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Pastor - Joni Williams

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Prayer List 


Pat & Pete Kniseley


Missions: Chitester, Lenhart, & Chamberlin

Service men & women

Pray for each other


Please pray for Barry Burkett (from Summerville). He is or had an aneurysm repaired today.



Please continue to lift Alan Henry in your prayers. He is very weak from the pneumonia and his hemoglobin is low. He'll be getting a pint after dialysis today. Lift Ginny and the rest of the family as well.


Continue to pray for Tracy as well. At last report he was beginning to wake up and being weaned off the ventilator. He even squeezed his wife's hand so he must have some use of that arm.


Pray for the UMC as stories of Bishop Oliveto swirl around on FB. True or's sickening. Satan seeks to destroy us.



For years I've read The Upper Room & Daily Bread each morning. Recently a friend introduced me to Crosswalk. This made me think this morning...

"The truly thankful person is a truly peaceful person. They’ve created a habit, no matter what, to notice, pause and choose.

Noticing something for which to be thankful, no matter their circumstance.

Pausing to acknowledge this something as a reminder of God’s presence.

Choosing to focus on God’s presence until His powerful peace is unleashed.

Will we be noticers? Pausers? Choosers? People of thanksgiving, no matter what circumstance we face?"

With all the evil around us we need to notice, pause and choose.



Prayers for my dad, Alan Henry please. We are in the Dubois hospital. He has pneumon.

Thank you, Ginny Kniseley



Lee Plotner would like prayer for his cold. He goes to the doctor tomorrow.


Pray too for healing, hope and strength for the people who lost loved ones in Las Vegas and those who were injured. Pray too for the family of Stephen Paddock. Can't even imagine what they must be going thru.



This Thursday, Oct 5...there will be a prayer vigil for Tracy Slaugenhaupt from 4:30 pm- midnight. Pick a time that works with your schedule and pray for this man and his family.

Here are some specific things they've asked for prayer for.

Specific Prayer Requests




2. For Tracy to be able to breathe on his own without the ventilator


3. For his kidneys to produce enough urine to get off of dialysis


4. For no permanent damage to the kidneys


5. For his temperature to stay normal


6. For his infections to go away and stay away


7. For his mental health when he finds out what has happened


8. For his medical team


9. For his family


10. For all surgeries to be successful


11. For God's love, glory, peace, and comfort to shine through in all of this



We've been asked to include Shirley Morres sister, Carol Bofinger in our prayers. Carol has Pancreatic Cancer and will be going into the hospital for surgery tomorrow. Please keep Carol and her family in your prayers.


It's Monday! Make your week count!



Prayers for Armond and the family of Pastor Joan Rousseaux. She passed away today. Joan served North Freedom & Ringgold UMC before her retirement a couple years ago. They still lived in that area.


Continue to pray for Scott and they face many health concerns...and a possible hit replacement for Scott.



There are many on our prayer list to remember to pray for, but let's be sure to keep Tracy lifted.

His situation is critical.


Tracy Slaugenhaupt is scheduled for more surgery today...please keep praying!


The biggest need the family has at the moment REALLY IS PRAYER. "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." (James 5:16b) The family is so appreciative of your prayers and support!


Many people are asking for practical ways to help in addition to prayer. When Darlene is ready for additional help they will be sure to post those needs.


You could send a card. The family has asked that you send it to their home address in PA. Tracy is still in ICU and the environment there is such that receiving mail at the hospital is too crazy right now. When that changes I will update with a new address.


Tracy and Darlene Slaugenhaupt

797 Lenwood Road

Summerville, PA 15864


Mike Wolfe is scheduled for a heart procedure on Friday...for a fib. He was to have a hernia repair on Oct. 5 but pre-op testing revealed an irregular heart beat. Prayers appreciated. He is or was to come up to transfer deed of Ray's house on Monday.


We Thank God for safe travels yesterday to Eastbrook Mission Barn, for a good time of fellowship and a productive day. There were nine who attended and much was accomplished!


Praising God for our youth leader, Gaye's presence at the flag pole this morning. The picture I saw didn't look like a lot participated, but she was in it.

Matthew 18:19-21 - “I promise that when any two of you on earth agree about something you are praying for, my Father in heaven will do it for you. Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you.”



See You At the Pole

Sponsored by Brookville HS Bible Club

Tomorrow morning at 6:45

If any of our youth need a ride in...I'd gladly take a load!



Continue to lift Hilary in prayer as she recovers and prepares for radiation in November.


Praising God for his healing...this is Tiffany's last week of having to stay off her foot!


Continue to pray that DuWayne Shaffer's knee will fully heal this time.


Prayers for travel mercies for the group going to the Mission Barn today and for a productive day.


Continued prayers for Tracy S. What a dark valley he and his family are walking through right now.



Praise God and keep praying!!


 This was the post most recent update they they have posted regarding Brock!!! 


 REMISSION .The news we have been praying we hear. Brock will continue his intense treatments but this means his treatments are working. Your prayers are working please continue.


 Continued Prayers for Tracy Slaugenhaupt, Hilary Jacobson, little Caitlynn, Donna & Scott, Ed Rhodes, those awaiting test results, those grieving loses, the SonBeams and Youth.



Sunday update from Darlene:

Thank you, friends, for continuing to pray with us. The outpouring of love, prayers, and well wishes has been overwhelmingly amazing!!! The road is rocky right now, but we are clinging to Jesus knowing that He will help us get through this time. Tracy's temp is 100.4. They are taking him off the current dialysis and may possibly try something different tomorrow. The medical stuff is getting beyond me at this point. I am trusting our wonderful team of fantastic doctors and wonderful nurses! Tracy's nurses have really been working hard!!! They have not had a minute's rest over the past few days. We praise God for bringing us to such a great team! They are going to wait and change his dressings tomorrow at surgery. I have to just keep asking all of you to do the one thing that I know works- pray! We have been blessed to have so many people standing with us in prayer. Thank you and God bless you!!!



Revival Services At Clarington UMC

Sunday - Wednesday at 7 PM

Rev. Dr. Ed Glover founder of Urban Impact Foundation in Pittsburgh is the speaker.

We heard him last year and the drive to Clarington will be worth it, trust me!

Special Music Nightly. Take a Friend!


Clarington UMC is a beautiful little church out in the boondocks with some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet!



Prayer Request from Chad Gilhousen...

Subject: Prayer Request

I wanted to put in a prayer request for one of my patients.

Here name is Lillian, she lives in Connecticut, and she has had a genetic condition that affects her breathing.  She is 80 years old has been dealing with it for over 20 years, but the doctors have now told her that there is nothing more they can do for her and they have entered her into a hospice program.  Her outlook has generally been very good since I've been seeing her, but her last two hospitalizations have really taken a toll on her.  She has asked for any prayers I can give her, so I thought I would see if you could add her to the prayer chain.



Most of you are probably already on this one, but Pray too for Tracy....

Tracy Slaugenhaupt, a lineman with Allegheny Power for 25+years, needs immediate and serious prayer. He went to Florida to work storm trouble 13 days ago. He worked 16 hour days in 100 degree heat. Several nights he slept in a tractor trailer with 36 linemen on cots. Today he had contact with 7000 volts and has been severely burned. The electric went in through his right arm and across his chest. It exited through the left shoulder. He has extensive full burns on his arms, chest, back, shoulders. He has lost a lot of muscle and tissue already. He is in critical condition. He has burns on 36%of his body. We need immediate prayer from everyone you can think of. Praying for him to stay alive, keep his limbs, and to be able to use his arms and hands again. We think he will have more surgery on Friday and again on Sunday to remove the necrotic tissue and muscle. He is currently intubated, was intubated at the scene, but not sure if they are keeping it in or not. They are concerned about pneumonia. And obviously skin infections would be deadly. If he makes it, which we believe he will, it will be many many operations and months of recovery. Thanks. Feel free to pass this on to whoever will pray. I do not want to lose my best friend. I love Tracy with all my heart and am praying for God to do a miracle and save him, save his limbs, and let him be able to use his arms and hands. Pray REALLY REALLY HARD THAT HE KEEPS BOTH OF HIS LIMBS!!!!!!!!



Pastor Joni really needs a head count for the trip to the Mission Barn. If you are planning to go, and haven't told her yet, please let her know or simply respond to this email and I'll let her know. The trip is this Tuesday, Sept. 26. Leaving at 8 am and returning about 4:00. Take a sack lunch.


Also...remember No Bible Study tonight at KnoxDale!


How are your plans for Laity Sunday coming along? I'm happy to say KnoxDale has a plan...and a few volunteers already!  If you haven't volunteered to your Lay Leader soon! Oct. 15 is just around the corner!


And speaking of October...remember it is Pastor Appreciation Month. Do something nice for your Pastor!



Pizza Hut Fundraiser for the Library is today and Thursday. 20% of sales goes to the library...if you use the coupon. If you need one let me know or stop at the library and pick one up!


And on another note; the Jefferson Manor Service was well attended, much appreciated and very nice!  Kudos to all who took part! How did we not know that Kathy S. Could play the organ so well!?!


Attendance was low tonight...but it will grow! Praise God for those who lead and help with Youth, SonBeams and little SonBeams!


Coffee, Snack & Chat at Port at 9 am

KnoxDale Ladies Aide is tomorrow at 7 pm



Family and friends will be received on Monday, September 18, 2017, from 2 – 4pm and 6 – 8pm, at the McKinney – d’Argy Funeral Home, ltd, 345 Main St., Brookville PA, 15825. A funeral service will be held on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, also at the funeral home, beginning at 11:00am, and co-officiated by Rev. Brian Smeal and Rev. J. Ray Baker. Interment will take place at the Emerickville Church of God Cemetery, Pin



Please keep the family of Ed Reitz in your prayers. Ed passed away this morning.

(Wendy Attinger & Scott Reitz's dad) I'll pass arrangements along when I hear what they are.


Pray too for Levi Smith working on a car and it fell on him. Life flighted to Pittsburgh.


Continued prayers for Hilary, Ed, Donna & Scott, DuWayne, Brock, Polly, Gary, little Caitlyn and those I'm forgetting.


Praise God for a long line at the Benefit for Brock Roy today! They should do well!

I Praise Him too for DuWayne's presence in church this morning and he was even able to take up the offering! 😊

And I'm still Praising Him too for kindness showed to some special little ones and to those who brought Lee to church this morning! Jesus has no hands but ours! Thanks for being such a welcoming church!


Remember the Hymn Sing tonight at 6:00.

Also the Jefferson Manor Service Tuesday at 2:00.


Anyone interested in going to Franklin for this on October 14?


Subject: WPA WCA Simulcasts

TO: WPA Laity and Pastors who have expressed an interest in staying connected to other evangelicals and orthodox minded folks from WPA or have expressed interest in the WESLEYAN COVENANT ASSOCIATION

 FROM: John Seth

 SUBJECT: WCA Global Gathering and WPA Simulcast sites.

The 2017 WCA Global Gathering “MOVE – ON MISSION WITH GOD” is only four weeks away… October 14. It will be hosted at the Woodlands UMC near Houston TX. Fortunate for us there will be over sixty satellite sites across the US. WPA is privileged to be one of the conferences with three sites.

PLEASE share the information about the Western PA Simulcasts and register yourself asap and also extend the invite for others to attend with you. This event is for BOTH laity and clergy.

If you are able to make the trip to TX, great.  But if not, thankfully there are three (3) regional simulcast sites here in WPA:

·         Galloway UMC, Franklin, PA                 Host Roy Gearhart

·         Harmony-Zelienople UMC, Zelienople, PA       Host Dan Owen

·         Oakland UMC, Johnstown, PA               Host Randy Bain



1.  Register and plan to attend the October 14 WCA Global Gathering. To register go to

2.  Forward this email/pass this information on to others.

3.  If you have not done so already, please consider becoming a WCA member. Membership forms will be available at each satellite site.

4.  Pray for God’s anointing and blessing on the event, the WCA, and our faithfulness to Christ as we serve in the UMC   

5. MARK YOUR CALENDER: The Convening Conference of a WPA Chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association will be on Monday, November 13th 9:30 to 2:30 at the Harmony-Zelienople UMC. The WCA Council Chair Dr. Jeff Greenway will be our keynote speaker. More information will be available about Nov 13th at the Simulcast sites on October 14th.

Please keep the ongoing development of the WCA in your prayers.

Please keep the Commission on the Way Forward in your prayers. The latest press release:



Please continue to pray for Polly Stewart. They are running more tests this week.


Invite someone to come to church tomorrow. Even if you don't think they'll'll plant the idea in their head...and who knows!?

Prayer has been requested for Ed Reitz...and his family during this difficult time.


Last I heard Hilary should be coming home today. Pray for her as her body adjust to not having a thyroid and all that that involves and as the healing begins.


Have you taken your Spiritual Gift assessment? The church will lack for nothing if everyone uses their gifts!


Sunday, October 15 is Laity Sunday.

The theme this year is Therefore Go! with ahope through Hospitality" 

Each church should begin NOW to plan for that day! 

Each of you has been gifted for the common good. Let your churches Lay Leader know what part you'd like to take in the service that day. (Lay Leaders...begin now to recruit if they don't volunteer!) Meade Chapel has a couple people going to Lay School. They will already be preparing a message if they're taking the basic course. Maybe they could share it!?

KnoxDale folks: You can run, but you can't hide!   Be a volunteer!

Praise God & Yeah for the Rhodes'! "Sugar n Spice and everything nice!"

Happy to announce Abigal Grace Rhodes arrived yesterday. All are doing well. She weighs 6lb 12.4oz and 20in long. If blood work is okay she will be coming home today.. 


Hilary seems to be doing pretty well, all things considered. She's in good spirits...and will likely be coming home tomorrow. Praise God!  Keep her in your prayers as she begins the healing process and they try to adjust medicines and get her levels to where they need to be.



Hilary is out of surgery and in recovery. Surgeon said she did well. They had to take a lot more lymph nodes than planned. She'll have to stay till Friday. Keep praying!



Old Fashion Hymn Sing

This Sunday, Sept. 17 at 6:00 pm

Port Barnett United Methodist Church

Come prepared to shout out your favorite hymns!

 Bring a Friend! All Are Welcome!!





Praise God, Doctors say Gary's surgery went well! Thanks for all the prayers and continue to pray for his recovery.


Hilary's surgery is after lunch tomorrow. She will be in the hospital until at least Thursday evening. Let's soak her in prayer.



We're just two weeks away from the trip to the Mission Barn. If you are planning to go please let Pastor Joni know. (Or hit reply to this email and I'll pass on your name) She'd like to know how many drivers we need.


KnoxDale folks remember board meeting is tonight at 7:00



I hope everyone who had planned to go today can go then!!


 Deb:  the worship service at the Jefferson manor has been rescheduled for next Tuesday, September 19 at 2 pm.  Hopefully all interested can join us then! 


Also, I'm still giving thanks to God for the beds! They were so badly needed and so very appreciated! I'm reminded of the verse that says we have not because we ask not. Too often I try to handle things on my own. I learned at homecoming of this need for beds. All week I searched online sales sights. Had a couple deals that didn't work out. When I didn't know what else to do I put the request out there...and wala! As God would have it, someone had beds to give! Praise God!


And speaking of beds...I have a crib I can offer up if anyone knows of someone in need of one let me know.


Remember to pray for Gary today as he has his hand surgery. And Hilary tomorrow as she has surgery in Indiana.



Hilary Jacobson's surgery has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, Sept. 13. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.


Remember...the Jefferson Manor Service for tomorrow has been cancelled.



Please keep Gary Gilhousen in your prayers as he goes for surgery on his hand this morning, in Wexford.


Praising God to for the quick response on beds. We have three covered. Still on the look out for one more. We're Blessed to be a Blessing!



I've been looking for a couple twin beds for a family in need. After several unsuccessful attempts to buy from others I decided to put this out to all of you in case someone may have one or knows someone who is getting rid of one. Thanks in advance!

Not sure why...but just got word that the service at the Manor tomorrow has been cancelled. Will let you know when rescheduled.

Those riding with me...I won't be picking you up.



Pray for FL (Texas too) as it recovers from the devastation of Irma.


Prayers for Ed Reitz (Wendy & Scott's dad). He was admitted to the hospital with a bad blood infection.


Pray too for Hayden as he returns to the doctor this week, that his arm and shoulder are healing.


Tiffany also returns to the surgeon this week. Pray that she's able to put weight on that foot again...and that she's dancing again soon.


Summer is over. Vacations are winding down. KnoxDale's S.S. has started back up.  Praising God for good attendance in church and Sunday School yesterday!


Continue to pray for Brock, DuWayne, Hilary, Ed R., Donna, Scott, Nikki, Colleen Hopkins, Caitlyn Lindemuth, Michele Skala, Chuck Clark, families in turmoil, our homebound and always pray for your pastor.


Remember the SPRC Meeting tonight at 7 at Meade Chapel.


And the Jefferson Manor Service tomorrow at 2. If you know any residents at the Manor encourage them to attend.


Last evening a member of the Perry Township VFC lost his house to a fire. This gentleman has been a volunteer fire fighter for numerous years. As it is always a shame to see someone lose their house to fire it especially hits home when it's a brother fire fighter the same fire fighter who would drop what he's doing to help a complete stranger. We are asking for donations for the family as a long rebuilding process will take place. We are searching for clothes in the following sizes.

Men's: pants size 31/32 and medium shirts Boys sizes: Pants sizes 8 and 10 Shirts sizes 8 and 10/12 Boys shoe sizes 4.5 and 6 Girls sizes: shirts Juniors medium Pants juniors size 6 Girls shoe size women's 6.5.

Donations can be dropped off at either the Perry township VFC or the Oliver Township VFC. Or by calling or texting 814-952-5150. Thank you!


Keith Kniseley is also willing to see that these get to the family. If anyone has anything to give...let me know and I can make the connection with Keith.


Also, KnoxDale folks remember the Special offering next Sunday for UMCOR. This was originally pegged for Texas...but will of course also help FL now too.



All you have to do is turn on the news to know many areas of the country are in need of prayer! Pray for all those in the path of Irma, for those devastated by Harvey and for those in the west dealing with wildfires!


Linda Lazzeroni's brother Chuck Clark had a mini stroke. Please keep him in your prayers.


Nikki Hinderliter will be having surgery in the morning. Pray for her speedy recovery.


Visited with DuWayne today. He seems to be doing well, all things considered. When I asked what we could do for him he said just keep praying.


Donna Syphrit (Scott too) is still in need of our prayers. I believe she was coming home today. Pray that she can get some relief from the back pain.


If anyone else has decided to go to the Safe Sanctuary training on Saturday, it's not to late to get on board! Let me know!

Prayers for Colleen, please!

Deb:  Could you please add Coleen Hopkins to the prayer chain.  She is Shirley Walter’s sister.  She is in the hospital with Congestive heart failure and not doing well. 

Thank you Joni


How many use the Faithful Followers website or know of someone who does?

 It will soon be time to pay for another year and we are wondering if it is worth the fee??

Or should we think about just setting up a group page on Facebook?

Please share your thoughts. Scott spends a lot of time putting stuff on the website...and he isn't complaining! But some of us are wondering if it is useful or not?

Let me know your opinion and I'll share the responses with the SPRC on Monday.

Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Thank You! Deb



Pray for the people of FL as Irma heads their way. I know some who are heading to PA to stay with the Gilhousen's.


Prayers for Donna Syphrit as she's seeing the doctor today about her back.


I can't remember when, but Tanis Pendleton will be having knee surgery soon. Keep her lifted in prayer.


Be sure to announce the SPRC Meeting (11th), the Jefferson Manor Service (12th) and the Hymn Sing (17th) in your churches this Sunday






He did have a successful last treatment and was able to come home!! He will be starting his out patient chemo treatments today at children's and have another one on Friday. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of the support, prayers and generosity that you have shown my family through all of this. I truly do appreciate it and can't thank you enough!! Please continue keep him and his family in your prayers as he fights this battle!





Safe Sanctuaries @ Indiana Grace w/ Chris Kindle


   Sat Sep 9, 2017 10am – 11:50am Eastern Time  


Grace United Methodist Church, 712 Church St, Indiana, PA 15701



Michele Skala had a light stroke and is in the hospital in Ohio. Please lift her in prayer.


Continue to pray for DuWayne, that his knee will be infection free and heal quickly.

Thank you to all who played games at homecoming. 100% of the profits will go toward his medical expenses.


Chris Silvis will be traveling to Harrisburg tomorrow for a seminar for work. Pray for travel mercies.


Continued prayers for little Caitlyn. I got to meet her today.  She has to continue to wear the heart monitor as it's gone off more often than the doctors would like.


Again I Praise God for our Vol.Firemen and women!



Praise God for the wonderful Community Worship Service this morning! And for our firemen who put this weekend together! So many people! So much musical talent under one roof! God is good!


Prayers for Mable Miller...wife of Rev. Jerry Miller...daughter-in-law of Betty Barr. Mable had a heart attack this morning and was life flighted to Erie.


Continued Prayers for DuWayne Shaffer. Surgery went well. They cleaned out the infection from his knee and now is just a time of waiting and praying for healing. Pray that there isn't too much infection/damage in the bones.'s cold and rainy, but a warm and friendly welcome awaits you at the Community Worship Service! Hope to see you there at 10 am. Stay for the Chicken BBQ. Support our townships Vol. Fire Company!

Just can't do the cold? Then Port Barnett will welcome you into their service this morning at 11:30 ish  or whatever time Pastor Joni makes it there.



Fireworks Rescheduled for Sunday night.



DuWayne Shaffer is in Altoona Hospital with infection in his knee. Knee replacement scheduled for 7:30 am. Let's soak him in prayer! His body just doesn't seem to like these replacement parts!


Pray too for the family of Michael Sarvey.


It's been a cold wet day! We're hoping for a warmer dryer day tomorrow...but if not...dress in layers and come to church anyway! You'll find a warm and friendly welcome there!


Fireworks tonight??? Haven't heard yet that they are cancelled.



KnoxDale Parade cancelled for today.

Will be held Monday. Same time, same place!


There are many collecting for Hurricane Harvey victims. Some may be legit...some may not. If you give thru the UMC or UMCOR you can rest assured it will get where it needs to go.




Just reading obits and see that Gail Wolfe's step-mom passed away. Prayers for the family of Chub Myers.


Today is Ed Rhodes follow up appointment. Prayers for healing please.


I'm returning the girls today and would appreciate prayers for safe travels.


Be in prayer too for Sunday's service and for the homecoming in general. Come out and support the firemen who give so freely to this community.



Anyone an RN...or know of an RN...pass this on.


Hello! Just wanted to pass the word along, there are crisis nurses needed in Texas starting next week through end of September. 5 shifts at $52 an hour. All accommodations and travel expenses paid for. This is not a travel nursing assignment this is for any RN who can work 5 shifts (not all in a row) the needs are in San Antonio and Austin. You do not need to be licensed in Texas since it's a state of emergency crisis. The agency looking for nurses for the crisis is called "meridian" the number is 303-730-3333



Hmmm...was the original diagnosis a mistake or is God answering prayers? Keep praying!

I received an update from my cousin the other day regarding Brock's status. He had originally been diagnosed as a stage or L3 but they changed it to a 1 because they found that it is not is in spine which is fantastic news! They also found that the chemo is working and that it is killing the cancer cells!! They said the see more good cells and less cancer cells! If all continues to go well he will be able to come home next week and continue with out patient chemo at children's on a weekly basis. Keep the prayers coming!!


Pray too for the kids, teachers, bus drivers and all who work in our schools as the kids begin another school year. 

Ed returns to the doctor tomorrow. Continue to lift him & Thyra in prayer as this journey continues.

If anyone likes cornhole...Don't forget that this will be the 1st Cornhole Tournament at Homecoming! $25 per team, starts on Monday at 9:00 am!  People can contact Mary Barber to sign up 814-591-0206. Only taking 20 teams so if your are interested, let Mary know.


Our annual kickoff parade is Saturday morning  Sept 2nd at 11 am! This year, we are having a raffle competition for kids who participate in the parade! Kids, by 10:45 am bring your decorated bike/go cart/wagon (be creative!) to the church parking lot to have your name entered to win $50 cash!  Kids will march, pedal, or otherwise make their way along the route from the Knoxdale UM church parking lot to the ballpark, escorted by the Knox Twp fire trucks!! Drawing will be held at the end of the parade at the ballpark where the winner will be announced. After the parade, catch the softball tournament all weekend long, raffle items, kitchen open daily, gun bash Saturday night, chicken BBQ Sunday afternoon! Please feel free to share this post!



The Praises and Prayer requests were many yesterday. Not even going to try to list them all here. Just continue to lift those God lays on your hearts this week!


And pray too for the people in Texas who are suffering the effects of Harvey. Many of us have friends and family down there. If you've ever considered making up an UMCOR kit now would be a great time to do it. I'm sure the flood buckets are going to be in great demand.


Update on Ray Shaffer from his daughter Margie . My dad continues to recover from open heart surgery. He is in the Cardio rehab at Highland View in Brockway for the next 20 days and will unlikely to be at the Homecoming in person, but will be there with all  of you in his thoughts.

Thank you for all the prayers. With continued prayers I have no doubt the 3 month recovery will go well. Remember, he's a stubborn Shaffer and a native from Knoxdale who never gives up.



Darlene K. has asked for prayer for her Uncle, Dick Snyder.  Bowel/Bladder Surgery today. Pray for successful surgery and a swift recovery.


Praise God for learning opportunities! After sending the Praises last night, I thought about the full table (with overflow on the couch) we had at Bible Study last night! Looking forward to getting back into full swing as Summer winds down. If you have never been a part of a Bible Study...choose one that fits your schedule and get involved. You'll be glad you did!


Continue to lift Ed in prayer for successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


Learned recently of one of our Faithful Followers that will be relocating. She'll certainly be missed! Pray for a smooth transition.






Praising God for answered prayers...and there are so many!

Jeanna got to meet Little Caitlynn when she was out walking tonight. When we first learned of Alex's complicated pregnancy we never thought the outcome would be what it was...a miracle for sure!

Ginny K. had an unspoken prayer request the other night and I learned tonight that God in His wisdom is working it out better than she could have hoped or imagined!

Little Jace Goddard is coming along and God is being glorified in/through his situation! There are people in Australia, Costa Rica, the UK, and all across the US praying for that little one!


Haven't heard anything from Ed continue to pray!


Continue to lift Brock. God is still in the miracle working business and he is more than able to wipe away every last leukemia cell in Brock's body if it is his will.


Peg has an unspoken request tonight. God knows the need...we just have to trust Him with it.


And there are a couple unspoken prayer needs within the charge. Just pray that God, who knows what they need will intercede on their behalf.


Deb, Ed's surgery is at 10:10 Thursday in Pittsburgh. All prayers appreciated. It should last around 2/12 hours. If all goes well he can come home tomorrow afternoon.


They finished testing yesterday to get a final diagnosis for Brock. I took this from Jeana's fb page. Please continue to pray and give them all strength through all of this.


 "It wasn't the day we wanted but God got him through it and helped us. We had 2 special visitors that brought us comfort during this difficult time. Thank you!! Brock's diagnosis is T Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Tomorrow is kill the cancer cells get rid of the bad so his bone marrow can make new good cells. Chemo tomorrow, Saturday and Wednesday.  If our counts are good we may get to come home. Baby steps learning why we lose our hair and why we have to wear masks in pubic. Please continue to pray for Brock's strength."


 I have had many people ask how they can help. There are already several fundraisers underway from many organizations in the DuBois community.  Once I know solid details I can pass that along.  They have organized a meal delivery, but it is full up through October already.   My suggestion would be gas cards. Dustin is traveling back and forth the most. He is the asst Police chief in DuBois and is also trying to keep the other boys lives Brayden and Tycen as normal as possible right now. If you wish to help in that way, you could get them to me and I will make sure they get them.


 Thank You-



Greater Vision will be performing at Treasure Lake Church in DuBois 

this Friday eveningAugust 25th at 7:00 PM.  Doors open at 6:00 PM.  

Ticket cost is $15.00 for Adults, $10.00 for children ages 10 and younger.

Prayers for Hilary Jacobson. She is seeing a surgeon today to schedule for thyroid surgery in September. 

Scott S. is still dealing with a torn labrum muscle (holds the hip joint together) from his fall down the steps, back in Jan.  Therapy has not been helping much, so he saw a Dr. yesterday about getting Botox injections to cut down the hip pain. Pray that that gives him some relief. Continue to lift Donna as well. 


Ginny K. has an unspoken prayer request. Please lift her request up to the Lord...He hears every groan of our hearts and he knows the situation.

Be at peace Ginny. You're not alone in your prayers! Even tho we don't know the specifics or the depth of the assured the Holy Spirit is interceding and transforming your unspoken prayers into the perfect Will of God.


(Hugs Ginny!)



Prayer Warriors, my family needs you more than ever! Little Brock and my family didn't get the results they were hoping for. I do not know all of the details, just that they may have a long road ahead of them. Please pray to give them the strength they need to all get through this together and that the Drs. find the right treatments that work for him. I will keep you updated as I know more. Thank you everyone!

Kelly L


Another request for prayers for a friend who is dealing with some mental/emotional anguish. Pray that the matter can be turned over to God...and left in His hands.  And that the friends can be of comfort and support as much as they are able.

Prayers for Ray Shaffer please. Some of our old timers remember him as one of the KnoxDale boys. I remember his mom, Mildred.

He had surgery for a quadruple bypass and other repairs on Thursday. His daughter Margie said  "Such a strong healthy 85 year old who looks and acts like he's 65. So completely unexpected."

He's a regular at the homecoming...don't think he'll be there this year. All prayers appreciated!


(Someone Make sure Gerry sees this...I think he was a classmate of hers.)

Prayers for the family of Bill McAninch.


I thank God for safe travels home from Cincinnati...especially the last leg of the journey from Greensburg up. The storms were terrible!


And for Jeanna's safe travels back from NC.


Continue to lift little Brock and his family in prayer...


> Brock has an aggressive form of T-cell lymphoma. He's is currently down at childrens starting his treatments.  He will be there for the next 7-10 days. Please keep them all in your prayers please and hope that they caught this in time!  I know many or most of you don't know them but he can receive e-cards. This may help brighten his day a little.   Just mention our church and my name so they know where it came from! Thanks everyone!!


 Kelly. L


Also got a request for prayer for little Jace Goddard. I think they said he is three weeks old. Is in Children's Hospital with meningitis.


Praise God Darlene's leg surgeries went well. Pray for a speedy recovery!


Also Ed will be having surgery on Thursday. Keep him in your prayers.


Hope to see you all at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds at 10 am! Someone ask about the offering. There are envelopes for each church. Pick one up on your way in or if we run out, stick your Offering in your neighbors envelope.



I would like to ask for prayers for my cousin Dustin and his wife Jeana's son Brock Roy. He's going into 3rd grade. He was having a biopsy yesterday to rule out lymphoma. All other tests have been negative. Let's hope they can figure out what has been going on with him all summer.


 Also, for Kellie Turner's mom Susie Fuller. She has had cancer and there are some concerns it may have returned, but she is have some other issues as well. So she is having some tests done and has to see several different specialists.



 Kelly. L


Continued prayers for Darlene as her first leg heals and she goes in for the procedure on the other one.


Continue to lift the others on our prayer lists: Ed (Thyra too), Donna & Scott, Tiffany, Karen, little Caitlynn, Charlie, our president & country, Pam Cook, Sandie, those grieving loses, Alan, families in turmoil, Ray, Chase, those traveling, Hayden and whoever else God lays on your heart today.


Remember Bible Study at KnoxDale this evening at 6:30.


Hope to see you all at the service and Picnic on Sunday at 10 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.


Prayers appreciated as we travel to Cincinnati today...and back on Saturday.



Pam Cook's new cancer drug has been approved! Praise God for answering prayers!


At last text, Jeanna and her sister were almost to their destination in NC. Praise God for travel mercies!


Prayers for Darlene as she goes in for leg surgery tomorrow and then for the other leg on Friday. Pray for her speedy recovery!


Continued prayers for Tiffany as she returns to the surgeon on Friday.  She's hoping she doesn't need another cast.


Continued prayers for little Caitlynn and her family...especially her mom. She's torn between being in Pittsburgh with Caitlynn and being home with her other two...all while grieving the lose of Caralynn. The journey has been emotionally draining.


And finally an unspoken prayer request for a friend going thru medical testing.


Have you invited anyone to the Charge Service and Picnic on Sunday? If not...get those Beautiful Feet moving!   Let's double last year's number!




“Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building up, as there is need, so that your words may give grace to those who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with which you were marked with a seal for the day of redemption.” (Ephesians 4:29-30)
The events in Charlottesville this past weekend were horrific.  As I heard the stories and saw video of the march, counter-march, fighting and other violence, I was reduced to tears.  It reminded me of previous videos I had seen of KKK marches, only those videos were from before I was born.  The hatred I viewed this weekend was happening in 2017 and the people  spewing the hatred were not afraid to show their faces! How God must be grieving because the rhetoric of discrimination and hatred continues to be boldly shouted and written on placards directed at God’s children.
I condemn these acts of hatred. I ask you to join me in prayer for Heather Heyer, who died from injuries sustained when a car was driven into a crowd of counter-protestors.  Please pray for the families of Virginia State Police Lt. Jay Cullen and Trooper Berke M. M. Bates, who died when their helicopter crashed while circling Charlottesville. Pray with me for healing for those who were injured physically and emotionally by the violence.
Christians must resist the temptation to respond to racial and religious hatred with an anger that perpetuates violence. (Ephesians 4:26).  The challenge is to respond with an anger that fosters grace-filled condemnation and accountability.  The challenge is to respond with an anger that fosters empathy and promotes justice for the victims of the vitriol and violence. 
As an annual conference, we have covenanted with each other and God to focus on dismantling racism.  At our baptism we, or our sponsors on our behalf, answered yes to the question, “Do you accept the freedom and power God gives you to resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves?” At each baptism we witness, we reaffirm our commitment to this covenant.
The way in which we respond to the events in Charlottesville demonstrates to God and the world whether or not we can be trusted to do what we say we are going to do.  Will we be faithful to our covenant? Will we condemn the evil, injustice and oppression of hate groups?
Those are simple questions. There are no commas or semi-colons at the end, because when we add “but”, we dilute our condemnation of evil, injustice and oppression and we give up some of our God-given freedom and power.
I ask you to join me in condemning these acts of hatred. I particularly ask those who are not usually targets of the KKK and neo-Nazi groups to condemn their acts.  As an African American, I send a message by condemning these acts, but when the condemonation comes from an Anglo-American, the message is more compelling, particularly for those looking for ways to justify the actions of the KKK or neo-Nazi groups.
The good news is that God has promised to give us the freedom and power to resist and combat these forces. I am confident God will reveal to you how God wants you, in your context, to resist this evil, and God will give you the freedom and power to do it.
I am asking our Anti-Racism Team to suggest some ways local churches might respond. But don't wait for them. Pray and act, knowing that your bishop has been praying for your discernment and will support you. The world and God are waiting to see if we are people who mean what we say.  


I'd just like to say if you missed church today, you missed a really good message!

And if you were there...I hope you'll take those beautiful feet and share the Good News with others this week!


Remember the Charge Service and Picnic are next Sunday at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Church is at 10 am. And the Picnic will follow at 11:30.

Last year it was such a success we decided that day we needed to do it again!

This week: Look for opportunities to Invite your friends, your family and your neighbors to join us there! Call someone you haven't seen in church and tell them about it. Offer a ride to a homebound person. Bring your spouse that doesn't normally attend the traditional service. Load up the grandkids or the neighbor kids. Maybe offer to make an extra dish so they don't have to make one. Hope to see you all there!


I Praise God for the opportunity to reach out in Christian love to the Kniseley family today as they remembered the lives of Pauline and Lyle. And for each one who helped with and donated to the funeral Luncheon. The Kniseley family has been hit hard over the last year. Let's keep them in our prayers. Pray too for those who will be traveling back to their homes in the next few days.


And finally, lift Hayden Reitz in your prayers. He broke his right wrist and left shoulder today in a bike accident.  Pray for mom and dad too. Image the hardships this could cause...and on a week they're going on vacation.


Franklin Graham said it better than I could...

"Pray for Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe, law enforcement, and everyone struggling to deal with the chaos and violence that reared its ugly head in Charlottesville today. It is such a tragedy—life was lost and many people were injured. Violence and hatred aren’t the answer. God’s Word tells us, “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice” (Ephesians 4:31). Join me for the injured, the families of those who died—and for peace to be restored."

While your at it pray for the whole nation! What a mess we are in!

Be in Church tomorrow! 

2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.


Please pray for the people of Kenya. I know first hand the chaos an election can cause there. It was awful in 2007 and it sounds like the same scenario going on now.


Keep the Shick and Kniseley families in your prayers as they say their final goodbyes this weekend.


Continued prayers for Ed, Baby Caitlyn, Ray, the Garner & Trombetta Families, Chase, Karen, Dorley, Alan, Charlie, Tiffany, Bernie, Gabby (her leg is healing nicely...keep praying), Mildred & Jim, families in turmoil, Sandie, our homebound, those traveling and your Pastor, church and the Faithful Followers Charge.


Please add little Chase Hinderliter to your prayer lists. He was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after being taken to the ER with Bells Palsy like symptoms.


Just a couple things to share...


Lay Servant Ministry School at Reynoldsville begins on August 20. If you plan to go, sign up soon! This IS NOT just for people who want to become Lay Speakers! It's for anyone who wants to be better equipped to serve in your church.


No Bible Study tonight at KnoxDale. See you next week.


On Sunday, Sept. 17 there will be a Hymn Sing at Port Barnett at 6:00 pm. Save the date! This was a very enjoyable evening last time!!

Anyone willing and available to help?!


Volunteers are needed beginning this week to help residents affected by the most recent flash flooding! 

Throughout the summer we have experienced flash flooding in many counties in Western Pennsylvania and neighboring areas. We are collaborating with our partners in the Western PA V.O.A.D. (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) to respond as the church and offer care and clean up in the name of Jesus Christ to many individuals that have been affected by the flooding in Butler, Fayette, Washington, and Allegheny counties. It is still unclear how many homes will need assistance. We are receiving new information each day. The Disaster Response Ministries Team has completed initial assessments in the above mentioned counties in the Butler, Connellsville, Washington, and Pittsburgh districts. Officials report hundreds of people affected and we will continue to assess needs that are referred to us. Volunteeers are needed this week to help with cleaning out basements in several areas. UMCOR Cleaning buckets and Health Kits have already been sent to these areas.

We hope to conclude clean-up work in Butler city and township (Butler District) in the next ten days. The PA VOAD is offering support to the Butler community for a one day blitz on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Various teams of volunteers will start at 8am at the Fire Station and the Salvation Army will provide food. 

The following is part of a statement being released to the general public concerning this event:

Butler Clean-up Blitz on Aug. 12th beginning at 8am.  Tasks mainly include spray washing, sanitizing with bleach, clearing yards, with some heavier debris removal and muck out possible. 44 households need assistance with either a hot water tank and/or a furnace.   Volunteers should call 211 to register.  If registering a group, please have one person call with number of people and ages. Individual volunteers are welcome and will be paired with others.  Please register ASAP using 211 or through .

This is your call to action and service – If you would be willing to respond as an ERT or work alongside trained disaster response volunteers, a link has been set up for you to respond.

Please go to to register and share your availability and someone will be in touch with you with an assignment.

  • The United Methodist Response in Butler is being directed by David Kissinger, Johnstown DRC, and Pastor Lisa Gill of Butler First United Methodist Church.
  • The UM Response in Washington District is being coordinated by Christy Orndorff, Washington DRC and Pat Roddy of Crossroads Church using First UMC Washington as the base of operations. 
  • The UM Response in Allegheny County is being coordinated by Fred Watts, Pittsburgh DRC. 

Please pray for these individuals as well as those in the Hyndman area that were evacuated on Aug. 2nd after a train carrying hazardous materials derailed in that community.  Residents were allowed to return home after four days and our Disaster Response team has been in contact should a response become necessary.  Read more about this.

Additionally, the Johnstown District response in Coalport, Irvona, Westover has been completed with the help of teams from The Baptist Relief Committee, and Early Response Teams from Johnstown, Emporium, and Ligonier. We praise God and give thanks for their willingness to serve! 

Thank you for everything that you are doing to be the hands and feet of Christ to the world and to make our response as United Methodists possible. All donations of cleaning buckets, health kits, etc. should be sent to the Eastbrook Mission Barn or one of its satellites. Monetary donations should be sent to the Western PA Conference Treasurer's office and marked for Disaster Response Ministries (Adv Special #DR0000911) so that the funds may be used where they are most needed.

Blessings and Peace,

Calvin Cook

ph: 814-442-5899 

Email: or


Jeanna's brother, Ray, fell from a roof today, about 12 feet. He's being taken to Altoona with a smashed up foot.


Prayers for families in turmoil and especially the children.


And lastly, the fire Company is still in need of baskets for the Chinese Auction. If you'd like to donate one, let Kelly Carpino know.




Ed Rhodes (Thyra too) could use some extra prayers as he recovers from and anticipates more surgery.


Praise God for our firemen and the nice send off they had for Rick Garner last night. Continued prayers for all those grieving loses, those recovering from surgery, those battling cancer and travel mercies for those traveling.


Below are some utensils that are still missing their owners...left over from Ray's funeral dinner. Anyone recognize any of them?


Cooking Utensils

I think we do need to be praying about what we're going to do as churches when the time comes.

Praising God this morning for our Vol. Fire Companies. Last night was a busy night for companies all around. I know KnoxDale was out several times yesterday. When you here those sirens going off...remember to pray for the volunteers.

Our last 4 campers will be coming home from Jumonville today. Pray for all the kids who attended camps this year. Pray that the seeds that were planted will be nurtured and grow. Pray that their families will see the need for family prayers/devotions and to have them in Church, Sunday School, SonBeams, and Youth. At some point, they will choose to either make your faith their own or reject it entirely. I realize parents can't make that choice for them, but they can give them lots of opportunities along the way. 

Today is Relay for Life at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Stop out and support this good cause. Get a sandwich or a walking taco and check out the baskets.

 If you want something to do this evening (and the weather cooperates) go out to Clarington for the Riverbank Singalong. We've been out the past couple of years and it's an enjoyable evening!

SPRC Meeting is Monday night at 7. Not sure if Meade Chapel is using their basement yet or not. Pastor Joni, let us know where it will be held.

Our Lumberjacks are selling $8. Spaghetti/Chicken Dinners for Sept. 26. These are take out dinners and you pick them up at the school. See Easton or Chase if you'd like meals.

Lastly...Dylan Barber is selling Raider cards. If anyone needs one let him know (or let me know and I'll relay the message). They offer savings at various places and support our Brookville Raider Football program.


Please keep the family of Rick Garner in your prayers.

His daughter Erin said he died this evening...on his 45th birthday.


Praising God that Shannon is on her way home from Sweden! Got a job with Cameron County schools!


Continued prayers for Alex & Little Caitlynn.



Baby Caitlynn Elaine Lindemuth, weighs 4 pounds 9 ounces and 16 1/2 inches long. They thank everyone for all of the prayers and support. Keep praying!


I have a Praise too, for an answered prayer! God is good!



Tiffany has asked for prayers for the Rupp/Trombetta Family. 

Nick Trombetta lost his battle with stomach cancer this morning.







Some of the Praises and prayer concerns from yesterday...

Praise God for Dorley's good reports last week, for Nan & Dave's safe travels, for the Mission teams successful mission, for the church being the church to the Straitiff family, for good times at camp, for beautiful weather, that Esty Ott is feeling much better and for Gaye's beautiful song she sang!

And I Praise God for getting me thru three services!


Prayers for the families of Ron Shick and Lyle Kniseley as they go thru the grieving process.

Pray for Alex & Shawn as they welcome little Caitlynn and grieve the lose of little Caralynn tomorrow. At just 30 weeks, they are still going to have a long road ahead of them.

Prayers for Karen Wolfe as she faces yet another bump in the road to recovery. For Ed Rhodes as he recovers and the look for a surgeon. For Mildred & Jim Snyder, many health concerns. Pray for Grandma Bernie and for Gabby and her broken leg. Little Bryce who will be seeing a plastic surgeon for some reconstructive surgery. For Charlie as he makes a decision on whether to try more eye surgery or not. For Alan Henry. For Gene. And continued prayers for Tiffany and the healing of her foot. For Arianna, Lauryn, Braden and Bryce as they are at Jumonville this week; may their hearts be open to all God has for them there. Donna & Scott. Those missing from the services. And for the M.C. Church as they deal with a flooded basement and the clean up/drying out process.

If I missed anyone, I apologize! God heard every request!


This Saturday is Relay for Life at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. We have had sooo many touched by cancer. Go out and support this very worth well cause!


When you have time, look up "Fear Not Tomorrow" by the Collingsworth Family on YouTube. It's the song Gaye sang yesterday...and a good message for all of us!



Prayers for family!

 Ron Shick passed away at 12:15 am this morning. Linnea posted this on Facebook:

 "Ron is free! He went to his heavenly home at 12:15 am Sunday morning July 30th"


Please keep his family in your prayers.






Ron Shick (and Linnea) are visiting their son in NC. Ron fell and hit his head. He had a brain bleed and they don't know if he will live. Please pray hard!!




Prayers for the family of Lyle Kniseley as they grieve his passing.


Pray too for the Moving Mountains Mission team as they finish up their work in Guatemala and prepare to head home.


If you see Becky Caylor or DuWayne Shaffer today, wish them a happy Birthday!



Praise God!


 We are home from Dubai. So thankful for safe travels.

 Dave and Nan



Nan & Dave are in route from Dubai; please keep them in your prayers.


Pray too for David Kniseley who is on his way home.


I thank God for safe travels today. Very long day...and more construction than you could shake a stick at but everyone is home safely.



I just got home after a day out with Graham (I thank God for our one on one time!) and needed to get dinner going but rushed thru a pile of emails.


I know one of them was for Gabby McLaughlin...and I think it was a leg she broke...but I can't find it now.  Just pray for her! God knows what she broke!


Emmett's arm break wasn't a bad break. Praise be to God! Just a brace with a latch that he can't take off. Pray now that it heals as it should.


Praising God for a good camp report from Megan Miller. She said Kaden and Arizona both had a great time at camp last week. This was a new experience for Arizona, in our new foster home and we're glad she was able to get in, in spite of a late registration. God worked out all the little details!  We know that He who began this good work in her life will be faithful to complete it.


And lastly, I have an unspoken request for a dear sweet lady who is loved by all who is dealing with some unpleasant life issues that are really weighing her down (her family too!) Pray for comfort and peace for her and family during the difficult road ahead. Paul tells us to be content in all circumstances...but that's not always easy.


Please add Emmett (Barb & Gary's grandson) and the healing of his broken arm to the prayer list.  He sees an orthopedic doctor today.


Continue to pray for the others as well: Alan Henry, Lyle Kniseley, Ed, Esty, Sandie, Tiffany, Howard, those traveling, those with health concerns, camp kids, the homebound...


Praise God & Continue to pray!


 Just an update from Guatemala!  Made it safe and am getting reacquainted with everyone!  To the village in the morning! 


Praising Him too for Dan's message/sharing this morning!

Pray for me as I prepare for next week...and especially that I can shake this cold/cough before then!


Dave Miller was under the weather this morning. Keep him in your prayers.

 Pray too for Gaye's mom, Esty Ott.


Praise God the girls all got to camp safely. Pray that they'll be open to all that God has for them there!


David Kniseley hadn't arrived at Peg's as of church time this morning...but pray for a nice visit (albeit short) and safe travels back.


Remember to keep Ed, Lyle, Alan, Tiffany, Sandie, Howard, Darrell, Donna, Scott, those traveling, families in turmoil, our homebound and those grieving loses in your prayers this week.



Tiffany's first night at home didn't go as well as she had hoped. Steps have been a challenge/hazard! She's already taken a tumble. Please continue to lift her in prayer.


I heard thru the FB grapevine that one of our guys had some tests yesterday and will be having surgery this week. Keep Ed in your prayers.


We have 9 girls heading to Camp Allegheny tomorrow. Please keep Syd, Cassidy, Izzy, Riley, Brenna, Kenzie, Rayleigh, Palynn & Rayna in your prayers this week. May God use this week to stretch their faith. Going in such a large group will be fun but it may also create challenges. Pray that they don't exclude others and miss the blessing of making new friends!


Continued prayers for Keith as he recovers from his surgery.

And for his great uncle Lyle in his battle with cancer.

David is also traveling this weekend and will spend a couple days with Peg. Pray for travel mercies.

And for Ginny Kniseley's dad too!


Pray for Dan as he prepares to bring the message tomorrow. May God be glorified thru him.


And last but not least, Pastor Joni as she heads to Guatemala tomorrow.



Keith Kniseley is having surgery on Deviated septum this morning. Prayers are appreciated!


Pray for a good report for Tiffany today!


Prayers for Nan & Dave as they enjoy time with Sara and family in Saudi Arabia.


Pray too for a pastor Joni and the Moving Mountains team as they travel to and minister in Guatemala.


Remember...Charge Service and Picnic will be Sunday, August 20 (10 am I think) at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Meat, Drinks and table service will be provided. Bring a covered dish to share.



Prayers for Alan Henry, Ginny K.'S dad. Admitted to hospital today with an infection.


Continued prayers for Lyle Kniseley and his family as they travel to/fro to visit with him.


And for Tiffany as she follows up with the surgeon...and hopefully gets her cast on.


Keep Pastor Joni in your prayers over the next couple of weeks as she travels/ministers to Guatemala.



I thank God for kids...and for families that encourage church participation! 'Ours' did a Wonderful job this morning leading in worship! Thanks to all who participated, to the church for being a welcoming, encouraging church and to the parents and church for nurturing these children as we promised at their Baptisms to do! God is so good!


Prayers for Pastor Joni and the rest of the team as they prepare to leave for Guatemala one week from today.


Continued prayers for Tiffany. Her pain level is pretty high...but Praise God she was able to celebrate the girls 5th birthday yesterday for at least a little while.


Praising God too for the Barber's presence this morning and a chance to meet little Jamison! Isn't the sound of little ones in church a Blessing?! A sign of hope for the future!


Prayers for Nan & Dave as they head to Dubai this week to visit with Sarah.


Continue to lift Eddie Reitz as he recovers from his accident.


Please lift Kaden & Arizona Miller in prayer as they begin their week at camp Allegheny today.


Prayers for those involved in the Fair this week. Thousands of people will visit the fair this week to enjoy the rides, shows and food. May they see Christ in our people who will be volunteering their time there!



Keep Pastor Joni's dad in your prayers. He broke his arm in two places and also pneumonia and other health concerns.


Haven't talked to Ginny K. for a while...but let's continue to pray for her dad, Alan Henry.


Pray too for my dad, Howard. The MRI revealed the rotator cuff is torn completely and not repairable. Therapy won't help. Pray that the pain can be managed.


Continued prayers for Tiffany as she recovers from foot surgery.


Prayers for Pastor Joni and the team as they prepare for Guatemala mission in a couple weeks.


And for SonBeams & Youth as they begin the reorganization process for Fall.



Prayers for the family of Dale Alcorn. Dale passed away Friday.



Please pray for Eddie Reitz. (Brother of Scott & Wendy Attinger) He was in an accident with his tractor trailer yesterday and is pretty bunged up.


Pray too for Miranda who has been sick with one thing after another this Summer.


Pray too for Hayden & Isaac who will be heading to camp this Sunday. Both are first time campers.


Tiffany's pain block has worn off...keep praying! She'll no doubt have some difficult days ahead.




Praise God! Can't imagine making that trip alone, with a one year old!


 Sara and Elliott arrived back in Saudi Arabia safely. Thank you for the prayers.



Tiffany needs our prayers and support as she recovers from surgery. 3 months is a long time to stay off your foot.


Please continue to pray for families in turmoil. My heart is broken daily by situations I hear about. Love the children...Jesus did.


Pray for our homebound and visit when you can.


I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th. God Bless America!

Prayers for travel mercies for all those traveling this week. There seem to be many.

Continue to Pray too for Tiffany as she prepares for he foot surgery on Wednesday...and keep praying throughout the recovery time. 

Pray for my dad too please. He's still not able to lift the arm he injured and isn't eating or sleeping...which is really wearing him down. He had an MRI...not sure yet what they'll be able to do for him. 

Gaye sang "God Bless America" beautifully this morning! Made me wonder how long God is going to continue to Bless us if we continue in the direction we are going.

Lives, not laws, need to be transformed before America will be in a position to ask for and expect God’s blessing. 

Society as a whole cannot be delivered from moral bankruptcy unless individual lives are transformed by the power of Christ.

Just a reminder to those who don't get KnoxDale's monthly newsletter; Pastor Joni's letter is posted on the website each month. 

Check it out:'s%20Page.html


We decided last minute  to have our yard sale this weekend, tomorrow 8am. Tons of girl and boy clothes pretty much all sizes up to 12.  Please let anyone know that might be interested. Thank you!


 389 McCullough Drive


Also...a shout out to Becky Caylor! She made the front page of the County Neighbors. May God Bless you in your retirement!


Those who know Jennie & Cliff are invited to join in their surprise 50th Anniversary celebration on Sunday at the ballpark from 4-7.  No gifts please!


There are a couple jackets left at the church. If your child is missing one, let me know.



Just learned that Ken Lindermuth is in surgery his morning...shoulder repaired. Please pray!



Someone left a pair of gold wire framed glasses laying on the pew last night. Left side of church. Anyone missing their glasses?



Praise God for a great week at Bible School and for all those who helped in any way! Music/Crafts/Recreation/Snacks/Group leaders/Teachers/Helpers/Prayer Warriors/Cookie Bakers/Snack Donaters/Parents & Grandparents who brought kids and last but not least the children (without them there would be no VBS)!!

Praise God for this opportunity to share the Gospel with the kids!

Thanks ALL for giving of your time, talents, gifts, abilities, resources to create an amazing opportunity for the kids in the community and beyond (one came all the way from Texas) to learn about Jesus and grow in their faith!


Was it exhausting? Yes! Was our Patience tested? At times! Is the church a mess? Yep! Did everything go smoothly? Not always! Was it worth it? Absolutely!


Praise God Tiffany was able to make it thru the grueling week with her injured/booted foot! Pray for her (and her family), the surgeon and all who will care for her as she goes for surgery on the 5th. Pray for a complete healing and a speedy recovery!


Continue to lift Lyle, Palynn, Alex and her unborn baby, Howard, Sandie E., Donna & Scott, Dorley, Wayne, J.Shick, Ann Stahlman, little Sutter, the homebound, those grieving loses, our campers, John Dunham, Families in turmoil, your Pastor, Church and Charge.


Take a lesson from the VBS and invite a Friend to church this Sunday!


Continued prayers for Alex Lindemuth and her family. She just finished up week 5 at West Penn. They are hoping to hold off delivery for five more.


Pray too for Stacy & Tim as they adjust to life with two little ones. There will sleepless nights and no doubt be days that it is overwhelming! But oh how blessed they are to have been given two little guys to love and be loved by!

Stacy was so very missed at VBS this year! (By the preschoolers & by the adults who had to take her place!) As I think about the Creation story the kids learned on the first night, I am reminded that the same God who created the sun, moon, stars, fish, mountains and trees...created Jamison & Dominic...and it was all good!


Remember the VBS Program is tonight at 7:00 pm Children should still arrive at 5:45



The VBS Program is at 7:00 pm Thursday

Don't show up at 7:30 or you'll miss it!


Praise God! Palynn did very well today! Keep her and her family in prayer as she recovers and they care for her in the next few days.


Praising God too for VBS! We're over the hump. Just two days left! 45 kids have been registered thus far! We adults are tired...but Blessed by all that God is doing! The kids had fun with PJ night! Remember silly hats tomorrow night!

Remember too, the Closing Program on Thursday at 7:30. All Are Welcome ...even if you don't have kids in it!


Today after the porch picnic at LaurelBrooke, I got to visit some of the friends I've made over the past 9 months while Ray was in there. Pray for and visit our homebound. You'll make someone's day!


I Praise God for the kindness of a stranger! Sometimes I just have to look up and say I know that was you God!


Please pray for Palynn's speedy recovery! 

Subject: Palynn

Palynn is having her surgery today! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers please. She's having her tonsils, tubes and adenoids done at childrens.

Kelly. L


Praise God...night one of VBS went very well! Hoping each child will invite a friend tomorrow night!


Praising Him too for our Pastor, our church and community who were the arms and feet of Jesus to us last week! Ray had a good, long life. He will be greatly missed, but we have that blessed assurance that he is in a much better place!


Continue to lift Sandie Eshbaugh in your prayers.


Correction on weight & length of little Jamison John Barber. He was 6 lb. 2 oz and 19 inches long. Pray for this family and their new addition as they adjust to life as a family of 4.


Palynn Lindermuth will be having tonsils out on Tuesday. Let's keep Palynn in our prayers.


Baily Miller and Kaden Myers are at camp Allegheny this week. Pray that God will open their hearts and minds to the many blessings He has for them there!

Praising God the Rylee, Sydney & Abby had a good time at Wesley Woods last week. Pray that the seeds that have been planted will come to fruition!

Congratulations Tim & Stacy! Got the following info from Aunt Mary- 

His name is Jamison John 6 lb 11 oz and 16 inches long.  Tim said mom and baby are both doing good.  Tim said they should be home tomorrow morning.

Prayer for Gerry Miller. She was out to Bible Study last night...but got sick afterward and is still sick today. 

Prayers for families in turmoil.

 Prayer requests from Thyra...

Prayers for my neice J Shick as she will  be having surgery in Pittsburgh this morning and also for my cousin

Ann Stahlman who is having tests run in Dubois.


Please continue to pray for families in turmoil. (There are many!) May hearts be filled with Love for God and each other. May they seek wise counsel. May forgiveness be offered and accepted. Pray the children feel loved and secure.

Pray that they as a couple/family they can focus on God and His many blessings and not their problems.

May God honor our prayers according to his perfect will.


Pray for VBS. It begins Sunday and runs thru Thursday from 5:45-8:30 each evening.

Let Barb Gilhousen know if you'd like to register kids. Other questions should be directed at Pastor Joni aka director.


Continued prayers for Ray's family. Many will be traveling later in the week. Stan's family (20 of them) is in NC at the beach. Jodie's are in Cancun. Others will be coming from VA, OH, NY and different parts of PA...please pray for travel mercies.


Continue to pray for little Sutter. What a headache surgery like that must cause.


Shannon Shaffer will be traveling home from Sweden this week...for a month long visit. Pray for travel mercies.


Dan & Joni's daughter-in-law and the kids made it home from the Philippians safely. Continue to pray for them during this time of deployment separation.


Pray this week for Rylee, Abby & Sydney as they spend the week at Wesley Woods, Adventure Camp. May their hearts be open and receptive to all God has for them there. May there Faith be stretched!


Continue to lift the others who have been on our prayer lists too: Lyle, Donna, Scott, Sandie, Wayne, Howard, Dorley, Karen, those grieving losses, Joy, Alex, Tiffany's upcoming surgery, John Dunham, Howard McGranor (recovering from jaw reconstruction & now gall bladder problems), Alex and unborn baby, unemployed/under-employed, your Pastor and the UMC.


Have a great week! Be a little kinder than necessary!



Viewing for Ray is Friday 4-8

Funeral is Saturday at 11

McKinney/D'Argy Funeral Home



Yesterday morning at 10:49 a.m. Ray stepped from this world into the arms of Jesus. No more pain or confusion or missing Hope or wanting to be at home. He'll be missed but God blessed him with 100 yrs. 5 months and 27 days...and oh the memories he left us with!

Thank you all for your prayers and support over the past 8 months!



Got the following prayer request from Gaye. Please Pray!


This request comes from a friend of mine.  A friend of hers just lost another adult daughter to death today.  This is the 2nd adult child she has lost in 5 years.  Her daughter leaves behind a husband and 2 children.  I know no names.  Please pray for the family and for my friend.  Thank you.  Gaye



Praising God for Wayne's good reports today! One month post-op and he's been released to do whatever he feels up to doing! Thank you all for your prayers! God is good!

Got the following from Nan...

Praise be to God! Keep praying!


 Just heard from Sutter's mom. He is out of surgery and did well. He is in ICU as a precaution due to his heart history. Please continue to pray as he heals.


Just got home and got this one! Surgery may already be over...but pray for healing and for all those caring for little Sutter.

Subject: Sutter

Please pray for little Sutter today as he is in Pittsburgh having the surgery on his skull.


Prayers for Alex Lindemuth today as she has some testing done to see how baby Caitlynn is doing. Continue to pray for her family as well. She's on week three of her bedrest time at West Penn. She's missing her kids and understandably so.

 Pray for families in turmoil. The children always suffer when parents can't get along.

Unspoken request for a family dealing with a job lose situation and an uncertain future. 

Remember Bible Study tonight at 6:30 at KnoxDale. Cold water will be provided! (Tiffany needs water bottles for VBS and you can help by drinking one!)

 Praise God! I heard yesterday that Ramsaytown & CoolSpring are going to join us at the Homecoming Service this year!

I read this article this morning on Small Churches and it kind of struck a cord with me. Wanted to share...since we are all small churches.





Sandie Eshbaugh is still in need of our prayers (Melvin too). She's not getting any better.

She and Mel welcomed a new little grandson last week: William Wayne Smith.


Please add the Rev.Jerry Miller and his wife Mable to your prayer lists. Jerry is the son of Betty Knapp Barr. He retired just a couple of years ago from the UMC. Jerry is struggling with dementia.


Remember Dan & Joni's daughter-in-law and grandchildren as they'll be returning from the Philippians on Saturday. Pray for travel mercies.


Continue to pray for Lyle, Alex and her unborn baby, John Dunham, VBS, Sydney, Donna, Ray, Dorley, Karen, Wayne, Howard, our campers, those traveling, those serving in the military, the UMC, your Pastor, those grieving loses, and families in turmoil.


"God shapes the world by prayer. The more praying there is in the world the better the world will be, the mightier the forces against evil." - Mother Teresa



Continue to lift Lyle Kniseley as he will be having biopsies tomorrow. Pray for his family too as the anxiously await the test results.


Praising God that Tiffany and the girls arrived at camp safely and had a wonderful first day! Ainsley has already decided she doesn't want to leave! Pray that Tiffany's foot holds up for the next three days! (Below is a pic)





Betty Miller has asked for prayer for her grandson, John Dunham. He was taken to Oil City Hospital after collapsing while fishing up at Tionesta.


Please pray for Tiffany, Adaley & Ainsley as they go to Jumonville tomorrow for Mommy & Me camp.


Continue to lift Ray in your prayers for peace & comfort. He was having a rough evening.



Lyle Kniseley is still in Latrobe Hospital. They're going to run more tests on Monday. Let's soak him in prayer!  Pray for his family as well. It's been a tough year!


Prayers for Sydney as she is in route to Costa Rica. And for Pam, Kelly & crew as they'll be traveling to the beach tomorrow (Saturday? I forget what day!).


Let's keep VBS in prayer. They're coming down to the wire. Preparations are happening! Decorating has been done. Registration Picnic is this Sunday at 4. Teachers are in place.  Let's keep it in prayer from now to the 25th...that God will prepare hearts and minds for all HE has waiting for them there!


Remember Bible Study at KnoxDale tonight at 6:30. Invite a friend!


Prayers For Sydney Miller as she leaves tomorrow for Costa Rica (till the 16th) with the Spanish Club.  Please keep her and her classmates lifted up in prayer.


Pray too for Western PA Annual Conference that starts tomorrow. May all that is said & done there be pleasing to God!


Continued prayers for my dad. He saw the surgeon this morning. He put a shot (I hope mom was exaggerating about the length of the needle!) in the rotator cuff and he starts therapy on Friday. Pray that that helps! At 82, surgery is a last resort! Dad is happy about that!


Prayers for Tiffany S. and the twins as they head to Mommy & Me Camp at Jumonville on Sunday. The weather is looking good! Pray that they are open to all God has to offer them and that Tiffany's foot holds up for the three days!


Continue to lift Wayne in prayer as he recovers. We visited after dad's appointment this morning and he's beginning to go a little stir crazy. (Thanks Jim, for visiting!)


And finally, I Praise God for guys who reach out in Christian love in this community even when the job is a smelly one! They know who they are!


PRAISE,  Got the following from Kelly L. (Be encouraged, Tiffany!)

I do not need the crutches anymore!!! Yesterday was a good appointment all around! I don't have to follow up with the Dr. unless needed and I will be out of the boot shortly and back to normal in no time!  Thanks for all of the prayers! After almost a year I feel like I am finally almost done with this!



Prayers for Pastor Joni as she returns today.


Pray too for their daughter-in-law and grandchildren as they make plans to return from the Philippians on June 17.


Be in prayer too for our Western PA Annual Conference that takes place in Grove City this week. (Genie is likely already there preparing.) The Pastor, Karen & Pat ? will go on Thursday. A special thanks to all who donated shoes; the back of Karen's car is full!


Jenny Gordon said on Sunday that Jean Craig was her mentor and that she had many fond memories of her time at KnoxDale. Those who have been around for awhile may remember Jean.


My dad sees the surgeon tomorrow morning about his shoulder. Prayers appreciated!



Continued prayers for Ray. Today wasn't such a good day. Although he did get to meet great grandchild #25 for the first time.


Keep my dad in prayer (Howard Reinard). He fell off the corn picker yesterday. Finally went to ER this afternoon. Torn rotator cuff. ��


Lyle Kniseley is in need of our prayers.


Kelly L. follows up with her surgeon tomorrow...hoping she can get off the crutches.


Wayne is doing well...praise be to God! Continue to pray!


Continued prayers for Donna S. as well.


Emily Carpino's appointment went well, all things considered. If the infection comes back she'll have to follow up with the specialist again, but for now they won't take any further action. Keep her in your prayers.


Tiffany's surgery has been set up for July 5. (After camp & VBS! Yay God!) Keep her on your prayer lists too!  She'll have to be off of it for three months...and no driving!


Ray was much better today than he's been in weeks! We know his prognosis isn't good...but we will take every good day God gives us! Continued Prayers for comfort .& Peace, please!



Donna is home and doing well, Scott says. Keep them in your prayers!


Joni made it to FL safely and will no doubt enjoy the time with her daughter & family. Pray that she gets some much needed R & R and comes back rested and renewed.


Ray is back at LaurelBrooke on Hospice Care. Pray for peace and comfort.


Invite a friend to come worship with you this Sunday!



Prayers today for Pastor Joni as she travels to FL.


For Ray as he transitions back to LaurelBrooke.


For Tiffany as she meets with the surgeon in Pittsburgh today.


Emily Carpino as she has a follow-up appointment at Children's tomorrow.


Pray for your Church and the UM Church as a whole.


Remember Bible Study this evening at 6:30 at KnoxDale. All Are Welcome!


Remember too to be gathering your unwanted shoes. They need to be turned in by this Sunday.


If I already sent you Pastor Joni's June newsletter...just delete.

Couldn't remember and figured better safe than sorry. Some days I'm not sure if I'm coming or going!

Pastor's Page



Please pray for Ray's family as they have some tough decisions to make about his care when he leaves the hospital (most likely Thursday now).


Wouldn't it be nice if every time we went to make a decision a hand from heaven came down to point us in the right direction? He does offer direction, many places in His Word, but it's hard sometimes to know what path to take.  pray that we'll take the right one.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight" (Proverbs 3:5-6)


Praise God! Tiffany changed doctors mid-stream, switching from one in DuBois to one in Pittsburgh, and as God would have it...there was a cancelation for this Thursday! God is good!


Praise Him too, that the ramp was installed at Bob & Linda's today.


Scott is waiting to hear from Donna as to whether or not she will be discharged today. Continued prayers Please.


Pray for safe travels for Pastor Joni as she flies to FL on Friday. Continued prayers for her family as well as they grieve the lose of little Taylor.


KnoxDale folks: Remember the Mission Baskets will be out during the month of June for anyone who wants to donate for UMCOR Kits. Checks can be made out to KnoxDale UMC-Missions. Those who would rather make up their own kits can still do that.



Today, let's pray for people we have a hard time liking.


Lift each of these people/situation in prayer as you read thru the list:

Donna (Scott too), Ray and his family, Alex and her unborn baby, little Sutter, Wayne, Joy (today is her birthday) & Wayne as the deal with some health issues, Sandie Eshbaugh, Katelynn Fitzsimmons, Darrell, Pastor Joni's family, those grieving loses, Dan & Joni's daughter-in-law and grandchildren as the plan their exit from the Philippines due to the unrest there, families in turmoil, those battling cancer and the effects of Chemo, Tiffany as she awaits foot surgery, Kelly as she recovers from foot surgery, Emily as she follows up at Children's this week, VBS, the class of 2017, those missing from Worship, those traveling this holiday weekend and Sara & little Elliott as the prepare to travel to the U.S. in June.


I Praise God for so MANY good things about today's service!!  Pastor Joni, her heart for ministry and her message, We didn't have to use the CD's in Gaye's absence today, Special music by Jessica, the willing servant we have in Rylee (God is going to use her in a big way, I believe!) 13 children went forward for the children's message, the smile on a grandmothers face when her grandson & family show up, the twins waving Pastor Joni on as she rushes off to Meade Chapel, beautiful flowers planted by the kids in Sunday School, a Sunday School lesson that really makes us think, Lots of visitors! And last but not least...a great big ole Gabe hug!


Thanks to all who brought in paper tubes! We have enough! Our basket runneth over!!

The shoe collection is also going well! Keep them coming!


Take some time this weekend to remember those who served and are serving. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


Remember! If you had left over shoes at your yard sale...bring them to church!

Karen & Pastor Joni will make sure they get to Grove City!



 I'd like to ask for prayers for Katelynn Fitzsimmons. She was playing in a softball tournament today and got injured while playing the field. She dislocated her hip and also has a fracture in it as well. She was sent to UPMC Presbyterian and will be having surgery.  She has a young son, pray for a speedy recovery!



 Kelly. L


Continue to pray for Donna Syphrit and Ray. Both are still in the hospital.

And for families that are grieving loses. There are many!

Pray too for families in turmoil...and especially the children. Too often we hear of children who are hurt by parents bad decisions. Just doesn't seem fair!



Got the following from Pastor Joni. Can't even imagine how 'difficult'.


Deb:  please thank everyone for their prayers and care!  Taylor passed away earlier today.  Please continue to pray for Justin and Aubrey Sturdivant and their families!  It is a difficult time.



There will be a viewing for Rev. Janacek tomorrow evening from 7-9 at the funeral home. McKinney D'Argy will update the obit...but haven't yet.



Prayers for the family of Rev. Janacek. Arrangements are under the care of McKinney D'Argy Funeral Home. Funeral Friday. Buried at Meade Chapel. That's all the info I have for now.


Pray too, for Penny Gilhousen Haywood. (Little Annabelle's mom.) She is having kidney/blood pressure issues. Debbie & Dale may be heading back to N.C. sooner than planned.



We have been asked to pray for Alex Lindemuth and her unborn baby, Caitlynn. Alex was taken to Magee by ambulance this evening. She is expected to be on complete bedrest for the next 10 weeks. You may remember Alex was on our prayer list about a month ago when she lost one of the twins.


Pray too for families in turmoil.


Continued Prayers for Donna Syphrit (Punxsy Hospital) and Ray Wolfe (Brookville Hospital) as they fight off pneumonia.


Baby Taylor and her family are still in great need of prayer.


Little Sutter is home and recovering well from his heart surgery, but will be having surgery on his skull soon. Continue to lift him in prayer.


We Praise God that Wayne is home and ask for your continued prayers for healing, peace and patience. He's not aloud to do anything...but he's going to be fretting about all that needs done with moving, unpacking and getting the old house ready to put on the market. This wasn't how he planned to start his retirement!


And last, but certainly not least; I thank God for a great evening of singing lots of favorite hymns! If you missed the Hymn Sing you missed a Blessing! Thanks Port, for having us!



Thank you all for your prayers for Wayne!

God has been so good throughout this journey!

He came home this evening. He's still got a long road ahead of him...but he's one tough old goat!

If you want to send cards, his new address is:

Wayne Reinard

9655 KnoxDale Road

Brookville 15825



There have been so many prayer requests and needs on the Faithful Followers Charge this week. We've cried together, we've seen prayers answered, we've experienced Gods goodness! Let's not neglect gathering together this Sunday for Worship in the morning...and singing His Praises at the Hymn Sing Sunday evening at 6:00 at Port Barnett. Invite someone to attend both with you!

Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge!



Prayers for the family of Tom Reese (wife was Judy Kniseley) who stepped in to eternity last night.


Ginny Kniseley and her dad, Alan Henry could use some extra prayers tonight. He has some additional health concerns. Pray for strength, peace and patience as he/they go thru more tests, procedures and appointments. Even in the storm we know God is faithful.

Please continue to lift baby Taylor and her entire family in prayer.


Praising God that Wayne was having a much better day today! Still has a long way to go but thanks be to God he was moving in the right direction today.

I thank Him too for a Pastor who willingly visits. We are indeed blessed!


Sandie Eshbaugh was admitted to Brookville Hospital this afternoon for dehydration. Keep her in your prayers.


Continue to lift Donna. I haven't had any updates from just keep praying!

Continue to pray for Ray as well.


Pray for families in turmoil. There are so many...even just in this little area.


I had an early morning text from one of our youth who had missed the bus...and needed a ride to school. Would I want to run a taxi service? No! But I thank God that we as a Church have establish relationships that the kids know they can count on us in times of need.

Prayer request from the MC Karen...

Subject: Prayers please

Rev. Janacek is in Alleghney hospital in Pittsburgh, in much need of our prayers.

 Pray too for Ray who was admitted to Brookville Hospital this evening with pneumonia. 

And for Wayne, who wasn't having a very good day today.


Praise God! Great news! Wayne was taken off the ventilator today!!!  They had him up to sit in a chair and he had a little bit of a liquid diet! Prayer is POWERFUL! Please keep them coming!


Donna Syphrit & Baby Taylor...both in great need of our prayers.



Donna has been on my heart & mind this morning. Pneumonia for someone with her lung condition is not good! Keep her and Scott lifted in prayer!


Continue to pray for baby Taylor too. She and her family have been through so much in her short life already. Pray that God will guide the doctors as they care for her. Pray for strength, peace and patience for her family as they wait for answers.


The nurses said Wayne had a good night. Kathy, Mom & Dad are on their way to Erie. Prayers for all Please.


Continue to lift the Keefer family.

And also Tom Reese and his wife Judy (Kniseley) as Tom comes toward the finish line of life here on earth and prepares to step into eternity.



Cathy's husband Mike lost his Mother this morning. Pray for the KEEFER FAMILY and traveling mercies for Mike and Cathy going to and from Mercersburg.


For those who have asked and others who would like to send cards his address is

Wayne Reinard

C/O UPMC Hamot - ICU

·  201 State Street

·  Erie,  PA  16550



Scott said he just got back from Punsxy, he had to put Donna back in the hospital, looks like she will be in for a few days till they get her heart rate settled down. She could use some prayers right now.


Also, Kathy called to say Wayne is looking better than yesterday. Still on the ventilator but they took the tube out of his lung. Praise be to God!



Just thinking, Lloyd & Dorley could use some extra prayers today as Jody & Doug take them up to see Wayne. They will no doubt be shocked by his condition.   Pray for travel mercies as well.


I Praise God for so many things this morning!

For seeing Wayne thru the surgery (twice) and for holding him safe in His arms till the doctors got his heart started again. There is a goosebumps story to this but I truly believe HE gave him back for a reason! Only God knows the plan he has for Wayne's life.

I Praise Him too, for all you, Prayer Warriors who have prayed without ceasing! And for the hugs, words of encouragement, emails, phone calls and offers to help where needed. Please continue to lift him. He has a very long row to hoe!


I Praise Him for Mother's...what a wonderful creation! Pray for those who no longer have theirs.


I Praise Him for the nice time of fellowship around the tables on Saturday evening. And for all who played a part in making it happen! Weren't those little dresses adorable!?


I Praise Him for our churches...where we can gather and draw close to Him and one another.


I Praise Him for safe travels for all those who made it to/from their destinations.


Please continue to lift:

Baby Taylor and her family. Pray for the doctors and all who are caring for her. Pray for Pastor Joni who has yet to meet her and whose heart breaks for her sister and niece who have already been thru so much.

John (Betty too) Burkett and their family as he recovers and regains his strength.

The Family of Kay Ruffner as they grieve her loss.

Donna Syphrit & Scott too. Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we have to learn to adjust our bats.


This week, Love & appreciate all God's many blessings...especially your health. No one knows when that might be taken from you!



Thanks to all who participated in the Ladies Night Out!

Our Biggest & probably noisiest one ever! Hope to see you all in church!



Trying to catch up here!

Please Keep Darlene Kniseley's dad, John well as her mom in prayer as they go thru this storm.


Update on Wayne: They were able to close him up this morning. Still evaluating his condition. Continued prayers Please.


Ladies attending the dinner: Remember dinner is at 5:00. Tables were set this morning. Find your name when you enter. If you're not beside someone you know...make a new friend!  Car pool if you can. Two people have asked me what to wear and I'll tell you as I told them "it doesn't matter!" We aren't giving a prize for best/worst dressed.  Just let the light of Jesus shine thru you!



Praise God! Wayne made it through the night. He is still in critical condition, but there have been some signs of hope; something we didn't have much of last evening. They backed off his sedation during the night and he winced with pain; the doctor said that was a good sign that he doesn't have brain damage. They had to give him blood. They are going to take him back in today and close him up. Please, please, please keep praying...not only for Wayne, but for the doctors and his family as well.



Not good news. He had a heart attack on the table. They had to go back in and redo surgery. Left him opened up. Is in an induced coma. Hope to close him up tomorrow. PRAY PLEASE!



Please continue to lift little Taylor & her whole family.


 Deb:  please thank everyone for their prayers for Taylor.  She had a procedure and is critical but stable.  Continued prayers are appreciated. 


Pray too, for Ginny Kniseley's friend Ariel. A young mother of three little ones who was just diagnosed with breast & stomach cancer.


Wayne is scheduled to go in to surgery at 6 am. They say it will be 4-6 hours. Triple bypass and two stents. We will be heading up in the morning but won't be there before he goes in.  Please lift him, the surgeons and all who will be caring for him.


Emily Carpino was admitted to DuBois Hospital with a kidney infection. Keep her in your prayers.


For those who missed Bible Study, we missed you. We read over the Disciple papers. You can do that on your own...and we will see you next week!



Pastor Joni is asking for prayers for her great niece, Baby Taylor.


And Emily Carpino is in the ER this morning...probable kidney infection, hospital stay & IV antibiotics. Emily has been down this road far too often.


Pray too, for travel mercies for Kelly L. & Rylee who are traveling to S.C. For the weekend.

Please pray for safe travels for mom, dad, Kathy & Jody as they travel to/from Erie today. Pray too for Wayne as he prepares for surgery tomorrow.

Prayers for Ray are also appreciated. He had a rough night and a quick trip to the ER.

Any ladies going to the dinner on Saturday...please consider car-pooling. With the number we have and the limited parking space...riding together will help alleviate the parking situation.

Howard McGranor is on his way home from Cleveland Clinic and they say he is doing great! Praise Be to God! Pray that he doesn't get any infection this time!


Donna Syphrit is back home and on a new medication. Pray that it does its job!


Continued prayer for Wayne. He had another episode with his heart during the night. They aren't understanding why.  At last report they didn't think they'd be able to get him on the schedule for tomorrow.  I have to believe that all things work together for good...even delays when we're impatient...but I wish they'd get it over with!


Have you driven by the cemetery? Don't the fresh new flags look nice?

This video again gives me some hope.

You can sign the petition without joining the WCF.


It's been a very long day, of waiting for the phone to ring, text messages to come and of checking FB messages! I know I've sent far too many emails already...but wanted to share a message I got from Wayne's daughter Jenelle.


She said  "I just preached a sermon on the Good Shepherd this Sunday.  It was a difficult sermon for me because I feel so many people in my life are stuck in the dark places in life and forgotten.  What I realized in preparing for the sermon is that the heartache of the world does not need to make sense, all we have to do is keep our eyes on the Shepherd because he is in charge.  I've reminded myself of that today, especially in the times I've feel like there is nothing I can do--I just keep my eyes up.  The good shepherd is there.  I pray you and grandma and grandpa and Kathy and everyone feel God's love and grace through these uncertain times.  I pray that my dad place his trust in God's hands.I will continue to pray. Love you!"



Wayne is in need of a triple bypass. (They are waiting to find out when.) We covet your prayers right now; for Wayne, the surgeons, those who will be caring for him and his family. God is able!



Ginny Kniseley would like prayers for her dad, Alan Henry. "They've increased his dialysis, he is so weak and tired. He is losing weight but gaining too​ much fluid. Praying God's will in this situation."


KnoxDale folks, remember the board meeting tonight at 7. All members have a voice and a vote!



Donna Syphrit was kept overnight for observation. Keep praying!



I haven't heard if they kept Donna or not but continue to lift her in prayer.


Continued prayers appreciated for Wayne as well. He will be taken from Franklin Hospital to Erie tomorrow morning for a heart cath. He did have a heart attack at some point, his heart has some damage, they just aren't sure when.


Please lift the family of Ron Clark (Dan Love's uncle) in prayer as they grieve his passing.


Pray too for Ray. His times of confusion seem to be getting more frequent.



Just had a message from Scott. Donna is at Punxsutawney Hospital with an accelerated heart rate. He is waiting to see if they are going to keep her. Please keep Donna, and Scott too, in your prayers!



Wayne went down for a stress test at 11. They told them it would take 3 hours. He had two episodes during the night, so something is going on. Continued prayers Please.


I just called and added 4 more to our dinner reservations. She took them, but said NO MORE...we've reached the limit of what they can handle. So no more reservations!  And let's extend a little grace if serving takes a little longer than usual. We have never had this many ladies attend!




Darlene Kniseley has asked for prayer for her dad, John Burkett. He's in the hospital. Don't know any details...but God does! Please lift John and those who are caring for him in prayer.


Continued prayers for Wayne. Haven't heard anything yet today..."no news is good news" right?


SPRC - Remember meeting tonight at 7:00 at MC



Please add my brother Wayne to your prayer list. He was admitted to Franklin Hospital with all the signs of a heart attack...but so far all tests have come back good so far. Praise a God! Keeping him overnight and may do a heart cath tomorrow.  (Pray for his Mom too.) Moving can be a stressful time! Kathy says Wayne has worked harder in the past couple weeks, since retiring from the gas company...than he's worked in years. Please keep them in prayer.


Praising God that Bill Brush has been discharged...but he only has 30% heart function so please continue to lift him in prayer.


Continued prayers for little Sutter and Taylor as well.



Praise God & keep praying!


 Sutter did well with his heart surgery. He has to stay at children's hospital for 2 weeks. Please continue to pray for his recovery. And for his mom and dad. They have a 2 year old at home and this is a difficult time for them.





The orders have been tallied! 100 Ladies/Girls signed up for the dinner! Wow! What an exciting evening this will be in the life of the Church! May our Lights Shine brightly for our guests to see Christ in us!


Remember...Dinner is to start at 5:00.

Please be on time so the ladies in the kitchen don't have to keep things warm!



Prayer request from Nan...


 Please prayer for the 2-1/2 month old grandson of my friends Sue and Gary Moser. His name is Sutter Oknefski and he was admitted to children's hospital in Pittsburgh yesterday. Scheduled for heart surgery today. I don't know all the details.






We've been asked to pray for Kay Ruffner. She's in the hospital.


And also for the family of Fred Kelso as the grieve his passing.


We've gone past 80!  This is exciting!



Please keep my cousin, Bill Brush in your prayers. He is in the hospital with heart problems.


Continued prayers for Peg as well. She's been thru all kinds of tests, but they still don't know what's causing her blood pressure to go up. We thank God she was feeling up to coming to Bible Study tonight!


Howard McGranor is doing well, sitting in a chair and talking on the phone. Praise God and continue to pray that his jaw heals well this time.


Haven't heard any more on Baby Taylor (Pastor Joni's great niece)...but keep praying!


Prayers for safe travels for Gaye, Jeff and the kids as they fly out to the Grand Canyon tomorrow...for two weeks of vacation.


Bible Study at KnoxDale will continue to meet on Thursday Evenings at 6:30 this Summer. (Probably 3 Nights a month. Schedule to be announced soon.) continuing the study on Matthew. All Are Welcome!


Praising God as the reservations continue to come in for the Ladies Dinner! It's going to be a great night of food & fellowhip...with the Ladies of the Charge and their guests!

We are almost to 80!!

Please let me know tomorrow if you want added to the list!



Praise God! Peg is home and feeling better! She says "Thanks for the prayers!"

Please continue to pray that it stays down!


Our numbers for the ladies Dinner are climbing! If you haven't made your reservations, do so tomorrow!



Please put Pastor Joni's little great-niece, Taylor, back on your prayer lists. After a long stint in the NICU she was finally released to go home. But after just 4 days at home she had to be taken back to the hospital. Pray for little Taylor as well as her family and all who love her. This has been an extremely difficult journey for all of them. Pray too, for the doctors...who don't really know (even after many, many tests) what they are dealing with.


Continued prayers for Peg. And for those asking what's DuBois.


Praising God for another good SonBeam/Youth Season. Tonight was the last night for this school year.


Reservations are rolling in! Thanks Ladies! If you haven't done so yet, please get them to me or drop them off at the Christian Book Store for Friday!


Continue to lift Howard McGranor in prayer. He was in surgery much of the day. Pray for healing.



Please pray for Howard McGranor. He is having reconstruction surgery on his jaw (again) in Cleveland Clinic this morning. Pray for the surgeons and those who care for him while he's there...and pray too for his family as they travel to/from.


Continued prayers for Peg as well. She was admitted and is in room 308. Pray they are able to keep her blood pressure under control.



Had a message from Darlene...Peg is in the ER being checked out. Please keep her in your prayers.


Pray too for safe passage thru the storms!



I love what Franklin Graham has to say on this!


Congratulations to the United Methodist Church for making the right decision this week. Their council voted 6-to-3 that a “married” lesbian bishop—and those who consecrated her—were in violation of church law and went against the church’s stand on marriage and homosexuality. I hope that more churches will see the wisdom of upholding the Word of God, the Bible, no matter how unpopular or politically incorrect it may seem within their ranks. We cannot condone what God defines as sin.  We should love the sinner, pray for them, and encourage them in God’s truth, but we can never condone what God calls sin.



Pray for the people hit by the Tornados in Texas and flooding in Missouri.


Come and worship! We have much to thank God for!


Sandie Eshbaugh is to go home today. Praise God & continue to pray for her, Melvin and the family as she re-adjusts to being back home and goes thru therapy.


Praise God for a life made new in Christ! I had a letter from Todd today that had lots of good news. He said he just completed a 4 day retreat with 20 other inmates and 10 brothers/sisters in Christ. Said he had a wonderful walk with Christ. 

He also just completed one inpatient rehabilitation program and will be starting another. He said he went before the Parole Board and by the grace of God will be paroled in September. 

He says he's not the same person he was when he walked into prison. Praise be to God!

He said he's learning to "trust God in all things"...but that it's easier said than done.

He asked for prayer for Travis, a young man he lead to Christ, there in the prison.  Please continue to lift both Todd and Travis!

Pray that his walk with Christ continues long after he leaves prison. Pray that he can live a moral, legal and ethical life in service to Christ when he re-enters society and is faced with all the pressures and temptations life has to offer.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!"  2 Cor. 5:17

Remember FREE FAMILY SKATE today from 4-6 at Reynoldsville!


Ok Ladies...we're coming down to the wire here! Reservations for "Ladies Night Out" have to be called in the week before the dinner so we need you to get yours turned in within this next week.  Thanks in advance!



Tomorrow - Saturday, April 29

From 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Reynoldsville Rollerdrome

Pizza & Drinks Provided

Bring a Snack/Finger Food to Share


Invite your family, friends and neighbors!

All Are Welcome!


Don't skate? Neither do I! Come & visit!



Praising God that Ray's spirits were much higher this evening! He talked a lot, ate good, spent some time outside and we went down to visit the people in his old dining room and he ate up all the attention! Keep praying!


Continued prayers for Sandie E. They prepared her for tests on Tuesday...that never happened. Now she's to have tests on Friday. It seems that her stay is going to be extended...which she is also with.


When it rains it pours! Emily & Kinsley are doing well (there still keeping close tabs on Em's platelet count) but now Tyson has Shingles and can't be around Kinsley! 


Unspoken request for a friend dealing with some health issues...and for her caregivers.


Remember NO Bible Study tomorrow!


Sandie E. is having tests done tomorrow. Please pray for good results.


Pray too, for Ray. He was having a rough day. He fell out of bed early this morning and was complaining that his head hurt when I was there at lunch time. Don't know if the two were related or not. He is to be taken back to McKinley Health Center tomorrow.


Pray for unhappy, complaining people. (We probably all know someone in that boat!) I encountered several in the last couple days. Good people...just clinging to so much bitterness. It's like Satan has covered their eyes so they can't see the blessings all around them! Pray that God will open their hearts, minds and their spiritual eyes to see the good all around them!



Please continue to lift Emily Kennedy (Tyson too) in prayer. Her blood pressure has been climbing all day....due to the HELLP syndrome. She's been moved to ICU. Neither she nor Tyson have had much sleep since Wednesday...which isn't helping. Prayers are appreciated!


Again I want to thank all who helped with the Community Clean-Up today. Praise God...our little corner of HIS beautiful world is a little cleaner tonight!



Our early crews are along the roads...Praise God for their willingness to help Keep America Beautiful. Pray for their safety and for the safety of those of us who will head out after lunch!


Please pray for Emily Kennedy. After the birth of little Kinzley, mom Emily developed what they call HELLP Syndrome. So she's had to spend a few extra days in the hospital. We thank God it happened in the hospital and not after she went home or even before giving birth!  I don't fully understand what's going on; something to do with platelets and liver enzymes and red blood cells. God is in control. Just lift her to Him.


Pray for your Pastor, your church and the Faithful Followers Charge.  Invite someone to come to church with you tomorrow!



Just a reminder that the Ladies Night Out is fast approaching.

This is open to ALL Ladies - Young & Old who just want an enjoyable night out! No cooking! No dishes to clean up!

If you're getting this email...that means you are WELCOME to join us

Saturday evening, May 13 at 5:00 PM at the Roseville Grange.

Cost is: Ladies $13.00,   Girls (5-12)  $6.00 and Little girls 4 & under are Free.

You have a choice of Roast Beef or Stuffed Chicken Breast

Meals also include Fruit cup, Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Noodles, Green Beans & Pan Pie

Reservation envelopes are available in all three churches or by simply responding to this email!

This has proven to be an enjoyable ladies night out!

We hope you'll invite your Mom, sister, friend or foe, daughter, granddaughter, niece, neighbor, you get my point!?  ALL LADIES WELCOME!

(Meade & Port - If you need more envelopes let me know!)


Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Community Clean Up.

From what I've seen the weather looks like it's going to cooperate.

The Fuller Road has already been done.

There is a crew working their way in from CenterHill and one coming up from Kniseley Lane. The rest of us will meet them at the playground at 11:30 for hot dogs...then we will work the Knox Dale Road (from the Meade Chapel Church into KD) & Ramsaytown Road (to the underpass...maybe further if we have lots of helpers) after lunch.


All Are Welcome! If you haven't already let me know you plan to help...respond to this we are sure to have enough dogs!


If you're not working with the group but would like to do your little section of the world just leave your full bags setting along the road or take them to the pile at the township shed. PennDot will pick it up next week.

Wouldn't it be nice to get all the roads in Knox Twp. Done?!



I stopped in today to visit Sandie E. just as Melvin was packing up her stuff to take her home. But when I got home, I had a message that she wasn't discharged. Bloodwork revealed her hemoglobin was low. She'll be staying a little longer until they figure out what is going on.


Ray became Great Grandpa early this morning to the 25th great grandchild. We Praise God and welcome little Kinsley Sloan Kennedy to the family! Colleen is so excited to be grandma!


Pray for our homebound. We have many aging in nursing homes and in their own homes that can use our prayers.


***  When the Service is over, Our service Begins.  ***

Do all the Good you can

By all the Means you can

In all the Places you can

To all the People you can

As long as Ever you can