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Got the following message from Mary this morning...

Sonja's Surgery went well, they think she will get home today. Praise God for that!  She is at DuBois Hospital.  They checked her lymph nodes and they were cancer free, so that was good. Praise God again! Thank you for the prayers, the upcoming weeks will be a challenge for her, she is use to doing things herself and being on the go, so the prayers are appreciated.

Continued prayers for the Syphrit family as they go thru the grieving process.

Pray too for the part of the family that is traveling back to Georgia today. We so enjoyed having Riley (her mom & Grandpa Chris too) at SonBeams last night.

Praise God Nancy Fox is doing great! Add Ted to your prayer lists as he goes thru his cancer treatments. 

Continued prayers for Ray as he has good days and not so great ones. Thanks to all who have stopped in and sent cards. It's often a guessing game to figure out who his visitors were...when he tells us things like a man & lady with blond hair or that lady from the church.  We could get him a guest book but that wouldn't be nearly as fun!


Bob Robbins is in Pittsburgh hospital and not doing well. He had surgery on Friday but they still have not found the source of the blood infection. They are going to take him back into surgery on Weds. to explore further. Pray that they can find the source of the infection.


Remember Sonja and her surgery tomorrow. God is able!


Ray was able to Skype with our grandchildren today (his greats). It was a wild and crazy visit, but he was able to interact with them and they with him. He was a little baffled at first that he could see & hear them and they him...but he seemed to enjoy it. Simple pleasures!


If anyone would like some black walnuts, Betty is looking to get rid of some.

Prayers for Ron Walter. He was admitted to the hospital this morning.

Pray too for Terry Kuntz's mom, Caroline Reed. She's having a hip replaced tomorrow morning.

Sonja's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. Please keep her in your prayers over the weeks and months ahead as she journeys thru this cancer.

Haiti is still very much in need of our prayers as they recover from the effects of the Hurricane and now deal with further flooding. Pray too for the Mission team as they go to minister to the people there.
Remember the Commissioning Service next Sunday, Oct. 30 at 7 PM at Haven UMC

There will be a prayer gathering next Sunday on the Court House lawn at 1:00, to pray for our Nation. 

Pray tonight for the elderly & their caregivers. My heart aches for so many in the nursing homes.

Christ Syphrit posted the following message this morning.

"Thank you EVERYONE for all the kindness, love, hugs and Prayers you all have shown us during the passing of our Dad.
We've read your comments to our Mom and She appreciated every one of them.
We knew John Syphrit was loved by everyone he came in contact with and we feel your love.
There will be a Memorial Service at The Meade Chapel Church on Saturday October 29th at 12 noon                 and anyone who wants to Celebrate his life is welcome.

There will be a dinner afterwards and in honor of Big Johns love for desserts....please bring something he would enjoy.
Dad used to say....he likes 2 kinds of Pie....warm Pie...and cold Pie.
God Bless us Every One!"

We are so thankful that Matt, Sara, and Elliott arrived safely to their new home in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Please pray for their continued safety while they live there.
Thank you,
Dave and Nan

Continue to hold the Syphrit family up in prayer. There will be no viewing. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, Oct. 29 at the Meade Chapel UMC.

Praise God the strike of the PA State System of Higher Education is over & teachers/students can return to classes.

 Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to worship this Sunday!


Please keep the Syphrit family in your prayers.



Karen Wolfe's (Meade Chapel) cousin, Tom Wallace, from Marienville died, the service is Friday. Please keep Tom's family in prayer.



Sara, Matt & little Elliott will be leaving for Saudi Arabia tomorrow. Pray for safe travels good health and safety while they are there.


Pray too for Lotty Knapp who has pneumonia and is in the hospital, for Dick Reinard who is experiencing kidney problems, my dad who is having cataract surgery tomorrow and Mary Jane as she goes for more tests.


Continued prayers for John, Ray and Sonja (surgery on Tuesday)


Also, if you see a mini pincher running lose in or around KnoxDale let me know please!

His sitter is very concerned!


Remember Charge Conference is tonight at EUM. Lay Leaders are to be there at 6. The other meeting starts at 7. This is open to all members to vote on positions/wages for 2017.


Remember Coffee, Snack & Chat is tomorrow morning at PortBarnett at 10.


Continued prayers for both John & Ray.

Today is the one year anniversary of Hope's passing. Ray told me yesterday, that it would be a year today and said it's been a really hard year.   In our selfishness, we want him to hang on; but in reality we know he is headed to a much better place, where Hope is waiting for him.


Please add Bob Robbins to your prayer lists. He is in the hospital and not doing well, Betty said.  Pray for a Linda too, as her health isn't good.


Sonja Barber as she prepares for surgery a week from today and the long road of chemo that lies ahead of her.


There are several others from the Faithful Followes Charge...that are in need of our prayers. You know who you are. Health concerns that I've heard thru the grapevine but I am not at liberty to say anything. Just pray. God knows who they are.


Have a good day! Look for God in the beauty all around you!



We thank God for a really nice skating party! Great turn out and lots of good eats! But, we had one casualty.  Please pray for Garrett Z.  He wiped out and broke his arm.  Pray for a speedy recovery.


Continued prayers for John S. and a great BIG Happy Birthday Blessing for him tomorrow too! Praise God Chris was able to come home for a visit!


And speaking of Birthdays...remember to wish your Pastor a Happy one tomorrow!


Thanks to all who have been praying for Ray. He seemed a little stronger today. And he so enjoys these nice days & his time outside!


Continued prayers for Sonja too as she prepares for surgery on the 25. And for her guy's as they head off tomorrow on a fishing trip.


Pray for all those battling cancer of any kind. There are so many!


Remember tomorrow is Laity Sunday! If you are not taking part in the service, be there for those who are!

Brennan McMillen will be speaking at KnoxDale. Parents, remember your kids are singing!


Remember too, October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Thank your Pastor and Thank God for her!

Please pray for Rev. Bob Janacek. He is in a Pittsburgh hospital in ICU. He had two stints & a balloon put in. His wife Pat is in Jefferson Court room 215 on the 2nd floor. Please keep them both in your prayers.

Continue to lift Ray, John Syphrit and Sonja (surgery scheduled for the 25) and Everett Shaffer.

Remember: tomorrow is the Free Family Skate at Reynoldsville from 4-6. Pizza & Drinks provided. Bring a snack to share.

Below is prayer request for Haiti Mission team. Pray for Pastor Joni as she discerns whether or not God is still calling her on this trip or if it would be best to wait.


Ray had another stroke this morning. Worse than yesterday's.

Please continue to pray, that God's will be done & for strength for the family to accept whatever that is.

 The plan is just to keep him comfortable at the home for now.



Ray was brought back to the home late last night after being checked out in DuBois. They said it was a TIA / mini stroke, but Thanks be to God, his speech had returned. Please continue to lift him in prayer.

We know that this is just a precursor of things to come.

Pray for Don Knapp. He is in Brookville Hospital with pneumonia.


Ray is being taken to DuBois Hospital. Continue to pray.

Ray was taken to the hospital. Possible stroke. Prayers please

Remember to Thank God for His many blessings to you!

Continued prayers for John & Ray.

Please add Sonja Barber to your prayer lists as she begins her journey through breast cancer, surgery & treatments.

And Mary Jane Gilhousen as she copes with and is treated for a blood disorder.

Praising God for safe return from Saudi Arabia for Sara's husband, Matt. Pray for safe travels as they travel later this week to Kansas to visit family and then as they all go back to Saudi Arabia to resume his work there.

Pray too for others in the congregations who are or will be traveling to/fro this week.

Pray for the Laity Sunday Services next Sunday. My guess is that all three services will be different in many ways but the same in that they are intended to call the laity from their comfortable pews, into service and to draw others closer to God.


Many Prayers for John Syphrit, his family and his care givers.

Pray for comfort, courage, tenderness and acceptance.

God has reasons for allowing things to happen...

We may never understand His Wisdom but we simply have to trust His Will.


Hi Deb, I have a prayer request for my Mother's first cousin, Jean Jenkins.  She is a wonderful Christian lady and has been more of a sister to my mum than a cousin, and more of an aunt to me than a second cousin.  Her life has been one of self-sacrifice and she has walked closely with the Saviour.  She is on hospice in her daughter's home in Greensburg, PA.  My cousin Cherie called to tell me this evening that Jean is just not doing well.  Her breathing is difficult due to a number of issues.  And please pray for Cherie and Marcie, her daughters during this time as they have been her care-takers in all of this.  Thank you so much.  Gaye M.

Pray for the family of Paul Shaffer. Paul passed away yesterday.

Pray too, for Paul's brother Everett (Du's dad). He got home last night. They ended up putting a pace maker in on Monday.

Pray for the people in FL and all along the coast that are having to move to other areas because of Hurricane Matthew. .Barb's sister Sheila's area was evacuated today. So far, Lee Ann is staying put...but her boys' schools are closed for the next two days. Continue to pray for the people of Haiti too.

Prayers for my dad as he goes for cataract surgery today.

And continued prayers for Ray. He was very tired yesterday.

Continued prayers for Haiti. The pictures and reports coming from there are not good.
The Chitester's have also asked for prayer as they are in the path of the storm. They're waiting for word on whether they have to evacuate or not. Pray for all those in the path of the storm; those who will evacuate and those who must stay (law enforcement, military, emergency personal)

Continue to pray for John Syphrit (Liz too).

Praising God today with the Straitiff's as they close on their new home! We will certainly miss them in KnoxDale but are happy they'll have more space and still be close enough to be a part of the church. Congratulations Trevor, Tiffany, Ainsley & Addy!  May God Bless every corner of your new home and fill it with His Love!

Prayers for the family of Dale Fike as they grieve his passing. Dale was great grandpa to one of our SonBeam's, Isaac Burkett. Continued prayers for healing for Isaac's uncle Mike too.

Thursday is "Take your Bible to school day". Encourage your children & youth to take theirs as a witness to where they place their faith and trust.

Thanks for the prayers and praise God for safe flights for Jeanna. Looks like she might be in for some wind & rain in FL.

Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to worship with you this week!

Remember October is Pastor Appreciation Month, the 16th is Laity Sunday (also Pastor Joni's birthday
😊) and Charge Conference is on the 18th at EUM.

Saturday, October 15 the SonBeams are sponsoring a Free Family Skate at Reynoldsville from 4-6. Pizza & Drinks provided. Bring a finger food to share.

A memorial service has been planned for this Saturday for Cheyenne Nicole Snyder and her daughter,  Dixie Lynne Ann Pacsai at the Brookville EUM Church. Veiwing is from 9am to 11 am with a memorial service at 11. There will be a luncheon in the downstairs following.

Val has asked for Prayers for Vicky Bundy's mom, Emily (she lives in Arizona). They found some tumors and are awaiting test results. And also for Jeff Knapp.

Continued prayers for Ron Pacsia, John S., Ray, Mike Burkett, Haiti, Colleen, Everett & his brother Paul, Jim McNutt and those facing surgery.

Pray for travel mercies for Jeanna & her sister Ruth as they are headed for FL today.

Pray that GOD will use YOU today to show others how much HE means to you.

Prayers for the family of little Dixie Pacsai. She passed away last night as a result of injuries sustained in the accident last Sunday that took the life of her mom.

Pray too for Mike Burkett. (He is the one that the car fell on his head last Sunday) He was re-admitted to Pittsburgh hospital yesterday with numbness in his face and blurred vision.

Please pray for Haiti, the hurricane center is predicting Hurricane Matthew, category 3,  will hit Haiti, especially the southern peninsula, from Sunday to Wednesday,  The wind can be very destructive, but more hazardous is the torrential rain that causes flooding and landslides, especially if it lasts for 3 days.  Our ministry site is in the southern peninsula area, centered in Les Cayes on the southern coast.  Pray for protection for the Haitians, the missionaries, and all that will be affected.



Remember the Apple Dumplings & Homemade Ice Cream is today beginning at 2 - ?

Gale Wolfe talked to Shirley Walter & got an update on her sister Colleen in Florida. Colleen ended up calling for an ambulance herself & they took her to the hospital. She has pneumonia & congestive heart failure. Continued prayer, please for a speedy recovery.

Praising God tonight with a friend. A while back things didn't work out as they had hoped...and they were disappointed. Today I learned that God in his wisdom worked things out far better than they could have ever imagined! God is so good!

Continued prayers for Ray. He was pretty down tonight.

Thanks be to God for answered prayers. We've run into both Betty Mauk & Bonnie Beck at the home and both seem to be doing much better!

Continue to lift Everett Shaffer as he recovers. Continue to lift Dustin Songer for healing. Pray too for those facing surgery and those battling cancer.

Shirley Walters would like prayer for her sister Colleen. She is anemic and very weak.

Everett Shaffer came thru his open heart surgery well. DuWayne said he'd be in 4 or 5 days. Continue to lift him in prayer daily over the next few weeks as he recovers. Pray too for his family and caretakers.

Pray too for Everett's brother Paul Shaffer. He is in the room across the hall from Ray and is in pretty bad shape.

Continue to lift John and Ray. Getting over pneumonia and regaining  strength at their ages isn't an easy journey.

Prayers for DuWayne, Scott and Becky as they prepare for upcoming surgeries.

The Haiti Team's final fund raiser will be this Saturday evening, October 1st, 2 pm-?, Apple Dumplings and Homemade Ice Cream, Hazen Church.  God continues to supply over and above our needs and we are thanking Him for His blessings, extra funds that we can leave in Haiti to help various ministries in addition to the construction of a church roof and church pews.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church ministries and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Remember, October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Do something nice to let her know she is appreciated! 

Remember too...October 16 is Laity Sunday. Get planning!

Everett Shaffer (DuWayne's dad) is having open heart surgery today in Allegheny General. Please keep him, the surgeons and his family in your prayers.

 Continue to pray for John (Liz & the family too) as he fights the pneumonia.  Scott said yesterday was a good day. Praise God for that and keep praying! 

Ray had another good day yesterday too. Keep praying for him. He is in room 209 if anyone wants to stop in.

Pray for Donna & Scott too. Scott is preparing for back surgery the beginning of Nov. Pray for strength for the journey ahead.

Prayers for wisdom for Becky and the doctors as they make decisions about her back.

Praise Him too that Bob & Karen celebrated their 52 anniversary yesterday with some good medical reports! 

Pray for every child, youth and leader that comes thru the church doors tonight.  God knows each one by name. May HE  turn their hearts and minds toward they want to please Him in everything they think, say and do.


Read this earlier this morning and wanted to share it...

Dear Lord, I give You my hands to do Your work, my feet to go Your way, my eyes to see as You see, my

 tongue to speak Your words, my mind that You may think in me, my spirit that You may pray in me. Above all, I

 give You my heart so that You may love through me. Amen.

The family of Cheyenne Snyder would like prayer for their one month old granddaughter, Dixie, who was involved in the accident yesterday. She has a cracked skull and is having mini seizures. Pray too for the boyfriend who was also critically injured and in a Pittsburgh hospital.

I don't know the name of the guy who hit them...but pray for him as well. I don't know the extent of his injuries...

but I can't imagine living with that!

After struggling for months with what they thought was sciatica, and going thru all kinds of physical therapy, Becky Caylor's tests have revealed a bulging disc in her back. She see's a surgeon tomorrow.

Prayers for the Snyder family. Ricky Snyder lost his daughter, Cheyene  in a car accident today. Her infant daughter and boy friend were life flighted to Pittsburgh.

Pray too for John Syphrit who was admitted to the hospital yesterday...and is not doing well at all.

Also I heard tonight that a car fell on someone in Knox Twp. don't know any details...but God does. Just pray.

Dustin Songer is also in need of our prayers.

Continue to pray for Ray as well. He really has enjoyed being outside yesterday and today. Sadly the nice weather isn't going to last much longer.

Pray for people in nursing homes...and their care givers.

If you get a chance to o to Clarington to their revival...go. We were out tonight. They had a full house. Excellent speaker and great music. It continues thru Wednesday. Tuesday night is Youth night.


Ray is being moved to LaurelBrooke this afternoon. Please keep him in your prayers as he adjusts to his new surroundings. This is not going to be an easy transition for any of us...especially for him. 

The man who mowed his yard and walked to the post office and sooo enjoyed homecoming this year is very weak and frail. Pneumonia at 99 1/2 is not a good thing.  But God is faithful! Our job is to pray and trust Him! Healing will come; we just don't know whether it will be here or in Heaven

Sorry for the pause in the prayer chain! Things have been a little crazy at our house this week.

Not much change in Ray. Still very weak and very much in need of our prayers.

Jim McNutt is still battling a nasty blood infection. Was taken back to Allegheny General earlier this week. May be coming back to the Manor today.

Praising God today that Craig is done with radiation, the tumor has shrunk and he doesn't have to go back for 6 months!

Mary Jane Gilhousen is going in for some tests tomorrow. Pray for good results.

We praise God for Sunday School! We currently have more kids than we've had in a while...and we thank God for each one! 

Pray for our Nation! It's hard to turn on the news without hearing bad news.

Pray for your Pastor, Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to church this Sunday!

Please pray for my brother, Mark Reinard. 

He came home from work this morning, very sick, and is currently in the ER.

Pray too, for Dale, Debbie & little Annabelle as they travel back to NC today.

And for all you blood donors; there is a Clint Puller Memorial Blood Drive, this Saturday from 9 - 3 at the Brookville Church of God. Give if you are able!

I want to thank you all for the prayers for Ray. Yesterday was a rough day. Discouragement set in and we were all feeling bad for him last night.  This morning I had to have some blood work done so I stopped in early to see him. They had him in a chair but he was still pretty down. While I was there, physical therapy stopped in and asked him if he was feeling strong enough to take a walk. Of course he said yes! They walked him out past the nurses station. He was slow...but oh how that little walk lifted his spirits (and mine). He was actually smiling when they brought him back in to his room. And they told him he was going to get soft foods that was good news too.
Please keep the prayers coming, for comfort and strength for the journey.  His breathing is still really bad and his blood counts aren't where they should we know that the situation is still critical...but we thank God for the high points like a little walk and him joking with Shelley, his favorite nurse.

Pray too, for John Davis. He messed up his knee playing football. He is in Altoona hospital. Has had one surgery and is awaiting another. Keep John in your prayers as that knee will take some time to heal.

Praise God for a good turn out last night for Youth & SonBeams. We had some new faces and many returning past members. We covet your prayers throughout the year for both these groups! May we be able to share God's love & kindness to all the children/youth and meet the Spiritual needs of them and their families as well.

Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge.

KnoxDale folks, remember the Love Offering for the Haiti Mission Team this Sunday & next. Give as you are able!

Please continue to pray for Ray. He had two units of blood today and a CT Scan to try to determine where he is bleeding but nothing really showed up. They started him on IV meds to make his blood still no food or drink for the next 48 hours. Reality is, God has blessed him 99 3/4 good years. Where we go from here is in God's hands.

Pray for wisdom for the doctors and comfort for Ray.

Pray too for the family of 13 year old, Shevy McGiffin who went missing in Clarion Friday night. A body has been found (not identified last I heard).

Pray for SonBeams & Youth (and all those involved) as they begin regular meetings this Tuesday.

Please keep Ray in your prayers. He was admitted to Brookville Hospital with pneumonia and he is bleeding somewhere (they are guessing he has an ulcer but he's too old to run tests). They've taken him off his blood thinner & aspirin and are hoping that it will stop. Needless to say, he is not a happy camper!

And also, little Lillian is doing much better on the new antibiotics. She goes back to Pittsburgh on Tuesday. Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they decide what if anything needs to be done. 

Debbie Knapp Park has asked for prayers for her Mom, Betty Barr.  After a visit to the ER yesterday was taken to Jefferson Court. And her husband Dean also ended up in the ER and was admitted to the hospital with Kidney problems.

Continued prayers for Jim McNutt as he recovers at the Jefferson Manor.

 I heard thru the grapevine that the 'fire' on Thursday was at the Northey's. Praise God they were home and that it wasn't any worse than it was!

Little Lillian

Pray for your Pastor & tomorrow's service "God Is Love" Hope to see you at the Lord's Table.

Tomorrow is "Grandparent's Day". If you have one, thank God & honor them. If you are one, enjoy your day!

KnoxDale's Sunday School starts back up tomorrow. All are Welcome!

Betty Miller has asked for prayers for two of her grandson's; Austin Megofna is in school in Pittsburgh and is facing some challenges.  And Logan Meholic is having surgery on his nose tomorrow in Pittsburgh to help with breathing issues.

Pray too for Scott. He got his stitches out yesterday...but still has a ways to go in the healing process.

Pray for families in turmoil.

Continued prayers for little Lillian.

Pray for travel mercies for the Straitiff's as they head south tomorrow night. And for a safe & fun family vacation!

Praise God for a good turn out for the Firemen's Fundraiser tonight. It seemed to be well attended & we saw several of you go thru the drive thru lane too. Thank God for our Volunteer Firemen.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. See you at the Lord's Table this Sunday! God IS Love!

Please keep praying for little Lillian Ferraro. She is still really sick...and we're more than a little worried about her!

And I forgot the 'n' in Allenbaugh.  Sorry about that! Continued prayers for Alice's family.

Remember tomorrow is Pizza Hut Fundraiser day. 20% of all sales benefit the Knox Twp. Fire Dept. if you have a coupon.  If you don't...let me know and I'll find a way to get you one! 

The ATV accident last night was Helen Straitiff's youngest son Jim & his girlfriend Carole. Both were life flighted to Altoona Trauma Center with multiple injuries...but thank God none are life threatening! Helen says "they both had their guardian angels with them last night".  Continue to pray for Jim & Carole.


Pray too for Youth & SonBeams as we prepare to start a new season. May God Bless these ministries and the children who come.

Prayers for whomever it was that wrecked the ATV on the Iowa Road this evening.

Keep Connie McGonagle and her family In prayer as she grieves the passing of her aunt, Alice Allebaugh

Pray too for Mary Barber and Joni's parents who have been under the weather.

Also for the former Scarlet Cord as they reorganize and find a new place to meet.

And FYI...
Pastor Joni is selling Scotty's Donut holes for her Mission trip to Haiti.
They are $4.00 / 2 Dozen and will be delivered Wednesday, Sept. 21.
Glazed, Chocolate, Blue-Berry, Powdered, Cherry, or Cinnamon Powder
Let Pastor Joni or myself know by Sept. 12 if you are interested.


For the SonBeam families who will be receiving their welcome letter, I goofed!

My phone number is 849-8924 (not 8925 as the letter says). Sorry!

Please add Jim McNutt (Christy too) to your prayer lists. Jim was taken to Allegheny General on Saturday and is being treated for a bacterial blood infection. Pray too, for his back pain. That's what landed him in the hospital in the first place. When he got there they discovered this blood infection.

Praise God for a really nice weekend and for our Volunteer Fire Dept! Can't imagine what we'd do without them! Remember the Pizza Hut fundraiser on Thursday! Eat in or take out...the firemen get 20% of the sales if you have a coupon! Need one? Let me know. I have some extras!


I'm thanking Him too, for all my game booth volunteers this weekend. Our Youth did a great job serving! And thanks to the adults who supervised. I haven't tallied the money yet but I know a good amount was raised to upgrade the ball park playground for next year.

Exciting the midst of the week-end festivities Brady Shaffer proposed to Markelle Swonger!  May God bless their upcoming marriage!

Wanted to share a little,story with you.
My nephew Josh moved back to PA recently, after living in Colorado for several years. Josh is an RN whose passion is Hospice care. He worked the past couple years with a guy who was in a vegetative state as a result of a motorcycle accident. Josh read to Jason a lot. Last week Josh dreamed that Jason said he didn't want to read today, he was going to go for a walk. The next morning Josh told his girlfriend he thought Jason had died. A short time later Jason's mom called to tell Josh of his passing. He told her about his dream and it brought comfort to her to know that Jason could finally walk again. I believe God used Josh in life and in death to bring comfort to Jason and his family.
Pray today for caregivers.

Pray for travel mercies for those traveling today.
Mike Wolfe is headed back to VA with an outhouse on the back of his truck.
And I am guessing Shannon is also headed back.

Praising God for a really nice weekend thus far! And for our Volunteer Fire Company that works tirelessly to pull this weekend together! Praising Him too for the number that came out for church this morning! For those of us in the back, we weren't able to hear very well, but it was still a blessed time just to come into God's presence surrounded by so many of the community and beyond!

And for our Pastor (and Dan's) presence in the community! They have been very visible this weekend! We haven't had that since Cal Shepherd...and it's not gone unnoticed!!
I'm thankful too, for our youth (adults too) who have volunteered their time in the game booth.  I'm proud to call them ours! They've represented our church well!

Jeanna has asked for prayers for her brother Jeff Wyant...who at 52 has been called up for active duty (after many years in the reserves). Pray for Jeff & his family during these uncertain times.

Pray too, for Hilary who has some tests coming up on Friday.


And for Sara Loving (little Elliot too) as she prepares to go to Saudi Arabia at the end of the month. Listening to some of the rules and restrictions today...I couldn't help but thank God for the freedoms we so enjoy!

When I heard thru the grapevine that Shawn Marche had died...I asked for prayer. Now I'm not so sure that was true. I have not seen anything on the news or any obituary. Please forgive me...but keep praying for both the Marche family and the Bennett family. apologizes.

Pray for the firemen as they have worked and are working hard to make homecoming a reality. Pray for it's success. What would we do with out a fire company in our township?! I praise God for them!

Remember the Worship Service is Sunday at 10 at the firemen's park.

Jim Davis is home, they could not find anything wrong.

He follows up with his Heart Doctor next week.

Thank You for your prayers!

Little Lilly Ferraro was put on an antibiotic for two weeks and then will go to Pittsburgh for further testing. Continued Prayers will be appreciated!

If you are a Yard Sale-r ...or if you simply want to support the Haiti Mission Team, remember the sale is Saturday, beginning at 8 am at the Hazen UMC.  I can attest to the fact that there is LOTS of stuff there!

KnoxDale folks...if you don't make it out (and even if you do) you will have a chance to support the team Sept. l8 & 25 via a special Mission Offering.

Pray today for grumpy people. I followed a guy thru the line at Mike's today who must have been havin' a bad day cause he was grumpy & the poor cashier took the brunt of it.

Chris has asked for prayers for her dad, Jim Davis...

"Dad was admitted to Brookville Hospital this morning.

He was having chest pains and a pain in his left shoulder and 

wanted to go to the ER. An EKG was done and it was ok, but they

admitted him for overnight for further testing and observation.

When Mom left after lunch he was feeling better and complaining about being admitted.

Thank You, Chris"  


Also, Earl Harriger could use our prayers as well.

I love how his niece describes him in her prayer request!

" He is a Gentleman in the purest sense. My grandfather died when I was young but my Great Uncle Earl had promised his brother that he would take care of Grandma, and that is exactly what he did until Gram needed to live in a nursing facility. He mowed the lawn took care of the house and ran errands for 15 years."

She goes on to say...

His is a sweet loving man who oozes Jesus Christ. He is kind and gentle...

Right now his health is poor, and his body is failing him. He is wonderful and I will hate to see him go Home but I know that Jesus will be welcoming him with open arms."

Earl was a regular at homecoming. He will certainly be missed there this year! But it sounds like he is ready for the ultimate homecoming!

Jeff Fike could also use some prayers for healing as he recovers from a motor bike accident & broken collar bone.

Keep the prayers going for little Lilly (haven't heard anything today), Craig, Barb, Scott, Donna, Abby, Ann, Linda, Bonnie,  Nancy, Betty, the Zimmerman/Reinard family, the homebound, our children/youth and all those battling cancer. The list could go on and on and on!

 And last but not least...Pray for your Pastor, pray for the mission team to Haiti, pray for your church and the Faithful Followers Charge! There is a whole mission field just outside our church doors!

Please lift little Lilly Ferraro in your prayers. Lilly is my niece Meghan & Keith's baby (8 wks old).

She has a bad kidney infection and has to go to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Prayers appreciated.

Pray for Scott too as he recovers from elbow surgery. He's not to lift anything heavier than his cell phone with his right hand...and it's not easy to use the left hand when you're right handed.

Continued prayers for Barb G. & Abby J. as their bones heal. And for those caring for them.

Pray for our children & youth as they return to school tomorrow. Pray for the teachers & bus drivers as well.

I have a load to take to Hazen for the yard sale (taking it tomorrow). If anyone else has things you'd like to donate...I'd be happy to haul it out for you.

Subject: Update

Just got back from dr appt.  Took out staples and bandaged both surgery areas.  Then just put a giant, clumsy gray boot on foot.  Still not allowed to put any weight on it.  Next week I go for another followup appt with X-rays.

Also, there is a bus to Harrisburg on Sept. 15, leaving from Punxsy Walmart. For the Decision America Tour 2016 with Franklin Graham. Pam Ames is going to forward more information soon. Be thinking about it! I think she said its $30. Plus buy your dinner. Seats are limited.

I want to thank God and all of you who donated food for the funeral dinner yesterday. If anyone left hungry it was there own fault! Thankful too for those who served. We had a good team...and although the Gilhousen 3 couldn't help this time...we had another Gilhousen help out. Thanks be to God for His provision!

 Today, we are heading to Cincinnati for Uncle Roy's Memorial Service...and a little grandkids time. Prayers for travel mercies appreciated! We're taking my mom, dad and Aunt Betty too. Should be an interesting trip!

Continued prayers for the family of Shirley Zimmerman as they grieve her lose and adjust to life without her.

Attend Worship this Sunday! God is waiting for YOU there! Pray for your Pastor!

Remember the Back-To-School-Party is Sunday from 6:00-7:30. All kids welcome! 

They are still collecting 'stuff' for the Haiti mission team's Yard Sale on Sept. 3.

If you have good, useable things you're not using...why not donate it to this good cause!?

You declutter, your closet isn't as crowded, your husband is happy, you won't be featured on an episode of Hoarders...AND...funds are raised for the team! Everybody wins!  

Drop off at the Hazen church but call the office 328-2506 or the parsonage 328-5179 to make sure someone is there to unlock the door. 


Don't have 'stuff' you want to part with? Monetary donations would also be appreciated!

Please add little Abby Jacobson to your prayer list...

Hi Deb, could you please add Abby to the prayer chain. She fell off the picnic table on the first day of our week long camping vacation and has two probable fractures and maybe a chipped bone in her right arm/elbow. She sees the Ortho specialist when we get home next week. Prayers for a speedy recovery would be greatly appreciated....keeping her entertained while the rest do all the fun things she can't do now might make a very long vacation. Thanks a bunch. Hilary


The last thing we should do at night as we lie down to sleep is to thank Jesus for a good day, and pray for a good night's rest! He has promised to keep us in PERFECT PEACE if we keep our minds stayed on Him.--Isaiah 26:3. So you'll find it very conducive to a peaceful night's sleep if you'll get your mind off your worries and problems and think about JESUS! Night all!

I've been asked to put out an S.O.S. for homecoming volunteers.
They need more people in the kitchen and also people to sell basket raffle tickets.
Can you help?
Call Kelly Carpino about the Basket Raffle
Call Missy Frampton to volunteer for the kitchen.
Call 849-4645 for more info.

If you know someone who might like to help...that may not be on my email list...forward this request to them! It takes a lot of volunteers to make this weekend event possible!

And also,  Alice Saxman has invited us (ladies) to hear more about the Erie Alliance, where we send the used shoes. They will be coming to the Summerville  UM Church on Thursday, September 1 at 10:00 am.  All ladies welcome!

Tonight I just want to PRAISE GOD!  We are sooo very blessed!

Today I was able to arrange a little phone call reunion that just worked out perfectly! PRAISE BE TO GOD! The people who were reunited were sooo happy to get to talk to each other after years of separation. God taught me patience as I searched for the person and waited patiently for him to respond to my FB message...but then everything just worked out perfect. She was overjoyed as was he. Many tears and long conversation and promises to keep in touch. I just felt like God was in it!

And then tonight Pastor Joni began our meeting with Romans 8:28..."And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them."
HE really does!


I PRAISE HIM too for that meeting and Pastor Joni taking the time to have conversation with the Lay Leaders and share ideas. I believe good things are happening on the Faithful Followers Charge! I pray that each of you will allow God to use you to build up HIS Church.

 We talked tonight about "Laity Sunday" too. It is October 16...which will be here before we know it!  Begin now to pray about it. Each of you has 'gifts'...empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the work of building up the Church. What part will you play in your churches Laity Sunday Service? Have ideas? Share them with your Lay Leader.

 I thank HIM too for the opportunity for our church & pastor to minister to a family that we've been disconnected from for a long time (mainly due to poor health). And for a cousin reaching out for prayer and a connection made with the pastor who was a comfort to them. Funerals are never easy...but I thank God for allowing our church to minister to this family as Pastor Joni does the service and we prepare the meal and a place for them to gather afterward. Will we ever see them in church again? I don't know. But Praise God for the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them...if only for a day! Who knows what eternal difference that might make?! (Again...Romans 8:28)


Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge. Invite someone to join you in church this Sunday!

God is good!

Please keep the family of Shirley Zimmerman in your prayers as they grieve her passing.
Funeral on Thursday. More details coming later...

Pray too, for Darrell. People have been asking where he's been. He's had some health issues and his son feels it best he stay with him again.

How fun was that!?

Praise God for a good turn out, a wonderful service, an abundant table of picnic food and a great time of fellowship! God is so good! We need to get together as a charge family more often!  

If you missed it, we missed you and you missed a blessing! 

I honestly couldn't hear all the prayer requests today...but God heard each one!

Ask Him to remember and act on each His Way & in His Wisdom!

Nan left the picnic and forgot her Bible. If you picked it up, maybe drop it off at her store or the KnoxDale church.

Someone left a big red & white umbrella behind.  Gale Wolfe has it. Either respond to this email or let Gale know if it's yours.

Today I was finally able to put a face with the names 'Penny & Lewis'...but you left before I got to introduce myself. Maybe next time!

Today we also welcome Patti Gardner & Ginny Kniseley to our Prayer team!  (let me know if you get this so I know I have the email addresses right)

The power of prayer should not be underestimated!

 James 5:16-18 declares, "…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. "

"Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble.

But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, 

Our prayers do make a difference."

-Max Lucado

Praise God, Craig Kniseley's tests went well! It will take a couple days to get the results...keep praying!

Bonnie Beck came thru her (6 hour) surgery and was doing ok last night. Continued prayers for Bonnie and her caregivers too.

 Continue to lift Shirley Zimmerman as well as her family as they go thru the storm.

I don't know about you all, but I'm getting excited about Sunday's "Get Acquainted" Service & Picnic! This Sunday at 10 am at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

The weather says 90% chance of showers...but not going to complain! We've prayed too long for rain! We will PRAISE HIM in the storm! Hope to see you, your family, your friends...or your enemies  there!

Just a side note here - KnoxDale UMC is sponsoring a game booth during homecoming. I am currently putting together the schedule for workers. Each 2 hour shift takes 2 or 3 youth (upper elementary or Jr./Sr. High) and one adult. (three adults would also work)  One boy asked me last night if this was a paying is not. Just good old fashioned community service, volunteerism! Proceeds go into the playground at the firemen's park. If you'd like to help, let me know. If you can't help, but would like to donate some small prizes...those are appreciated too!

We've been asked to pray for Linda Robbins (Bob too) Betty M. said she had surgery and she's home but not doing well.

Today we welcome Pam Mcintosh to our prayer team!

I think this officially makes Pam the most popular name on the team!

(Pam, please let me know if you get this, so I know I have your email address right.)

I would like to put my neighbor Bonnie Beck on the prayer chain she is in the Dubois hospital in intensive care.       
Thank you. Judy Plyler

Pray for Scott too as he prepares for surgery on his elbow next week.

Also learned that there are chairs! But they're just folding chairs that we'll be using for the meal. If you'd be more comfortable in your lawn are welcome to bring them.

And for those of you who have asked where this event is taking place....they tell me it is past the grandstand. To the right when you go into the grounds. Parking up behind the pavilion.
If you've been out past the've probably seen this event on the sign! How cool is that?!

 There will be offering envelopes for each church for your tithes. If we have guests, not connected with any of our churches, we'll Praise God and then just add their offerings to the Charge account to help with the expenses.

We've been asked to include Shirley Zimmerman and her family in our prayers.
They don't think it will be long for Shirley. Pray for comfort for Shirley and that peace that passeth all understanding for their family. John, Dee, Melanie, Johnny, Connie and the grandchildren.
Huntingtons is a devasting disease and that family has lost far too many from it. Pray for a cure!

Question for those in the know: Is the set up for Sunday, tables and chairs or picnic tables? Should we be telling people to bring their lawn chairs for the service?

I had posted earlier in the week about Sanctus Real being in DuBois this Saturday.

I thought the concert was at 4:00...but as you can see below...there are other events (all of which are good!) before the actual concert.
Here is the tentative schedule of events for Charged 2016:

4:00 pm - Reach The Masses
4:45 pm - Breakout with Curt Wisor/ChristFirst at Kids Area
5:15 pm - Drama
5:30 pm - A Day Awaits
6:15 pm - Brothers Maines/ Josh Maines(speaker)
7:15 pm - John Tibbs
8:00 pm - Sanctus Real

Nan ask for prayer for two of Sara's girl friends. Samantha lost her baby boy @ 27 weeks.
And another friend, Lena had twin boys at only 23 weeks. She hasn't heard how they are doing.

Barb...who is undoubtedly experiencing a bit of pain by now.

Craig...tests tomorrow!

And lastly, the late Rev. Flo Clark's daughter Linda Lazzeroni, has moved into Flo's old house on Main St. KnoxDale. If you see her sure to welcome her! And if you ever get a chance to hear her play piano...take it!

Update from Barb, below...

Subject: Update

Just got home about 5:30 and doing well.  Want me to keep it up for the next couple days.  
They promised me the pain will come soon though and to be sure to take pain med at first sign of discomfort and continue it for the first couple of days.

Tell everyone thanks for the prayers and all the help and concern on Sunday.


Praise God & Keep praying that the leg/ankle heal quickly!

Keep praying for Craig too. He is still very tired and not eating much. More tests tomorrow...and radiation continues.

Getting excited about the "Get Acquainted" Service & Picnic on Sunday! 

Remember to invite a friend! Maybe someone that hasn't been to church in a while!

Also...bring serving spoons or spatulas for your covered dish. The plastic silverware probably won't work well for serving. Electric IS available! 

I hope many of you enjoyed your hoagies & a night off from cooking tonight!  Good as always...and even better knowing you supported a worthy cause!

Please put Betty Mauk on the prayer chain. She is a special friend of mine and resides at Laurelbrook.  She fell out of bed last night & broke her hip. She is in DuBois Hospital & will have it set today... Thank you...Gale Wolfe

 Also remember Coffee, Snack & Chat is tomorrow, Wednesday at 9 AM.

 Continued prayers for Barb G. When it rains it pours. She did not get her cast on today. They are going to do out patient surgery in the a.m. to put a plate/pins in the ankle. Pray for her, the doctors and all who will be caring for her during her recovery.

Pray for the people affected by the flooding in Louisiana.
KnoxDale folks probably remember the the Hurst's serving here in the late 80's. Their daughter Kassy is living in Louisiana and had to evacuate yesterday. This morning Kathy got another message that the Levee near where she had relocated to broke this morning.  She had to move again. Pray for Kassy and the people of that area. Pray for Mark & Kathy as well. We NEVER stop worrying about our kids even when they're grown.


And for those who know & love Shannon...her address at school (until early December is...

Shannon Shaffer
99 E Poplar St.
Apt. #5
Normal, IL 61761 

Maybe drop her a card from time to time to let her know she's loved and prayed for!


Just a reminder that hoagies are tomorrow too. Don't plan dinner if you ordered. I hope to have mine delivered before lunch.

Praise God, Matt made it to Saudi Arabia safely. Please continue to pray for his safety while he is there.

 Pray for all those battling cancer.

Praise God...we've added a couple more names to the list for Sunday! Spread the word...ALL ARE WELCOME!

And they say there are lots of places to plug crock pots in!

Back-To-School Party is Sunday, April 28 from 6 - 7:30. Those in SonBeams & VBS should have received a card...but ALL kids are welcome!

Remember...KnoxDale Nominating Committee meets on Wednesday evening at 6:30.

Please continue to lift Barb Gilhousen. She was hoping to get her leg set today...but that didn't work out.  They will do it tomorrow morning.

My nephew (Lloyd & Dorley's grandson) Justin Reinard could use our prayers. He has Bells Palsy. One side of his face is really drawn and eating is difficult.

I have to give God praise for answered prayers. A couple months ago I asked for prayer for families in turmoil. I learned over the weekend of two couples who have decided to give their marriages another shot. Let's continue to pray that forgiveness can happen and marriages can be restored. I have to believe if they add God to the equation, restoration can happen...and their marriages/families can be even stronger than before!

Sanctus Real will be performing this Saturday, August 20 at 4:00 PM in DuBois City Park.
The ad says Music, Food, Games & More.
It is sponsored by Calvary Church of God.
It's not often a concert like this is offered for free...and Praise God for the freedom to have it in a public place!

PRAY for Sunday! It's drawing near! We have close to 60 people signed up and hoping for even more! The sign up sheet was just to give us an idea of how many to plan for...but ALL are welcome! If you have unexpected guests show up at your house...bring them! And It's not too late to Invite a Friend!
Ham & Chicken, Rolls, Drinks and table service will be provided. Bring a covered dish to share. There is no set menu...just "Pot Luck". 
Does anyone know if we will have access to electric for crock pots?
If you have a family reunion that day...just come and worship and then go where you need to go.
AGAIN...ALL ARE WELCOME! Not signed up, but want to come? COME!
If you know someone who might enjoy this service/picnic...invite them!

Most of us have gotten to know the Williams' at this point...but there are many out there that we'd love to introduce to them.
This will be a Relaxed, Informal...Come as you are...kind of service.
Let's shoot for 100!

Please keep Barb G.  in your prayers.  She took a tumble on her way in to the church this morning. The results weren't quite as impressive as the Olympics.  Broken leg & 2 cracks in her ankle bone.  She has to have it set tomorrow.  Pray that it heals well (and quickly)  with no lasting effects.  Hugs, Barb!

Pray too, for Matt Loving as he travels back to Saudi Arabia and Shannon as she travels to IL.
Pray too for Sara and little Elliott as they have to be separated.

We Praise God for Craig's presence in church this morning even though he wasn't feeling good.  We're going to keep praying  for him till the cows come home!

 If you ordered Marianna hoagies/pizzas...remember they are this Wednesday.

Pray for next Sunday's service at the fairgrounds. Invite someone to worship with us and to stay for the picnic too!

This week "Be God is Holy!"

You know they say if you pray for rain you should carry an umbrella. I found that to be true today as I got caught in rain showers twice! Praise God for the much needed rain!

Pray for our college students as they head back to school very soon. College is a time ripe with possibilities, both good and bad.  We hear far too frequently of students who walk onto campus following Christ but walk away four years later denying Him, often because they were confused by secular philosophy.

Pray for our students to have courage, wisdom and discernment. Pray they will not hide from new ideas but will see this as an opportunity to become better equipped to defend their faith. 

Shannon will be heading back to IL on Sunday. Pray for safe travels. Pray for DuWayne too, as he experiences the empty nest.

Michaela heads back on the 20th.

Praise God too, that Nancy McPherson is home. Pray for her speedy recovery. 

Pray too for the family of Gary Rhodes & continue to lift the Bullers family.

Memorial Service for Kayla is tomorrow at 3 at the Ramsaytown UMC

Prayers for the family of Kayla Bullers who was killed in a car accident yesterday. Kayla was the daughter of Tammy (Knapp) & Jerry Bullers. Her grandparents live in Ramsaytown next to the church.

 Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Followers Charge!  Invite someone to join you for church this Sunday!

Sunday, August 21 at 10 am at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

This is open to all!

There is a sign up sheet in each church, but if you are coming and have not signed up...and can't...let me know and I'll add you to the list. Please know that if you or a family member or friend aren't signed up and decide to come at the last minute that is fine too! We will plan on some extras! And even if we have more than planned on, it'll work out! Jesus fed 5.000 with two little fishes and five loaves of bread...he can surely feed us Faithful Followers! Encourage friends and family to join us that morning. This may be their first opportunity to meet Pastor Joni & Dan.

 Gerry B. is going to give me the total for Meade next Monday. If someone from Port could also report on your total that would be great! KnoxDale has a good number signed up...but still hoping for some more.

 Port will be setting up that morning (service & picnic)

Meade is bringing the drinks

KnoxDale the table service.

Charge is providing meat & rolls.

Everyone bring a covered dish to share! Someone asked if there was a menu; there is NOT. It's pot luck! If we get 20 pans of beans...we'll eat beans!

If you'd like to contribute to this service...let Pastor Joni know.

Music will likely be CD's...unless someone has a key board they'd like to bring & play.

There will be envelopes for each churches tithes/offerings.

Plan now to attend!  And Begin NOW to invite family, friends, members we haven't seen in a while!

Prayer request for Katy Alderton...

Please keep my mom (Nancy McPherson) in prayer. She was thrown from her horse last night. She had a concussion and we found out she broke a couple ribs and one punctured a lung. Last we heard in the wee hours they were taking her to Pittsburgh (we had been with her at the dubois hospital previously but we reached a point where we needed to come home and get some sleep to be able to deal with whatever comes today. Not sure if we'll be going down there or what will be going on...but prayers for my sister, aunt and I are great too (city driving is not easy for this country girl). They couldn't life flight her because of the chance of her lung collapsing from the pressure change in flight. We are all working on very little sleep and unsure of what the future holds. Your prayers are truly appreciated. 

 Thank you!



Continued prayers for Craig (and Peg too) as he begins radiation today.

Praise God, Jennifer's eyes are coming along well.

Today is mom's 80th birthday. Last weekend when they visited Uncle Roy in Ohio, he gave her, her birthday card and made her promise not to open it till her birthday. Needless to say, it was hard to open it this morning. And he called her every night at 8:30...those calls will be missed too.  Prayers are appreciated for all his family.

Please lift the family of Roy Harriger in your prayers. Uncle Roy passed away last night.

Thanks to all those who prayed for him after he broke his hip. Praise God! He was FULLY healed last night!

Relay for Life is going on TODAY at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds...until midnight tonight. Go on out and support a great cause! Eat a Dinger Dog or a walking Taco or a whole host of other goodies. Buy some tickets. Donate to the American Cancer Society.

And the Clarington Riverbank Sing is also this evening at 5. Take a lawn chair and enjoy the music and a hot dog!


We're just a couple weeks away from the Faithful Followers Charge Service & Picnic at the Fairgrounds! August 21 at 10 am.  Remember to sign up in your home church tomorrow so we know how many to plan for! Guests are welcome too! Spread the word to those who may not be on the email list!

Special music is also welcome!! Anyone want to sing or play an instrument?

Port will be setting up & covering tables.

Meade will provide drinks.

KnoxDale will provide plates, cups, silverware & napkins.

Rolls & Meat (chicken, ham & hot dogs) will be provided.

Hope to see YOU at the Lord's Table tomorrow!


Jennifer's surgery went very well, now she just to have her face down 20 hours out of 24 for three days, should have sight back in 6 weeks. GOD IS GOOD!

Thanks for all the prayers.


Below is an update from Taylor Songer about his brother, Dustin...

I would like to update everyone on Dustin, 6-8 weeks ago we went for a scan that was not good he had new tumor growth and swelling which caused him to be put back on steroids. We were very disappointed. Today we went for a new scan and the doctors were pleased with his scan there is no new tumor growth but he still has the tumors that were originally there. They believe his new treatment method is working well for him right now he will continue to go every other week for Avastin infusions and we will go back to Pittsburgh in 3 months for a new MRI.
Thank you to all of you for the positive thoughts and prayers.


I have a friend who has and interview today for a new position at work (same company) and he is very nervous about it. Please pray for him.


Continued prayers for Ray. The nurse was out yesterday and said everything is good. He asked her what he can complain about, if everything is good.  He has aged considerably since the stroke. I know what you're thinking...he's 99, how much more could he age?  But he was so strong and active before and the stroke has really slowed him down. Pray for a lil' strength to he can regain a little of his independence.

Don't know any details...but God does! We've been asked to Pray for Charlie Schreckengost.

Pray too for Sara & Julie as they recover from their C-Sections and adjust to Motherhood. Pray for Grandma Nan too as she is no doubt trying to divvy up her time between both daughters, and new grands, Elliot & Daisy!

Begin now to pray for Sunday's service. Invite someone to join us this Sunday! 

This Saturday, beginning at 5:00 PM, the Clarington UMC will be hosting their annual Riverbank Sing Along,

along the beautiful Clarion River at Clarington. (Just down from the church)
Hot Dogs, Cookies & Music...who could ask for more?
Please bring a folding chair. Invite friends!

Just a reminder that Pastor Joni is currently selling Marianna Hoagies/Pizzas.

If you want any, contact her or Pat Forrest or myself. Orders & Money are due on Sunday.  Delivery is August 17.

 Also, the Mission Team is having a YARD SALE on September 3.

If you have anything laying around that you might like to donate...let Pastor Joni know.

If you are on this Prayer Chain List and you'd rather not be...just hit "unsubscribe".  But seriously, just let me know if you'd like your name taken off.

Pray this week for Izzy, Rayna, Kenzie, Sydney & Cassidy as they are at Camp Allegheny. May God open their hearts and minds to all HE has for them there!


We are happy to announce that Daisy Lois DiMaria arrived 7:38 pm Friday , July 29th weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and 20-1/2 inches long. She is beautiful and we love her!
There were a few problems along the way and Daisy had to go to the NICU but she is out now and doing well. Mom and Dad doing well too.
We have so much to be thankful for 


After being induced last night and still no baby...Julie is headed for a C-Section. Please lift her & the baby in prayer!

Two daughters and two C-sections in one week...but Praise God for grandbabies!

Nan will no doubt be spending some time in Pittsburgh over the next few weeks!

Ed Kerchinski is being taken to Presbyterian Hospital to see trauma surgeon.  Tree fell on him today 3 fractures in 2 vertebrates in lower back. Storm coming in so they won't fly him, going by ambulance.            

 Also, please continue to pray for Tom Hopkins. Praise God...He has been moved back to LaurelBrooke for rehab...but still has a long way to go!

 Continue to pray for Craig as he prepares to begin radiation. Pray for Peg too as she journey's thru this with him.

We have 5 girls preparing to head off to Camp Allegheny on Sunday (Rayna, Kenzie, Izzy, Syd & Cassidy). God is waiting for them there! We thank Him for his faithful presence! Pray that He will work in the lives of these girls so they'll grow in their relationship with Him.

Pray too for my Uncle Roy. He is in rehab in Mason Village in OH. He will have to go into the personal care section when he leaves there.

My cousin Scott is taking Mom & Aunt Betty out to see him this weekend. Pray for safe travels.

If any of our town kids are is an opportunity to attend another VBS!

Come catch the wave at First United Methodist Church; 205 Jefferson St. Dates are Sunday, July 31st-Thursday, August 4th; Time is 6-8:30 pm.

Surf Shack VBS will help Surfers hit their impact zone with a deeper understanding of God's awesome power!! Surfers will "ride the waves" and learn that God creates, God helps, God loves, God calms and God sends. Surfers won't want to miss out on this event. Please pre-register now, children age 2 to students who have completed the 5th grade, by calling the church office 849-5367 or emailing


And finally, Pastor Joni is currently taking orders for Marianna Hoagies to raise funds for Haiti.

Orders have to be turned in on Sunday the 7. Delivery (or pick up from the church) is Wednesday, Aug. 17.

There are several other ways you can help in the fundraising too:

There will be a Yard Sale at the Hazen Church on Saturday, September 3 if anyone would like to donate any items for the sale.

They are also selling baked goods there.  

Then on October 1 there will be an Apple Dumpling Festival at the Hazen church at 2 pm.  It is the last flea market. 

Begin now to PRAY for Pastor Joni and the Mission.

I thought this article was good and wanted to share.

Roy Gearhart  says...

“We urge faithful United Methodists upset by this news to stay and work for accountability, remember that this election is being challenged, share their concerns with their pastors, and remember that such radical actions only represent a minority, who we should not let abuse and take over our great denomination."

We are happy to announce the arrival of Elliott Henry Loving. Healthy and handsome. 6 lbs 5 oz 20 inches long. Born at 4:40 pm. Mommy and baby doing well.

Nan and Dave

 Praise God & Congratulations all!
Another lil' Elliott!

Craig is getting an Iron infusion today and another next week. Pray that these get his counts back up where they need to be!

 Praise God for the love, prayers and support shown to the Zacherl family during Brodie's stay in the hospital. There was a GOFUNDME account set up to help with medical expenses and in just a few days, over $20,000 was raised for medical expenses! God is good! Praise Him for generous hearts that were there for this family in their time of need!

Please continue to lift Ray in prayer. He/we had hoped the catheter would be removed yesterday, but that didn't happen. 😊 The aging process isn't an easy one.

Continue to pray for Rod Frazer. 

Had the following request from Chris...

Please add Jeff & Bonnie Parrett of Brookville to the prayer list.  Jeff had minor surgery in Pittsburgh on July 20 and came home over the weekend. He was life flighted back to Pittsburgh last night for possible blood clots and his heart beating fast & hard. I work with Bonnie and her family & extended family has been hit hard with cancer and other life threatening problems the past few years. This is just added stress & anxiety that she wasn't prepared for.

Thyra asked for prayer for a cousin, Rod Frazer, who is in Hershey Medical after having had a stroke.  Please keep Rod in your prayers. I'm guessing he is a very special cousin to warrant Thyra & Ed naming their own son after him.

Praising God for another good Bible Study...and some new faces around the table. It's never too late to join in! Hope to see you next week. Or join in at Port on Thursday morning at 10.

And last but not least...pray for Dan's back. One never knows when God might call him to take up his cross and follow...and he needs to have a strong back.

Please pray for Craig as he goes to the cancer doctor tomorrow. Pray that blood counts normalize, pray for wisdom for the doctors. Pray for comfort and peace during the journey ahead...for Craig, Peg and their family.

Continue to pray for the Attinger family as they journey through their grief.

Pray for Ray too. He has two doctors appointments tomorrow.

(We Praise God for Jeanna and her willingness to help out with Ray's care!)
And pray for Bill Wolfe as he has been under the weather.

Continue to pray for Brodie Zacherl, Tom Hopkins, Nancy Fox and Donna Syphrit.

I Praise God for little Dominic and his bright eyes being at the door this morning to help his parents greet!  What a blessing he and the other little ones are in our church!  Happy, crying, noisy...Cheerios on the floor...we love 'em!  They are a sign of Hope and a future for our church! Praise God for little ones!

Pray for the empty pews! Many have been missing and missed this Summer! Make a phone call, pay a visit, send a card or text or email and let them know they are missed!

Remember Bible Study at Meade Chapel tomorrow morning at 10...and Thursday morning at Port Barnett.

Remember your index cards - favorite hymns & today's assignment - who is God to you?


If you'd be willing to make up an UMCOR mission kit...the 'recipes' are available in each church or by contacting Pastor Joni.


Just got home from Zanesville (Praise God for safe travels!) and had two prayer requests on my machine.


Please pray for the family of Dale Attinger (Kristin & Tyler's grandpa) passed away yesterday after a courageous battle with cancer.


Also, Shirley Walter would like prayer for her daughters Mother-in-Law, JoAnn Blake wh has pneumonia.


Don "Pete" Ishman could use our prayers. He spent a couple days in the hospital for swelling on one side of his face/ear/head. They don't know what was causing it.

Also, Bishop Bickerton's Dad is in a FL hospital in ICU. He fell and had to have back surgery. Had a heart attack during the surgery. His name is Jim.

Continue to pray for the others on our list.

Pray for your Pastor, your Church and the Faithful Follower's Charge. Invite a friend to church this Sunday.

Remember the Charge Service/Picnic on Sunday, August 21 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Details coming soon.


Praise God! Ray came back home last night. Please keep him in your prayers.


Continued prayers for Craig as well. Tests, blood work, doctors appointments added to healing from surgery can wear a person out!


Continue to lift Tom Hopkins, Brodie Zacherl, DuWayne, Ann Dudek, Nancy Fox, Roy Harriger, Charlie Shreckengost, Donna Syphrit, John Neff, those grieving loses, and our home bound.

Pray for your Pastor, your church and the UM Church as a whole. Pray for our Nation!


Remember Coffee, Snack & Chat this morning at 9 at Port.

Ladies Aide tonight at 7 at KnoxDale.

All are Welcome at both!


2 Chronicles 7:14

Prayer warriors, things have gone downhill and Ray is in route back to DuBois Hospital. Please Pray!

Pray for the UMC

For those who missed Pastor Joni reading the Bishops letter on Sunday and for those who'd like to re-read it for yourself....

here it is.

Here too, is an article about the appointment.

I don't know where you stand on the issue, but if you'd like for your voice to be heard, please consider writing to our new Bishop.

 Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi

United Methodist Center
                                                               1204 Freedom Road                                                                                                                                                      Cranberry Township, PA 16066 

(724) 776-2300 

Because there are right things to say but far too many wrong.  I won't even try, I'll just quietly leave this here.

We live in a messed up world!  We know that we will have persecutions, trials, tribulations, and heartache and pain and suffering as we grow and mature in our walk with God. 
During our times of intense need, times of grief, uncertain times, and in times when things are going increasingly the world and in the Church...we really totally need to depend on GOD and ask HIM for help, and to rely upon Him, because HE is the ONLY ONE that can give us the perfect way out, and perfect answer to all that we are going through. He is the one that can fix broken lives and broken churches! 

Sometimes He sends others to speak a word of truth in our lives, but we dont always receive it. Because we think we know more, or our pain is more intense than anyone else's …but how are we to grow and mature if we get self centered and selfish in our lives? When we cling to our own understanding, and think we know it all, we lose out on some absolutely wonderful inspiration, revelation and deliverance from God!


Franklin Graham has asked believers to pray for our Nation today at noon.

Pray for our nation! Pray for our Church! (Satan would like nothing better than to rip the UMC apart!)

Pray for the world. Pray for our leaders! Pray for the military & those in law enforcement. Pray for each other!


"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

2 Chron. 7:14


Couple of reminders...

Sunday, August 21 there will be a Charge Service & Picnic to Welcome the Williams' at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Service at 10...with picnic to follow at 11:30 ish. 

Invite a friend or someone who hasn't been to church in a while.

More details coming soon!

 On Saturday, September 17 there will be a Ladies Seminar at Warsaw Fire Hall.

"A Wardroabe for All Seasons - How to Dress for Spiritual Success"

Lori Hatcher will be the keynote speaker.

Some of us participated in one of her seminars a couple years ago...and it was time well spent!

Let's take a team!


Coffee, Snack & Chat  9:00 a.m. & also KnoxDale Ladies Aide at 7:00 p.m. this Wednesday.

And a note of Praise to God!

Ray's speech is MUCH better today! There doesn't seem to be any permanent damage from the stroke! God is so good! He was hoping to come home today...but waiting to see what the Dr. says.

I praise God too, for our churches nurses & that they arrive at church early. The events of yesterdays situation could only have been orchestrated by God himself! Ray was able to make it the whole way to the church (about half a mile), the nurses were there early, Pat got him to the hospital quickly and the aspirin did it's work. Thanks all for your prayers!


Also want to welcome Penny & Lewis Saxton of Port Barnett to the "Prayer Chain". (Please let me know if you got this I know I entered your email right!)

Praising God this evening for answered prayers! If all goes well during the night, Ray may come home tomorrow. The clot was in the Carotid artery in the back of his neck. The aspirin given at the ER seems to have broken it up. His speech is still some what slurred, but not as bad as it was. He was able to eat his dinner (didn't care for it but ate it). He will be put back on blood thinners. God is good!

Just a reminder for all.  Port Barnett's Coffee, Snack & Chat is this Wednesday, July 20, at 9:00 AM in our church basement. Everyone is welcome.

Pray too, for Miranda Reitz's grandma and Dale Attinger (Kristin & Tyler's grandpa who was put on Hospice).


Please keep Ray in your prayers. He walked into church this morning...very slowly. When we ask him if he was ok, he was just mumbling. Pat took him to Brookville Hospital. They said he's having or had a stroke. Being transported to DuBois Hospital.

Here is a link to Karen Wolfe's report from Annual Conference

Annual Conference Report for 2016


Hi Deb,

Please add Brodie Zacherl to the prayer list.  He has been in icu in Pittsburgh for a week and still in great need of our prayers. 




Tiffany Straitiff has ask us to...

"Please add Trevors cousin, Tom Hopkins to the prayer list. He wrecked his mountain bike and is really banged up. He's in the Trauma ICU in Pittsburgh with a lot of broken ribs and a broken collarbone. He is in right now for an exploratory surgery he's bleeding somewhere and they can't find it and his stomach is filling up with pus. They left him open yesterday so they could go back in today and try and find it. He's in a medical coma right now and they say a lot of pain. Prayers are greatly appreciated!"


The Straitiff's also have reason to Praise God today too; 4 years ago today, God Blessed them (and us) with two beautiful little girls! Happy 4th Birthday, Ainsley & Addy!!


Please pray for the family of Penny Harriger Geer.  Penny passed away this morning of cardiac just 60 years of age. 😟

Continue to pray for  Roy Harriger, John Neff, Craig Kniseley, Ann Dudek, Nancy Fox, Donna Syphrit and DuWayne. Please add Val Dickey to your prayer lists as she continues to grieve Ed's passing. The Davis/Mays family.

Pray too, for your Pastor and the Faithful Followers Charge.

Stay tuned for details of a charge service & picnic coming up in August.


KnoxDale folks...remember the Adm. Board meeting is tonight at 7.

Exciting things are happening on the Faithful Followers Charge!!

We had a great turn out for Bible Study at Meade Chapel this morning and great conversation too!
Dan is a gifted teacher and we're looking forward to what God has to offer us through him and the book "I Wish Jesus Hadn't Said That" by Steve Timmis.

If you missed it this morning, the same Study is starting Thursday morning at Port Barnett at 10 am.  Dan hopes to keep the two studies running on the same schedule, so if you can't go to one, you can maybe catch it at the other.

All that being said...the Williams' will be out of town next there will be no Bible Study next week. We will resume on Monday, July 25 & Thursday, July 27.

There are still books available, if you didn't get one and plan to attend, let Dan know.

Also: Just a reminder that the SPRC committee meets tonight at 7 at Meade Chapel. Please make sure your SPRC members know

Prayers for my Uncle,  Roy Harriger. He fell in WalMart parking lot and broke his hip. 😟
Surgery tomorrow in Cincinatti. He is 90 and very surgery is risky. But the good news is he is a Christian and ready to die should God choose to call him home!

Continued prayers for Craig Kniseley (and his family) as they have more decisions to make concerning the best path to take thru cancer.This is an anxious time for them and the ability to make wise decisions may be difficult. Prayer is the key here folks! Let's soak them in prayer as decisions are made. Pray for God's guidance. Pray for the doctors. Pray for strength for the journey...whatever direction they take. Pray for that Peace that passeth all understanding.

Praise God for our Knox Twp. Fire Dept and its dedicated group of volunteers! They responded quickly Friday night when Ray's lifeline went off (for no apparent reason) find him sitting on the porch swing unaware that help had been summoned.

Pray for Pastor Joni & tomorrow's services.  Invite a friend to join us at the Lord's Table!

Praise God!  Emmett got his little brother and Gary/Barb got grandson #4 this morning!

Congratulations, Rachel & Josh on the birth of Elliot Cole Kriner (6 lbs. 4 oz and 18-1/2 inches long). 

All are doing well.

Continued prayer for Sara & Julie as they await their little ones.

Prayers Please! (From Peg)

Subject: pray

please pray for our son-in-law John Neff as he is having surgery tomorrow to replace a knee that he had put in about 4 yrs ago.  Pray there is no infection.

Pray too, for Craig and his consult with the cancer Doctor.


Praising God for a new little great niece. Lillian Grace Ferraro was born today weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz. Mom (Meghan) & baby are doing well.

Continued prayers for Rachel, Sara and Julie as the await the arrival of their family additions.


Praising Him too for safe travels to/from to return Morgan & Quinn. Quiet here after 6 weeks of 1 or more grandkids!


Tim Lindemuth could use our prayers as he recovers from foot surgery. They'll be doing tests this week to try and figure out why the surgery left him with no feeling in his toes.


Continued Prayers for those grieving loses and for those recovering from surgery..


Pray too for the Shaffer / Park & Shannon / Slater families as they head to the beach this week for the wedding of DuWayne's niece and Sandy's nephew.

Sandy wanted so badly to be able to go to the wedding. She talked about it often during her final weeks. I don't doubt that she'll be there is spirit.  She held a special place in their lives and will live on in the hearts of the bride/groom and so many others!


Please pray for the  Mays/Davis Family. Cindy's mom, Sara Mays passed away today (yesterday)


Pray too, for Ruby Thomas who is not doing well.


Praise God for a great week at VBS, for beautiful weather, for dedicated teachers & volunteers, for the children, for parents who brought their kids, for a nice program and for a church full of people tonight! God is so good!


Praising Him too that Ann Dudek is back home and doing well. She hopes to be in Church on Sunday!


Let's soak Pastor Joni in prayer this week-end!  A funeral, a wedding rehearsal, a wedding, company and the first Sunday on her new appointment! Her plate is full!


I'd appreciate prayers for travel mercies as I return Sydney tomorrow...and return with Morgan & Quinn. I Praise HIM that I could have Sydney for VBS! She absolutely loved it!


And lastly...Gerry B. Has a couch in decent condition that she would like to give to someone who could use it. She said it's a tanish color and would make someone a good couch for s family room or someone just starting out.

 If you want it or know someone who could use it, give Gerry a call!

She works call early in the day.  849-8402



Hey Y'all!

Barnyard Roundup VBS wraps up tonight with the children's closing program at 7:00.

All are invited!

Hope Y'all will Come & hear what the kids have learned! 😊 Invite a friend to come with you!

(Children should gather at 5:45 as usual)



Becky Caylor has been having some trouble with my sciatica. She is taking time off work resting...and would appreciate our prayers.



Ann Dudek is out of surgery and the doctors said it went well. She may get to come home tomorrow.


Please keep Gavin Thompson in your prayers for good test results. They've been doing a series of tests on his heart. Gavin was a regular at SonBeams and then Youth...before he moved.



Please keep Ann Dudek (Mary Barber's mom) in your prayers as she has surgery today.


Praising God that Craig is doing much better! Continue to keep him in your prayers. He sees the cancer doctor on the 9th to come up with a battle plan.


Praise God, DuWayne is doing well. He is in a boot now.  Continued prayers for healing of the foot and the knee surgery that is coming.


Praising God for another good night at VBS! Just two nights to go. Program is Thursday at 7.   All are welcome!


Prayers for those grieving loses. Services are tomorrow for Ned McMillen, Friday for Pastor Joni's aunt and Saturday for Dave Buffone.


Pray for Pastor Joni as she prepares to begin her ministry here on the Faithful Followers Charge. Be open to all that God is going to do through her!



Prayers for Pastor Joni's family in the passing of her Aunt.

Also keep her daughter & family in prayer for travel mercies as they fly in on Thursday for a family wedding this weekend.


Pray too, for my great nephew Carson who suffered a broken arm after being hit by a ball in last night's All Star game.



To God be the Glory for the Great things HE is doing at VBS this week!!


On Sunday night there were 32 kids and they learned about the Good Shepherd (Chris did a great job with the lesson) and their Bible verse was Psalm 23:1. We had a great time singing and crafting...then enjoyed a picnic with families and our soon to be Pastor and her husband. The kids LOVED the petting zoo!


Last night the kids came in reciting their memory verse and getting a sticker. One little guy, 3 years old and all smiles, spouted it off like a pro...and then gave me a high five! (These are the moments that make it all worth while!) 41 kids last night!  The learned about Jesus feeding the 5,000. (Kelly used a cute little counting/clapping trick to keep their attention) Even in the heat...we had a good time! Gaye does a wonderful job with the music and the kids are picking up on the songs quickly!  The snack ladies are so creative too! We enjoyed some yummy dirt last night! When we were leaving one of the craft ladies warned me that the basement was "a mess". I went  down expecting to see a mess...but what I saw was cuteness!! Adorable stick horses and farm hats! (We are blessed to have some really crafty ladies!) The preSchool class continues to grow! I think they had 14 last night! It looked pretty scary to me! But Stacy, Stephanie, Michaela and Cassidy...exhibit the fruit of PATIENCE! How they keep it together for 2.5 hours is beyond me!! Again...we are truly blessed to have them taking part! Not many would be up for that challenge! And I read on FB late last night how some of the little ones are going home so excited, singing their songs and reciting their verses! That what it's all about!


God is sooooo good! He must love children...cause he made them soooo special!

Looking forward to night three...and seeing where HE will show up! So much fun & so many God moments! Remember to wear something Green! The color of growth and our story is about growing good things! 🌿


Don't miss the program Thursday night at 7:00!

It's going to be fun! 😊


Praise God for a great first night at VBS! God is our Good Shepherd!

Praise God for willing volunteers that do their part to pull it all together!

Praise Him too, for Children! Without them there would be no VBS!


Secondly, Praise God for the life of Ned McMillen. A life well lived!  Ned went to be with Jesus today.  Please keep Anna Mae and the boys (and Bill and Karen too) in your prayers during this difficult time....and in the days and weeks ahead. The Wolfe's July 4th picnic certainly won't be the same this year without he and Hope.


Continued prayers for Ann Dudek as she goes for surgery on Wednesday.

For Craig and DuWayne as they continue on the road to recovery.

And for Miranda's Grandma and Pastor Joni's aunt...both had strokes and not doing well.

Keep the Buffone & Jones families in your prayers as well as the grieve such sudden loses.


Begin now to pray for Pastor Joni's first service on the Faithful Followers Charge!  Receive her well! Be a Blessing to her and her ministry here! Reach out in Christian Love and make her feel welcome here! Plan now to make name tags available for the first couple weeks until she gets to know our people.



Two unexpected loses yesterday.


Please pray for the Jones' (Richard & Ursula) as they grieve the lose of their son.


Pray too, for the Buffone Family. Dave (a good friend of Denny & Jeanna) was struck by a car and killed last night.



Praising God that Craig is home! (No place like home!) Pray for his return to good health!



Prayer warriors...(Elizabeth) Ann Dudek...Mary Barber's mom is in need of our prayers.

She will be having her 2nd breast removed next week in test have revealed cancer.  Ann is new to the area (Witch Hollow Road) and to our church. Let's soak her in prayer!


Betty Miller has ask for prayers for Jim Yates who is not doing well.


Prayers too for Pastor Joni & Dan as they transition from there to here and begin their ministry on the Faithful Followers Charge, July 1.

They're scheduled to move in on Friday. Praise God the painting is done...but there are still lots of little repairs and cleaning to be done. Plus, the man that is to lay the carpet on Thursday has had some medical issues, so pray for him that his BP will come down and that he is able to get it laid.


Pastor Joni's first service will be July 3. 

She would like to delay Communion until July all three churches.


***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can