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Pastor - Joni Williams

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Prayer List 


Pat & Pete Kniseley


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, Chamberlin, & Scarlet Cord

Service men & women

Pray for each other


Prayers for one of our bus drivers and a situation that needs to be resolved. Pray for guidance as she meets with administration today and a peaceful solution.


Continue to pray for Craig that he can regain his strength and get back home soon. And that Peg will feel better soon so she can get in to see him.


Pray for all those in nursing homes. They can be lonely places.


Ron (Shirley too) is still in need of our prayers. As is Debbie Park (Dean & Betty too) and Scott & Donna Syphrit.


Karen Wolfe begins her journey thru cancer today in Texas. Keep her in your prayers.


Blake Burkett goes in for open heart surgery & Dave Miller is preparing for double knee surgery, both are next week. Begin now to pray for both. And pray that Gerry's shingles will heal quickly.


Pray for all those grieving losses (by death and by separation) during the holidays. Holidays are supposed to be family times and grief seems to be magnified during them.


Pray for families in turmoil. Life is short! Love & Forgive one another...even if it means You taking the first step! Initiate reconciliation...send a Christmas card!


Remember the Soup Luncheon & Bake Sale this Saturday from 11 - ? At KnoxDale. Homemade Vegetable Beef, Chicken Noodle and Creamy Broccoli.  Eat in or Take Out.


Also Remember Santa will be at the KnoxDale FireHall on Sunday from 2-4. Plan now to bring the kids and grandkids. If you are a cookie baker...they could use some! Take them to the hall between noon and two or call Pam Barber to arrange pick-up.


And finally...I'm requesting Prayers & Christmas cards for a young man who made some really bad life choices and wound up in jail. He seems to have turned over a new leaf, has repented and is seeking God. Todd lived with his Aunt Gerry when he was in high school for a while. He attended at KnoxDale at that time so some of us knew him. Some of you may have known his mother, Ginny Sebring.  Most of you don't know him but we can all offer words of encouragement and hope.

Don't include anything in the card. Your return address with name must be on the envelope. You can use return address labels but no other stickers on the outside or inside.

His address is:

Todd Bogacki

MQ 1511

PO Box 945

Marienville PA 16239




Next Sunday, December 11 from 2-4, Santa will be at the fire hall. All are Welcome!


If anyone would like to make some cookies for the kids to enjoy, please drop them off at the firehall between 12 and 2. Or Pam Barber can make arrangements to pick them up.


Praising God for safe travels thus far for Karen & Bob! They spent the night in Little Rock Arkansas. Will go on to Texas today. Continue to pray for safe travels and for Karen's return to good health.


I have an unspoken request for a family in turmoil. Pray for God's peace within the family. Life is short folks. Don't waste a minute of it bickering! Unforgivness hurts you more than it does the person who has offended you!



Craig Kniseley is finally back in his own Zip Code! After three weeks in Shadyside he's been moved back to LaurelBrooke! He will begin therapy tomorrow. Pray that he'll regain his strength quickly! We got to visit a little tonight. For as weak as he is...he hasn't lost his sense of humor!

Pray for Peg too as she has pneumonia. ��

Craig is in the room right across from Ray. 207 I believe.


And just two doors down is Bob Robbins. He too could use some prayers as he recovers from surgery.


Three of our KnoxDale guys on the same wing and at this point, the soon to be 100 year old would probably win in a foot race.


Also Praising God that Ron is doing much better! He sat up and ate some supper tonight! Keep praying for he and Shirley!



Please pray for Gerry Miller as she has shingles.  Not good with Dave's surgery coming up.


Craig will likely be moved to LaurelBrooke tomorrow. Continue to lift he and Peg.


Praise God for a good Bible Study tonight and a good reminder to stay focused on Jesus when faced with temptation. If you are not involved in a Bible Study, you should be.

There are three on the charge to pick from.

Meade Chapel on Monday's at 10 am

Port Barnett On Thursday's at 10 am

KnoxDale on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm All are Welcome!



Please Pray for Kay Ruffner. She is experiencing severe back pain.



Ron Walter (Shirley too) is in need of our prayers.



Please pray for Caroline Reed, Terry Kuntz's mom. She was admitted to DuBois Hospital this morning with infection in her hip that she had replaced. They are going to open her back up this evening and try to clean the infection out...and possibly put in a medicated pack. Pray for the doctors and all who will be taking care of her and her family as well. God is the Great Physician. Let's lift Caroline to Him and Trust Him.


Continued prayers for Craig & they ride out the storm.

And for Bob & Karen as they travel.


Pray too for a friend (who shall remain nameless) who was a Good Samaritan and went to the aid of a friend in need and got stuck with a huge repair bill that he really can't afford.


I know as we intercede on behalf of others; there are times to pray for the sick, for finances, and for God’s leading. But we have to remember too to Praise Him...even in the storm!


Continued prayers for Craig. He may be moved to LaurelBrooke later this week.

Pray too, for Peg who (I heard thru the grapevine) has a touch of pneumonia.

And finally, for David & Sam who will be traveling back home tomorrow.


Prayers for Bob & Karen as they make their way to Texas.


Today as I was coming home from town, there was a cow in the field across from the old Caylor homestead. I went back to the house but no one was home. I hope it found its way back to the barn safely! Does anyone know the names of the people who live there? There was a time that I knew the names of the people in every house all along the KnoxDale Road. Not anymore!


Praising God for another successful SonBeam Food Harvest! My car was full to the MAX today as I took it to the Food Pantry!

Praising Him too for a good night last night! The Youth (I think there were 14 of them) did an excellent job with their Good Samaritan skit, leading us in three songs, playing special music and doing a craft with the kids. Couldn't help but be proud of all of our past SonBeams and look forward to how God is going to use them in the future. Jeremiah 29:11


It's Christmastime! Let's go out tomorrow and over-share. Over share your love, over share your selves and over share your positive words.  Do it and don't feel bad about it EVER!



Please keep the family of Peg Harriger Gorscak in your prayers. Peg lost her battle with cancer yesterday. I'm sure Uncle Al & Aunt Dot were waiting at Heavens gate to welcome her.


Karen Wolfe is just a week away from her cancer procedure to take place in Texas. Keep Karen and her family in your prayers.


Continue to lift Craig as well.


Pray for safety for the Hunters that are out today.


Continue to lift Craig and his family in prayer. So many concerns and so few answers.  Pray that God will open the doctors eyes as to what is going on & guide them in the right direction for effective treatment. Pray too for travel mercies for the family as they travel to and from the hospital.


Praising God for a nice celebration of Judy's life yesterday and for the ladies that helped with the dinner and those who donated food. The dessert counter was full and over flowing!


Continue to lift Scott & DuWayne as they recover from surgery. Pray for Dave Miller as he prepares for partial knee replacements on the 16th.


Praising God with Karen & Thyra as the rejoice in the news of a new great grandchild!


Every Sunday when Pastor Joni asks where we've seen a God this week...we all fall silent. Life is hard...and sometimes circumstances keep us tongue-tied...but there are half a million reasons to Praise Him! This week meditate on Psalm 145. You'll find 22 good reasons to Praise Him...even when we don't feel like it.



Please continue to soak Craig in Prayer, please. After a couple good days he had a rough one yesterday. David stayed in Pittsburgh with him last night. Peg went back down this morning. It's been quite a roller coaster ride for all of them. Nerves are frazzled. Pray for that Peace that passeth all understanding.


Pray too, for the Family of Jeff Martz (my niece Jody's father-in-law). Jeff passed into the arms of Jesus yesterday.


Pray too for my cousin, Peg Harriger Gorscak. She has battled cancer for some time now, but it's spreading rapidly. She's in a great deal of pain.


Unspoken request for a friend that's had to make some really hard family decisions. May she be at peace with them.


Prayers for the family and friends of Judy Plyler as they come together tomorrow to celebrate a life well lived.


Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Come & Worship!



DuWayne's knee replacement went well today! He's home and doing well. Thanks be to God! Thankful too that Shannon is home with him.


Michaela made it home too! God is good!


Craig is still in great need of our prayers! Pray for strength for Peg too. This has been a very long siege with very few answers. 😕 pray for David & Dolly as well as they come home over Thanksgiving.


I Praise God too, that I got to sit back and watch tonight! Heather & Hilary took over tonight and gave me a break. (Thanks ladies!) if you live anywhere near the church you probably heard them singing "Victory Chant". I told the kids they need to come lead the singing at church!

Next Tuesday the Youth are doing lesson, music & craft for the SonBeams! Pray that their lights shine brightly!


KnoxDale ladies who are donating to the Nair funeral dinner, please have your food to the church by 11:30. Thanks in advance!



Craig (and his family) is still in great need of our prayers. They still have no answers as to what's going on. A decision will be made soon as to what nursing facility to bring him back to. He is very weak and will need therapy to regain his strength.

David and Dolly will both be coming on Thursday. Pray for travel mercies.


Prayers for the family of Earl Harriger as they grieve his passing.

And for others who are grieving. Many will be doing there first Thanksgiving without a loved one who has passed this year.  Loss is painful. Holidays aren't quite the same.


DuWayne goes in to have his knee done tomorrow. Let's pray him thru it!


Prayers too, for Shannon & Michaela as they will be traveling home from college for Thanksgiving. And for others who will be traveling over the holidays.


Dave Miller will be having two partial knees done on Dec.16. Please add him to your prayer lists.


Continued prayers for Scott & Donna as well.


Praise God for a nice Thanksgiving Service last night. If you missed it you missed a blessing

Bob Robbins was taken back to Pittsburgh and may be facing more surgery. Please keep him in your prayers.

Ron Walter is hoping to "pass the test" and get back home soon. Ron has had many health problems over the years but he's always smiling. The light of Jesus shines thru him.

Pray for the Kougher family. Donnie, a young husband and father that worked at Millers, passed away yesterday of a brain tumor. Everyone at LaurelBrooke just loved him; he will be missed.

Continue to lift Craig in prayers for healing, strength and peace.

Praising God that Sonja is doing so well after her surgery. Continue to lift her in prayer as she goes thru treatments.

DuWayne will have his knee done on Tuesday. Pray for a successful surgery and speed in healing. Hopefully this will be the last of his surgeries for a long time!

 Continued prayers for Scott as he recovers.

And for Thyra as well. Her time of being wired is getting shorter! Pray for good test results and answers to the problem.

Remember to turn in your Operation Christmas Child boxes are due tomorrow. (collection ends Monday)

And the Food Harvest at KnoxDale continues thru the end of the month.

Thanksgiving Service at Port Barnett tomorrow evening at 7. Bring a candle & and a Friend! We all have SOOOO Much to be Thankful for! Freedom to worship is one of our blessings...let's exercise it! Don't let a little snow keep you away!



Shannon posted this message tonight. Proud of her but sad for us!


"Now that I have told all of my family (and they promised not to think I'm too crazy , I would like to announce that I have accepted a general music position at the International English School in Täby, Sweden. I will move there after Christmas and will begin teaching on January 9.  Thank you to all of my friends and family who have been there for me through this exciting time!  I love you all and please visit!! "


Please Pray for Judy Plyler. She was taken back into surgery today. Will update when I know more.


Bob Robbins is being moved today to Laurelbrook for rehab. Continued prayers are appreciated.


Haven't heard anything on Caroline Reed so assuming no news is good news. Continue to lift her in prayer as she recovers from hip surgery.



Continued prayers for those recovering from surgery.
From what I've heard Sonja is doing very well. No word yet on when Chemo starts.
Judy Plyler's surgery went well. Pray for her speedy recovery.


Thyra's tests are tomorrow. Pray for good test results.

Scott has his back surgery on Friday. Please keep him, the doctors and Donna too, in prayer, before, during and after!

Continue to lift the Haiti team in prayer. Some are already on the ground there and work has begun. The rest of the team leaves Friday. May God Bless their efforts, protect them in their work/travels and guard their health. May their lights shine brightly!

Praise God for our Vol. Firemen and our Community!  Trunk-or-Treat was a huge success. Not only were treats passed out but invitations to church were also extended!

Praising Him too, for a good trip to the Jefferson Manor with the SonBeams last night! Rylee & Kayla played piano specials and the kids sang for the residents and did a craft with them. Supper was late last night so the number of residents was down but we still had a good number...and we got to love on Betty Barr & Grandma Bernie a little extra. The kids did great! I thank God too for the Pastor and the ladies who went along! God is good!

If you have friends, family or church members confined to a nursing home...visit them! If nothing else has come from Ray's time in the home...I've gained more compassion for folks in homes. There are so many that get very few visitors. What is God calling you to do for them?

Please pray for Travel Mercies for Karen & Bill as they travel to NY today to visit Bill's sister Anna Mae, for Mike Wolfe as he travels up from VA today to spend a couple days with Ray and for me as I travel to Zanesville tomorrow to bring Quinn back for a week.

Pray for the elections next Tuesday...If you aren't already! Seek God's guidance before you vote! And pray for the candidates. What an ugly campaign season this has been! Obviously nobody ever taught them "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".

Remember Bible Study at Port tomorrow morning and the new one beginning tomorrow evening at KnoxDale (6:30-7:30). Studying the book of Matthew. Will meet in the Youth room. Enter thru the back door for easy access.

 Pray for the services this Sunday! Dan will be speaking at KD & PB. I'll be at MC.

SPRC Meeting coming up on Nov. 14 at 7 at Meade Chapel.

Also, begin now to invite people to the Thanksgiving Service at Port Barnett on Sunday evening, Nov. 20 at 7. Bring a candle if you can. We have so much to be thankful for! Let's fill that church!


Just got a request for prayer for Judy Plyler - surgery today.  Not sure on details...but God knows! Lift her, the doctors in prayer please!


Happy All Saints Day!



Thyra has a procedure on Thursday to check the arteries in her neck. Pray that there is no blockage.


Scott is set to go for back surgery on Friday. Prayers are appreciated!


Continued prayers for Craig. He got home today but needs to stay hydrated.


I haven't heard any updates on Bob just keep praying!


Praise God for community & a nice event tonight. A little chilly but still nice! I had made up 80 treat bags and gave out all but one!


Remember the new Bible Study on the book of Matthew starts Thursday at KnoxDale from 6:30-7:30 in the youth class room. Easiest access is thru the back door. First room in the back hallway. If the morning studies don't work for you, give evenings a try! Dan will be teaching. All Are Welcome!



Please keep Becky Caylor in prayer today as she goes to Grove City for an injection in her back. It is their hope that this will eliminate the need for back surgery. Pray that it does the job!


Please keep Jeanna's brother Jeff in your prayers as he serves in Kuwait.


Haiti Team




Pray for safety for the kids Trick-or-Treating tonight. Remember Trunk-or-Treat is tonight at the KnoxDale fire hall from. 6-8

Praising God that Sonja is doing well. Please continue to lift her in prayer!

Praising Him too for Ruby Brosius' good reports! God is good!

Please keep Craig (Peg too) in your prayers. He's dehydrated and a bit under the weather.

Pray too for Gary Gilhousen who is dealing with an infected tooth.

Continue to lift the Syphrit family in prayers as they go thru the grieving process and continue on without John. May all the good memories and the fact that they'll see him again one day carry them thru the hard days ahead.

Praise God too for a smooth transition for Sara & Matt and little Elliott as they adjust to family life in Saudi Arabia.

Prayers for the Haiti Mission Team as they prepare to depart the end of the week. May God strengthen them for the journey and the Mission and prepare them for the devastation they'll face when they get there.  

Pray too for our children & youth. May God counteract all the pulls of the world.

Our Sunday School lesson this morning was on running the race with perserverance...while keeping our eyes on Him. The Christian life isn't just a race, it's a struggle and at times agonizing! But think of what Jesus endured for us! This week...let's run that race focused on Him!

Got the following message from Mary this morning...

Sonja's Surgery went well, they think she will get home today. Praise God for that!  She is at DuBois Hospital.  They checked her lymph nodes and they were cancer free, so that was good. Praise God again! Thank you for the prayers, the upcoming weeks will be a challenge for her, she is use to doing things herself and being on the go, so the prayers are appreciated.

Continued prayers for the Syphrit family as they go thru the grieving process.

Pray too for the part of the family that is traveling back to Georgia today. We so enjoyed having Riley (her mom & Grandpa Chris too) at SonBeams last night.

Praise God Nancy Fox is doing great! Add Ted to your prayer lists as he goes thru his cancer treatments. 

Continued prayers for Ray as he has good days and not so great ones. Thanks to all who have stopped in and sent cards. It's often a guessing game to figure out who his visitors were...when he tells us things like a man & lady with blond hair or that lady from the church.  We could get him a guest book but that wouldn't be nearly as fun!


Bob Robbins is in Pittsburgh hospital and not doing well. He had surgery on Friday but they still have not found the source of the blood infection. They are going to take him back into surgery on Weds. to explore further. Pray that they can find the source of the infection.


Remember Sonja and her surgery tomorrow. God is able!


Ray was able to Skype with our grandchildren today (his greats). It was a wild and crazy visit, but he was able to interact with them and they with him. He was a little baffled at first that he could see & hear them and they him...but he seemed to enjoy it. Simple pleasures!


If anyone would like some black walnuts, Betty is looking to get rid of some.

Prayers for Ron Walter. He was admitted to the hospital this morning.

Pray too for Terry Kuntz's mom, Caroline Reed. She's having a hip replaced tomorrow morning.

Sonja's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. Please keep her in your prayers over the weeks and months ahead as she journeys thru this cancer.

Haiti is still very much in need of our prayers as they recover from the effects of the Hurricane and now deal with further flooding. Pray too for the Mission team as they go to minister to the people there.
Remember the Commissioning Service next Sunday, Oct. 30 at 7 PM at Haven UMC

There will be a prayer gathering next Sunday on the Court House lawn at 1:00, to pray for our Nation. 

Pray tonight for the elderly & their caregivers. My heart aches for so many in the nursing homes.

Christ Syphrit posted the following message this morning.

"Thank you EVERYONE for all the kindness, love, hugs and Prayers you all have shown us during the passing of our Dad.
We've read your comments to our Mom and She appreciated every one of them.
We knew John Syphrit was loved by everyone he came in contact with and we feel your love.
There will be a Memorial Service at The Meade Chapel Church on Saturday October 29th at 12 noon                 and anyone who wants to Celebrate his life is welcome.

There will be a dinner afterwards and in honor of Big Johns love for desserts....please bring something he would enjoy.
Dad used to say....he likes 2 kinds of Pie....warm Pie...and cold Pie.
God Bless us Every One!"

We are so thankful that Matt, Sara, and Elliott arrived safely to their new home in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Please pray for their continued safety while they live there.
Thank you,
Dave and Nan

Continue to hold the Syphrit family up in prayer. There will be no viewing. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, Oct. 29 at the Meade Chapel UMC.

Praise God the strike of the PA State System of Higher Education is over & teachers/students can return to classes.

 Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to worship this Sunday!


Please keep the Syphrit family in your prayers.



Karen Wolfe's (Meade Chapel) cousin, Tom Wallace, from Marienville died, the service is Friday. Please keep Tom's family in prayer.



Sara, Matt & little Elliott will be leaving for Saudi Arabia tomorrow. Pray for safe travels good health and safety while they are there.


Pray too for Lotty Knapp who has pneumonia and is in the hospital, for Dick Reinard who is experiencing kidney problems, my dad who is having cataract surgery tomorrow and Mary Jane as she goes for more tests.


Continued prayers for John, Ray and Sonja (surgery on Tuesday)


Also, if you see a mini pincher running lose in or around KnoxDale let me know please!

His sitter is very concerned!


Remember Charge Conference is tonight at EUM. Lay Leaders are to be there at 6. The other meeting starts at 7. This is open to all members to vote on positions/wages for 2017.


Remember Coffee, Snack & Chat is tomorrow morning at PortBarnett at 10.


Continued prayers for both John & Ray.

Today is the one year anniversary of Hope's passing. Ray told me yesterday, that it would be a year today and said it's been a really hard year.   In our selfishness, we want him to hang on; but in reality we know he is headed to a much better place, where Hope is waiting for him.


Please add Bob Robbins to your prayer lists. He is in the hospital and not doing well, Betty said.  Pray for a Linda too, as her health isn't good.


Sonja Barber as she prepares for surgery a week from today and the long road of chemo that lies ahead of her.


There are several others from the Faithful Followes Charge...that are in need of our prayers. You know who you are. Health concerns that I've heard thru the grapevine but I am not at liberty to say anything. Just pray. God knows who they are.


Have a good day! Look for God in the beauty all around you!



We thank God for a really nice skating party! Great turn out and lots of good eats! But, we had one casualty.  Please pray for Garrett Z.  He wiped out and broke his arm.  Pray for a speedy recovery.


Continued prayers for John S. and a great BIG Happy Birthday Blessing for him tomorrow too! Praise God Chris was able to come home for a visit!


And speaking of Birthdays...remember to wish your Pastor a Happy one tomorrow!


Thanks to all who have been praying for Ray. He seemed a little stronger today. And he so enjoys these nice days & his time outside!


Continued prayers for Sonja too as she prepares for surgery on the 25. And for her guy's as they head off tomorrow on a fishing trip.


Pray for all those battling cancer of any kind. There are so many!


Remember tomorrow is Laity Sunday! If you are not taking part in the service, be there for those who are!

Brennan McMillen will be speaking at KnoxDale. Parents, remember your kids are singing!


Remember too, October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Thank your Pastor and Thank God for her!

Please pray for Rev. Bob Janacek. He is in a Pittsburgh hospital in ICU. He had two stints & a balloon put in. His wife Pat is in Jefferson Court room 215 on the 2nd floor. Please keep them both in your prayers.

Continue to lift Ray, John Syphrit and Sonja (surgery scheduled for the 25) and Everett Shaffer.

Remember: tomorrow is the Free Family Skate at Reynoldsville from 4-6. Pizza & Drinks provided. Bring a snack to share.

Below is prayer request for Haiti Mission team. Pray for Pastor Joni as she discerns whether or not God is still calling her on this trip or if it would be best to wait.


Ray had another stroke this morning. Worse than yesterday's.

Please continue to pray, that God's will be done & for strength for the family to accept whatever that is.

 The plan is just to keep him comfortable at the home for now.



Ray was brought back to the home late last night after being checked out in DuBois. They said it was a TIA / mini stroke, but Thanks be to God, his speech had returned. Please continue to lift him in prayer.

We know that this is just a precursor of things to come.

Pray for Don Knapp. He is in Brookville Hospital with pneumonia.


Ray is being taken to DuBois Hospital. Continue to pray.

Ray was taken to the hospital. Possible stroke. Prayers please

Remember to Thank God for His many blessings to you!

Continued prayers for John & Ray.

Please add Sonja Barber to your prayer lists as she begins her journey through breast cancer, surgery & treatments.

And Mary Jane Gilhousen as she copes with and is treated for a blood disorder.

Praising God for safe return from Saudi Arabia for Sara's husband, Matt. Pray for safe travels as they travel later this week to Kansas to visit family and then as they all go back to Saudi Arabia to resume his work there.

Pray too for others in the congregations who are or will be traveling to/fro this week.

Pray for the Laity Sunday Services next Sunday. My guess is that all three services will be different in many ways but the same in that they are intended to call the laity from their comfortable pews, into service and to draw others closer to God.


Many Prayers for John Syphrit, his family and his care givers.

Pray for comfort, courage, tenderness and acceptance.

God has reasons for allowing things to happen...

We may never understand His Wisdom but we simply have to trust His Will.


Hi Deb, I have a prayer request for my Mother's first cousin, Jean Jenkins.  She is a wonderful Christian lady and has been more of a sister to my mum than a cousin, and more of an aunt to me than a second cousin.  Her life has been one of self-sacrifice and she has walked closely with the Saviour.  She is on hospice in her daughter's home in Greensburg, PA.  My cousin Cherie called to tell me this evening that Jean is just not doing well.  Her breathing is difficult due to a number of issues.  And please pray for Cherie and Marcie, her daughters during this time as they have been her care-takers in all of this.  Thank you so much.  Gaye M.

Pray for the family of Paul Shaffer. Paul passed away yesterday.

Pray too, for Paul's brother Everett (Du's dad). He got home last night. They ended up putting a pace maker in on Monday.

Pray for the people in FL and all along the coast that are having to move to other areas because of Hurricane Matthew. .Barb's sister Sheila's area was evacuated today. So far, Lee Ann is staying put...but her boys' schools are closed for the next two days. Continue to pray for the people of Haiti too.

Prayers for my dad as he goes for cataract surgery today.

And continued prayers for Ray. He was very tired yesterday.

Continued prayers for Haiti. The pictures and reports coming from there are not good.
The Chitester's have also asked for prayer as they are in the path of the storm. They're waiting for word on whether they have to evacuate or not. Pray for all those in the path of the storm; those who will evacuate and those who must stay (law enforcement, military, emergency personal)

Continue to pray for John Syphrit (Liz too).

Praising God today with the Straitiff's as they close on their new home! We will certainly miss them in KnoxDale but are happy they'll have more space and still be close enough to be a part of the church. Congratulations Trevor, Tiffany, Ainsley & Addy!  May God Bless every corner of your new home and fill it with His Love!

Prayers for the family of Dale Fike as they grieve his passing. Dale was great grandpa to one of our SonBeam's, Isaac Burkett. Continued prayers for healing for Isaac's uncle Mike too.

Thursday is "Take your Bible to school day". Encourage your children & youth to take theirs as a witness to where they place their faith and trust.

Thanks for the prayers and praise God for safe flights for Jeanna. Looks like she might be in for some wind & rain in FL.

Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to worship with you this week!

Remember October is Pastor Appreciation Month, the 16th is Laity Sunday (also Pastor Joni's birthday
😊) and Charge Conference is on the 18th at EUM.

Saturday, October 15 the SonBeams are sponsoring a Free Family Skate at Reynoldsville from 4-6. Pizza & Drinks provided. Bring a finger food to share.

A memorial service has been planned for this Saturday for Cheyenne Nicole Snyder and her daughter,  Dixie Lynne Ann Pacsai at the Brookville EUM Church. Veiwing is from 9am to 11 am with a memorial service at 11. There will be a luncheon in the downstairs following.

Val has asked for Prayers for Vicky Bundy's mom, Emily (she lives in Arizona). They found some tumors and are awaiting test results. And also for Jeff Knapp.

Continued prayers for Ron Pacsia, John S., Ray, Mike Burkett, Haiti, Colleen, Everett & his brother Paul, Jim McNutt and those facing surgery.

Pray for travel mercies for Jeanna & her sister Ruth as they are headed for FL today.

Pray that GOD will use YOU today to show others how much HE means to you.

Prayers for the family of little Dixie Pacsai. She passed away last night as a result of injuries sustained in the accident last Sunday that took the life of her mom.

Pray too for Mike Burkett. (He is the one that the car fell on his head last Sunday) He was re-admitted to Pittsburgh hospital yesterday with numbness in his face and blurred vision.

Please pray for Haiti, the hurricane center is predicting Hurricane Matthew, category 3,  will hit Haiti, especially the southern peninsula, from Sunday to Wednesday,  The wind can be very destructive, but more hazardous is the torrential rain that causes flooding and landslides, especially if it lasts for 3 days.  Our ministry site is in the southern peninsula area, centered in Les Cayes on the southern coast.  Pray for protection for the Haitians, the missionaries, and all that will be affected.



Remember the Apple Dumplings & Homemade Ice Cream is today beginning at 2 - ?

Gale Wolfe talked to Shirley Walter & got an update on her sister Colleen in Florida. Colleen ended up calling for an ambulance herself & they took her to the hospital. She has pneumonia & congestive heart failure. Continued prayer, please for a speedy recovery.

Praising God tonight with a friend. A while back things didn't work out as they had hoped...and they were disappointed. Today I learned that God in his wisdom worked things out far better than they could have ever imagined! God is so good!

Continued prayers for Ray. He was pretty down tonight.

Thanks be to God for answered prayers. We've run into both Betty Mauk & Bonnie Beck at the home and both seem to be doing much better!

Continue to lift Everett Shaffer as he recovers. Continue to lift Dustin Songer for healing. Pray too for those facing surgery and those battling cancer.

Shirley Walters would like prayer for her sister Colleen. She is anemic and very weak.

Everett Shaffer came thru his open heart surgery well. DuWayne said he'd be in 4 or 5 days. Continue to lift him in prayer daily over the next few weeks as he recovers. Pray too for his family and caretakers.

Pray too for Everett's brother Paul Shaffer. He is in the room across the hall from Ray and is in pretty bad shape.

Continue to lift John and Ray. Getting over pneumonia and regaining  strength at their ages isn't an easy journey.

Prayers for DuWayne, Scott and Becky as they prepare for upcoming surgeries.

The Haiti Team's final fund raiser will be this Saturday evening, October 1st, 2 pm-?, Apple Dumplings and Homemade Ice Cream, Hazen Church.  God continues to supply over and above our needs and we are thanking Him for His blessings, extra funds that we can leave in Haiti to help various ministries in addition to the construction of a church roof and church pews.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church ministries and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Remember, October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Do something nice to let her know she is appreciated! 

Remember too...October 16 is Laity Sunday. Get planning!

Everett Shaffer (DuWayne's dad) is having open heart surgery today in Allegheny General. Please keep him, the surgeons and his family in your prayers.

 Continue to pray for John (Liz & the family too) as he fights the pneumonia.  Scott said yesterday was a good day. Praise God for that and keep praying! 

Ray had another good day yesterday too. Keep praying for him. He is in room 209 if anyone wants to stop in.

Pray for Donna & Scott too. Scott is preparing for back surgery the beginning of Nov. Pray for strength for the journey ahead.

Prayers for wisdom for Becky and the doctors as they make decisions about her back.

Praise Him too that Bob & Karen celebrated their 52 anniversary yesterday with some good medical reports! 

Pray for every child, youth and leader that comes thru the church doors tonight.  God knows each one by name. May HE  turn their hearts and minds toward they want to please Him in everything they think, say and do.


Read this earlier this morning and wanted to share it...

Dear Lord, I give You my hands to do Your work, my feet to go Your way, my eyes to see as You see, my

 tongue to speak Your words, my mind that You may think in me, my spirit that You may pray in me. Above all, I

 give You my heart so that You may love through me. Amen.

The family of Cheyenne Snyder would like prayer for their one month old granddaughter, Dixie, who was involved in the accident yesterday. She has a cracked skull and is having mini seizures. Pray too for the boyfriend who was also critically injured and in a Pittsburgh hospital.

I don't know the name of the guy who hit them...but pray for him as well. I don't know the extent of his injuries...

but I can't imagine living with that!

After struggling for months with what they thought was sciatica, and going thru all kinds of physical therapy, Becky Caylor's tests have revealed a bulging disc in her back. She see's a surgeon tomorrow.

Prayers for the Snyder family. Ricky Snyder lost his daughter, Cheyene  in a car accident today. Her infant daughter and boy friend were life flighted to Pittsburgh.

Pray too for John Syphrit who was admitted to the hospital yesterday...and is not doing well at all.

Also I heard tonight that a car fell on someone in Knox Twp. don't know any details...but God does. Just pray.

Dustin Songer is also in need of our prayers.

Continue to pray for Ray as well. He really has enjoyed being outside yesterday and today. Sadly the nice weather isn't going to last much longer.

Pray for people in nursing homes...and their care givers.

If you get a chance to o to Clarington to their revival...go. We were out tonight. They had a full house. Excellent speaker and great music. It continues thru Wednesday. Tuesday night is Youth night.


Ray is being moved to LaurelBrooke this afternoon. Please keep him in your prayers as he adjusts to his new surroundings. This is not going to be an easy transition for any of us...especially for him. 

The man who mowed his yard and walked to the post office and sooo enjoyed homecoming this year is very weak and frail. Pneumonia at 99 1/2 is not a good thing.  But God is faithful! Our job is to pray and trust Him! Healing will come; we just don't know whether it will be here or in Heaven

Sorry for the pause in the prayer chain! Things have been a little crazy at our house this week.

Not much change in Ray. Still very weak and very much in need of our prayers.

Jim McNutt is still battling a nasty blood infection. Was taken back to Allegheny General earlier this week. May be coming back to the Manor today.

Praising God today that Craig is done with radiation, the tumor has shrunk and he doesn't have to go back for 6 months!

Mary Jane Gilhousen is going in for some tests tomorrow. Pray for good results.

We praise God for Sunday School! We currently have more kids than we've had in a while...and we thank God for each one! 

Pray for our Nation! It's hard to turn on the news without hearing bad news.

Pray for your Pastor, Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to church this Sunday!

***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can