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Pastor - Joni Williams

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Prayer List 


Pat & Pete Kniseley


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, Chamberlin, & Scarlet Cord

Service men & women

Pray for each other


Craig's viewing is Sunday, 2-4 & 6-8 and Funeral is Monday at 11 (viewing 10-11) Shumaker's Funeral Home in Punxsutawney.


Memorials can be made to Good Samaritan Hospice or KnoxDale UMC


Luncheon to follow at KnoxDale UMC


Please pray for comfort and strength for the family and for travel mercies for Dolly who is flying in tonight and David who will be flying in on Saturday. And everyone else that's driving to/fro for the viewing/funeral.




On Saturday, May 13 at 5:00 pm ALL Ladies of the charge (toddlers to patriarchs) and their guests are invited to the Annual Ladies Night Out at the Roseville Grange.

Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend! This has proven to be a really nice event and good food!

More details and reservation forms will come in March.

Sponsored by KnoxDale Ladies Aide



Tom Faudie will come home from the hospital today. Pray for him and his family as decisions are made about what course of action to take...if any.


Continue to lift Roger Skala and Michele too, as he goes through cancer treatments in Cleveland, again.


Pray for Peg in the days and weeks ahead. Let's love her through this.


Thyra's eye sight has improved some and she seems to be on the mend. Praise God!

I haven't heard anything on Ron W. for a while, but let's continue to lift him as well as Ray, Scott, Donna, Mary Jane, Karen, Dick R., Bob & Linda R., Dave & Gerry, DuWayne, Shannon, the Gilhousen family, Mary White, those traveling, families in turmoil and several unspoken requests.


Pray for your President. Like him or not, he is ours. He needs our prayers as he leads a divided nation. As Christians, we have an obligation to pray for our president no matter how you voted in November.

1 Timothy 2:1-2 commands us to pray "for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty."


Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Craig has finished the race, Keep his family in prayer, please.


Just got a call that they think Craig's time here on earth is short. Please pray for the family as he moves from this life to the next.  Praise God for that Blessed Assurance Craig (and all Christ followers) has in eternal life!

Born of His Spirit, washed in His Blood!


Please keep the family of Jane Domres in prayer. Jane died Monday evening. 

When I was leaving the home after having lunch with Ray on Monday, Rob Caylor was going in to visit with Jane. Said she was a neighbor and told me she didn't like it there and wanted to go home. Looks like she got her wish and will reside in her Heavenly Home for eternity.

Here is her obit for those who knew her (which is probably most of us)

Pray too for the family of Howard Copen. He lost his battle with cancer today.

Pray for Kelly & Ryan as they will be traveling to Mexico tomorrow. And for travel mercies for the youth as they go to Winter Jam Friday evening in Pittsburgh. And also for the Kniseley family as the travel to/fro to be with Craig.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. 

Remember Coffee, Snack & Chat is tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.


They were unable to remove Tom Faudie's tumor. Going to do a biopsy tomorrow. Goal is to keep it from growing. Continue to pray.





Just got a request for prayer for Tom Faudie. He is having brain tumor surgery in Pittsburgh this morning. Pray for Tom, his wife Dorie, the doctors and all who will be caring for him during and after the surgery.



Karen is to be released this morning. Praise God! They said the fever was not radiation related. She will continue the treatments on Wednesday. Please continue to lift her in prayer.


Prayers for Peg & Craig continue!


Unspoken request for one of our Faithful Followers and for families in turmoil.


Remember Youth, SonBeams and PreSchool ministry tonight from 6:00-7:30. (and Board Meeting at 7:45) Coffee, Snack & Chat tomorrow at 9:00 am


Nan lifted Praise to God on Sunday for a "Church" for Sara's family in Saudi Arabia. They meet in a home and stream the message in. Great reminder that the Church is not a building; the Church is the people! Church is not a building or a day. Church is the walking, talking embodiment of Christ to a world where so many don't know him. Be the Church today; Share the love of Christ with someone!

Forgot a couple prayer requests; 

Clayton Miller broke his thumb in a skiing accident. Pray that it heals quickly.

Pray too, for Dick Reinard who has a lot of serious health issues going on right now and for Judy Reinard who is going thru some testing.

Praise God that DuWayne & Dave's knees are coming along well. It was good to see Du in church this morning! He gave praise for Shannon's safe travels & asked us to pray for her as she adjusts to life in Sweden.

And finally, again I ask for prayer for families in turmoil.  Blending two families can be challenging to say the least. The challenge is compounded when they're  not walking with the LORD. My heart is breaking again today to learn of a young family being ripped apart. Mom going one way with her and his going another. Nobody wins! 

The song Happiness is the Lord just popped into my head. Haven't sang it in forever...but that's what I want for this family.

Do you remember it?

Happiness is to know the Savior,
Living a life within His favor,
Having a change in my behavior,
Happiness is the Lord.

Happiness is a new creation,
Jesus and me in close relation,
Having a part in His salvation,
Happiness is the Lord. 

Real joy is mine, no matter if teardrops start;
I've found the secret, it's Jesus in my heart!

Happiness is to be forgiven,
Living a life that's worth the living,
Taking a trip that leads to Heaven,
Happiness is the Lord,
Happiness is the Lord,
Happiness is the Lord!



Prayers for Karen Wolfe (MC). She was admitted to the hospital with a high fever this morning. They've ruled out the more serious concerns. Still trying to figure out if it's from the radiation or something else.

Please continue to lift Bob Robbins in prayer. He is back at LaurelBrooke...for more therapy. He has been thru a lot since Sept. He had another heart attack while in DuBois. They think the dialysis is causing the weakness in his legs. He's in good spirits and thanks us for all the prayers.  Today is his birthday; says he's 37 in each leg.

This morning we sang "Because He Lives" in honor of Craig (his favorite song). Hard to get thru it, for sure! But reassuring to know Craig/we can face tomorrow without fear, just because HE does live!

Continue to pray for Craig & Peg and all his their family.

We Praise God too for Gerry (as she celebrated her 85 on Friday) and the blessing she has been to our church for many, many years!

Remember "Port Barnett's "Coffee, Snack & Chat" is this Wednesday, January 18 at 9:00 AM in the church basement.   All are welcome!


Please pray for Bob Robbins. Today was his first day home since Sept. and the ambulance was called to his house this evening. Not sure what the situation is, but God knows. Please Pray!


Continue to lift Craig. He is now at the Hospice facility and family is gathering to say their goodbyes...or I should say their 'see you laters'. We know as Christians we will see him again!

Got this message from Peg this evening. Continue to lift their family in prayer. God is still in control.


Keep Karen in prayer as she begins her radiation today.Lets soak Karen in prayer. God is good!  And we know that all that happens to us is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into his plans.(Romans 8:28)

I heard last night that another of our "Faithful Followers" (whose name I can't mention at this time) is in great need of our prayers. God knows the situation and He knows her name. Let's just lift her to him and pray for healing.

"And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us." - 1 John 5:14

Pray too for Our nephew Tyson. He had esophagus/hiatal hernia repair that was supposed to be a fairly simple surgery on Monday...that wasn't quite as simple as they thought. Pain is more than expected & recovery will be a little longer...but we thank God they did it now before it got worse. Pray for his speedy recovery.

Continue to pray for Craig. We know whatever happens, Craig is going to be ok. We'd like a miracle but if that doesn't come, healing will. Pray for strength and comfort for his family. Pray for peace and unity in this stressful time.


Peg would like prayer for her niece, Mary White. She has colon cancer and will be having surgery on Thursday.


Continue to pray too for Roger Skala. His reports today were not good. They will be putting the port back in and starting Chemo again.


Continue to lift little Waylon in prayer. God is listening! He has had a few bumps in the road...but for the most part is doing well. Mommy has gone back to work so she can use her maternity leave time when he is discharged.


Ray could also use some prayers. He had a really good day yesterday but then today was not so good.


Praise God for our State and Township road crews. They have been out all day trying to keep the roads passable.



Craig and his family are in great need of prayer right now. The news today wasn't good. Pray for comfort and strength for Craig and especially his family. The doctors don't think his time here on earth will be long. We rejoice in the knowledge that something better awaits Craig. If he doesn't get a miracle here on earth, then he will receive the ultimate healing in Heaven. Please pray!



Prayers for travel mercies as Betty Miller will be making the trip to Florida today. Doesn't sound like the weather is going to be very good for getting her to Latrobe.


Remember to pray for yourself & Continue to lift the others on our list.


Share the Love of Christ with someone today! Yesterday I had someone tell me they were "discussing finding God". I wasn't sure how to respond so I told him I was going to pray for them...and then I took them a pot of soup, bread & cookies for supper. It's a stretch to think my cooking would draw anyone to God!  But I believe we can love them into the Kingdom. My prayer is that they'll come to church. I don't doubt that if they are truly seeking...they will find Him. Until then we just need to continue to be a love filled community!


And finally, pray for families in turmoil. There are two on my heart this morning...but there are many. I'm sure you too know of some. Pray for them! God can change hearts!


Gaye mentioned at Prayer time yesterday about praying for herself and it made me think.

We do need to pray for ourselves before we pray for others!

You probably pray for other people regularly, but when was the last time you prayed for yourself? It’s not selfish to pray for your own needs and desires. It's essential, because the person with the greatest power to help or hinder God's work in your life is you.

Even Jesus prayed for Himself while He was on earth. Praying for yourself will empower you to live the way God wants you to and grow to become more like Jesus along the way!

That being said...Pray too for

Craig & Peg - they need to find something that will conquer Craig's infection. It seems to be resistant to all the antibiotics they've tried so far.

Pray for Mary Jane as she goes in today for some kind of procedure on her heart.

Pray for all those grieving loses. Remember there is no time limit on grief.

Continue to lift Scott, Donna, Dave, Karen, Thyra, DuWayne, Roger, Ray, Bob, LINDA, Betty and please add Nikki to your prayer lists.

Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Praise God for yesterday's service & all who braved the cold to come out. Attendance was up yesterday...Thanks be to God! I don't doubt that everyone walked away with a better understanding of Baptism. If you are interested in Baptism for yourselves or for your children, talk to Pastor a Joni. I know there was some interest mentioned yesterday.

A Reminder to SonBeam Families; We DO Not meet this week. See you on the 17th.



Prayers for Bob & Linda Robbins. They are both in DuBois Hospital.



Prayers for the Family of Vaughn Gilhousen. He passed away Thursday night.



Thank you to all who prayed for my Mother's cousin, more like a sister, Jean Jenkins.  I had requested prayer for her back in September or October.  She has been on hospice since then, and although she has had difficulties during that period of time, she always seemed to rebound.  I received a text from her daughter, Marcie on Wednesday that she was showing other signs and that the end is near.  On Wednesday evening, Jean went home to be with her Lord and Saviour.  She lived such a wonderful life exemplary of what it means to really be a Christian in word and in deed.  Life was not always easy for her, and yet she never got bitter.  Thank you for your prayers and could you please lift up my cousins Marcie and Cheri at this time.  They have been such faithful care-givers.  Thank you again.  Gaye Miller



Craig is not good. Slept a lot today. They are still running tests trying to figure out where the infection is coming from. Please continue to pray for him, Peg, the doctors and all who are caring for him.


Roger Skala is pretty much in the same boat. They couldn't get an O.R. today so his procedure was postponed until Thursday. Pray for Roger, Michele, the doctors and everyone caring for him.


Pray for the family of Rick Snyder as they grieve his passing.


Dick Reinard is in need of our prayers as they try to get his medication regulated. Pray for his brother Tom too, as he recovers from back surgery.


Please keep our Graham in your prayers as he'll be having some tests. I had ask for prayers before he was born for a kidney problem that was detected in utero. Praise God he hasn't had any problems (for 5 yrs.) until now! Please pray that what they're seeing isn't anything serious.


Praise God for SonBeams and those who help. They are a lively group! Each one special in their own way. Pray for our 6th graders as they prepare to teach on the 24th. They laid out their plan tonight...with excitement! We should all be so excited to serve in our churches!

Pray for Trudee as she is under the weather and wasn't able to help out tonight.


Turn your porch lights on tomorrow from 7pm - Thursday at 7am in memory of Trooper Landon Weaver.and in support of those who serve in law enforcement.



Continued prayers for Karen as she goes to the radiation doctor today and the Chemo doctor tomorrow. She is hoping to get started so she can get it over with soon. Stay positive Karen...that's half the battle! We will be praying!


Continue to lift Craig and Roger. Craig's white count is coming down, so that's good. Roger is scheduled for a procedure today.


Prayers for all those battling flu and colds. There seem to be many right now!



Craig is heading back to Shadyside. Prayers Please!



Continue to pray for baby Waylon. They are still doing tests but he seems to be doing well. Prayers too for his parents, Angie & Morgan, as this is no doubt an anxious time for them. I'm reminded how you all prayed for my cousin's little one 6 years ago this week when he, Will, was born early, weighing 1 lb 15 oz. Today he is a happy, healthy kindergartener!


Please continue to lift Craig in your prayers (Peg too). God is faithful. He is with them in this valley. Stop in if you get a chance. Or send him a card. He could use some extra encouragers!


Praising God that Bob Robbins is again back at LaurelBrooke...and doing well. May be coming home in the next couple of days. They had to adjust some medications to get his blood back to where it needs to be. Bob says he will be in church when he gets home. Says "I have much to thank God for."  Don't we all? Let's count our blessings in 2017!


Praising God with the Eshbaugh's as they look forward to a new grandchild in June! Sandy is elated!


Praise God Dave & Gerry were back in church today! Continue to keep them in your prayers as they still have a ways to go.


Pray too for DuWayne as he recovers. Why not cook a little extra at supper some night and take him a plate.


Thank God for the opportunity to gather round His table this morning. What better way to bring in the new year? And for those at KnoxDale, did you notice the song Gaye was playing during it? "Grace that is Greater than All Our Sin" How fitting!

Have you thanked God for your church musicians? We (all three) are blessed to have such faithful ladies on the piano bench each week!




Betty Miller has asked for prayers for her grandson John Dunham Jr. Complications from diabetes and having trouble with his eyes.


Pray for the families/friends of Trooper Landon Weaver and Jason Robison. What a tragedy!


Pray for those recovering from surgery, battling cancer, fighting colds/flu, grieving loses and our homebound. There are many!


Start your New Year off in a good way...attend worship...partake in the Lord's Supper. Invite a friend or neighbor or family member to join you there!



Please keep Roger Skala (lives across from Ray's house) in your prayers. He is in Cleveland Clinic. His cancer is back on his pancreas and there is something going on with his liver. Pray for Michele as well.


Continued prayers for Craig, Bob Robbins, DuWayne S. Dave & Gerry and Scott as well.


Praise God! Shannon Shaffer has made it to Sweden safely. Continue to lift Shannon as she adjusts to life and work there.



Prayers for Roger Skala. Went back to Cleveland Clinic today. Can't eat, can't sleep and has lost 15 lbs in the last month.


Pray too for Karen Wolfe tomorrow as she returns to the doctor. Trusting God & hoping for good reports.


Continued prayers for Craig.


Not liking weather reports I'm seeing tonight. Prayers for travel mercies as we return from Cincy tomorrow.

Prayers for this little one please!

Subject: Prayers

My coworker went into labor 11 weeks early and gave birth to her son on Christmas Eve. He was 2.15# and 15 inches long. The last update I received said he was doing well, but I would like to ask for prayers both mom and baby

Kelly. L

 Prayers too for Shannon Shaffer as she prepares to head for Sweden on Thursday. And continue to pray for DuWayne as well.

Praise God for safe travels to Cincinnati and time with the grandkids. Praying for good weather to return home on Thursday. 

Wasn't it great to see Meade Chapel busting at the seams tonight!? 😊 God is good!

Remember those among us whose Christmas might not be so 'merry' this year. Pray for those who are missing loved ones this year. Pray for those in nursing homes and hospitals. Pray for those who are away from their families. Pray for those battling cancer, recovering from surgery, the sick and the lonely.

Share some Love! Make Christmas just a little merrier for someone!

"Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!” 

― Dr. Seuss


Prayers for Craig as he sees his doctors in Pittsburgh today. Pray too for travel mercies.



Message from Shannon Shaffer about Du...

"When it rains, it pours (and this rain storm hasn't let up).  Dad is home safe and sound and is staying away from all ice - even the cubes!  He's in an immobilizer brace for 6-8 weeks, then he'll start to bend his knee and learn to walk normally again.  Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers during this super unfortunate time."



DuWayne is at UPMC Altoona. He's out of surgery and still sleeping. The doc said the surgery went well. He tore his quadricep tendon as well so the recovery will be a little different. They cleaned it out and stitched him back up. They're keeping him until tomorrow for antibiotics. Keep praying!


No "Coffee, Snack & Chat" this Wednesday at Port Barnett.



DuWayne was taken into surgery this morning. Keep praying!


DuWayne fell last night and broke open his knee...yes, the knee he had surgery on.

He was taken by ambulance to DuBois Hospital. Please keep him in your prayers.


Pray too for Gaye. She's been doctoring for numbness in her hand. They tried shots in funny bone but that didn't work. Facing possible surgery in January.



Praise God for a wonderful Children's Christmas Program this morning. And that the D.S. Rev. James Pond was able to be with us?


Praise God for Miranda & Scott's new little granddaughter, Aubree Brielle Siple! God is good!


Praise God that Shannon Shaffer has graduated with her Master's in Music! Pray for her as she begins the next chapter of her life in Sweden at the end of the year?


Tomorrow is Karen Wolfe's (Meade) big day. Pray for her as she begins her journey thru the cancer. One day at a time Karen! We will be soaking you in prayer and cheering you on!


Please keep Ray in your prayers as he has a stomach bug.


Continued prayers for Craig and Peg. The journey has been a difficult one but "God's grace is new every morning. Great is His faithfulness."


Bob Robbins is also not feeling well. Keep Bob in your prayers.




Praise God! Blake Burkett was to come home tonight! And his Great Uncle Tom Reinard's back surgery went well.


Dave Miller's surgery is scheduled for 9:30 am tomorrow. Keep he and Gerry both in your prayers.


Praise God that there were no serious injuries in the accident on I80 today! God is good!


Pray for Pastor Joni & Dan as they travel to FL in the a.m.


Praise God, little Blake Burkett did well in surgery! The doctor said everything went well and that Blake did good. They took him in around 9 am and were still waiting to see him at 1:55 pm.  Hopefully they've seen him by now.

Please keep the prayers going up for Craig! His feeding tube is plugged and they are waiting to see if he is going to have to go back to Pittsburgh. He also has a bed sore that is making him pretty miserable. Poor guy! It's just been one thing after another.  pray for Peg as well during these trying times. God has promised to never leave us or forsake us and we know he is walking with them thru this valley.

Please add Tom Reinard to your prayer list. He is having back surgery in Altoona tomorrow.


Little Blake has to be at Children's at 6 am tomorrow. Pray for safe travels and a successful heart surgery. Pray for his family...Matt, Megan & Isaac as this is an anxious time for them.


Dave Miller also has a pre-op appointment in Pittsburgh tomorrow. Pray for safe travels and successful knee surgeries for him on Friday.


Gerry is also in need of our prayers. She is having trouble with her hip and going thru therapy on top of having shingles.


Also Kristy Snell...the mother of one of our SonBeams, Kaden, had surgery today. Please keep Kristy in prayer.


Praising God for the start up of a new Pre-School Ministry...on this snowy night! They were all smiles when showing us what they did. Next meeting for them will be on January 17.


Continued prayers for Craig, Karen, Ray, Scott, Donna, Ron, DuWayne, Sonja, Thyra, Bob, Teasha, and all those grieving loses this holiday season.


No Thursday Bible Study at Port Barnett or KnoxDale this Thursday due to the forecast of extremely low temps. I assume that also means the meeting for the Visitation Ministry Team is also postponed for Thursday at Port.


And lastly I wanted to share with you a part of a letter I got from Todd who is serving time in the Marienville Prison. He says "I have accepted Jesus Christ as my loving Savior. I have died to myself and have turned my life over to God." Later he goes on to say "I'm sure that this Christmas will be a very special one for me. I'm ready for our Saviors Birthday."  I can't help but think of Paul and Silas in jail, praying and singing and the other inmates hearing them. I believe God can and will use for good, Todds time there.

Please continue to lift him in prayer. If God should nudge you to send a card and an encouraging note, his address is:

Todd Bogacki

MQ 1511

SCI Forest

PO Box 945

Marienville, PA 16239






Remember Peg's niece, Mary White, today as she has surgery for Colon Cancer.


Haven't heard anymore on Craig, but keep praying.



Praise God! Meade Chapel's furnace is up and running again. Just needed do we all! Remember to fill your tanks daily with God's Word!


No school today. In the past if school was canceled Bible Study was too. Not sure if that rule still applies with teacher Dan or not. Maybe Call him before you go out!?



I was so encouraged at lunch time when he was eating meat balls that Darlene brought in and was even aloud to

Craig was taken to the hospital this evening (DuBois I Think). Not sure what for...but God knows! Please keep him in your prayers.

drink regular water. My prayer is that this doesn't set him back again!


Please keep little Blake in your prayers as he goes for heart surgery on Wednesday.

And Dave Miller is scheduled to have his knees done on Friday.

Continued prayers for Gerry that these shingles will be short lived.


Praise God that Bob Robbins seems to be on the road to recovery. He was walking the halls today in hopes of getting home soon.

Praising Him too that Debby Knapp Park is out of the hospital and recovering at her daughter's house. God is good!


Not sure what's going on with MC furnace but pray that the problem can be fixed quickly. Was sad to see an empty parking lot this morning.


Pray for the homebound. Make a visit if you can. Many are lonely and just want someone to talk to.


Pray for safe travels for Pastor Joni and Dan as they leave on vacation the end of the week.


Anyone interested in being a part of the Nursing Home Visitation Team there will be a meeting Thursday morning at 11:00 at Port Barnett.


Prayers for Peg's niece. See below...

I  would appreciate prayers for my niece Mary White .She will be having surgery on the 12th for colon cancer .Thanks

Continued prayers for Craig as well.

Pray for the family of the 11 year old girl lost in the accident last evening out by Roseville. And for her siblings who sustained severe injuries.

Praising God for another successful Soup Luncheon & Bake Sale! Thanks to all who attended, donated and baked.  And for the dedicated group of ladies that gave of their time to make it happen! 

Keep Gerry M. In your prayers as she deals with shingles. She really wanted to help with the luncheon today but just wasn't able to. Probably the first one she's ever missed.  Pray for Dave too as he gets his knees done on Friday.

Pray for the homebound and be sure to check on them often during these cold winter days!


Please continue to lift Craig in your prayers. Frustration is setting in (and rightfully so). He really wants a glass of water but even that isn't aloud right now. He is upset and overwhelmed with the whole situation. Pray for strength to overcome the frustration and for emotional peace. Pray that his loved ones and caretakers can extend grace (to him & to each other) during this difficult time. Pray for a Peg too.


Karen Wolfe is scheduled to have the lump removed on December 19 in Texas. Pray that all goes well and she returns to full health quickly.


Remember the Soup Luncheon & Bake Sale at KnoxDale tomorrow.
 This is great weather for soup! Eat in or Take Out.



Prayers for one of our bus drivers and a situation that needs to be resolved. Pray for guidance as she meets with administration today and a peaceful solution.


Continue to pray for Craig that he can regain his strength and get back home soon. And that Peg will feel better soon so she can get in to see him.


Pray for all those in nursing homes. They can be lonely places.


Ron (Shirley too) is still in need of our prayers. As is Debbie Park (Dean & Betty too) and Scott & Donna Syphrit.


Karen Wolfe begins her journey thru cancer today in Texas. Keep her in your prayers.


Blake Burkett goes in for open heart surgery & Dave Miller is preparing for double knee surgery, both are next week. Begin now to pray for both. And pray that Gerry's shingles will heal quickly.


Pray for all those grieving losses (by death and by separation) during the holidays. Holidays are supposed to be family times and grief seems to be magnified during them.


Pray for families in turmoil. Life is short! Love & Forgive one another...even if it means You taking the first step! Initiate reconciliation...send a Christmas card!


Remember the Soup Luncheon & Bake Sale this Saturday from 11 - ? At KnoxDale. Homemade Vegetable Beef, Chicken Noodle and Creamy Broccoli.  Eat in or Take Out.


Also Remember Santa will be at the KnoxDale FireHall on Sunday from 2-4. Plan now to bring the kids and grandkids. If you are a cookie baker...they could use some! Take them to the hall between noon and two or call Pam Barber to arrange pick-up.


And finally...I'm requesting Prayers & Christmas cards for a young man who made some really bad life choices and wound up in jail. He seems to have turned over a new leaf, has repented and is seeking God. Todd lived with his Aunt Gerry when he was in high school for a while. He attended at KnoxDale at that time so some of us knew him. Some of you may have known his mother, Ginny Sebring.  Most of you don't know him but we can all offer words of encouragement and hope.

Don't include anything in the card. Your return address with name must be on the envelope. You can use return address labels but no other stickers on the outside or inside.

His address is:

Todd Bogacki

MQ 1511

PO Box 945

Marienville PA 16239




Next Sunday, December 11 from 2-4, Santa will be at the fire hall. All are Welcome!


If anyone would like to make some cookies for the kids to enjoy, please drop them off at the firehall between 12 and 2. Or Pam Barber can make arrangements to pick them up.


Praising God for safe travels thus far for Karen & Bob! They spent the night in Little Rock Arkansas. Will go on to Texas today. Continue to pray for safe travels and for Karen's return to good health.


I have an unspoken request for a family in turmoil. Pray for God's peace within the family. Life is short folks. Don't waste a minute of it bickering! Unforgivness hurts you more than it does the person who has offended you!



Craig Kniseley is finally back in his own Zip Code! After three weeks in Shadyside he's been moved back to LaurelBrooke! He will begin therapy tomorrow. Pray that he'll regain his strength quickly! We got to visit a little tonight. For as weak as he is...he hasn't lost his sense of humor!

Pray for Peg too as she has pneumonia. ��

Craig is in the room right across from Ray. 207 I believe.


And just two doors down is Bob Robbins. He too could use some prayers as he recovers from surgery.


Three of our KnoxDale guys on the same wing and at this point, the soon to be 100 year old would probably win in a foot race.


Also Praising God that Ron is doing much better! He sat up and ate some supper tonight! Keep praying for he and Shirley!



Please pray for Gerry Miller as she has shingles.  Not good with Dave's surgery coming up.


Craig will likely be moved to LaurelBrooke tomorrow. Continue to lift he and Peg.


Praise God for a good Bible Study tonight and a good reminder to stay focused on Jesus when faced with temptation. If you are not involved in a Bible Study, you should be.

There are three on the charge to pick from.

Meade Chapel on Monday's at 10 am

Port Barnett On Thursday's at 10 am

KnoxDale on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm All are Welcome!



Please Pray for Kay Ruffner. She is experiencing severe back pain.



Ron Walter (Shirley too) is in need of our prayers.



Please pray for Caroline Reed, Terry Kuntz's mom. She was admitted to DuBois Hospital this morning with infection in her hip that she had replaced. They are going to open her back up this evening and try to clean the infection out...and possibly put in a medicated pack. Pray for the doctors and all who will be taking care of her and her family as well. God is the Great Physician. Let's lift Caroline to Him and Trust Him.


Continued prayers for Craig & they ride out the storm.

And for Bob & Karen as they travel.


Pray too for a friend (who shall remain nameless) who was a Good Samaritan and went to the aid of a friend in need and got stuck with a huge repair bill that he really can't afford.


I know as we intercede on behalf of others; there are times to pray for the sick, for finances, and for God’s leading. But we have to remember too to Praise Him...even in the storm!


Continued prayers for Craig. He may be moved to LaurelBrooke later this week.

Pray too, for Peg who (I heard thru the grapevine) has a touch of pneumonia.

And finally, for David & Sam who will be traveling back home tomorrow.


Prayers for Bob & Karen as they make their way to Texas.


Today as I was coming home from town, there was a cow in the field across from the old Caylor homestead. I went back to the house but no one was home. I hope it found its way back to the barn safely! Does anyone know the names of the people who live there? There was a time that I knew the names of the people in every house all along the KnoxDale Road. Not anymore!


Praising God for another successful SonBeam Food Harvest! My car was full to the MAX today as I took it to the Food Pantry!

Praising Him too for a good night last night! The Youth (I think there were 14 of them) did an excellent job with their Good Samaritan skit, leading us in three songs, playing special music and doing a craft with the kids. Couldn't help but be proud of all of our past SonBeams and look forward to how God is going to use them in the future. Jeremiah 29:11


It's Christmastime! Let's go out tomorrow and over-share. Over share your love, over share your selves and over share your positive words.  Do it and don't feel bad about it EVER!



***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can