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Pray for each other

I heard thru the grapevine that Donna Syphrit has been under the weather.

Please keep her in prayer & continue to lift Scott as well.

Praise God, Shell Reinard is back home (will follow up with her doctor in Pittsburgh).

Tomorrow Ray Wolfe will turn 98. Praise God for his continued good health! He's still able to walk to the P.O. daily.

If you see Ray tomorrow, wish him a Happy Birthday!

 Continue to lift Arlene as well.

Dear Friends,
Bob and I are taking off in the morning for AZ, with a stop in TN for the weekend. Praying for good health, good winter and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, happy Groundhog Day, Happy Valentine's Day, and should be home by St. Patricks Day.  Will keep in touch via email.
Love to you all!
Bob n Karen

Christmas Program (Children's & Youth's) at KnoxDale this Sunday morning at 9:00 am.  All are welcome!

 "Once again there will be a Blue Christmas worship service on the Sunday evening before Christmas, December 21st at 6:00 PM at the First United Methodist Church, 504 Jackson St., Reynoldsville, Pa. This is a service which recognizes that for many Christmas is a time of grief each year. This service allows us to acknowledge our grief while hearing the hope of the gospel proclamation. All are welcome to join us on December 21st at 6 o’clock for a Blue Christmas worship service.

 Center Hill Community Church invites you to Country Christmas this Sunday, December 21st with our Children's Prelude starting at 6pm and the Country Christmas program starting at 7pm:

Please continue to lift Arlene Reinard in prayer. Test results revealed there is more going on than pneumonia. She's been diagnosed with lung cancer. Keep her, her family & friends in prayer as they journey thru this together. We know God is in control & prayer is powerful!

Pray too, for my dad, Howard Reinard, as he sees a specialist today about the pinched nerve in his back/pain in his hip.

 Continued prayer for Scott Reitz. He was to see a specialist yesterday in Pittsburgh about his shoulder. Haven't heard what the plan is, but pray for continued healing.

Pray for your Pastor, your church & the Faithful Followers Charge.

Praise God, the ladies insurance will be paying for a rental car until the Pastor is able to find a car.  The Love's will be taking him to DuBois tomorrow to pick up a rental car. Please continue to be on the look out for a dependable used car

(he prefers a small one).

The estimate for fixing Pastor Jerome's car, is far higher than the value of the car. He's in need of a new/used vehicle.

If anyone has a car...or knows of someone that has a good used/dependable car that they'd like to sell...please let the pastor know. Or if you have knowledge of what to look for in a used car...maybe you could go car shopping with him.

Pray that God will provide something reliable & affordable for His He knows how important it is that he have one to continue on in ministry. Keep in mind too, that Satan doesn't want him to be able to do he's prowling around seeking to destroy his ability to get around! Our pastor needs our prayers and our help in this matter!

Pray for Arlene Reinard as she has pneumonia.

 Praise God for a nice concert up at Brockway this evening. Gaye & Abby were both a part of the choir. If you missed it today, you can catch it Monday or Tuesday evening at 7. It's well worth the drive.

Pray for those grieving the lose of loved ones, the unemployed & under-employed, for those battling addictions, the sick, those recovering from surgery, the weak, the homebound, the destitute, the lonely, the brokenhearted, that they may all be comforted by God’s presence and restored in body, mind and soul.

Ron Flinn's sister Joyce has asked for prayer for Ron. He's battling cancer.

Praise God nobody was hurt in the accident on Main Street today! The Pastor's car did however sustain some damage. We'll be shuttling him from church to church tomorrow. I don't know the ladies name...but Pastor Jerome said she was 94 yrs old. I feel sure she's probably pretty shaken up this evening. Pray for her...God knows her name.

Pray for Scott Reitz over the next couple months, as his shoulder heals after a fall yesterday.

For those who thought the Steve Boddorf that died was the one that worked at Miller wasn't. It was the younger one. Continue to lift his family in prayer.

Praise God for another successful Soup Luncheon. And for just a good time of fellowship as the ladies came together to pull it off. God is good!

Pray for your Pastor, your Church & the Faithful Followers Charge! Invite a friend to worship with you tomorrow!

Please pray for the family of Steve Boddorf as they grieve the loss of him.

Below is a Prayer request from Pam Barber, for a friend from Giant Eagle.

I have a prayer request. My friend from work that is my baker,  her husband has been having problems lately. Just got results today. Stage 4 lung cancer in thyroids and lymph nodes also. Everything is pushing on his esophagus and he can't eat, even liquids. They are from the Langville area. She had to quit working to take care of him. Needs all the prayers he can get.

Thanks,  Pam

 And I'll add a Praise to that; Praise God Pam is back to work, after being off with a back injury.

Praise God, Don Sampson's surgery went well. Should be coming home today (they wanted him to stay for therapy, but that's not happening). Pray for a speedy recovery.

 Continue to lift Craig as well. It was great to have him back in his pew on Sunday!

Remember the Soup Luncheon & Bake Sale on Saturday at KnoxDale...beginning at 11 and ending when the pots are empty! Come out & support the ladies as they support missions of all kinds!

Please pray for Dr.Kelly's husband, Steve Austin. He's over in Jordan and is supposed to come home on Saturday.

Hey Ladies,

We've booked the Roseville Grange once again for Saturday, May 9 at 5 pm for our annual Ladies Dinner. This has proven to be a nice evening for the ladies of the charge and their guests. Save the date and plan now to attend. More details will be coming in April.

~ Deb

Terry Kuntz is requesting prayer for her new little great nephew. Baby Owen Lee Maxim, who was born today at 7 lb.6 oz. and has some heart issues. They are life flighting him to Children's this afternoon. Pray for little Owen as well as his parents, Bryan & Amanda (and 2 year old sister).

Continue to pray too, for Terry's sister (Owen's grandma) Linda Maxim. She is still in DuBois Nursing Home for rehab, but was recently back in Pitts. where they took fluid from her spacer hip. They are awaiting culture results from the fluid to see if there is infection there. Pray that the tests come back infection free so that healing can take place.

Please pray for those who are unemployed...especially at this time of year. I heard today that one of the local plants just had a big lay off. Some of our extended church family are or may soon be without work.

Pray too, that God will use us to minister to the needs of others this Christmas Season. It's called servant evangelism - showing the love of God through our own caring and loving actions toward others. Sometimes it’s the simplest acts of kindness that have the most lasting effects. Sometimes ordinary things impact people in extraordinary ways.

 I'm praising God for a really nice hymn sing at Roseville Chapel last night. It was a solid hour of singing the old hymns that everyone picked...with some testimonies mixed in. We, Faithful Followers, need to plan one of those after the holidays!

Mark your calendars - This Saturday, Dec. 13 is KnoxDale Ladies Aide's annual Soup Luncheon & Bake Sale. Come on out between 11:00 am & ?? and get some of the best soup around! Eat-in (donation) or Take-Out ($6. qt-take-out containers are available)

Chicken Noodle, Veg.Beef & Cheesey Broccoli. Hunters welcome too!

Don Sampson is having neck surgery tomorrow. Please keep him in prayer.


December 4, 2014

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We greet you today in the name of the One who was born in the City of David, Bethlehem, Jesus Christ our Lord.

As 21st century Christians, we are called upon to eagerly anticipate the ways that God will come to us with blessing and revelation, just as God did through the birth of the Christ child.  We long for all of God’s children to seek out the presence of Christ in our midst and to reflect that presence in the manner in which we live our lives.

As a society, we currently find ourselves in the midst of stormy weather where the raging waters around us have the potential of impacting all of our lives. Recent events around the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases have been front and center in the news.  But, as we have seen, the deep-seated feelings around these cases are not confined to Ferguson, Missouri and New York City.  Likewise, those feelings don’t reflect just one emotion.  There are people who are angry, others who are afraid, and still others who are confused.  The rising gap between the “haves and the have nots” has its roots in racism, economy, privilege and power.  That gap causes emotions and responses to flare in numerous ways.  Indeed, the weather is stormy and the forecast is uncertain.

We write to you today as two people who share leadership in our church.  One of us is white.  The other is African-American.  As a white person, one of us cannot begin to understand the depth of emotions that people of color feel with regard to issues of racism, privilege, and power.  As an African-American, one of us cannot begin to grasp the issues that drive both conscious and subconscious racism.  But we both represent the church, a body that values each person as a child of God.

We realize that there are two sides to every story.  No one is immune from the sin of humanity.  We do not live in Ferguson, Missouri or New York City.  We cannot understand all of the issues related to the incidents that took place there.  But we are the church, a body that believes, in the midst of the faults and failings of humanity, there is a God who can bless us with a peace that passes even our understanding.

As we wait patiently for the advent of God in the midst of chaotic and confusing events, we long for a time where human life is valued, where one’s skin color does not matter, and where everyone is entitled to the fullness of life.

We are in a difficult place.  Our own emotions and opinions run high. Yet, in these uncertain and confusing days, we encourage you to consider several actions:

  1. First and foremost, we call our church to prayer.  Our God knows what we cannot know.  Our God responds in ways we are unable.  We urge you to take time each day to intentionally pray without interjecting opinion and to place these matters into the hands of our loving God. We encourage you to pray for peace in the midst of turmoil, for calm spirits to emerge, for hearts that often rush to judgment to be softened, and for a spirit of civility to arise that will lead to deeper understandings and solutions.  Won’t you join us as we pray?


  1. We call our church to listen.  There is much that we do not know and even more that we do not understand.  Perhaps we do not listen as well as we can to the poor, the disenfranchised, and the victims of injustice all around us.  Perhaps we have not been heard when we voiced feelings of hurt, alienation, and confusion.  We urge you to engage in conversations within your churches and communities that will result in greater understanding.  And we urge everyone to quiet their own opinions long enough to hear the voice of the Spirit in our midst.  Won’t you join us as we listen?


  1. We call our church to get involved.  Today within our own Annual Conference there are protests growing out of anger and fear related to the actions in other parts of our country.  We urge our pastors and lay leaders to engage in meaningful conversations with government and civic leaders around the role the church can play in promoting peaceful, yet meaningful forums that will honor expressed feelings, yet strive for a higher level of civility and grace.  Won’t you join us in taking a proactive role?


  1. We call our church to be prophetic.  We are called to stand with those who suffer.  So we urge you to stand with the families of those who lives have been taken by the police, and to stand with those in law enforcement as well, to support those who are seeking to do their jobs justly. 

We in the church are called to remember that God gives strength.  We are called to learn from every experience and to embrace the hope that conversations will lead to better relationships between all races and in all situations. We are called to lead people into the heart and way of God, not the way of the world, and to engage people in our churches and communities in meaningful discussions around the deep-seated roots of fear and mistrust that exist in our relationships.

We are the church.  God has given us a different way, a way of love that believes there is hope, especially for the hopeless.  With that hope, we are called to bridge the widening gap between races, to believe that we can see justice flowing down like an ever-flowing stream, and to work tirelessly to see that significant changes happen so we all are equally embraced as God’s beloved children.  

As we continue in this season of Advent, we invite you to lead our church into intentional times of prayer, listening, involvement and prophecy.  Let's commit ourselves to engage in conversation around issues of justice that divide us in matters of race and culture. Join us as we attempt to model for the world that in this season of anticipation, expectation, and preparation, there is a deeper, more meaningful and enduring way to bring peace on earth and good will among all of God’s children. 

Join us, won’t you?

Please pray for Don Sanson. He's having neck/back issues and will have to have another back surgery.

Continue to lift Craig (& Peg) as he recovers from surgery.

Pray for those grieving the lose of loved ones, during the Holiday Season. Encourage them to attend  Blue Christmas worship service on the Sunday evening before Christmas, December 21st at 6:00 PM at the First United Methodist Church, 504 Jackson St., Reynoldsville

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Remember your membership vows? To faithfully participate in your churches ministries by your
prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service, and your witness!

Need something else to do this week-end?

Victorian Christmas is all week-end.

Live Nativity on Main Street tonight at 8.

Christmas Craft Bazaar at EUM tomorrow.

Victorian Christmas Finale Sing & Bell Choir -Sunday, 4:00 pm, December 7, 2014 at The First United Methodist Church

Open House at Roseville Chapel - Sunday December 7 from 4pm to 8pm
5-6pm Old Hymn sing
6-7pm Brookville Praise & Worship Band
Located 3 miles west of Brookville PA on Route 322
Refreshments provided

There is also a Christmas Cantata at Home Camp UMC (Luthersburg) "Jesus: There's Something About That Name" Saturday at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome!

Craig is back home & resting comfortably.  Praise God! Continue to lift him in prayer as he recovers.

Thanking Him too, for travel mercies as the Pastor traveled safely, to & from the hospital today!


Grandpa (John) Morelli passed away this afternoon. He went peacefully surrounded by loved ones.

Kelly. L

Pray for a friend who is having a procedure at Magee this morning.

Also, Mark Nolf is back in Pittsburgh with some complications after his lung transplant.

Pray for Craig. Tomorrow is his big day. He was back into the ER yesterday...the devil doesn't seem to want him in church. Pray that the surgery goes well and his recovery is speedy, so he can be back to church real soon.

Craig Kniseley's surgery is this Tuesday. Remember to keep him & Peg in your prayers thru the surgery and during his recovery.

Continued prayer for Pete Dinger as well.

Please lift the family of Jim Reinard in prayer. He passed away on Tuesday.

Pray too, for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite a friend to join us during Advent.

Take some time today to reflect upon your BLESSINGS...there are MANY!

Remember to THANK GOD!

Ike asked us at SonBeams to pray for his little brother, Blake Burkett He had his tonsils and adenoids out yesterday at Children's. Because of his pre-existing heart condition he spent the night in ICU. Pray for a speedy recovery for this little guy. 

Pray for & Attend the Thanksgiving Service at Meade Chapel tonight at 7:00.

Karen Wolfe's kids/grandkids arrived safely last night. Praise be to God!!

Karen Wolfe (KD) has asked us to pray that her great-niece gets out of the St Louis area safely and has safe travels to Knox Dale

Praising God that tests at Magee revealed what might have been, wasn't! My friends daughter will l go back for a procedure next week & then everything should be ok.

Thanking God for answered prayers!

Even if you don't have any connections to Ferguson Missouri, pray that peace can be restored in that city. Pray for Michael Brown's family as well as the Police Officer & his family. Pray for the Church in Ferguson. Pray that they would be a true city on a hill. Pray that they would point the world to the One who, one day soon, will restore justice and peace for all time. Pray that they would be quick to mourn with those mourning and eager to share the reason for our hope.

 Lynda Martz passed away yesterday, after a short battle with cancer.  It has only been about 6 weeks since her husband Rod passed away so their children,Tara and Aaron have been through a lot.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Continue to pray for healing in Pete Dinger's ankle. He'll be moved to the Jefferson Manor today.

Pray for safe travels for all who are traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Pray for our SonBeams & Youth as they come together tonight. Pray that they'll feel the love of Jesus there. Now more than ever, it's time to stand in the gap for our kids, in front of our God.

Remember to send something with your child, for the Food Harvest (if you can). The girls brought the most last week. So we're rooting for the boys this week! Remember too, anything put in the offering can this month goes to the Food Pantry. Give if you are able. Sunday is the last day for the Food Harvest.

REMEMBER - Thanksgiving Eve Service is at Meade Chapel tomorrow night at 7 pm. Come ye thankful people, come!

 Also, Advent begins this Sunday.  Make church attendance a priority for your family. Why?  To be fed spiritually, to be obedient to and follow after Christ, to minister to and fellowship with others, and to grow in the Word! It saddens me how many parents I see, even within our own church, who do not make regular church attendance a priority. Let's make church a priority during the Advent Season!

I've been asking you to pray for my friend's daughter over the last week or so...and she is still in need of those prayers. She's heading for Magee today for more testing. Pray that God will strengthen her for whatever lies ahead.

Just when I hit send...I got an email from the Pastor. He's back online.

Thanks Scott, for fixing the problem! We're thankful for you!

Pete Dinger broke his ankle & had surgery this morning. Please lift Mr. Dinger in prayer as he recovers.

Pray too, for those traveling over Thanksgiving.

Remember Bible Study at Meade Chapel in the morning at 10. All are welcome!

Pastor Jerome is having problems getting into his email. If you need to get ahold of him quickly, call him.

If I could ask for prayers for my step moms father John Morelli. He has been battling cancer for quite some time now. Hospice was in yesterday and said that it could be any day now.

Kelly L.

 Praise God for the caring hearts of our people!

Asking for prayers for safe travels as our kids (David, Jennifer, Brian and Katie Pearce) started last night heading home for Thanksgiving and hunting season, from Arizona.  If things so well they will be here on Monday.

Karen Wolfe (MC)

Joy would like prayer for her son David who is traveling up from Texas to spend 2 wks hunting & visiting with family.  Pray for safe travels.

Praise God for safe travels as we returned from Cincinnati this evening. We waited out the ice storm on that end this morning & hear we missed the one here this morning. We had a short, but good visit with the grandkids.

KnoxDale folks, remember the Love Offering tomorrow.

  This is not about a furnace - or money. It is about remembering “to do good and to share” (Heb. 13:16). The apostle James reminds us that we demonstrate our faith by our actions (2:18). The needs in our world are varied and overwhelming but when we love our neighbor as ourselves, as Jesus said, we reach people with God’s love.

Praising God for safe travels...and fun with the kids!

My friends daughter is still very much in need of our prayers.

My brother-in-law, Jan Johnson will be going in for back surgery tomorrow. Please lift him in prayer. Pray too, for Kris as she travels back & forth.

Dear Friends and Partners,

Life always seems so busy. I am sure you can relate. We have traveled extensively in the east coast area lately and the day after Thanksgiving we will leave again for the annual “Family Hunt Fest”. John, his dad and brother (and who knows who else) will be hunting deer in PA. We do rely on the meat for our freezer, so though they are having fun, it does have a purpose! : )

 I want to say a big Praise the Lord for the success of Dixon’s surgeries (pic below). He is so full of life and joy now. He is still getting work done on his chest area. Infection is always an issue, so please continue to pray for his complete healing.

We are asking for prayer also for Brenda Mihigo. She got Bell’s Palsy about 2 or more months ago and the partial paralysis in her face has not changed. I know often it returns to normal, but hers has not. This is a very difficult situation for a young woman in Africa. The early intervention may not have been as good as it could have been, but God can still heal her and make her face return to normal. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out! Please pray with us. Her folks (John and Gladys) are very concerned for her as well.

 Our grandson Titus is having some health challenges. After months of being told he had a variety of viruses, he was diagnosed with salmonella. Yes, they have critters (a snake, rats, dragon lizards, birds and a ferret). The Dr. says anyone of those, except the birds, may have given it. He was very sick by the time they found it in his blood test. Thank heavens for a mom who would not give up, and basically she finally just “raised CANE” to get them to find out what was really wrong with his continual stomach pain, headaches, diarrhea and other issues. He was hospitalized for 10 days and is still having some stomach issues, which they are trying to rectify over this coming weekend. Please pray that he will finally feel well and be able to get back to school full time.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Mark, my nephew who had the heart transplant. He recently had a scare with some high numbers but a biopsy showed there is no rejection. Praise the Lord!!. Please keep praying for his continued health.

We are planning a trip to Africa in January. The details are fuzzy just now, but in the making. There will be no medical team this time, just teaching for John and I. There is concern in the area with Muslim activity, especially Uganda, if we go there. A few months ago 19 were arrested who had planned a major attack in Kampala (capital of Uganda), but was foiled by the government. Thank Heavens! Pray for our plans to get solidified and for our safety as we trust the Lord to lead our steps.

Our partner in the last medical mission to Uganda and Rwanda, Carmen Marflak , realized while in Uganda that the sedation machine in their surgery unit was literally from the WW I era. As the medication was dispensed to the patient it was also leaking out into the room where the doctors are operating. She has taken on the project of trying to get them a new, current machine. As a fact the old machine has recently “died” and they are currently not able to operate at all. We are asking you to consider sending a year-end gift to help get this needed piece of equipment for the Ugandan hospital where we worked and plan to work again in the future. Attached is the letter she has written explaining the situation and the project. Please read it and pray about what the Lord would have you do to help! Thank you!!

We are, as always, ever grateful for the continual prayer, partnership and giving which you faithfully participate in, on our behalf. Without it there would be no ministry for us. Know we are thankful for you!

We want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and a joyous Christmas as we celebrate in the provision of Christ our Savior through our Glorious Heavenly Father. 


John & Janie

Please continue to lift my friends daughter as they are still doing tests. Pray for wisdom for the doctors as well.

I saw Sonja & Bob tonight at Bucks, celebrating their anniversary, and she ask for prayer for Mike Barber who was admitted to Brookville hospital today with chest pains. Please pray for Mike & Praise God for (not sure how many years) the anniversary celebration.

I  just got a email that Sandy Shreckengost  (she is secretary of senior citizens). She is in pittsburgh hospital with a brain tumor. She needs our prayers. (from Judy Plyler)

Pray too, for our shut-ins. As Winter approaches, check on them often to make sure they're ok and see if there is anything they need.

Yesterday I talked to a friend who was saddened by some of the events in her church.

People nit-picking about things that just don't really matter in the whole scheme of things. Went to bed thinking about how things like that could destroy a church from within.

I pray that never happens on the Faithful Followers Charge.

Remember our scripture reading from Sunday...

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness. So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. 10 He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him. 11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Will Durant wrote in his book, on the history of Rome, "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has first destroyed itself from within. The essential cause of Rome's decline lay in her people and her morals." 

 Let's not let that happen in our churches! Let's not destroy ourselves from within...but encourage one another & build each other up. Not everything that happens in the church will be to your liking, but it's not about us. Be loving, be patient, be kind, be faithful, be supportive.

 Be serious! Be alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour. 1 Peter 5:8

Satan LOVES conflict in the church! He loves burnout, rumors, busyness, lies, scandal, bitterness, marriage and family turmoil. He loves to destroy relationships.

But there is good news folks!

You are from God, little children, and you have conquered them, because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4

Let's be the Church God created us to be!

Thyra has asked us to keep her "other son", Scott in our prayers as he's dealing with the pitfalls of MS. Pray that they'll find a therapy that works for Scott. Pray that God in His mercy, will help him journey through this difficult time with grace. Pray too that he will feel God's presence and the love of family/friends...through it all. MS just stinks! Pray for a cure!

 Please lift Charlene "Charlie" Miller in prayer as she lost her dad yesterday. (Sorry, I don't know his name, but God knows.)

Pray for Shannon Shaffer as she'll be flying home the end of the week to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Pray for the daughter of a friend who is dealing with some medical problems and awaiting results of tests. This is a really stressful time for her & her parents as well.

Praising God for a nice Thanksgiving Dinner last night & a very informative mission presentation by the Chitesters!  As I sat at Bible Study this morning, I noticed Joy had on one of the necklaces made by the "street girls".  Praise God for His mercy & providing a way off the streets for those girls through the sale of their necklaces. Praise God too, for John/Janie and their caring hearts as they work in mission/ministry to the people of Africa.

Winter is upon us folks! Pray for those who don't have a warm place to stay.

Remember - If school is canceled SonBeams/Youth is also canceled. (Monday Bible Study too)

I complained as I had to hit the floor running this morning to get the church cleaned up & set up for SonBeams. But as I worked I thanked Him for the fellowship we had last night. When I got done with a little time to spare before Bible Study I decided to hand deliver the sermons to our shut-in, and their smiles brightened a dreary morning. Then the good discussions at Bible Study on prayer (and just the friendships we share there) lifted my spirits. I left from there to deliver our Christmas boxes to the Church of God where I was met by another smiling face even tho we had to make many trips in/out of the rain to unload my car. We had 66 boxes this year, which is more than we've ever had...another PRAISE be to GOD! When I stopped in to CB&G for a couple things, I got to chat with Nan for a bit (they had a BEAR in their yard last night!).  And finally I walked in to Mike's and ran into a friend that we haven't seen in church for a long, long to catch up with her & let her know we miss them. Even when we grumble & complain...and don't deserve His blessings...He blesses us beyond measure! Remember to Thank Him!

The Pastor wanted me to share the Bishop's letter to the churches. Please pass it on to anyone you think might be interested in reading it.

Unspoken request for the daughter of a friend with undetermined medical issues.

Pat Berger (W-PA Cares for Kids) had surgery yesterday to remove a brain tumor. Praise God it was benign! Pray for her as she recovers.

Continue to lift Craig K. in prayer as he deals with the annoying drainage tube and awaits surgery on Dec. 2.

Continue to pray for Norma Beverage, Shirley Walters, Mark Nolf, Millie, Linda Maxime, Families grieving the loss of loved ones, Families in turmoil and Families that are struggling financially.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church & the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite a friend to church this Sunday; next week might be too late!

Tonight, tomorrow night & Saturday night Brookville High School will present "Thoroughly Modern Millie".  I have no idea what the story line in this one is...but I know at least one of our charge youth is in it (Sydney Cook). Let's support our youth by attending if possible. Pray for all involved & pray that they'll realize that their talent is a gift from God and use it to Glorify Him! 

One of the great things about God is how HE has given gifts and talents to His children. Each one of us is unique. To one He may give the gift of music, yet to another the gift of helps. To one He may give the gift of athleticism or the gift of compassion, yet to another the gift of evangelism. ALL good and perfect gifts come from God! YOUR special gifts and talents come from God. Are you using them to Glorify Him?

If anyone is still trying to use the Pastor's email no longer works. If you need to email him, use

Please Watch

This will just take a couple minutes of your time...but it's well worth it. Thought provoking for sure!

Karen Wolfe (KD) is asking for prayer for her friend Millie who is preparing for a major surgery. Please lift Millie in prayer.

 Also, remember the Chitesters will be speaking at KnoxDale Sunday evening at 6:15. All are welcome!

Mark Nolf is home from the hospital and doing great! His family is Praising God tonight. "Rejoice with those who rejoice..."

 Please lift Shirley Walters in prayer. She's been in a lot of pain with her back. And needing wisdom in picking a doctor.

Could we please add Pete Morelli (from DuBois) to our prayer list?  He was in an accident on Sunday and is in Pittsburgh in desperate need of prayer.
Kelly. L

Bob Wolfe and the guys made it home this afternoon about 3:00, safe and sound.
Thanks for the prayers for safe travels.

 Praise Him too for the safe return of Dave Miller (from Japan) and Joe Urchuck & his hunting buddies. God is good!

Dave and Evelyn Beverage, request that we put Norma Beverage on the prayer chain. She's hospitalize and needs prayer.


Grandma Bernie (Lindermuth) is turning 90 this Thursday Nov. 13th  I thought it would be great if she could be blessed with cards. She is at the Jefferson Manor in room 207.

Thank you,

Kelly B.

I have an unspoken request for a family in turmoil. Their children have been taken out of the home & the parents, who love them dearly, but are just not capable of taking care of them are devastated.  Pray that the parents are able to get some help with parenting. Pray that the children will be cared for well in their temporary home. Pray that those who care about this family will rally around them to support & encourage them to get the help they need. I always loved Mia Angelou...and one my favorite quotes from her was "When we know better we do better."  As we heard this morning...we have a God that loves children. Let's lift this family to the One who is all powerful, all knowing and all loving.

Peg & Craig were blessed with a new granddaughter (Nov.7)

Johnnie LuAnn  weighted 8lb.3 oz & was 20 in. long.

Parents are David & Tommee Kniseley.


Please pray for the family of Loretta Wazelle. She passed away last night.  They think she had a heart attack  during the night.

 had heard this story before...but hadn't see this video about it. Watch it, be Blessed & be a Blessing to someone else.

Remember to pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite a friend to Church to share the Lord's Table. Remember to turn your clocks back an hour Saturday night or you'll be extra early.

AND...Come out to the Worship Service / Charge Conference on Sunday at Port Barnett at 2:00. (SPRC meet at 1) Let's show the D.S. Rev.James Pond...that we're alive in Christ & well on the Faithful Followers Charge!

Message from Peg...

Craig is home He will be getting his gallbladder out in a couple of weeks.Thanks to everybody for the prayers

Continue to lift Linda Maxim in prayer (Terry's sister). Linda is in DuBois Nursing Home for physical therapy. She currently has a spacer where the hip should be. In a couple months they'll go back in and replace the hip again. Pray too, for her husband who is confined to a wheel chair and having to adjust to her not being at home.

If all goes well, Craig Kniseley will come home tomorrow. Please continue to lift him in prayer, that that old infected gall bladder won't act up again until they get it out of there!

 Praising God for a great bunch of children & youth that come out on Tuesday evenings.  And for all the adults who care enough about them to dedicate their time & talents in leading them!

Pray for travel mercies for Trudee & Randy Blair who will be heading south soon. And for several of our Faithful Followers guys who left today on hunting trips.

Please pray for the Family or Caroline Steel Montague (Henry's Daughter) She passed away yesterday in North Carolina, after battling lung and lymph node cancer for some time. Pray too, for Betty & Dick as they are traveling down there today to be with the family.

Prayers too, for Terry Windham (son of Sandy & Terry Campbell). Terry was having open heart surgery in FL this morning.

 Continue to pray for Craig Kniseley. He's in room 303 of DuBois Hospital. They're putting a drain into his gall bladder to drain the infection. Will do surgery in a couple of weeks.

Please lift Craig Kniseley in prayer (Peg too!). He was admitted to DuBois today with a bad gall bladder.

Pray too, for Kate Syphrit (Ron too). Kate is battling Brain & Lung cancer as well as kidney failure. Pray for strength for the journey ahead.

Remember October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Do something nice for your Pastor!

Also remember Bible Study at Meade Chapel tomorrow (Monday) morning at 10. Hope to see you there!

Trick-or-Treat Night in KnoxDale is Friday from 6 - 8 pm. Leave your porch light on if you want to "treat" the kids.

 Faithful Followers Charge Conference is next Sunday, Nov. 2 at 2:00 pm at Port Barnett. (SPRC meets at 1:00 pm) The past few years these meetings have been held in Clusters. This year it's just us...Faithful Followers. Plan now to attend!

Wendy is home & in some pain, but doing well. Dave is doing well also, he just has a bit of a longer road ahead of him. He is still in ICU, but will be moved soon to another room. The kidney is working in him. He will need to be monitored for any kind of rejection or any other problems that may happen.  Continue to pray for both Wendy & Dave.


Pray too, for Craig Kniseley who is sick.


Praise God for the Ladies Retreat...last night's music & teaching were very inspirational. And the food was great too. Looking forward to what God has in store for us today! They said if we wanted to bring a friend we if any of you ladies reading this wants to join us! If you can't attend, please pray that God speaks to each heart in a special way.

Someone today is in need of your prayers. Take time to pray for them!

Christy says...

Wendy's kidney is working awesomely in Dave!! THANK YOU LORD!!

***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can