator and experiencing kidney failure...after having stents put in. What was supposed to be fairly simple surgery has gone from bad to worse. Please keep Jess, his wife Mindy and all who love him, in your prayers.

Continued prayers for Sandy & DuWayne Shaffer. And for all battling cancer or fighting battles we don't even know about.

You know, everyone has struggles that no one knows about; even at Christmas time.

No one at the grocery store or on the interstate or in line at Walmart knows what people are going through.

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s going on with the people around you? How do we treat others when we're busy living life? Do we watch out for other people in the grocery aisle? Do we forgive people who cut me off while driving? Do we smile at the person next to us in the Walmart line? Do we let our lights shine for others to see?  Do we pray for the people who look distressed or do we get annoyed that they are in my way? Let's strive today, to be more sympathetic toward others. We never know what they’re going through. But we all know how much comfort a simple smile can bring in moments of hardship.

May God, help me to keep perspective and to remember that everyone has mountains to climb!

***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can