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Pastor - Jerome Kennedy

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Prayer List 


Sandy Shaffer

Pat & Pete Kniseley

Dale Gilhousen


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, Chamberlin, & Scarlet Cord

Service men & women

Alice Smith

Lois Leksell

Annie Ceconi

Pray for each other

Sandy says..."Praise God that for "some reason" my headaches stopped yesterday.  I'm sure prayers were involved."

Let's KEEP PRAYING!  If God can relieve her headaches...He can also make the chemo work! Or even better, He can cure the cancer!

Pray too, for Shannon, as she travels home this week-end. As I look out my window...the snow is beautiful coming down! But may not be so nice to travel in!  

And as I think about it, pray for your pastor if he's out in this! I know he was scheduled to get a tooth pulled today. Pray that he's made it home safely!

Thyra said...."Shirley had her heart cath so that's behind her. Today they are doing a transesophageal echocardiogram to check her values. We are praying that she won't need surgery."

Let's join them in praying that Shirley's tests turn out well!

Pray for anyone who has to be out on these roads today...and tomorrow from what I'm hearing!

Pray for your Pastor, your Church, the universal Church and especially those outside the Church!

Do you know what the fastest growing religion in America is? It isn't Christianity. According to the U.S. Religion Census, the fastest growing religion in America is Islam! Something wrong with that picture folks! What are you doing to promote Christianity? Or what are you doing to hinder it?  

I sent this video around a while back...but it's worth re-watching.

Please pray for the family of Russ Alderton who passed away last evening.

Continue to lift Shirley in prayer. Thyra said they canceled her heart cath yesterday because of the blood thinner she been on and will most likely be doing it today.  I have to believe God is working out all the little details. Already, a friend of hers is insisting she go home and stay with her for a few days after she is discharged.

 As the Pastor's Retreat concludes this evening, pray that our pastor & the pastors of the district were able to relax, refresh, renew and refocus on what's really important.

Continue to lift all those on our prayer list.

This week, as you make plans about how you'll use your time, your talents, and your finances, keep in mind how much God has done for you! He deserves your very best!

Praise God for Karen's good reports (see below)

 Hi Deb,
Well I had my lung test yesterday and everything came out just fine. No signs of any diseases or anything so we are praising The Lord today and everyday.  God is good always. 
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and our prayers are with all you folks back home during this terrible snow storm.  Keep warm and dry.
Love to all and God bless.

Let's continue to lift Ed & Thyra's daughter, Shirley. Trusting that her catheterization went well, and praying the doctors are able to resolve the heart issues.


Prayer request from Thyra...

We are asking for prayer for our daughter Shirley Jean who has been hospitalized in Florida with afib.. She is scheduled for a catheterization later today.

Pray too, for the Pastor as he attends the Bishop's retreat today & tomorrow. In the event of an emergency, call the parsonage. Dwedor will know how to contact him.

Please keep the family of Mike Reitz in prayer as they grieve his passing.

Pray too, for those along the East Coast as they brace for the snow storm.

Continued prayer for Sandy Shaffer.

Continue to lift Doris (Sebring) Pearce in prayer as she recovers from her surgery. She will be moving into a nursing home for rehab.

Please keep Betty Miller & the Dunham's in prayer as they travel to VA today, to catch their flight to FL tomorrow.

 Pray for and attend if you can...the benefit dinner for Sandy Shaffer on Saturday at the Brookville Fire Hall.

Keep in mind as you go, the hall is small...and friends are many! Be patient if you have to wait.

Let's keep Nan in prayer too, over the next couple months. This is a worrisome time for her as her daughter Sara & son-in-law Matt prepare for a move to Indonesia...for a three year work assignment. Pray that God will prepare them well for the journey. Pray that Nan can find comfort in the fact that God, who loves them even more than she does, will be watching over them. And what an awesome opportunity for them to experience, learn & grow in another culture!

Numbers 6:24-26

Terry Kuntz is Praising God that He worked everything out for her sisters surgery. Linda is doing great with her new hip...just a little sore from the therapy...but that's to be expected. She's thankful too, that they were able to stay right across from the hospital. She ask for continued prayers for strength as her sister goes through therapy and the healing process.  She'd like prayers for herself too, as she's still pretty stiff & sore from her fall.

I would like to put my brother Stan on prayer chain he was diagnosed with cancer of his bronchial tube and has received radiation and will be having chemo to shrink the tumor as of this time the tumor can't be removed.

He lives in NC with his family

Thanks, Becky 

From Pastor Kennedy:

 Kindly put Charlie Schrecengost on the prayer chain. He's schedule for another eye surgery.

 Also  lift the family up in prayer for travelling mercy.

Praising God, with Karen!  Continue to lift Brian...and the others on our prayer list.

My nephew's heart surgery was a success.  Thank you for all the prayers.

Attend worship in your church this Sunday for "Breaking News"!

Kelly & Casey will be traveling from tonight until Tuesday. Pray for safe travels for them. When I saw Kelly Tuesday evening...she wasn't feeling pray too that she gets to feeling better. A little R&R may be just what the doctor ordered.

Keep Ora & Mike in your prayers as they have sold their home in Brookville and have purchased one that is closer to their daughter. Pray for a smooth transition for them as they leave their church and friends here, and readjust to their new home and life in Hanover.

My Aunt Betty has asked for prayers for her pastor, Sharon. She's having some tests run.

Continue to pray for Sandy and Arlene.

Pray for those recovering from Surgery & for those grieving loses.

Pray too, for Betty Miller as she prepares to leave for Florida on Monday for a visit with her son. She'll be traveling with her daughter to VA where they'll meet up with another daughter and fly from there to FL. Pray for safe travels to and from.

Pray for Wayne & Joy as they travel to/from Ohio today for a funeral.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge.



My nephew Brian Workman is being rushed to Atlanta hospital for bypass surgery. 

Prayers would be appreciated.  Thank you,

Karen Wolfe (KnoxDale)

Praising God with Mike & Ora!  Christian - Follower of Christ. Let's pray for their family, that the Lord will continue to bless and guide them as they begin this journey in life. (see details below)

Doug and Erin had a baby boy at 7:38 tonight. He weighed 7 lb. 9 oz., was 20.5 inches and his name is Christian Douglas Braun.  Everyone is doing fine! Erin called home herself, she sounded good.

Now we have three birthdays on the same date. Mike, Erin and Christian

Thyra got a call from Joe Northey and Marsha's mothers surgery went well and everything looked good but they will have to wait for the pathologist report. Pray that the reports come back normal and that she'll heal quickly from the surgery.

Pray too, for the family of Richard Caylor who passed away yesterday in Ohio. Wayne & Joy will be traveling out to Ashtabula on Thursday for the funeral. Pray for travel mercies.

Continue to lift all those battling cancer. There are many!

Philip called and ask me to pass along this Praise for his sister-in-law, Linda Maxim. Surgery went well and she's doing well. They've had her up to walk on that new hip already. She may get out tomorrow afternoon, if not, then on Tuesday. She'll be coming back to DuBois Nursing Home for rehab.

Continue to pray for her full recovery.

Pray too, for Terry. She somehow twisted her back and it's giving her some problems.

 Wasn't it nice to see the Seahawks, Wilson, give Praise to God for their victory!?  

I'm not a football fan, but was glad to see the Seahawks win, simply because my cousins son, Will Harriger is an Offensive Assistant.  I know Uncle Roy is in his glory right now! 

Remember Bible Study at 10 tomorrow morning at Meade Chapel. All are welcome! Won't you join us there?

Please lift David Smith in prayer as he leaves tomorrow for basic training in Texas. Pray God will protect him, guide him in his decision making and help him to train well to serve his country. Pray too, for his family, Haley, Russ and Arianna...and the rest of the Blair family. Although they are proud of him and his willingness to serve...this is an anxious time for them.

 Pray too, for Shannon as she heads back to IL tomorrow to continue on with her schooling. Pray that she'll be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Let's continue to lift her mom in prayer as she goes. It is comforting for Shannon to know that so many are praying.

Praising God again that the Pastor was able to move from church to church today without someone having to drive him.

We have an unspoken request from someone being tested for bladder cancer. Pray that the tests come out ok.

VBS at KnoxDale is in the planning stages. Pray for those who are considering taking on this important ministry...that they can come up with dates and a plan.

Continue to lift Sandy in prayer, often. She had her appointment in Pittsburgh yesterday, and even tho she didn't come home with any cut and dry answers, the doctors were able to put their minds at ease. And that was comforting for the whole family...but especially for Sandy to know her kids were at peace.

Pray for her doctors. Pittsburgh & Dubois doctors are going to talk about what course of action to take next in her treatment. (whether to continue on with what she's getting or to try something new). They need to get her numbers under control. Pray that, that can happen soon.

Pray for her energy levels too. She'd really like to get back to work, but tires out too easily right now. She also hopes to get back to church!

Pray too, for Shannon, who will be returning to school on Monday in IL.  Pray that she's able to place her mom in God's care (and her Dad & Brady's)...and focus on her studies. They are praising God for a Good Samaritan (in the form of DuWayne's bosses wife) who shared her frequent flyer miles with her so she can come back home for the Benefit dinner on the 31st!

On Monday, Sandy's baby boy will celebrate his birthday. Thank God for Brady and the blessing he's been to his family thru all of this!

Keep praying folks! Keep the cards coming! Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated!

Sandy is no doubt, facing a Giant right now. Pray that she, like David, can go into this battle with confidence and courage!

Remember Psalm 23:4 ;

 Even when I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will not be afraid,
    for you are close beside me.
Your rod and your staff
    protect and comfort me


Good afternoon!

Kindly share with the charge our thanks and appreciation for taking us around when we did not have a car.. we are also grateful for all the prayers and support. Praising God for a 2006 Malibu.


Tomorrow is Linda Maxim's hip surgery in Pittsburgh. Terry said they'd be leaving at 2 am to go down. Pray for safe travels, the doctors, a successful surgery & rehabilitation.  Linda's husband (who is also in a wheel chair) and Terry will be staying down there if they get the handicap housing. If not, they'll be traveling back and forth each day.  Please keep them all in prayer!

Remember Sandy tomorrow as she has an appointment in Pittsburgh.

Doris Pearce came through her surgery well. Praise God! Continue to lift her in prayer as she recovers.

There is a Spaghetti Dinner

on Saturday, January 31, from 4 - ?  

at the Brookville Fire Hall

to Benefit Sandy Shaffer.

Cost is $8.00 for Adults  Kids 5-12 are $5.00 (4 & under are free)

Take Out is Available


Sponsored by her friends at Brookville Hospital


Please spread the word!

If you need a flyer for your church, work place,

place of business,  etc. let me know & I'll get you a copy.

This little girl is a class mate of Rylee's and also attends CenterHill Church.

Mark your calendars & plan now to attend the dinner.

Kaylee Frantz Spaghetti Dinner


Also, THANK YOU to all who sent B-Day cards to Betty Miller! 

She is just tickled pink to be getting so many greetings!

Praise God, Pastor Jerome's car should be arriving soon!

If anyone knows a reputable contractor that might be interested in putting in a bid for some work at the parsonage (repairing ceilings, painting, closet doors, etc.) please let us know.

 Please keep Arlene Reinard in prayer over the next 6 she begins her chemo tomorrow, and radiation on Monday. After that, she'll have a recovery period before surgery.

Remember, to pray for Doris Pearce as she goes for her surgery on Thursday.

And for Sandy S. as she travels to Pittsburgh on Friday to meet with her oncologist.

 Praise God for His faithfulness, even in the storms of life!

I don't know any details...or if anyone was hurt or not...but there was a vehicle rolled over on the KnoxDale Road yesterday morning. Pray that the person is ok.

 Bible Study for this morning at Meade Chapel is cancelled. If you were planning to join us...come next week!

Karen Wolfe (the AZ one) is having some lung tests done on Friday. Please keep her in your prayers.

Pray too, for Scott Reitz & Wendy Attingers mom. She was admitted to the hospital with some heart issues.

Pastor Jerome should have arrived in MD just a little bit ago, if everything went all right. Pray that his appointment tomorrow goes well.

Sandy Shaffer is back home. Continued prayers are appreciated.

And Arlene Reinard could also use some prayers.

Little Rayleigh Painter is having some tests done in Pittsburgh today...for an ongoing kidney problem. Pray for Rayleigh & the doctors.

Continue to lift Sandy Shaffer, Doris Pearce, Dan Love, Cathy Keefer, Ray, Hope & Bob Wolfe  as well.

Pray for your Pastor as he travels today. Pray for your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge

Pray for the families of Sally Kunselman & Katie Mohney as they grieve their loses.

Bob is having a procedure on his left eye tomorrow, please keep him and I in your prayers, as well as the doctors. thanks.


Sandy Shaffer and her family are in great need of our prayers! Please keep praying. Send a card & let them know you're thinking of them. Sandy has spent her career at Brookville hospital bringing smiles to the faces of so many. A couple years ago, I spent 5 days in there & several times a day she'd stick her head in the door and it always brought a smile to my face. Let's soak her in prayer during this difficult time. Let's encourage her family to hang in there.

We don't know what the future holds (for any of us)...but we do know WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE! 

Pray for her. Pray for DuWayne & the kids. Pray for her doctors...they can treat...but only God can heal! Just Pray!

Got the following from Judy Plyler...

(Welcome back, Judy!) Please pray for Mary Jane Gilhousen.

Arrived home this morning around one am from Florida. Was glad to get home safe. The plane was late bad weather in Chicago and that made it late for us. Don't like this cold weather. Already miss the sunshine..Didn't see Mary Jane talked to her before Christmas she had two stints put in her heart. She is doing good but still needs prayers. Thanks judy

Prayers for Thyra's daughter Cathy Keefer who is having some issues with her heart racing. Will be having tests.

Praising God for his provision of a place for Trevor to stay yesterday as he ran into a snow storm in the state of Indiana with white out conditions. (they got 20 inches of snow!) He ought to be back to Perdue now.

 Continue to lift Sandy, Doris & Dan in prayer.

 Pray too, for Ray & Hope and for all those fighting flu like symptoms.

Pray for your pastor as he travels (by bus) this week to meet with his immigration lawyer in Maryland.

"Be anxious for nothing, but . . . let your requests be made known to God." —Philippians 4:6

As soon as I hit send...I remembered I wanted to put Dan on too! Please keep him in prayer! Not sure what broke...but pray for healing! None of us wants to see this servant of God laid up for too long!

Please keep Doris (Sebring) Pearce in prayer as she has several medical procedures coming up in the next couple weeks. And then she'll have surgery on an aortic aneurism on January 15. Doris is a (lil') sister of Gerry Miller. 

Pray too, for travel mercies for Trevor Klatko as he is traveling back to Perdue today.

Let's continue to stand in the gap for Sandy Shaffer as well.

It is my understanding that a car may have been found for the Pastor. Pray that, that works out.

Pray too, for the Pastor as he goes through this immigration process. The journey has been long & stressful (not to mention costly)!

Pray for the empty pews. Pray that God will move in the hearts of those who have been missing...heal those who have been sick...and get us out to invite others to join us. I don't know about the other churches, but our attendance was very low this morning. Not a good way to start off the New Year.

And lastly, Betty Miller will be celebrating her 90th Birthday on January 13. Her family would like to "shower her with cards".  Her address is PO Box 43, KnoxDale 15847  Will you help make this milestone a blessed one?

Please lift Dan Love (& family) in prayer.  Dan fell from the ladder and suffered multiple fractures and cracks. He's in terrible pains and needs our prayer.

Last I heard, Sandy Shaffer was to come home this evening. Continue to pray for her as she recovers from the flu & continues on with her chemo.

Pray too, for Karen Wolfe as she is under the weather.

Praising God for a safe journey for Gabe, as he made it back to VA safely.

Sunday is Holy Communion. Prepare your hearts as you come to partake of the Lord's Supper. All are welcome...invite a friend!

Our Father and our God, as we stand at the beginning of this new year we confess our need of Your presence and Your guidance as we face the future.

We each have our hopes and expectations for the year that is ahead of us—but You alone know what it holds for us, and only You can give us the strength and the wisdom we will need to meet its challenges. So help us to humbly put our hands into Your hand, and to trust You and to seek Your will for our lives during this coming year.

In the midst of life’s uncertainties in the days ahead, assure us of the certainty of Your unchanging love.

In the midst of life’s inevitable disappointments and heartaches, help us to turn to You for the stability and comfort we will need.

In the midst of life’s temptations and the pull of our stubborn self-will, help us not to lose our way but to have the courage to do what is right in Your sight, regardless of the cost.

And in the midst of our daily preoccupations and pursuits, open our eyes to the sorrows and injustices of our hurting world, and help us to respond with compassion and sacrifice to those who are friendless and in need. May our constant prayer be that of the ancient Psalmist: “Teach me, O Lord, to follow your decrees; then I will keep them to the end” (Psalm 119:33).

We pray for our nation and its leaders during these difficult times, and for all those who are seeking to bring peace and justice to our dangerous and troubled world. We pray especially for Your protection on all those who serve in our armed forces, and we thank You for their commitment to defend our freedoms, even at the cost of their own lives. Be with their families also, and assure them of Your love and concern for them.

Bring our divided nation together, and give us a greater vision of what You would have us to be. Your Word reminds us that “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).

As we look back over this past year we thank You for Your goodness to us—far beyond what we have deserved. May we never presume on Your past goodness or forget all Your mercies to us, but may they instead lead us to repentance, and to a new commitment to make You the foundation and center of our lives this year.

And so, our Father, we thank You for the promise and hope of this new year, and we look forward to it with expectancy and faith. This I ask in the name of our Lord and Savior, who by His death and resurrection has given us hope both for this world and the world to come.


Prayer request from Pastor Jerome... 


Mary Gelnette is requesting that we kindly put the below request on the prayer chain. 

Prayer for the Spangle family as they mourn the death of Esther Spangle.

And to also remember her cousin son Joe Connell who is hospitalized at the Ohio hospital. He's having serious heart complications and need our constant prayer. 

Also, continue to pray for Sandy Shaffer.


***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can